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About: Take a surreal travel through an otherworldly dimension, transport in harmony with sound and song and smash everything in your path! This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as you can, but also break the pretty glass objects that stand in your idea. * Smash your idea through a pretty futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and goals in your path and experiencing the finest destruction physics on small devices. * Musically synchronized gameplay: song and audio results change to suit every scene, obstacles transport to every newest tune. * Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in each scene. Smash Hit is playable at no cost and nonpaid from banners. An optional super upgrade is available through a one-time in-release buy that will enable newest release modes, cloud save acro ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: Mediocre
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About: Welcome to the shooting game of bear balls and friends of Forest. The game is completely free and lots of fun spread as the panda rescue his friends when trapped in the world of magic candy. Do you like fun, cute games and love pandas? Panda bubble shooting game in the journey to rescue lovely friends has inspired the creation of a completely new suitable genre of attractive and dramatic bubble shooter through each level degree. UNIQUE LEVEL - More than 500+ current levels are waiti...

Developer: Toco Taca [email protected]

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About: Make yourself happier - try the incredible taste of victory! The euphoria of many victories - this is what make you happy!...

Developer: kiri8ki [email protected]

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About: Color hop is the best bouncing ball game and combines fast-paced gameplay and exciting levels. Bounce off tiles, avoid obstacles and make as many hops as you can in this mind-blowing color hop 3d ball bouncing game! This game creates a whole new experience for ball game lovers! How to play Color Hop 1. Use your finger and reflexes to drag the ball left or right to jump from tiles to tiles. Avoid the obstacles. Guide the ball to hit the points and gain size! In short, make the ball j...

Developer: XOA Productions [email protected]

Similar Games Like Kurito el Amigo  Alternatives
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About: Feel the power of a chicken flight, Amigo! How a light breeze inflates your feathers, Amigo! Gunpowder barrels will shoot you, Amigo! Fun, Fun, FUN AMIGO!...

Developer: Limkernel OU [email protected]

Similar Games Like SpeedBall! Alternatives
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About: This is my favorite time killer. Control the crazy line speedball in the minimalist infinite maze. Avoid to break into walls of the maze. Be careful. Hold the screen sides to change the sinuous position of the ball. Do not hit the edges and get all the levels achievements! You will love this crazy speed fastball. Easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics. Keep the ball trough the infinite maze tracks. Enjoy! Hold the screen to change direction. This game ...

Developer: Next Episode [email protected]

Similar Games Like Color Ballz  Alternatives
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About: Color Ballz is a playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics with an interesting twist to it. Get a hold of the paddle with easy to learn swipe controls and bounce the balls into the basket! Here's the deal: you maintain a crazy fun ball throwing machine by constantly delivering the balls back into the loop. This function undeniably serves a greater purpose, which of course is super secret. But then who does really care what it is, when it is so much fun? Collect power-ups to upgrade the ba...

Developer: Ketchapp [email protected]

Similar Games Like Astro Wings 4  Alternatives
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About: Are you fond of space shooting games? Then enjoy this simple yet exciting shoot'em up game. All you need is to choose one of various spacecrafts, enhance it and beat off numerous invaders in the galaxy. Astro Wings (Gold Flower) is an arcade bullet hell game in pixel graphics, where you can enjoy both danmaku and shooting. The rules are simple: Avoid the bullets and shoot down the enemies. Their fancy and various barrage would stimulate your competitive spirit! Dozens of space invaders an...

Developer: SHMUP HOLIC Games [email protected]


Similar Games Like MissileComing! Alternatives
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About: This is a base for various military missions around the world. Up to dozens of missiles are available for you to choose from. Each successful destruction of the target can bring a lot of commission. The higher the base level, the more types of tasks you can get and the more commissions you get. contact us: Email: [email protected] Facebook: ...

Developer: Mesmer_game [email protected]

Similar Games Like Bounce Ball Hop Alternatives
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About: Welcome to the most addictive Moving Ball Bouncing game ! Get ready to enjoy the jump hop ball jumping by taking tricky moves on tiles rush road. Be a marvelous Bounce Ball jumper and take bouncing ball hop from one tile to another. Number are mentioned on every tile and you must tap on the tiles that number times. Go and complete the target missions and try to meat the jumping ball hop winning point. Be focused and dont go to next bounce ball tile before completing the moving ba...

