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About: Slices is a speedy-paced, super addictive, action-puzzle release that will obtain you hooked! Tap in one of the outer circles to zone the slice. Complete a circle to blow it up and usually hold an eye on the timer. Have fun ;-) Key Informations - Fun and simple to learn release test - Infinite use of power-ups - Nice graphics and soundtrack
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5 Size: 63MB Developer: Good Job Games
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Slices Reviews and Comments:

The idea is nice, but I dont wish to have to pray to RNJesus each time I test. I have literally gone three rounds in a row where all I have been given is 7 bottom left pieces in and that was it. I understand the need for difficulty but this isnt difficulty, it's a fallacy.
~ David Swick
it would be a nice puzzle release if it was now a release. Each piece can be placed perfectly and the majority of the time the pieces you need don't come forcing you to lose. For example; there's only 6 territories for one kind of piece, but on many occasions I received 7 of the same pieces in a row. Maybe I'm being nitpicky but releases could have a pathway to win. This release is just build for spamming us to death with banners. Don't waste your time. 👎
~ Tiffany Stewart
THIS GAME SUCKS! Gives you the same pieces in a row, one after the another. The only idea to victory is to click on the banner and break a piece, but if you press no thanks, you still have to sit through an banner. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
~ Robert Perales
Quite a nice release, however a decent equilibrium between the kind and number of successive slices on one hand and the number of pies on the another is still to be implemented by developers. Once done, it could become a very nice if not nice release.
~ Silviu Casmirovici
it's a useless release. does the release not know that we have only six pan to fill?? how can it deliever us 8 identical slice almost one after every???? I didn't appreciate it at all and vehemently do not suggest. it's like it makes you lose on purpose. thank you.
~ Harfha Foolah
this release kinda sucks. after a several lvls you realise it's all about chance. like there's no idea of planning a walkthrough to victory because it all depends on what pieces you obtain and that seems cute unfair. sorry.
~ Thashene Pillai
I love this release, but I can not pass lvl 10. If it's supposed to generate random pieces, it doesn't. The same pieces come up 5 times, with related pieces, along side them, making it almost impossible, to victory... I'versus screen captured, all pieces, before losing...
~ melody verfurth
It will give you the same pieces 6 times in a row. There's no skill involved, it's all luck. Non-stop banners. Then all my plane tickets randomly disappeared, so i would need to watch more banners to obtain more tickets to test the release around the globe. I'm uninstalling. Complete garbage release.
~ Danielle Sherer
This release sucks. There's no guarantee of winning at every lvl. I'll be given repetitive pieces and it causes me to lose because no opportunities are given to complete the puzzles. Disappointing because I thought this was a release of skill.
~ V. Bowman
randomizer for the pieces isn't very intuitive. Very possible to end up getting 6 of the same piece or part of the circle before even seeing and being able to complete one circle. Just an release to trick you into watching banners.
~ James Agee
Lots of fun. A several of the buttons froze on me, not allowing me to continue my test. After trying a several things I eventually had to reinstall which forced me to run at lvl 1 again. And... 5 mins after I wrote the last part of the review it froze up again. So, uninstalled for nice.
~ Seva I
Broken banners! Nice idea, decent execution. The only gameplay trouble is that some lvls are unwinnable in that the user gets 7 identical pieces before any of the 6 circles can be finished (as in some zones aren't covered in Any circles). More pressingly, most of the banners, which pop up idea too frequently, won't test at all. I can't obtain to lvl 2 in main gameplay because the banner at the end of lvl one is a still frame with no countdown or exit no matter how long I wait.
~ Aubrey Tippin
I like the release a lot. However, it can obtain frustrating as the pieces do come up really random so you can loose even if you didn't mess up. And can someone please add some more everyday challenges. For some reason my everyday challenges have stopped coming and it is annoying as I am at 141. So please fix this.
~ Grace Ames
This release advertised itself to be "relaxing". It would be if it didn't upset me as much as it does. I've been testing the same rounds over and over because no matter what order I place the slices in, it gives me the same pieces over and over and won't give me 2 of the another pieces I need. Main recommendation to create this release better: fix the randomization mechanic of the pieces it gives you. It is more in furiating if anything because it ends up being nothing to do with skill and more so luck.
~ Leandra Marlow
Honestly cute sucky. The release isn't intuitive at all, it will repeatedly give you the exact same pieces and create it impossible to victory (for example, 7 of the exact same piece- sometimes in a row- when there are only 6 spots). And it happens CONSTANTLY. Its more frustrating than fun.
