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About: Note: This release requires at least 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU. Bring all of the imaginative aircraft you've had in your head to life. Snap parts together to build your airplane's body. Zone engines to add thrust. Design the wings and then strap yourself into the pilot's seat and see how it flies. AIRPLANE DESIGNER You have the softwares you'll need to bring almost any airplane to life. Use the flexible wing software to change the shape of the wings and build almost anything. Next-generation combatants, WW2 warbirds, civilian aircraft, and everything in between, some recipients have even made dragons, trains, and zone stations. DYNAMIC FLIGHT MODEL Flight simulation at its finest. Each tiny change you create in the designer impacts how the airplane flies. Weight distribution, thrust, lift, and drag are all calculated before creating the final flight model. REALTI ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: Jundroo, LLC
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SimplePlanes Reviews and Comments:

nice release tiny glitchy
~ Nikolas Estabrooks
finest release in the globe
~ Fernando gaming,and funny outside videos
nice iv seen comodo gaming test it
~ Rebecca Tull
please add bomb bay door for five star
~ Alpha Bravo
this is a nice release :D i love it
~ an attack helicopter
It's fun because planes and realistic
~ A Google user
After the modernization the water texture usually flashes white. Please fix this guys.
~ Justine Gira
it's nice I love it!!!
~ Rachel Cady
I like simpleplanes America is all we should download America please D download America I don't wish America anymore!
~ Wwaleskaescobar Escobar
really nice release to practice building aircraft
~ George Green
I wish a refund please! I don't wish this release no more!!!
~ Phil Olaughlin
finest plane builder and physics release I have played
~ Gabe Rogers
love it and it is a nice idea to have your babe learn how to build a plane
~ Nathaniel Miller
nice release and constructive, Originators usually come with upgrades.
~ Kenneth Lambert
i love it also you could test it it tiny hard but not realy
~ A Google user
its an nice release but the newest helicopter rotors need work as they cause some serious lag and also dont spin as realistically as the another rotors but i like the concept but it just needs some work
~ callum chatterton
S Pen doesn't work on the release, more specifically on the plane builder screen. Would love to use the s pen to make my planes!
~ Felipe Beraldo
Reminds me of Top Gun, which means it is outstanding
~ Bryer Valenzo
cool release but jundroo can you fix this bug where you enter a lvl like sandbox mode the screen just goes black for a second
~ RAHIZI 851
I have the newest ver of easy planes but I wish to obtain back ver 1.7 of easy planes. can someone claim me how to obtain back 1.7?
~ Jacob Ilias
Ive had this release since 2017, love it. the latest modernization will not load the release, (stays stuck on Jundroo on initial run up) ive never had troubles before......
~ John Stewart
Nice release for creating and being constructive, I would just wish you guys to add tank tracks
~ Dirtbag Gaming
Devs!! i have an concept a fire starter or block somethin like that and kooks related to the flares? sets the block it's touching on fire
~ Just an average Sukhoi 33
this is my favoured release, i just want they made the custom colors more accurate by adding saturation options. most bright colors look poor on planes
~ Keir Flavin-Rowan
l. like it but i think the modernization made it so i cant test the release please test to fix it but still love it ill give it 4 stars beacuse of it not letting me in the release
~ Ashley Street
I like the release and all that, but I want it was easier to pilot and create helicopter systems. I also want that there was an easier with search newest islands
This is an nice release! I like the realistic physics, the freedom, and the almost fully infinite boundaries!
~ Joe Kohr
I like this release a lot but if you made this release with a tiny bit more graphics. I would enjoy testing it a lot!!!
~ Vincraft 18
This release is the finest 'build and test' release on the test shop, even if it is paid. Also, the building is very simple and easy.
~ Mark
It's ok, It's really annoying when you test to transport something or delete a single part and it brings the whole plane with it also don't test to create a realistic plane because you'll just end up trying to delete something and the whole plane comes so you have to run again
~ JuliusMakesMemes :D
the finest machine sandbox release on the small supermarket, price is worth it, it needs better controls for small though, like tilt control, it is really nice!
~ Mobile Gaming
if i had to pay 10... or 20 dollers i would pay it. i have played this release for a long time. i hope someday it will become avalible on consel.
~ Alex Sheeley
Please add wing thickness so we can replicate wing easier than using fuselage block and add newest weapons,cockpit,tracks,engine,and weapons so the terrible device player can donload my build whit mods and..... im a terrible device player too
~ Guntur Mahesa Gaming
dont download this it is incretably buggy and its to early to download and to late because they made the release run slower and it gave me a virus and i lost all of my dollars (67$) so dont download this until 2020 or later
~ A Google user
I download this expecting a slightly worse ver of the notebook ver (which is nice) but I was happily surprised when I realized that it has each information that the original release has whilst also barely draining my battery at all. I absolutely love it.
~ Hars
Its highly addictive and educational. Since land machines and ships are a thing in this release right actually. I recommend adding cartepillar track and maybe a propulsion and a rudder for the ship. Adding some cannon and autocannon might be a nice thing too.
~ Marlon488DS
The recipients that gave SimplePlanes a rating that is not 5 star do not know what they are doing. You can obtain rid of the lag through quality and nice craftsmanship, there is no excuse. Seriously. Everything is up to the player. This release is nice, you can do anything you like as long as your device can handle it. When you know what your doing, you can bend the terms of aerodynamics and physics to your hearts disire. There is more to this release then meets the eye.
~ Cyrus Daprat
this is the finest machine building release I've ever played. Thank you Jundroo for this nice release, hold up the nice work! Also if you take recommendations, should you add a better idea of editing fuselage blocks? A idea type of like SimpleRockets 2?
~ Harley Brandt
destroyed the release. each time i test and find an aircraft from a video or release that I've played/watched before, the blog will claim "unauthorized usage of IP" i had this release about a year ago and was able to find "Vulture Droid" (a ship from Star Fights) and was able to search it. but actually i obtain an error message when i find for that ship. its the same for any another ships that come from large name videos or releases
~ Dead_Memezz
I have had this release for three years and it has been nice. Developers are active and ready to support while upgrading the release, adding newest things occasionally. Although not an online release, you can build much more than planes and you can place your skills and creativity to the play. Certainly Mods create the release even better and you can search them on the SimplePlanes blog along with another recipients's creations and your own if you decide to upload it. Have fun in the skies, land, or water!
~ Evil Badger