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Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG)   
About: Siralim 3 is the deepest creature taming RPG in existence. If you're looking for a release with an wonderful amount of content that will last you for hundreds (or even thousands) of hours, this is the release for you! FEATURES Accumulate and breed over 700 different monsters to war for you. Search randomly generated dungeons with 15 special tilesets. Craft artifacts and spell gems to equip your monsters for war. Unlimite playability - there's not even a lvl cap. Newest informations are introduced well-beyond the 100-hour mark. You'll never run out of things to do! Rich end-release content, including Itherian Realms, super-bosses, arena fights, and much more! Asynchronous user-against-user combat allows you to war versus another users' monsters! Helps gamepads! Cross-platform cloud saving allows you to pick up where you left off with the desktop ver of the release, or ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Thylacine Studios, LLC
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Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG) Reviews and Comments:

it's a nice release. I like the 1 time buy and then you dont have to hold feeding the release dollars like cute much each another release... idea is nice, and the release can give you so many hours of enjoyment. I RARELY review releases, but this one deserves mine. thank you for developing the right idea!
~ adam updike
The finest Pokemon-style release for anyone who is looking for nice strategic depth. Imagine if every Pokemon had a special release-altering passive ability... for instance a starter in Siralim 3: any time a spell is cast by anyone on your squad, this monster casts a random spell from the same school of magic. And you can also obtain these have-alluring abilities on an item, meaning your six-creature squad can have 12 abilities... The ridiculous combos you can set up are nice.
~ Trevor Armstrong
It's like somebody who enjoys this category wrote the release. It's really well done. Fantasy rpg meets pokemon meets power user's dream. You should probably grind your idea through all the content quickly enough. The true joy is the theorycrafting about squad building. So many combinations, so many things to test.
~ Cash Drawer
one of the finest small releases I've come across in a long time. The dungeon floors are just the right size for short periods of test, while the release has enough depth to hold me going when I just wish to slay a several hours. Gameplay is really simple for casual users, but though a who take the time to really learn the mechanics will search a special challenge when it comes to building their great squad. The only really negative thing I can claim is that it really burns through my battery life cute speedy
~ Khaos Bringer
Its nice if you like Dragon Hero: Creatures
~ David Grau
About as close to great as any release can be. Infinite things to do, accumulate, and customize. All for a tiny one time payment. Can be really hard at times. Especially early on when you are figuring things out, or when you run into aggressors that seem to have the respond for your actual walkthrough. Typically a tiny tweak, or a tiny grinding, is all it takes to obtain past any roadblocks.
~ Justin M
Only about 4 hours in. If your looking for a well thought out and deep experiance, this is the release for you. Many layers to this RPG. Honestly blown away by the complexity this release present. If you look at my profile i have given a go most RPG releases on the supermarket. This one by far stands out as an honest AAA small experience. Well done to the squad who produced such a well designed and polished RPG. No pay wall, well worth the dollars. Should claim more but i spoke as a fan not a critical reviewer.
~ Dakota Hughes
The Siralim series is Pokemon for adults. The storyline, while not the main focus, is entertaining. The characters and dialog are surprisingly well written. Lots of turn based walkthrough and counter balance keeps long term test viable. Well worth the $5. Oh I almost forgot .... The cloudsave system provides the ability to test an a different device or even in steam if you wish. Probably on iOS too but I haven't tried it.
~ LeePierre Ndombe
Siralim 3 is an extremely deep creature catching RPG. There is a near limitless amount of content. With a style and feel related to old school Dragon Hero Creatures, this release is refreshing and special compared to today's releases. The graphics keep the charms of a related time, with many quality of life perks that we have come to love. Siralim 3 is a release that will give you hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of entertainment.
~ James Mills
Cloud storage is broken! Claims it can't connect and to test again later. There's nothing wrong with my connection, or the permissions for this release. Besides that, it seems cute nice so far, even though one hour on all of my creatures together have one active cast spell. I assume it runs opening up more in terms of walkthrough quick. Edit: cloud storage is fixed!
~ Philip Meidell
Modernized review because the excruciating early-release slog is no more! The upgrades create starting out so much less frustrating, getting past the first several stages no longer feels like a luck-based target. And once you really run to have squad synergy options launch up, look out, you might never place the release down again. The depth in Siralim 2 never ceased to amaze me, and 3 is so much better in cute much each respect.
~ Renee Davidson
This release is all I test on my device actually. I'd given up in small gaming because of greed in f2p releases and many of the b2p releases not comfortable to test casually on a device. This release would be great for me if they added google test achievements. No complaints otherwise. The amount of detail and care place into gameplay, control and ui configuration is phenomenal. It has everything I've wanted in a release. I will probably by it for my Switch when that launches as well. Thank you!
~ Ericka M
this release has been a blast so far, I'm 13 realms deep and every newest lvl is a decent challenge. I've noticed a great increase in difficulty as I obtain further, so it keeps it fun. It is obvious how much work was place into this release l, and I for one love it. lots of lore and release mechanics to learn. I look forward to continuing the storyline. edit- I'm actually at realm 48 and it definitely has grown immensely.
