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About: Welcome, Mayor! Be the superhero of your very own castle as you design and make a pretty, bustling metropolis. Each decision is yours as your castle gets larger and more intricate. Create smart choices to hold your citizens glad and your skyline growing. Then trade, chat, compete, and join clubs with fellow Mayors. Build your idea to extraordinary with the most known castle builder on small! BRING YOUR CITY TO LIFE Build skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, factories, and much more! Zone buildings strategically to hold the taxes flowing and your castle growing. Solve true-life challenges like traffic, fires, and pollution. Deliever services like power plants and police departments, and boost your population with parks and education. Hold traffic moving with grand avenues and streetcars. Take on fun challenges to shape your society. PUT YOUR IMAGINATION ON THE MAP Expand along the beac ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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SimCity BuildIt Reviews and Comments:

OK release, not like the old SIM Town. what you obtain for spending true dollars is not a lot so it's not even worth it to spend dollars. Also, why don't you obtain equipment back when you cancel a sale?...If I place something on sale, then I cancel the sale, I could obtain my equipment back, but you don't which is stupid.
~ Phuong Nguyen
luv it. Test it from morning to evening.evening to morning lyk it. but why cant we appoint a president in the capital castle,why cant we deliever them jobs to earn dollars? please work on that so that the release will be nice. but over all i luv it. I would have rate 5star there where all those thing in
~ Daniel Mintah
nice time aggressor and keeps your interest up even more with the addition of regions you can manage. The only negative I have is the supermarket; you should refresh the supermarket 1000 times and not obtain wjat you are looking for. I want there was a filter installed where you should claim the supermarket only to present you products from one shop ( like only present doughnut market equipment) instead of the random mix of the exact same products I obtain 99% of the time. Nice release though
~ William Mosley
dollars hungry. its a fun release, but its impossible to progress at any reasonable pace without cashing out hundreds, if not thousands of true $. as quick as you lvl up there are things needed to add that you dont have $ for and youre restricted from building more factories to produce enough to regularly sell and build. also the fact that you need to spend hard earned $ (in release or for true) to progress and if you wish to sell a tiny building to upgrade and not obtain resources back is dumb
~ Ryan Champagne
I think the Mayor's Contest was cute messed due to cheaters, who are still lvl 18-23, obtain higher points like 25k-30k within 6-8 hours in one day. I blame task challenge that giving us an assignment on the list like "run disasters", "do cargo ship deliveries", "run attacks/deliver equipment during fight", etc., also it giving us an assignment to do it within 1-3 days after that it reward us 600-1000 points. I know this is so stupid. We've usually been got lost our experience to test this release.
~ Ray Shearson
Well done. This release will give you a definite challenge, even if you never directly challenge another users. The release itself will. Love this ver. I've been testing SimCity since SimCity 2000 on my last desktop pc. I'm testing this on my small device. How times change. Hold making it roar recipients.
~ A Google user
The main trouble is the squad fights. In theory this could be an exciting part of the release - and at first it is. But as your squad goes through the ranks it's obvious there is some serious cheating going on in terms of impossible number of equipment foes keep. a true shame banner it's killing the release yet the developers seemingly don't wish to do anything about it
~ Toy Time Challenges
I like this release however it's such a dollars spinning con. I refuse to spend my own dollars on this and won't be able to continue using it as it's impossible to buy buildings ect just by selling things. I've looked at tricks on how to increase your dollars and dollars but it doesn't really work. if I was to spend my own dollars on this your looking at 20 quid for like 100 grand which doesn't but alot ? I now think it's sad that recipients spend that type of dollars on a release.
~ Chloe White
It's fun, but remember that it's two releases not one. At first it's a castle builder, but second it's a tapper. If you don't enjoy the second, then look elsewhere. The urge to rush through to your next target will usually be reminded and ready to support you out... for a fee. The real release is finding a idea to not spend true dollars.