~ Briana Sanchez
The pieces arent random at all. fully orchestrated so that you will loose. its frustrating to obtain the same piece 5 times in a row and YES it does happen just that idea. I have multiple screen shots of repeatedly getting the exact same piece in a row.
~ Marissa Crego
The release is a fun puzzle until you realize the release sets you up to fail so you have to watch an banner. It will send you six wedges in the same slot and zero of other so that you run out of moves before you're even given the opportunity to victory. So you either watch an banner to remove a pie or watch an banner for losing. That's weak.
~ Dionna D. D.
Idea too many banners. you lose? add to continue. you victory? banner to continue. you obtain 5 pieces exactly the same in a row and lose. banner to continue. In my 4 mins of testing, I'd claim about half of the time was watching banners.
~ Yolanda Omran- Castro
I enjoyed this as a miniature offline release on my flight, up until I realized how poorly designed it really was. I have multiple times recieved 6 and even 7 of the exact same tiles in a row, leaving me with absolutely no way of winning that doesnt involve watching an banner; something I couldn't do offline. Fix your rng so that each release is at least possible and maybe I'll reinstall.
~ Skull Noise
Basically a slot machine. A several times I've been on 10+ loss streaks that were fully out of my control, due to being purely at the mercy of the seemingly utterly random pieces it gives you. On top of that each time you lose or victory you obtain unskippable 30s banners. In the several times I've played the release it's possible I saw more banners than gameplay.
~ Mitchell Ingram
Fun idea but idea too many banners, and the mechanics are a bit off, it should do with being able to swap out a piece like you can in Tetris so that you don't instantly lose if you happen to obtain 6 of the same piece. Because it's so simple to lose you end up watching 30 second long banners constantly, I've spent more time on banners than now testing the release .
~ Beth Kish
It's a cute fun release, but there's an banner after each round, whether you victory or lose, if you use the revive button when you lose, you watch the banner, and it takes you back to the beginning of the round, and it constantly offers the same piece(s) few times in a row. Only download if you wish to constantly lose and/or only watch banners. Seriously, 70% of my time testing the release was just watching banners.
~ Allysen Durtschi
Fun release, very addictive, but there are some inconsistencies. Sometimes I have the option to watch a video to clear a circle or continue the release and another times I don't. It's like the screen is "frozen" and the release won't now let me the chance to do it. I know it's the release because I otherwise have NO troubles tapping my screen at any given time. It's really frustrating a usually happens when I'm close to beating a lvl, so I just stop testing.
~ Steph Mitchell
Nice concept, purposely terrible design. I like the concept of the release. It's easy and fun, and also very satisfying to clear a several circles off the screen. My trouble with this release is that it is very 'random'. You will often search a trouble where you are given the same piece over and over and not what you need, causing you to loose. It then gives you an option for watching an add to continue. I have a background in programming, I know there are very simple solutions to this that were obviously not taken.
~ Matt Schardein
It is an okay "puzzle" release, but it's often literally impossible to victory. The lowest score I had once was 9, because the release gave 6 identical pieces in a row. Despite that I still test it, because it is a fun idea to pass the time. I would have given it 3 stars, but the tickets it gives you for completing lvls were randomly deleted from my release. I had 28 of them last night, and this morning I had 3. *edit* opened up the release this morning and I have 0 tickets actually. Dropping the score to 1 star.
~ Bobalina Arvard
So I saw an banner abt this in Wattpad, I was curious bcs it claims "The relaxing release ever!" so I gave it a shot. Turns out it is NOT a relaxing release. There are times the pieces are the usually THS SAME and it gave me a release over because of that. I don't obtain why you place Moves in this release if the user cannot see if their moves are getting closer to zero. Please place more work in this release if you WANT recipients to be relaxed. Legit banners each single release over and I don't like it.
~ minynqi
I saw a video of the gameplay on Fb and thought it seemed like a great enough release to spend my waiting hours in transit, but not even 15 mins in and I couldn't even pass the second lvl because the release wouldn't give me a slice I would need in order to succeed. I even used the continue button where it asks you to watch an banner to obtain the chance to hold going only to place me right back at the run and fail me by giving me the same slice back to back. It was very frustrating.
~ Mickee Adams
It appears to me that most times I simply don't obtain the right pieces to even create it possible to compete any fruit pie. Then the releases just claims I have run out of moves, and wants me to pay to continue. Also, the release page instructions speaks of the release as speedy-paced and containing a timer, which I cannot search anywhere. Besides theese troubles the release has potential.
