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About: The sequel to the known Fb smash hit with 40 million players Shadow War 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. This release lets you equip your hero with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and informations variety of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush your aggressors, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, and cut your idea to win? Theres only one idea to search out. - Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelike detail by an all-newest animation system. - Devastate your aggressors with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-newest fighting interface designed especially for touchscreens. - Travel through six different worlds full of menacing demons in this action- packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive, i ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 88MB Developer: NEKKI
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Shadow Fight 2 Reviews and Comments:

poor. Lynx shouldn't be able to turn invisible for ever unless you hit him long enough. 2nd his bombs shouldn't be take half of you health in one hit. 3rd when he gets hit he could fall back not stand still, hit you one activate his bomb,then hit you with a three combo.the only idea to bet him is to buy your weapons with true dollars which is stupid. In short fix you release.
~ Bryce Pennywell
The release and the challenge was very very very tuff but I have reached to the final and defeated Titan without any tool. I tried to conquer him like 30 times and at last I become succeed. From this release I have learned that “Never give up hope, count on myself, usually hold updating my equipment.”
~ Afruza Begum
Now, I don't like it...but I LOVE IT😄 Recipients who usually complain about the release is a tool and too hard to test with,they're the ones who doesn't know the meaning of a challenging and fun release. They dont know how to test it the hard and gritty idea. Anyways, no words to add about this nice and fun release😃😎
~ Skoodoodle Guy
Thx for fixing my previous trouble(release ruin) but actually this release is still frustrating. Its been almost half a year i ve been updating equipment to the full level,enchating equipment with really nice enchantments,maxing out old weapons I know how to use the most but seriously TITAN DOESN'T DIE. WHY?!?!.I tried at least 200 times.I mean OK he's a demon and all but come on seriously?! Create him a bit more killable with the weapons that you can buy from the release without paying with true dollars.
~ A Google user
ok so i downloaded this release not too long ago and when i log in with google test it doesnt present that i have a save release ready to load which i was now able to load the last time i played the release. i signed in with fb and restarted the release and there was still nothing. i checked the savegame thing in menu to load it and it claimed there was no savegame. what the hell is going on? i already beat titan and completed the release and i beat him again in eclipse mode and i reached far in underworld.
~ Shawayne Stewart
this modernization has destroyed the release..its no longer loading..the last time i downloaded it and wanted to restore saved release since ive finshed it before, it didnt load..it has been a nice release for a long time but i think it has finally been destroyed by this last modernization..it was really most likely the finest combat release before this modernization...test to fix it guys..
~ Daniel Chuka-ogwude
this release is all nice. I loved it but 2 easy request first add a option to download later. whenever an act is competed it present only download screen we can't test even survival mode if we don't download the newest ver. secondly, the strength of kicks and punches lower with increase of progress it ain't result on aggressor. thank you this is the finest fighting release for me
~ Ranvir Prasad
I used to test this release so much and it was really and absolutely nice. But actually, this is just.. First when I entered the release, it asked for the permission to manage my calls. So I gave it access since it had been a long time since I played it and I really wanted to test it again. So it allow me into the release. Then, I knew the screen was going to go black and I had to wait for the release to run. But, 7 mintues passed. Nothing came up. And I made sure it wasn't the device turned off.
~ Hannah M
Before this latest modernization (before the switch to Unity), my release worked perfectly fine. Don't obtain me wrong; its a nice release! But with this newest modernization, it doesn't even allow me finish downloading the "missing content." It keeps destroying before i can even test. I hope y'all can fix this. Thanks!
~ toothpaste lemonade
I modernized this release and it became trash I'm not uninstalling this release because it takes to long to progress so slow actually thanks to the modernization and the underworld doesn't even load, everyone's is commenting about the release lagging so much. it just freezes for a several seconds mid war the old modernization seems newer this is just a down grade!! change all of this and I will give 5 stars if not then I won't know what to claim (or comment)
~ Chijioke Amalu
So , the march modernization just came out , I'm rating this uptadat now, the modernization added some newest equipment , that was cool , the newest raids and equipment . but I'm giving 3 stars cuz the sound of all weapons that have blades seems too rapid , it seem like I'm using a tiny stick cuz the sound is so acute, I prefer the older sounds, maybe that's just a bug
~ Dener ;-;
I love this very much. This release has many lvls and theme and photos. Please add war between foes in duel by internet. I love its first lvl Lynx boss. nice I like it very much. It is cool and impressive than shadow war 3 . I played this release already and beat titan. But I again Test this release. I like lvl of Widow. Championship, duel, challenges, survival and boss and its five bodyguard s. This release is add nonpaid. First lvl is simple but becomes more interesting and hard.🎏🎎🏅🥇
~ Shalini Pandey
With the newest modernization the releases gotten better. Products load faster, it moves smoother, and the wars lag-wise are practically back to the idea they were before (nice). The only troubles are that whenever you land or obtain Head Hits or Critical hits it will occasionally lag, and going into the drop down menu and choosing armor and etc still moves sort of slow, along with most things with that require choosing and equipment. Altogether, the release is much better actually though.