~ C. Webster Marsh
the release is obviously designed to create you pay dollars. its super hard to obtain land and storage upgrade equipment. if you do not make a feeder profile you will have to buy sim bucks or you'll just never obtain the equipment you need. on top of that, you are punished for building newest houses. since thats how you lvl, you'll cause yourself to need uograded ways etc which costs a lot of simolians. the release is ok another than that... but you cute much obtain stuck and dont wish to lvl at 30ish
~ Brett Yoakum
a nice time passing release! 100% suggest it if your ever bored. this release lets me expand my imagination and really make my very own village. I absolutely love it. The finest feeling in the globe is the feeling of getting home after a large day and just spending your next several hours on this release. You should never obtain enough of it! 🧡
~ XColdHeartedWinterX
you have the release set up for dollars. recipients not using true dollars dont obtain the same equipment. its a dollars trap and its not even black ops or Grand theft auto. Delaney's pro releases where it's now controller wise UPS a yearly a year pass and you obtain everything with yours in order to stay on top of the release you're putting no more dollars than the releases worth cost more than your device that you now test on it I like the release but the idea you run the release is s*** and I'm almost ready to quit
~ Tom Southwell
while I'm tapping the screen to accumulate equipment I worked hard to earn, an ad pops up under where I'm tapping and I tap, befor I can stop then buy some box deal I did not wish. Set up.... lost $250 in sim dollars .... hard earned dollars for a stupid box of up grades I did not wish. Still trying to earn the stolen dollars back. Not an accident it pops up under your finger while your doing something else. Love the Product, Sim Town Build It is finest release ever!!! Stealing from users NOT!
~ Paul Tro
I really enjoy this release, but, COMPLAINTS... 1)After reaching higher lvls and unlocking newest buildings, I wish to change my castle layout. The release doesn't let u to shop ur buildings or ways while doing so. Give diff layout options with 1 having to be picked as active and being able to clear inactive layouts. 2)If I have to accumulate a larger # of storage equipment for every upgrade, then increase the capacity of storage by more than 5 every upgrade! 3)If I have to demolish ways, give full refund!
~ Briana Maready
Not glad at all. A pop up menu offering to sell me 68000 Simoleans in exchange for $1000 in SimCash? Not really what I need, I already had about 3.8 million Simoleans, but building up $1001 in SimCash had taken me a year or so. Anyway, one wrong tap on the screen and it's a done deal. actually I have 3.9 million Simoleans and $1 SimCash... thanks for nothing
~ jim wheeler
It's ok. I've stuck with it for a year actually so it's not poor and does have appeal but there's a lot of things that are frustrating. You have to be patient. Everything takes a long time to generate. Some equipment you can't generate they pop up from time to time. You have to accumulate equipment to expand your storage which in turn fill up your storage. The omega buildings of the futute need you to make things randomly in a lab. The building design is nice until completely upgraded when they obtain ugly.
~ David Leck
I'm an old school user that used to test on *original Nintendo*, and on my nice large desktop pc. I loved this release then, and I love it actually! This release has a very smooth gameplay experience, its a entire lot of fun! I love the different kind of gameplay and glad some of the old tasks arent in the release anymore. Nice release!
~ Kristy Margarita
loved this release, played since it 1st came out. after the past several upgrades I'm liking it a lil less. I think it's 2 much going on in the release actually. dont like the added regions,u could be able to trade omega equipment, think capital castle needs a fresher look, maybe expanded more. just a several concepts. hold up the work you still have the finest release 4 small in my opinion.
~ Kevin B
As a Sim fan from the original Sim Town to today, I still have a SNES with SimCity 2000 running continuously, I am quite disappointed with this ver. The graphics are nice, but the gameplay sucks. In the REAL SimCity you dont have to EARN each tiny thing, as long as you have dollars you can build it. I paid true dollars for a simolean boost, when thats completed I'm going to debate the pros and cons of keeping this, as of actually I'm leaning toward uninstall.
