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About: Test the traditional card release rummy with a multiplayer twist for small. Set over the rooftops of 1920s London and hosted by a group of cats, we wish you to join our club and test the globe at cards! Create your idea through the card clubs of Lucky Lane and test versus foes from all over the globe, in this brand newest live user against user release! Theres no closing time, it's never too late and were usually launch for business with premium live meetings over the weekends download actually for nonpaid, and test the globe at cards with Shuffle Cats! Shuffle Cats informations: The classic card release modernized for bite-sized fun on the go! Live, multiplayer releases with recipients from around the globe! Unblock newest and exciting challenges that offer inventive ideas to test. Boost your test by using Lucky Charms versus your foe. Intuitive and highly polishe ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: King
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Shuffle Cats Reviews and Comments:

They rigged the algorithms in order to create you buy gems! The proof is in the red or black card guessing premium release. You can literally guess red for your first card for an whole month and it'll be wrong. Then you guess black and all of a sudden it's red. SCAM
~ Jonathon Aiello
I spend about 90% of my time everyday testing this release. Honestly i love testing shuffle cat nd bcoz i test it soooo much i memorized each card i drop nd what cards i could throw in order to obtain which side of the cards back when dealt..i just done testing and i threw 2 A's down and my foe didnt take any of them but i only have 1 before i victory he took one from the main cards and threw 3 A's down nd won..its not that i lose but its just the idea of it...anyway please recommend me other release
~ A Google user
I'm getting really frustrated with this release. I love testing it each chance I obtain, but I have lost a nice many gems and gold because this release will randomly shut down and cost me everything. Sometimes I lose the entry fee to test, another times I lose my whole winnings as well as the entry fee. Please fix this for me!!!!!
~ Jamie Beery
Very frustrating, release keeps stopping claiming theres no WiFi but WiFi is fine and all another releases work. Even posting this comment is failing all the time. Very terrible. Going to uninstall.
~ Jenny Gard
Addicting! The only trouble I have had is that it usually seems to have connection troubles, no matter what device I'm using. it takes my gems to run a release then loses connection, but keeps my gems. Very discouraging.
~ A Google user
I thought recipients were exaggerating or terrible losers when they claimed this release is rigged, but it turns out they're right. As quick as you hit a certain lvl, you suddenly run losing. You can verify this by uninstalling and reinstalling it and not connecting your acct -- notice how the challenge lvl suddenly skyrockets. I kick ass on another rummy releases, but there's something really fishy going on here.
~ Christina M
Product is nice but card dealt is not nice. Usually getting cards which doesn't create anything. Losing on 0 from 3 days. Fix card dealing system
~ Jin Thomson
Worst release ever. Just lost 15+ releases in a row! I'm not a terrible user so I don't see how that's at all possible. Each foe lays down cards in their first 3 rounds, don't even obtain a chance cos they gotta have sets straight of the bat which again seems odd to me. I've never known anything like it! This release has the potential to be nice but the fact it's so obviously rigged to take all your gems so you may be tempted to buy gems is a heavy negative for me. Sorry lord, uninstalled.
~ Kelly Golds
This release is fun at times but it is extraordinarily rigged. It is one of the only releases that can obtain me seething with rage because it's so ridiculously manipulated. All Boss releases are rigged, this is a fact, but this one is far, far worse and far more obvious. Just allow recipients test, stop manipulating the releases.
~ Shawna R
This release is beautiful n cats are adorable but its rigged to cause you to lose each match. i obtain we can't victory them all but never is a bit much. I've lost each hand except like 3 out of variety of matches.
~ Brittany Collins
whatever you do, don't give them dollars!! after awhile you can see the scam cute clearly. you victory just enough to hold you testing and then you lose everything and the only idea to hold testing is to pay. happens the same idea EVERY time. it got so I should predict the test downs with absolute certainty. don't obtain sucked in!!!
~ Marilyn Graf
just played this girl & beat her on walters workshop. progress to next lvl & shes my foe again? how? and weak & behold she beats me as the cards are in her favour giving her 5 sets in her first 5 draws. This is a joke!!