Developer: BEETROOT GAMES [email protected]

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About: Shoot the ball and watch out from zombies Extremely fun and super satisfying. Controls and Features: Tap anywhere to shoot Don't hit the zombies or else you will die...

Developer: Indie Dev [email protected]

Similar Games Like Jumping Boy  Alternatives
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About: Go further on this cube road as far as you can! Follow the rhythm of the music, jump left and jump right, feel the endless fun and surprises that the game brings to you. Game rules: Tap on the screen to control the character to jump left or right or straight back, avoiding all kinds of obstacles. Bravely marching forward! And keep collecting candy on the road to unlock more characters and gameplay. Game features: Simple and cute characters and props design. Freely selectable opera...

Developer: Puzzle Out Studios [email protected]

Similar Games Like Human Race Runner! Alternatives
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About: Human Race Runner is an addictive game where you can run fast and be the winner of a 3D human race. Features of Human Race Runner : - Very easy Control - Reach the runner 3d high score - Be away from obstacles - Dynamic movements - Beautiful 3d roads....

Developer: WooWGames [email protected]

Similar Games Like MyRobot: Flying Tap Adventure Alternatives
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About: Help MyRobot in his rescue quest in the most thrilling flying adventure. The cool character needs your help to fly and navigate through a variety of dangerous obstacles. You can help him by hold and releasing and fast tapping. His journey though the thematic worlds filled with exciting scenery, exceptional graphics and tons of fun features for the pure flying adventure & tap arcade game lovers. 3 THEMATIC WORLDS & 120 LEVELS Indulge every gaming sense by enjoying 3 completely different wor...

Developer: Daniel Zaucha [email protected]

Similar Games Like Resident Evil 4 Hint Walkthrough Alternatives
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About: Best Tips for playing Resident Evil 4 New Trick for playing Resident Evil 4 Hint And Walkthrough for playing Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 4...

Developer: Francisco Javier Cecilio [email protected]


Similar Games Like Amaze Roller  Alternatives
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About: Swipe left, right, up and down to make the paintball rolling through all the white maze. Complete the levels of each three puzzles by covering every space with paint. Amaze Roller will make you exciting when you finish painting. Are you up to paint ? Features - Free to play - Simple one-finger control - Fluid paint the maze - Smooth ball-rolling action...

Developer: Nox Joy [email protected]

Similar Games Like Wobble Alternatives
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About: Wobble a table and put all da gems in da holes. Hold your finger and swipe on screen to control the table and avoid obstacles. Pass as many levels as you can!...

Developer: Alex Dr [email protected]

Similar Games Like DIG DUG -  GAME 8 BITS  Alternatives
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About: Dig Dug is an arcade game developed in Japan in 1982. It runs on Namco Galaga hardwar A popular game based on a simple concept, it was also released as a video game on many consoles. The objective of Dig Dug is to eliminate underground-dwelling monsters by either inflating them with an air pump until they explode, or by dropping rocks on them. There are two kinds of enemies in the game: 'Pookas' (a race of round red monsters, said to be modeled after tomatoes, that wear yellow goggles), and...

Developer: WMSOFTWARE [email protected]

Similar Games Like Brick Breaker Champion Alternatives
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About: No need for waiting for the ball coming down because players can fire a ball in real time. Most addictive time killing game! [How to play] - Fire the balls in real time. - Change the direction to fire the balls with a simple touch. - The Balls hits and damages bricks. - When their durability become zero, bricks are destroyed. - Find the best spot to hit the entire bricks. [Characteristic] - Various stages - The most thrilling Arcade Mode Supported - Easy control, simple game rule ...