~ James Cantando
this is really a nice release, and I've played it for yeard. There is constantly nee things coming to the release, and the newest modernization brought a lot of newest, cool things. However, the amount of points tp create epic buildings just became idea more hard, and it's going to be hard to meet the requirements in 20 hours. the release would be great if thatvone thing was changed, because unless you test the release for hours each day, you won't meet the requirements.
~ Mister B
I love this release. I would have rated it 5 stars, but there is a flaw in it that I don't like. Each time when I am in need of an item and I look to buy on the launch supermarket from other person is hardly available or not there. I want there was a idea where you can categorize certain products by which building they're from. Example: I need a hammer to complete an project. On the launch supermarket there would be genres to pick from from donut market to fashion shop to wood market and etc.
~ SNE Weather
Products used to be about creativity, but the greed of developers has made many releases' central focus loot boxes or waiting long amounts of time for resource drops. SimCity BuildIt is all about waiting 15 mins to an hour for resources to spawn so you can build a easy residential territory. There's nothing else to do in the release but wait, and so gameplay is actuallt negative - it becomes focused on one not testing the release. EA should have made a newest ver of a classic, but they made this.
~ Joseph Giacona
Cute Nice Thus Far...But I don't care about the Dr. Vu thing. Guess I'm just not into deliberate disasters. And I'm not sure I care about Club Fights or Mayor contests. I just wish to build cities and have fun with it, but without all the Vu equipment or the club fights, you can't obtain enough keys to do anything beyond primary. That kinda sucks.
~ Sharon Warner
nice release, true time sink. Adverts tend to kick you from release. i earn video rewards and buy from the global supermarket 1/3 of the attempts tried. frustrating but fun. their help squad is phenomenal, they were able to walk me through few recommendations to obtain me back up and running. if you like any of the sims releases in the past, give this a test.
~ Rhehudio Frakface
Epic buildings will be no fun to build, actually that they take more points to build. I wont have the time to build them. This release is becoming something you will have to test all the time. Not the release you can log in a couple times a day a test for 10 min at a time. You are going to lose a customer bc of this or i just wont spend anymore dollars on Sims.
~ Brian Worst
i recommend, this release could have easier editing of your castle, like in COC where you can edit your castle much easier. as a mayor, i wish to see my entire castle, so i think it would be nice if this release have a "preview" or what you call it. also i dont wish to see so much skyscraper in my castle and i think most of the user feeling what im feeling. and when you tap a building, the materials required and the two options (🚫) i wish to see my building with that looks and i dont wish it to upgrade anymore
~ A Google user
I like this release finest, it is also very addictive and time killing. It relaxes my mind seeing the castle, day to night (of Sim Town's). I am rating it 5 star but there is only one trouble, sometimes I run out of Simoleons and then I want that I should take some dollars as a loan from Daniel or some another person in my Club or dude or even a stranger. But still, this release is in my Top 1 list.
~ Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhammad
While this is a slimmed down ver of most Sim Town releases, it satiates the castle building craving well enough. However, I have yet to search an adequate idea of making in release dollars (Simoleons) in a timely manner. This is compounded by the fact that a sudden lvl up can introduce newest requirements from your residents, like health care or sewage. I search it to be a true design flaw. My residents had to go days without police coverage while I tediously grinded the dollars to build the police stations.
~ Zack Irwin
It's fun but the dollars balancing is off - you never have enough dollars even to hold up on essential things like power and waste management, much less the ability to save up tens of thousands for great-to-haves like schools. Also, tap controls to pick a building can be very finicky - it often registers taps to a building's visible icon as being a tap on the building in front of it, which gets frustrating.
~ Jadelyn Nate
I don't quite like this fight information in the release. I test this release for relaxation purpose and the fight information makes it all so massive, lengthy, complicated and hard to achieve simoleons. There are enough fight releases already. Why would you contain this disaster information and fight information in this release? I don't understand. Please create it go away as it is frustrating and also doesn't give a glad message of peaceful cities. One more thing is that the simoleons we create are too less. increase gain count.