~ Kelly Golds
Do not obtain enough rewards for testing. Have to wait ages for gems. The nonpaid release is absolute bull (basically impossible to victory!) I should go on but I'm bored.
~ Antonio Scaccia
I have been testing this release for a several years because i love it. However, in the past month or so it's been having many bugs. A box is constantly popping up claiming "Connection Lost". There is nothing wrong with my connection, all another releases and apps work fine. Last night, it should not give me an apponent on any room selection. One of the hands i won showed me as first zone and second. Please fix the bugs!
~ Ann Marie De Marco
Sad the pc user beats u 90% of the time.. I've won 3 releases in a course of 5 days. It's like whe you obtain your gem balance up they send you on a losing streak from hell.. Started out as a fun release, not fun when each user runs out dropping multiple spreads. Deleting this release!!
~ A Google user
Like this release except when the deck runs out. not fair that you dont obtain to pick up card foe is discarding . 9 times out of 10 I need that card.
~ Monica Toler
I really loved this release & it allow me victory for a bit and then like any another release i lost all of my diamonds and like a dummy i spent my actual dollars on the release to hold testing 😂. That was a gigantic mistake 😬. I just lost all of what I bought and I know how to test Rummy its my favoured card release. So this time I'm uninstalling it for nice so frustrating 😒. Really sad that even after buying gold bars to obtain diamonds I still lost😭. Not Fair
~ Amanda Perez
It sucks. whenever you obtain ahead, they place in pc users that take the next victory n you have to use hard won chips or gold bars to maintain n end up losing all in the next hand.
~ Therese Wenzell
Love this release. Boss usually has the finest releases. Well I was wrong. Product is unfair. Enemy melds with cards I had discarded long before and they didn't pick it up. Sorry Boss up until actually I've loved your releases.
~ Michele Morris
I've played this release since it came out, but recently it's destroying each time I test a release with a gigantic amount of gems. I've lost probably 100000± gems that idea. Please fix this! I've sent ruin reports every time and nothing changed.
~ Michele Gregory
Soft keeps shutting down in middle of release, over and over again. VERY frustrating. What do I do? I've emptied the cache but it still keeps happening. I like the release but not what keeps happening. Ready to delete for nice.
~ Veronica Tarbell
This release is so RIGGED to create you spend dollars on gold. You will go through winning streaks and victory over 300000 diamonds. These diamonds are used to pay for every hand you test. Then you will go through losing streaks and "tough lvls". These streaks last much longer than the winning ones just to provoke you to buy gold to buy more diamonds. Enjoy the release but do not waste your dollars!!
~ Michelle Tatum
cute fun. it is rigged. it doesn't seem random. too often will give a user all of the cards required to victory with ease, and without skill
I really liked the release and played all the time but for the past month the release won't connect and error code K 152 comes up across all of my devices. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling few times and nothing works.
~ Michelle Stewart
maybe it is luck of the draw. i lose idea more than i think i could. Its like this often i stay ahead of foe then when i have the winning meld for me my foe lays it first "EVERYTIME" is it rigged does the pc do this on purpose or is it terrible luck. dont know if i wish to continue with this release release ......
~ Kathy Bass
Everything about this release is nice, except two things. First is victory/loose ratio. To test a release you need to bet dollars. It would be ok, but you need to bet (for example) 550 and in topic you victory you will not victory 3000 so it makes sense, no. You will obtain 1000. So you loose more than you victory. Which is poor for gameplay. And 2nd terrible thing is length of every release.Its terribly short. Most of the time it will not take more than 5 turns. Which is nothing close to true rummy and ruins entire release
~ Pavol Ridrich
Fun at first but I lost interest quickly because it takes idea too long to obtain so several nonpaid gems to continue testing. After a short while, you lose interest and no longer care about testing this release.
~ Meka W
Purchasing gems is pointless since $5 only gets 7500 gems. That's not even worth the dollars. The target system is ridiculous. Wagering 5500 gems for the chance of 10k with a 12 target victory with each card played counting as 1 target. The 20k victory chance is 80 points. What the hell is that? Why 12 points then 80? Especially when the 4k victory is 11, 2k is 10, and 1k is 9. The lower the victory the less points required, obviously, but it's skewed towards luck of the initially dealt hand of cards.