Developer: mobirix [email protected]

Similar Games Like Ball bump bomb  Alternatives
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About: ll you need to do is to avoid from colors different with you. Play the newest color bump game for free and entertain yourself when you're free. The game is very addictive and it's either not easy or hard, but challenging. You will have to make sure to avoid yourself from obstacles and save your ball while bump forward. In a game, there are different paths and blocks, you need to clear your way to get a higher score using your character movement. There are multiple levels in the color b...

Developer: enjoy 3d game [email protected]

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About: Jewel and Gems Hunt begin! Magic Puzzle Quest - Match Three Games: Jewel Free is a simple and fun game with exciting match three mechanics where you need to collect crystals and diamonds 3 in a row, as well as other jewels and gems, passing each level without any problems. This jewel quest game is free and without the Internet with a large number of levels, bonuses and boosters, which can be played by you and your children. This is a jewel among fun and cute match 3 games! If you are looking...

Developer: Let's Have Fun Apps [email protected]



Smash Hit Reviews and Comments:

a very very very very nice release
~ Aryan Agrawal
im ruin for release
~ Juvellpogi Gaming PH
crashes each time
~ Hasan Karim
finest release ever
~ Victor Leon
soo much fun
~ Rajan Andrea
Idk why tf doesn't it launch on my p20
~ Saleem Husam
super I like very much
~ Mithun Smith
worst release It crushes my system
~ Ankit Ranjan
After the last modernization its super slow on my s10+
~ Alexander Armua
too laggy on S10+ !!!!
~ Chofant Sama
Crashes on launch.
~ Bridgette Lashley
there is an release ruin. please fix
~ Bassem D. Aridi
todaybit is nor opening automatically closing this release
~ Kiran Sugandhi
damn this release is so classic
after last modernization my release opens and then shuts down and I cant test it
~ Jessie Chance
this gapme is my most favored release
~ Popy rinku
release's getting closed itself when I'm opening
~ Kishore Vabbina
The release crashes at the very run.
~ Ethan Franz Cueva
Soft is not launching there is some trouble. Please fix it
~ Cherag Khajotia
Soft getting ruin on redmi note 7 pro.. please resolve trouble asap
~ p.shaik fazil
release crashes on my one plus 6. thats just terrible
~ John Zacharia
Nice song, very immersive an relaxing.
~ Sergi Vañó
the newest modernization is destroying is quick as i run it. one plus 7 Pro player
~ Pradyuman Soni
you need to buy super to do most equipment and super costs dollars.
~ Rohan Burton
very terrible experience this release didn't even run in my realme 3 pro which has SD 710 chipset please support
~ Avesh Singh
super fun and I am so glad you made this release.
~ Carly Smith
this release crashes it doesn't help on my device I hate this release
~ 2003Pavan kumar Rayapureddy
Soft fails to run correctly and crashes at startup screen on Samsung S8.
~ Andy Bruckner
when I modernization this release it runs hanging release got destroyed so please do something to this release it's really nice
~ Yash Raj
it is fun and mysterious and trippy thank you for making this release
~ Ben Stuart
Product crashes after the newest modernization and messes up my entire system
~ Hypcord
They need to modernization it to where the glass wont hit you once it's out of screen view.
~ Reckless Ryuko4
I loved this release and actually you messed it up with the newest modernization don't approve recipients to come back
~ greywolf _HRMOD
Product crashes on the load screen after the most newest modernization.
~ EternalLazuli
its a nice release but.....you have to pay to run at a lvl and release modes but release modes can create sence but another than that its the finest release i have on my device
~ Chicken Nugget 1st
it is a relly fun release to test when i am bored and i relly enjoy it i like how it never ends i would download this release (Honest opinion)
~ Athena Fankhauser
Animations, gameplay and the song are out of the globe. I am really impressed.
~ TheFangedRanger 007
the release isn't responding and it isn't starting on my device so i deleted it then installed it again but it doesn't work
~ jana Amr
i love this release and i give this 5 stars because its graphics are nice and it relaxes my mind and i was a legend in this release
~ Kashinath R
Bought the release a couple of years ago, never had a trouble. Something happened with the last modernization and the release runs, halts and shuts down. Impossible to test, resume, or even access the menu. Modernization? Shmupdate!
~ Abel Rochwarger