~ itsblackmail
I do have to claim, Shadow war is one of the most nice releases, my personal favoured, but I just wanna know, How do I obtain old ver of Shadow war 2. This ver is just less better than the old one. This ver has glitches and takes a long time to load between rounds, basically between anything.
~ T-press Kruger
last time i rated this release as 5 stars as it was a nice distraction, but then as i immersed myself into this release, my first concern is how your gear decides the master, and it rarely becomes a matter of skills, just a several swing of you foe's weapon and you already losed, it sucks how the release enslaves you to buy better equipment to victory, it just becomes just a war of gears like an rpg(although it is one), i really think they're missing the target of against releases
~ Val Pormento
First of all thank you for removing the glitches from the previous ver. After the modernization it is taking too long to load and the foes movements and attacks have become too speedy ! You seriously need to consider that so that i wont delete it and i will give it 5 stars. been testing it for 6 months dont create me regret it. Thank you
~ Mr. Magma
No response from the help squad even after submitting 2 bug reports. EDIT: I'm suprised that the newest modernization exceeds my expectations (and I'm glad the release isn't dead as I thought it to be). The bugs I used to notice in the release appear no more. The developers' hard work is truly commendable. Back to 5 stars.
~ john hemnath
This release is horrible, all they do is have hella expensive gear for no reason create the users powerful as hell and create you wait for 2 hours after fighting 5 user I'm claiming u this release is a complete waste of your time, and they have five bosses, I've played this release for 5 years and was only able to beat one boss. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
~ GamerNaomi
Well this release 'was' quite nice until the last modernization. Since then the release either crashes or is so slow that while any war, one won't realise when the foe has hit you and you are on ground. I reached ACT VI idea back. A sudden upgrade restarted the release conpletely. I was shocked. Actually again, this modernization has forced me to uninstall the release. Do give me a notifiaction for improvement in these topics then I might reinstall.
~ Arnav Aggarwal
the release is very very nice except i paid for it and actually i cant access some stages because once you finish a scene, its over. thats the boring thing about paid apps that treat customers like trash. how long could we ask them to modernization the release where we can replay the stages that we have already finished. the buttons even on gigantic scale, still seem too tiny for my fingers. Check giving us bigger ones....
~ Maggz
The releases is nice... but the thing which is missing in it is that , their could be a section where we can war duels with our dudes... And their could be some kinds of championships in the underworld ... it would be more exciting to test the release for hours .... Kindly place on sone championships also in the underworld or something worldwide, it will be even more exciting...
~ Sayantan Goswami
Nice nice war ing release with an epic soundtrack! I just have to claim, the newest modernization has made the release super lagy and I can't even test anymore because the release just crashes when I launch it. This is one of my favoured releases of all time. NEKKI please fix this bug. Recipients will stop testing your release if this bug continues. But another than that 100000000000/10, would absolutley recomend!
~ Thgil drahs Baylor
I think that shadow war 2 is the finest fighting release I have ever played. when i first got the release, i loved the storyline to it. i love all the bosses, but my most favoured is wasp. I also love the graphics. my only concern is that there are only a several weapons in the market. I am still at the lynx war, so I dont know if they are going add more weapons as I go or what. but, that is my only concern. I love this release and encourage recipients to create more!
~ Arianna Elam
it's a very cool release. I enjoy it a lot but there is a trouble, the option "connect to online raids" appears in the screen but I can't use it and I think it will be more exciting if we can name our fighter instead of that " shadow" name and if we can war online with the nearby online users , it will be the finest release according to me.
~ A Google user
I have been testing this release for a long time. Never got tired of it. Because of the difficulty lvls, different weapons, armors and skills, different fighting techniques combined with different weapons gives you an special experience. But mostly Shadow War 2 gives you all of them with a simplistic gameplay which makes this one of the finest small releases ever.
~ Navod Thivanka
The modernization didnt happen to me on April 8 but on 4-18-19 and I was doing really well. I was still trying to conquer Shogun. However after I went back to test again it claimed me to restart the release because of the modernization which I did. Then it claimed that there was material required to be downloaded and I allow it download. But while it was downloading the material, it would just hold on kicking me out and I would go back often but the same thing happened over and over again. Please do something about this
~ Abdul Talib
Personally, this is my favored fighting release on tablets. I've tried finding fighting releases that are more enjoyable for me, but even this beats them all, including Shadow War 3. It improves upon the first in almost each idea, but doesn't fall into an invasive longterm monetisation scheme like 3 (all are nonpaid releases, so i understand why 3 does this, i just appreciate 2 not doing so). I obtain a sense that this release was made with love for simply wanting to create a release, rather than to create noney
~ Ryan Smith
First time when i played this release, I felt that it is not nice, I am not enjoying it.But when my dude claimed me that what happens in this release,what is there then I thought to reinstall it and test it again.When i again install this I love testing this I started taking interest in this release!From then till actually i love testing it and enjoyed this release alot!And thanks to it's developer for creating such a unbelievable release!!😉😉😊😊
~ AZIT Srivastava
Magnificent release. Incredible gaming experience even though the graphics are a bit weak. The bosses of each acts are wonderful. Thr upgrades are also nice. Only the energy with only 5 lives are drastic. I think nekki will consider that in their next modernization. The weapons and armors are so nice but some of them can only be purchased by gems. But their are also weapons and armors that have more power than that of weapons that purchased with gems. This never create someone bored by testing this release. Incredible release.
