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ShinNaZuki-Hatsune Miku Collab!   
About: [Orthodox Japanese RPG -- Absolute Audiovisual Feast] --- Six major floating island journeys for super interaction: The chapter storyline line takes you to experience multiple worlds, and the million-word storyline takes you to search the grand globe view. --- Fantasy pretty background song for super sense: Background song is carefully produced by Japanese song master Hitoshi Sakimoto! [A number of Famous Voices - Listening to the Voice of Guardian] --- Super known voice actor "Hanazawa Kana" as the "Voice Ambassador" together with many top voice actor"Kimura Ryouhei", "Hayami Saori", "Fukuen Misato""Horie Yui" make the voice of the guardian. Many voice actor dubbing entirely, and more,sound interaction at intimate stage . --- Hatsune Miku broken wall to collaborate with Hanazawa Kana, the two loveliest sang the theme song "ShinNaZuki". More beautiful sounds waitin ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: yu weixian
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ShinNaZuki-Hatsune Miku Collab! Reviews and Comments:

The gameplay is generic but the hero are top notch. The translating needs some more works. Also sometimes the text came out from the text box which is very annoying. Overall, this release is alright but it feels a tiny bit rushed.
~ Kazeiro
This release is not well optimized for small devices. Mainly just because combat feels very slow and characters take forever to decide what to do when in auto mode, even when speed is x2. Even when I was picking all the actions, I would obtain a loading message before the characters now performed the actions. Something in the combat algorithm gotta be improved before this release should be considered tolerable
~ Enoch Huang
Cute idea art but graphics for release test is other matter. First time I played it glitched and exited the release. I opened to test and all kinds of buggy. The screen was not playable during the guide. It looked liked it froze the screen. Encountering these bugs made a terrible impression
~ Resident Lurker
Product aint paytowin at all. Haven't spent a dime and I'm usually between the top 100-200 on the server while being lazy. I'm missing like 8 characters (I have most of the SSR, I'm missing 6 of them). You can obtain a lot of diamonds everyday (around 400 or more if you test your cards well) and need like 1880 (or 1200 on meeting; or scrolls) for a x10 summon; scrolls are givenkme candies.. each month they give out a nonpaid SSR and lots of pieces to upgrade them. etc, etc etc.
~ Random Guy
Nice release overall. Decent diamonds gain even for nonpaid to test users. It consumes about 2-3 hours to finish all the everyday quests though. Not suggested for recipients who has tiny time every day to test.
~ Immanuel Lukman
I dont know why some recipients claimed the arena isn't fair..i think it's fair cuz your hero have the same level so you can war fair without lvl difference...the only thing that will create the different outcome is your walkthrough..your starstone that applied to the hero (it's really really important) and hero elements...this is a nice release...interesting storyline...balanced hero ( even a R hero can beat a SSR hero) so stop complaining u didn't obtain the SSR char.. the hero's skill are important so be sure to read it and apply the suitable starstone so it can increase the char's skill dmg, result and such. Overall it's nice release and deserved a 5+ star.
~ Nyx Hitori
This release is fun, lovely and has strategic release test. I'm confused about the recipients who commented on the rates as I obtained few nice cards. Also, the cards are fairly even between them. I love the favor system as well. I do want it wasn't so focused on a male perspective, but that's my only beef with it.
~ Laura Vo
It's not that p2w coz it's not about comparing details or who have the largest numbers. It now need tactical decision and equipment, not to mention the beautiful artstyle (and sexy too). No meta too, so you can create your own build. Just like me, I run full priest, no fighter, archer, etc and can do well on pvp. Gotta test! Also the admin reply very speedy on fb often I had trouble. Well deserve 5star if I do claim so myself.
~ A Google user
The gameplay is ok, Im having fun testing this release. But yesterday I encounter an error claiming "network error" often I tried to login and it still giving me those error till actually. Tried to change from wifi into time but the error still there. As I see many recipients still can test and Im having this trouble, please support since I cant test :(
~ Kaminari Zeus
End of chapter 4, as well chapter 5 storyline (IDK if 6++ would be the same since I'm still stuck in 5) , I got no text on the storyline cutscene, and can only be skipped, so IDK the cutscene storyline. It's only blank dumb box. Pls fix, and also give a idea to replay the storyline cutscene. Also, pls fix your "Engrish" translation in the storyline, It's 2019 already and monkey already went to moon. All of this reduced my enjoyment of testing the release since I enjoy reading / following a release storyline.
~ Ryanto F2P
I had to give 2 stars for actually cause I am confused about pre-regist. I was claimed that if I pre-regist I'll obtain the Hatsune Miku as the reward when the release released. I played the release yet I dont know where can I exchange the code. Support me then I'll give it 5 stars. Honestly this is a nice graphic release, kinda hope the hero was not in chibi but its beautiful with smooth animation and nice voice actors.
~ Chronnia Aru
I think this release is nice at first. But every time I test it, it became boring. Firstly, I think the arena system is not fair. Why do we need to lvl up the characters with hard work if in the end everyone have the same lvl on the arena. Secondly, it takes too long to finish the storyline that in the end I don't really care about finishing it anymore and just focuses on another activity. Overall its nice, I like the graphic and the storyline is interesting. But I dont think I wish to test this for a long time period.
~ Sora Eveline
Well I played the Chinese ver and came across none of the troubles. I am lvl 64 with high war squad and all these guys that have been reported in the comments doesn't appear in the Chinese server. If you understand Chinese than go to 9games and download this release. There are compensation for bugs and etc. The release in Chinese is named 神无月. Shen Wu Yue. Nice luck!
