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About: A 3D map with a complicated terrain creates many different modes. Claim goodbye to a fake 3D map! On all the maps "Shooter Of Fight-FPS: War of the Superhero" there are hard terrains of different heights, heroes can jump, climb the wall, fly, hide in different buildings inside and attack foes. In this complex three-dimensional stage, every superhero can be based on his characteristics to take different offensive and defensive ways. 5-minute war, many different types of combat modes A 5-minute war gives you a tense and early military play! In the release, many different types of combat modes are waiting for you, such as unit mode, explosion mode and "fun" mode. You can use many heroes for nonpaid for a week For a week we offer many border heroes, which you can use for nonpaid. Come see the characteristics and skills of every superhero, and this supports you master the skills and ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 24MB Developer: 4399 NET LIMITED [email protected] undefined
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Shooter Of War-FPS:Битва героя Reviews and Comments:

Product's nice but first of all change language to English! If you wish a global success, be global!
~ The Terminator
what happend to the release it claims something but i dont know what it claims i like but is it under maintnance
~ Ethan Luis Magallanes
Da finest small fps, *mic drops*.. Only down side is language. Hope you guys have plans to bring English
~ M. Bilal
great grapics. only one trouble a language. pls translate to english.
~ Rufo Mapalad
English language ver please I don't know what the hell is going on give English translation and it's 5 star simple
~ Barry Kennedy
OMG THI.TH.THIS GAM.GAM.GAM.GAME IS A-A-AWOSOME biut why isn 't it in english i mean i am from india but why??????i hate it and loved itoo
~ meetu singh gahlot
Not for north American users. Useless release. Create an profile for nothing. No gameplay. Login required? Made a entire profile and signed in joined their community and cant test nothing?! Trash release. 20 mins of my time gone!
~ nite 2727
I hated it for 3 reasons 1. I don't understand that languge, 2.You can't even change the languge and 3. The release didn't even load in for me. Poor release and u could fix it actually
~ Chelsey McGovern
For any one that is claiming for them to have it translated to English. They did have it in English but blizzard sued them for copying over watch so they only have Russian
~ dongji tang
This release sucks! Another then the stupid language with large messy letters, the release doesent even work. All it does is to present me a black screen with "BxÆëçēœ" or something like that
~ Danny Sollo
Nice Product.. I Really Liked It but There is a trouble it is not in English language so I can't read anything but I can test it .. PLEASE Add English language in it OTHERS it's nice
~ DiwasPlaysYT
It is a nice addictive release..but please create it ass english language..its disturbing because i dont understand anything..i dont know how to setting..please fix it
~ Izu Izuan
It's a nice release but the trouble is in the language, I couldn't understand plz create available in English too....
Please obtain some english so I know what omg clicking on, another then that fun release to test.
~ Ashley Miles
the entire release is not english speak how can we understand the release...😕??
~ A Google user
actually i fully unistalled it because you guys does not add english language option. Gameplay is nice but russian language is destroying release . i will reinstall it if you guys add english language.
~ Blue ICE
it seems fun but i can read the language and i wonder if it can change the language
~ Eva Yang
Look. I was one of the finest at the beta ver, Call Of Heroes, but I would like to be able to run this damn release and at least test it ONCE
~ EdenRyse Official
This is just amazin', you made overwatch small, lol. We need it in english FYI, but russian is nice atm.
~ A Google user
Overwatch and Paladins combined but idea idea worse believe me.Graphics very terrible.Heroes rippoffs of Overwatch heroes and a bit of Paladins heroes.Controls very very terrible.Framerate even on my newest nice device terrible.Just a terrible ver of Blizzards and Hirez nice releases.
~ Domas961
the grafics are nice , the release is nice but should you create more maps with better graphics and even better powers
~ Boom City
Baddy Tear Don't Forget About me! IM The finest ASIAN User! In THICC Corp! XD I've Been Forgotten? °, _____°) -Bryne478
~ A Google user
Just place an English language would you because it's really stupid when your dudes see you testing a release that is not in English like seriously. .😡😬😡
~ Jhosef Apaitan
Incredible release...if only it were in English. i cannot understand it but love the gameplay. its very well made
~ iRaar Lawton
it's not working. I cant test the release. There's a notice written in some another languages that i cant understand. And the release wont run. I badly wish to test the release. Pls solve this for me
~ Azizur Rahman
i literally played an overwatch ripoff for two entire mins. WASTE. DO. NOT. BUY.
~ chicken thing
GARBAGE.... cant even create it past guide because it ALWAYS claims Time abnormality, even in a regular match, 10 seconds in, BAM time abnormality... TRASH TRASH TRASH, ALSO, no ENGLISH mode available for this. ultra thumbs down, why is there another language releases available to USA region if theres no option for english or any another language?
~ Melody Anne
please create a option for English and then I will rate 5 star. the release is well made but please place an English option
~ Aiden_ CCA
Ok pls!!!!!!!!!!! Create English language. i don't understand a single word in this release
~ Adam Amirul
That is nice release related to overwatch But if its in english that will be better and create more serveres so the lag will be lower just do this two points and the release will be the finest moba release ever
~ arrigato -lol
It's the finest release ever for small u could spend so much work in this releases its a nice concept pls do a na sever it is a wonderful release and probably and I'm sure u guys are going to rock if this release come to na
~ DamoclesN Saldeno
I think the release is nice but IT NEEDS TO BE IN ENGLISH NOW thank you for making it because I have never placed overwatch and this release give recipients like me to test a release like overwatch but FIX THE LANGUE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN ENGLISH😠😠
~ A Google user
How am I ment to understand Russian when I only understand English? Come on even Japan makes their releases English text and English subtitles I love the look of this release so upset I can't read anything in this release
~ Alisha Pannell
Nice release, like overwatch. However please add an option to switch to English language as I can not understand the settings or home screen. Thank you
~ Pred4t0r_ k
😑😡😠😡😠 How can I create it English!!!!! I flip each corner in this release to test to go to the language sitting!!!! Where is it! I need to change this unknown Language!!
~ SMoOoNE wheebe
The release is nice. Very much like Overwatch. Thank you dude!!! One thing though. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an English translation because most recipients cant speak or understand Russian. Plz add English in the next modernization and It will be easier for everyone.
~ Juuzou
Is a different language like how I'm post to read. That had please change the language please like right actually i been waiting for a response from you and is been 10 mothes and like how i didn't even place in that language so if i don't grt a response form it i give you a one..!!!
ENGLISH SPEAKERS: THE US VERSION IS CALLED CALL OF HEROES. It's the EXACT same release but in English. It's also on the playstore. Join up and look for Beddy Tear and The Undying. We are some of the finest users on the US and we wish more of a challenge and to test with another users ;) we also test this Russian ver but it's better to test with another English users!
~ Beddy Tear
Ok, deleting my review will not stop me from reposting. Vishal Kotak, call of heroes is not a validated release. The .app is not a legitimate download. All .app versions are modded. I know this because I am in the Bachelor's for Professional Digital Arts and Notebook Animations. This obviously means I have my Associate's. Receive over yourself. Stop acting like you know things (which you obviously don't). Next time check your facts.
~ Maerichin Rose Duoel
Well for all those who wish an English ver of this release, just find for "Call of Heroes app" on web. IMO guys this is one of the finest releases made for mobile... Go for it guys, for all those who love overwatch. Don't forget to share this release with your dudes.. Modernization: @Maerichin Rose Duoel am not forcing any 1 to install the release and never have i claimed i know it all lol.. If u guys r interested then download it or else dont...
~ Vishal Kotak