~ Melyssa M
love the release. each several months i obtain a k-152 error can't connect to internet ....when my device is completely connected (no troubles using another apps that require access to work). lord support desk can't seem to obtain me an respond and keeps claiming me it's my connection. I've uninstalled. reinstalled. frustrating
~ Kristine Nasiatka Ward
This release is rigged. Out of the last 20 or so releases I've played I've lost all bit 1 or 2. They allow your diamond balance obtain up there and then you go on.losing streak. You have to test at a certain dollar lvl based on your balance so that depletes your balance even faster. You could be able to test at lower lvls if you wish to save balance. Hardly test at all anymore. Don't waste your time.
~ Denise Wausnock
dollars hungry. not designed for just being a fun challenge and nice time passing release. sometimes you can loose 10 to 15 times in a row. in the mean time my 10,000.00 is gone. i really hate i cant rate it higher, but i cant afford my 100.00 hope i victory, budget.
~ Pamela Scalez
What a shame! I victory 1/10 waiting for the right card to arrive, NEVER SEEN! And there are too many troubles of connection, but my wifi works nice! I have seen all my diamond stolen by recipients and release troubles, but I never lost them by my fault. UNINSTALLED!!!
~ Veronica Lenzu
I usually enjoyed this release... lately it keeps on claiming me connection lost... and that in the middle of a release... which I am winning... or on a victory streak... soooo over this release.. oh and yes I have a powerful connection and it happens on App time as well as WIFI... #NotWorthIt
~ Magdalena Botha
Very great release and I love the characters also, but I give it 3 star because it has no option like to see the video to accumulate the gems unless you pay dollars. It eats all your device battery & it's network sucks. 😔 Otherwise I'll happily give it 5 star ratings. Kindly fix all this bugs. Thanks
~ Nibedita 123
firstly release progress idea to speedy with the amount of diamonds rewarded. you obtain to lvl 14 aka i think legacy or something like thar. u go from 50 diamonds to pay to 550 to test. you also give 0 explanation on how to use the another rewards such as the freeze reward. they over explain the easy beginning of the release but truly drop the ball once the release now becomes challenging.
~ Demekia DeWitty
Nice & fun release! Only thing I search wrong is you have to buy in release-purchases for gold/dollars, but there is no option to earn any by watching videos like another releases. This release gives 30 gold at the beginning of your release, but when you run out the only option is to buy gold/dollars or it should take days of saving dollars to test just a several rounds of Rummy. Hey KING releases how about giving a tiny & giving us another options to earn gold/dollars or giving us some gold/dollars for every lvl we pass???
~ Ittybittyxo Kitty
I love the release, but the connectivity troubles are relentless. Just as you are about to victory the release, the wifi connection becomes nonexistent on your part, of course, so you lose. I have been complaining about this for months, as have many others, and the trouble persists. Nice release. Work out the kinks.
~ Belinda Rosenbalm
The fact that i obtain to test with actual recipients in true time, is nice! I really enjoy this release, but the release developers have fully neglected it's potential & takes the fun out after a several days. I either have to test versus a rigged-bot few times in order to test ONE live card release, wait 4 hours to earn enough chips to test ONE round (1 release = 550 chips, 550 chips = 1 release on the FIRST lvl after the guide, 1 release = 1 minute or less), or buy virtual chips with true dollars! No thanks!
~ Alely Valiente
I really wanted to love this release but its like many others claim. It lets you victory enough to test a several rounds and then you lose it all EVERYTIME. Its such a repeated pattern that it seems set that idea. Also, while my connection is powerful on my device (and when im winning) it will suddenly obtain connection troubles and i'll lose everything i was betting. It doesnt even test to reconnect you to the room. It just takes your diamonds. Also, they walkthrough you through 13 rounds then they give no more guidance.
~ Eiri Yuki Uesugi
I really like this release but it is so rigged. When it's your 'turn' to victory the cards fall in your hand. When it's time for your foe to victory they have 2 sets of matches from the deal & the next match is drawn on their next hand. It's so frustrating! Allow the shuffle be truly random & user's actual skills given a chance to be used.
~ Debbie Cassell