~ Miku Reich Mapping
I think that this release is okay. I like how the storyline is narrated and animated at the same time making it more lively than just reading text and facial expressions. The gameplay is nice so far, but I'm still trying to adjust with the targeting system since I often forget to lock certain aggressors. I haven't played really far yet, but looking at how my dudes test it makes me think that this release is fun and not too demanding. The gacha is fine because I've seen the worst, and it's friendly to nonpaid-to-test users. Hold up the nice work.
~ Pradipta Wodha Siwinata
This release is nice! I tried it out on version day, and immediately uninstalled it due to the annoying comments flying across the screen, which generally indicates, "Trash release". That was a mistake. I missed quite a several newest release gifts and meetings because of that. So don't you do the same, there is a button at the top of the screen that claims comments, just uncheck that and you're nice to go search this nice superhero collector.
~ Jay Anderson
Separate the rankings by servers. Being all in the same ranking is really unjust competing with users that have years testing this release. I was in rank 32 in HGP actually I am in rank 180. All newbies think the same as me
~ Kuro Kellyarer Wallheivyal
I really like this release! Great gameplay! Great animation. I really enjoy the storyline. But I can't continuously test it for more that 15-20mins. Everything is so dark and drab... even the song is so very melancholy ...it literally makes me feel sad and like I wish to cry. I want it had livelier backdrops... even the loading screens are military camouflage green and sad looking. I understand the theme but I don't wish to be that immersed in it.
~ Cybilla Fraulein
I accidentally started on a guest profile and got really attached to it. i cannot connect it to my google which is very upsetting as it means my time may be gone if something happens to my device.. please fix that :/
~ Carol Wong
I changed it to 3 star because the release seems dead, no newest costume or meeting, newest superhero once per month. at least create it looks like the developer still care for the release
~ nasr amiruldin
Too speedy on catching up the ssr role rates are hard to catch if banners and summon styles go for 10x for each banner. Also to those who wanted to know more and all about the bugs or troubles in the release, Please go to their fb page as the GMs and Devs will reply to you on these types of equipment far better and faster than claiming it here. Join Shinnazuki JP and EN page on fb to have your thoughts and complaints be heard.
~ YujiZakai ᜊᜌᜈᜁ ᜈᜄ ᜊᜈᜐ
PROS: 1)Gacha system is nice. 2)Characters' fragments and in-release currency can be easily receive. 3)Gameplay mechanics are engaging as it requires users to use walkthroughs to overcome fights and challanges. CONS: 1)English writing in this release IS terribly sloppy. 2)Flaws on characters' 3D model and special animations (such as rough edges, parts of the model overlapping every another, camera angle, panning, etc). Overall decent release with flaws you can see here and there
~ vani hala
This is a biased rating because I liked the release. But objectively the pros are the entire release system doesn't revolve around doing summon (gacha). You don't need to summon equipment like many others do and that makes it easier to test. It is also quite tactical, with special attributes and results etc that makes it interesting, again unlike many others that rely on simplified details. The cons are that it's sometimes buggy here and there and you need to test far enough to be on par with whales.
~ Yudi
Product was nice until my profile got frozen for no apparent reason. I contacted help via Fb and the correspondence provided in release information. The message that my profile was frozen wasn't in English and I had to screenshot and Google Translate. The only thing saving the release from a 1* rating from me is the PVP systems they have, which were fun. Another than that, I'm staying away from this release and any releases by this developer due to the lack of communication and not valuing prepared users.
~ Lili
how. unlocked miku
~ auratus solomon
Meme test cuz MikuChan :V
~ dang phan
why suddenly has no net work?
~ Kamarunizam Kamaruzaman
The only thing that can replace Bloodline SEA in my life.
~ Syawal Mohamad
Nice! the release is very great ang the graphics is very great too
~ John clifford Asis
so much to do, can't obtain bored👍
~ エバンバン
I love this release but i cant access my profile anymore my Username is Zerafon can i obtain it back please.
~ Zachary Williams
more upgrades with hatsune miku , hyperdimension Neptunia , bug fixes , and the release itself.
~ Marco Aquinde
i love this release very muchhh .. the release is soo fun and excited than another releases i've been played before ...
~ Kie Ra
Is all going well until Day 13 my release is stuck at the Startup Screen of the release tried relaunching the release and restarting my device.
~ Hidden Cz
it's a really nice release but I can't log into my profile anymore in Fb, please fix that so I can test it again
~ Yuki Kizuna
Cant login to my profile! I spent dollars on this bs, why can't you treat me properly!?
~ Lenamon the Potato
I can't seems to login with fb, fb claimed that the release is still in development mode and don't have access to it. pls fix!
~ Jin
Nice Product, R/SR/SSR is balanced, pvp with banned system, can do nonpaid duel with dude. Nice Wifu Material. Responsif Publisher, Fixin bug ASAP, Generous login reward. is Worth to Test ^
~ Fahmi Nurmuiz
This release is awsome! I love it till I had to change my device... When I insstallaed it again putted my profile (that was the right profile) and it didn't work! Please, give me my old auccont back, please!! ( its name is Tzu_Tzu♡)
~ Funny RO
I love everything in the release for the past months. But I lost two accounts each time I need to delete the release but I usually reinstalled it. Actually im on a third profile but I really wanna go back to the second one.
~ X mrkiszgamez X
I can't log into my facebook profile.. I had fun testing it before, but it is very disappointing that I can't obtain access to my profile. I already have a bunch of cool equipment into my facebook profile and knowing that I can't obtain access to those is just so annoying
~ Paras Jem