~ Anees Nazeer
i appreciate your hardwork for this modernization, and i like the idea of it. But often i enter the map it crashes, i also obtain a slow loading screen at the run of the release. recipients also have been complaining about the lag so maybe you could plan for a fix for this. It doesn't matter how long, i can wait. As long as you guys are now doing it. please, i do not wish to lose interest in this release, i have been testing this release for years and i still love it.
~ Kenichi Abrar Danuardi
I found this release large fun especially after getting comfortable with the release test and controls. One annoyance is the monetary model used here. It's so hard to progress if u don't buy currency such as coins. I'm still stuck on the first lvl because the Boss is too powerful and gaining Coins is taking forever. Apart from that, this release should be a classic.
~ Kidzo900
what the hell is this release, its like they wanted you to lose usually thats why they create it hard. such a waste of time and zone. delete this release cause it idea too hard. it claimed simple but then when i test what the hell just a kick of your foe have a large hurt. do you even know how to create a nice release. making a nice does not mean create the users suffer
~ A Google user
this is the worst ver of shadow war 2 the release doesn't launch at all after downloading underworld . it automatically obtain closed and i am unable to test . before this modernization the release was outstanding but this modernization is very much worst . earlier it use to launch in just 1minute . but it doesn't launch only . please, please , please , please solve this trouble as speedy as you can . if this trouble will be solved i will give it 5star . i have seen the comments many recipients doesn't like this modernization .
~ Anamika Singh
The release was nice. Controls, backgrounds,musics were really nice. I am about to complete the release.The travel from Lynx to Titan went cute nice. Great release test it and enjoy. Enimies were also challenging. Weapons were also nice. I liked this release. But the negative thing I found in my small was release was really so time consuming in opening. Please take care on this trouble.
~ Manasa Honey
This release has nice and easy controls, and the fighting itself feels really nice when you obtain the hang of it. Actually, there are some downsides. If you like the weapons that have gems, (in my research) they are basically blocked behind a paywall. And I obtain it, you need to create dollars off of this nice release, but this also means that the release does obtain a bit grindy at times but it's OK. Actually there is also limited energy of five wars. Only obtain this release if you like something challenging.
~ Nate H
Really a nice action release I ever played, even though I accpet the hardness of the release, it is really obvious that gears are testing more important role after the upgrades. Anyway, I really hate to claim this. What is the purpose of posting fake offers that claim to give nonpaid gems? I know how hard to hold a release alive, but please at least don't deliever something not useful. It is meaningless.
~ Leo He
It's truly a nice release and I remember testing it a couple years ago (2017 I think) and played until I faught Titan at the end. So actually I came back and redownloaded the release to test from the begining but its very laggy actually with the loading screens taking idea longer then it could. But overall the release is still nice, but my rating will stay the same until it's fixed.
~ Dragon King
This newest modernization makes the release boring and uninteresting to test. This is now my BEST GAME but right actually, loading is so slow! The release response isn't smooth anymore. Everything seems to be dragging. It's lagging too much and it can obtain really frustrating. I tried going back to the older ver but all my progress deleted. I had to come back to the newest modernization to restore my progress. Actually testing this release is no longer fun for me. So many annoying bugs to be fixed Nekki. Please fix these bugs!
~ Onyedika Nwoji
Hello Nekki, I have usually been a fan of your work but this is the finest. I have also played another releases but this is finest. It has a lots and lots of weapons, armour,helm,ranged weapon and magic. And the storyline of shadow is just awesome. I just loved the storyline it's full of action and tragedy. The fighting animation is just realistic and the moves are nice. I think everyone could test it once in a lifetime. Ok Nekki, I can't write much longer but yes guys please download this release once. Please.
~ Tanish Sahu
I have played this release ever since 2016, but this ver is of some another lvl. It is destroying every and each time I launch it(normal release is working smoothly but whenever I test to sync my progress it runs destroying when it is about to download 'Iron Reign' act.) Please fix this. I know you guys have worked harder than ever before behind this ver. But this is just not working out. Please solve this destroying trouble. Your response in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you!
~ Wajulla Shariff