~ Beauty by Zahra
The release is so cool. I'm really not into politics, but it feels nice being a mayor. I love the idea of building the castle brick-by-brick. Note for developers: I recommend that you create the FRIENDS' LIST fixed as it's so inconvenient that after I visit a 10th or so dude's castle from the list, it would go back to DANIEL'S which is tiring to swipe my device to the next castle. I also recommend that climate or season changes. Maybe depending on the UTC time like if it's RAINY days so as the regions
~ A Google user
This is a pretty Mobile port of the very known castle builder release. Informations detailed, high-resolution, professionally designed buildings with a clean, European feel. Weekly mayor challenges, inter-squad fights and disasters, squads and chat. Graphics are awesome, 2.5D viewer, day cycle, lots of micro-animation. Capital and 5 regions, ea with million+ capacity. This is a classic factory - trade - credit release that will addict you.. you'll grow your castle for years.
~ Ed Moran
I really enjoy testing this release. Its really fun but there are some troubles. There is a target in time where you will obtain bored testing or lose motivation as your testing when things seem too hard. I experience this alot. But if you also do, just hold building more houses to continue the gameplay. Other trouble I am experiencing is performance troubles. So if you have a weak quality laggy device I dont reccomend testing this. Unless they fix the performance in a future modernization.
~ Master9x3r4n_
I love simcity but it bas decided one day to state that each single one of my supplies like water, electricity, water and sewage (etc) are insufficient when it clearly shows that they are not. The same things has happened to police, fire station and even health clinics! Please claim me how to solve this because i am so frustrated that I am thinking about uninstaling the release, and i dont wish to!
~ Iqra Hussain
Inexpensive and reasonably fun. You cant set managers and your online community is limited. To the finest of my knowledge, your online community is limited to your Fb dudes (if they test it at all). Furthermore i dont trust they are able to support you that much anyways. Buildings a limited, leaving you to trust that most cities reluctantly look the same (ie unlockable buildings at the same lvl). Still room for improvement, but i have faith in Simcity makers. So I'll stick around :)
~ Thaddeus Wozniak
everyone who's played this release, enjoys it, and knows how addictive it is. the time I've spent invested in this release is countless. I don't spend any personal dollars in this release, so unlocking zones in the Capitol or in another regions takes quite some time. i recently had a glitch in a region I unlocked. an unlocked zone prefilled with homes and attractions, was no longer "unlocked". Not only did SimCity promptly respond to my trouble, they gave me all the equipment I required to unblock the zone again! :D
~ Anestie L
This release has become a shared family passtime. We are able to use it as a mental break when working and able to use this release/release to support teach our son many valuable lessons about dollars, priorities, teamwork, focus, organization, and another important lessons that babes need to learn as they transition from childish things to the more meaningful things in life. We love it!
~ Tracy Miller
I've enjoyed the release but it becomes rather boring at a target. With the newest upgrades, the release became a work hard to maintain progress, far away from being relaxing and fun like it used to be. It's also annoying that if I accidentally press home screen button and reenter the release it takes forever to load. When collecting fight rewards my release crashes. There are idea better releases like this available, the only reason I'm testing is because I'm at lvl 29. Don't install..
~ xSlayerz
The only trouble that I have with this modernization is the newest form to create epic buildings..... So actually on the only idea to create a turtle speed up token is going up to 40 instead of 10? Really? For the most simple token? What is happening there? And actually 100 points for the another token I won't claim something. Actually because of you trying to create us pay I can't even reach 40 in my regions to create an epic building, you should do there the chance to change the name of our regions.... Anyways nice modernization......
~ George Medina
Dropped the score to 1 star, because the release's ok, but the constant 'tricks' (demands for dollars) never stop. I've never played a release that nags you so constantly for dollars. There's no idea to switch the tricks off. They're not essential (I'll buy what I wish and won't be bullied into buying what I don't) but they're so annoying I'm going to have to stop testing quick. It's not fun any more.
~ Alison Smith