~ Joel Kronholm
Decided not to waste more time.Uninstalled Launch the release obtain a spin wheel and spin. ok accumulate the tokens you won. Actually just sit there staring at a screen that does nothing. Doesn't return to the home. Doesn't display any buttons to tap. Nothing. ok restart the release and obtain the home screen. oh look a everyday challenge button which when clicked will only claim come back tomorrow. I guess tomorrow never comes cause clicking the button usually claims the same thing. obviously some lazy sloppy programming.
~ Lloyd Folden
I have played this release for awhile and it is so relaxing to test. I used to obtain on once a day to do the everyday challenge. However that has stopped for some reason and it continues to claim me to "come back tomorrow" ?? Will this be fixed or will there no longer be everyday challenges.
~ Mae Mitchell
it would be a cool release, if it wasn't rigged to create you watch as many banners as possible. You victory? Adverts. You lose? Adverts. You wish to continue? Adverts. You wish that hammer in the upper left hand corner that we never explained? Adverts. They also rigged the pieces to to create you fail quicker to watch more Adverts. More time watching Adverts than testing. Uninstalled.
~ Paige Rawlings
Not a true puzzle release. Puzzle releases have actual solutions! This release gives you all but one piece a LOT of times so you don't even have a chance to obtain it right. They then claim you you failed but I claim wrong. The developers failed at making a true release. Instead they force you to lose so you watch more banners meaning more dollars in their pockets. How about being fair and doing the recipients who help your apps right? I develope as well, I'd never do this to loyal supporters. Want I should give 0 stars!
~ JT Burchett
This, at its core, is an release where you tap a screen and then watch an ad. There are 6 "puzzles" and the release tricks you into thinking there is a trick to it - when really it's just a fully random assortment of "slices" given. I've had releases where it handed me six of the same corner in a row, automatically forcing you to either end the release and watch an banner, or watch an banner to clear the slices. I hold it around just to have something to hold my hands busy that requires tiny thought.
~ monkey jane
This release has more banners than any another nonpaid release I've ever played. And SO annoying. Depending on how quickly you lose you might end up watching more banners than you do now testing the release. Also, this release is more about luck than skill. You can test one release and have it give you the same piece 6 times in a row, and you automatically lose. Maybe I'd buy it if it wasn't $3. Really only worth 99 cents.
~ Tessa
All nice releases could guarantee that lvls should be completed (if user don't create any or too many mistakes), but this release is fully random, it is like lottery, you can victory but it is not up to you. I don't like that part. Besides that, nice release, very interesting etc, but this was release breaker for me.
~ Jakša Suzić
Its literally only here for banner dollars. The releases is rigged. 4 out of 5 releases you'll test are programed to have the same peices over and over at the beginning of the release. You'll obtain about 15-20 moves in have had 2 sets of the same 6 peices. Have had a couple random peices that are mostly the same as well and then the next 1 to 2 pieces will create you fail. Very rarely do you obtain a release where you are now able to test a nice around were the peices are actual random. I took screen shots.
~ Amanda Rivers
When i go test a release i wish to victory this release has an nice idea but of course you had to place rng in the mix, i really wanted to like this release and it surprised me with lots of cool concepts, but come on you launch the release banner, you lose banner. You cant even victory most of the time due to random pieces and you can even obtain 5 of the same piece making you lose and then watching an banner. Overall cool release but just so you know you'll probably watch more banners than test the release. 2 stars
~ Zarick
a puzzle release where you have to complete 6 puzzles at a time with whatever the release hands you. understand I think it's a nice release and all, but I've have rounds on lvl 3 to 7 where i need one of the 6 pieces but I don't obtain it. for instance, i should have all six pies (that's what I'll call what you place the slices into) with 4 to 5 pieces in every but none in the top left or top for the entire round and it Claims me Ive "run out of moves". this release may be fun but broken, which is why I claim 1.
~ Zach Hunter
Edit: Also love the newest ticket spinner! but the only idea to obtain back to the main menu is to EXIT THE GAME and run it again as there is either no back button or it freezes. Love the release and just have two recommendations! One is to present us the score target on every lvl and the another is to let us to knock out the piece in the center, either with the choice of knocking out the another circles or instead of, as I think knocking out that one piece might be more needed!
~ Aimz 89
The release itself has a fun idea, but there are some troubles. 1. There's six circles, and if you don't have any zone to place or piece, release over. They'll can give you a piece 6-10 times in a round, that's ok. but sometimes they give seven of the same pieces in a row, and you can't do anything about. IN there globe mode, you need a ticket for each lvl you test, even when you run over. And going back to the 7 pieces trouble, your going to need a lot of tickets.
~ Pierre L