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About: Receive ready for real winter madness! Presenting Ski Jump Challenge, the first small ski jumping release thats so playable, youll never wish to place your device down. Its so simple anybody can test it and so realistic that you can control all the actions of your ski jumper. - Make your jumper profile and develop their skills! - Lvl up and improve take-off and landing technique. - Compete on close to 90 ski jumping hills (with more coming quick) in career mode, unblock newest countries and hills, spend your hard-earned dollars on fancy ski suits, skis and helmets! - Train before each contest, test your skills in all conditions and obtain ready to compete! - Challenge your dudes in multiplayer mode! Test with your dudes on one device, FB multiplayer coming quick! You can feel like youre watching a true ski jumping contest thanks to detailed graphics, advanced physics sys ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 64MB Developer: Simplicity Games [email protected] undefined
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Ski Jump Challenge Reviews and Comments:

nice release nothing needs to be better
~ Floree Hawkins
really fun type of hard to obtain the hang of so keeps you testing
~ Darren McGrath
this is the worst you can't even land th freaking thing the guide is not useful f this release
~ J-Squad
Still getting the hang of it, but it sure is fun!
~ David Lumley
Fun release but for some reason it won't allow me compete in ranked cjampionship
~ Juan Rautenbach
not a terrible release but seems hard ro obtain to the top but early days so it gotta be possible
~ Daniel Lawmon
nice time aggressor
~ keith strazingski
Straight but fun
~ liam1ification
fun but hard controls
~ zach mckinney
so much fun
~ Thomas Turner
This is a nice release
~ jayaraj geetha
its really terrible i hate it that means ilike it and this isfirst release ive rated so far
~ Bailey Oconnor
Fun Product....but being FORCED to use Fb in order to test another Recipients is LAME!....so l won't!!
~ henry ponds
live it. love it!!!!! nice release
~ Joseph Rousseau
fun but controls should use some work
~ Chris Bahr
Mechanics create no sense
~ jeff moorehouse
Coulld not be any better love it!!!!!!!!!
~ Bryant Mayfield
Impossible to land its usually to early and you cant even do the second lvl on poland.
~ Ula Kondracka
boring, there are no choices, the release is idea to simple, the release is out time with old athletes which stopped many years ago. would enjoy if had freedom of choice and no stupid buffs
~ Hydr0_M
everything is working perfectly fine again. Thank you, guys. Hold up the nice work. Plain easy FUN!!! simple controls. Graphics are nice. release physics are great. This is gotta for everyone. nice release.
~ lester
very addictive and fun. can't stop testing... spent some pounds for VIP. loving it...just one thing i spent dollars for VIP plus actually I'm lvl 12 and I can't test online. please fix this thank you
~ Luís Gonçalo Gouveia
really hard argh. but fun
~ chris whapham
Addicting but....ranked and tourney dont work.
~ Doug Dyer
fun release once you obtain hang of it
~ Jim Covemaker
finest skiing release out there to date! most addicting release ever! nice release with tiny banners as well. cant stop testing even if i wanted to
~ Peter Griffin
I can see how addictive this release will be.
~ Aaron Peet
coo release, very challenging to victory gold.
~ Tyler Jones
Seriously? Product is slightly stupid...thought I would enjoy it Fix it and we'll talk 👌
~ Brian Tilden
I dont like releases with banners after each tiny thing going do! when will recipients learn?
~ Dean Stokes
Completed the career all gold but cant test ranked releases or championship.
~ John Mercer
still dont obtain the controls and all the another equipment
~ FaZe King
nice release but scores appear to be fully random eg I do an nice jump and I obtain a score of 0, I do a horrible jump and obtain a score of 20. this has prevented me from getting past lvl 3. pls fix this
~ abnormality
really fun and easy release thats not simple to master.
~ Mark Schoch
very nice release they need to add higher cliffs to ski off another than that I'd suggest downloading it
~ Lincoln Stephens
I like the release. Purchased a several gem boxes so far. I'm a tiny disappointed that the foes scale with you as you upgrade. I feel like this is done on purpose to force you to hold paying up. It's type of ridiculous to go back to the first track and have foes matching you at 105 or so when they were barely hitting 70 when you played them with your vanilla gear. Really sucks some of the fun out of the release as you can't upgrade and go back and enjoy stomping and having fun on earlier lvls.
~ Ronald Richard
addictive but ranked releases wont work for me and guide is lacking everything except controls
~ chris gatewood
Nice concept, cool setup, gameplay seems cheap though, lol. uninstalled.
~ Whitney Allison
Fun release, fair warning it does run a tiny slow. once you obtain the hang of it, it is fun and can slay plenty of time.
~ Devil Chach
this release is cool!!! i cant seem to place it down, at least before my wife runs yelling!!!! LOL
~ Dan Santivasci
not exactly sure why the more you upgrade, the worse the hero gets. I won more before I upgraded skills and gear. can't even jump any further on the very first jump. shouldn't it be the another idea around?
~ Brett Christie