~ Matt Jastrzebski
nice except my saves randomly stop working otherwise release is phenomenal for the price mark
~ Harry Brown
Fun, nice time aggressor. In depth customization. Been testing since the first one :)
~ Mike Hendrickson
wonderful release; runs, as expected, slower on the device than on the PC. Still; not TOO terrible!
~ Douglas Dzurilla
What an absolutely nice release. I cant stop testing
~ matt lewis
Incredible. The feel of 8-bit RPGs with some deep statistic / squad composition experimentation available.
~ Jeff Henderson
Nice creature taming RPG. Surprising depth and lots of choices in building a squad.
~ Jeremy Bleys
Like a grown up Dragon Quest Creatures. The graphics create me think of the cutting edge of Gameboy Color
~ Tory Middlebrooks
i purchased the release and i keeo getting a error stating "unable to obtain valid license" how do i fix this? will rerate afterwards!!
~ Jonathan Webb
This is a very in depth and deep creature catching release! Well with the price mark, so give it a test!
~ Chris Ortega
Siralim is like pokemon on steroids, and this third in the series is a fine improvement on the formula.
~ Mickael Malove
Fun overall I enjoy the limitless aspect of it a lot although hatching eggs should be a tiny more of a fun gamble and it's sad that Siralim is offline
~ Josh RL
Haven't beaten it yet but I'm enjoying a lot so far. Reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest Creature for the Gameboy.
~ Manuel Campos
~ firstname lastname
I love this release, but the control pad is hard to use. Thanks for making me feel guilty about the Treasure Golem, I didnt need that!
~ Erik Mawst
Really fun. Reminds me of the old Dragon Hero: Creatures releases that I loved. Developer also continues to add monsters with bonus passwords.
~ Kyle Roberts
Finest App Product experience. Extremely in depth but still casual friendly, no banners everywhere, no pay to victory walkthroughs. Old school looks with a modern feel and smooth performance. Nice.
~ Hawkward Panda
Sometimes vampiric aura and splash don't work even if i have overheal. I think hurt dealt by censure and shining force(perks of life mage) don't work with splash and vampiric aura
~ johanne taguibao
it was entertaining at first, but the gigantic amounts of breeding recipes and creatures coupled with the limitations to breeding until you unblock those recipes makes the release lose it's appeal rather quickly. I place it down shortly after realizing I couldn't experiment with breeding as you can in Dragon Hero Creatures. Also the plot line feels empty.
~ Kyle Picard
so um. Yeah I had my doubts about this release I just started and got bombarded with sweet deals and things to push me to test the release and I was like ok this is cute nice, but then i was testing right ? And I was eating fruit and I just threw up and got some loot actually that's nice hold up the nice work....
~ Edgar Ibanez
I love it. I can finish my session with this release on PC, save & upload it to the cloud, then carry on in bed using my device. There goes my life but hey, it's worth it.
~ Piotr Sim
The controlls are a bit odd at first but once you obtain used to it they work really well. Once i figured out the controlls and got past the guide I realised how heavy of a release this is and how much work the developers place into it. I've played it for a bit over 2 hours and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Highly suggested it to any JRPG lovers!
~ Aj Shaw
Steep learning curve, however, It tugs on my Nostalgia strings from the glory days of Dragon Hero Creatures. No banners, no microtransactions that I can see, if this is a category you are interested in, you will not regret the buy.
~ Earnest Gelkanis
Heck, who needs a girl? I don't. With Siralim 3, life is much more interesting. i don't respond my device anymore. Too busy. .At least actually i know what the next 2 years of my life will revolve around
~ Kermitem Kuklak
I am an old lad. I grew up testing Pixel Rpgs and Pokemon back in the GBC to GBA days, I also test Magic the Gathering. This release is a combination of all my childhood releases. Absolutely brilliant and great for old nerds like me. Thanks Dev.
~ Elimer Mags
Lots of control options, nice performance considering the depth, and most importantly insanely fun. I will claim depth again, because this isn't a typical small release. No microtransactions or time gates, just creature collecting with potentially hundreds of hours of content if you wish to see it all. Well worth full price, a rare breed in this supermarket.
~ B Diggs
I wish everyone to know that I have bought this release one time. I have only contributed funds to the developer on a singular occasion... This release upgrades everyday at times. I've never seen a week pass without an modernization. This developer puts more into this release from a single monetary compensation than most FtP releases that are PtW. This developer deserves recognition... One more thing, the upgrades are tiny. It isn't a release that wants to burn your time up.
~ Arthur Cole
An absolutely unbelievable release! I'm only 11 stages in and am already having a blast creating weird squads. I would EASILY give it 5 stars if I had working audio. As it stands, when I test, there's absolutely no sound. Media volume is at full, as is the in-release volume. Has anyone else had this trouble?
~ TJ Allen