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About: What if life gave you other chance to learn to love again? Seen is an interactive storyline set in high school where you test as Tag Blythe, a student who fell in love with the newest fellow student, Nicole Tyler. Do you have what it takes to catch her heart? Receive to know Nicole, Mike, Jake, Jenny, and Valerie. Search different outcomes based on your decisions in a globe where change is inevitable. This release informations a makeover of "annie96 is typing..." by Pascal Chatterjee, a creepy chat history that took Reddit and Twitter by storm. FEATURES Various outcomes based on your choices Create your own stories with Storyline Maker Test another users' stories and share your own with Storyline Globe Contains "annie96 is typing...", the creepiest chat history youll ever test Realistic chat client inspired by Fb Messenger Seen is not just an interactive storyline rel ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 22MB Developer: Polychroma Games [email protected]
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Seen Reviews and Comments:

this is such an nice release, really, even if you don't like to read, you'll have some objectives what's really cool like buying autotyping and some another equipment, thebest part is that the players can make stories and share with everyone, thaks polychroma for one of the most important things in my life.
~ Gean Carlos
finest texting release i have played soo far..its a unbelievable release..it made me cry.i forgot that it is only a release..hats of for the originator of this release..hope to see some more releases lile this in the future.
~ Alif Uzzaman
I like this storyline. It has a nice story. However, it was sad that the ending is just the same eventhough she obtain to be my girlfriend
~ Cendol Gaming
I like the idea of this release, but there are three things that I don't like that create it seem like a terrible release: one, I was not able to change the name of my chat buddy and I did not appreciate having to waste my storage redownloading the release to see if it will work; two, you cannot create a chapter in the storyline maker unless all the stats is complete and I search that ridiculous; and three, it's not clear how to optimize a picture if you wish to add one in the chapter. Pls fix this.
~ A Google user
Nicole is really annoying. I can't stand her whatsoever. I can't relate to the dialogue and I can't relate to the characters. Especially Nicole. She got idea too close to me idea too quickly. She's overemotional and expects me to sympathize. Super unrealistic plotting. The release could have options to act coldly towards characters.
~ aesthetic boi
I started to cry and then I still had that feeling from the run of the release of life is like a swing set and I knew she was still alive; and these dev need to create a 2nd ver cus you cant just end it on that I need to see them go through freinds again
~ NV Spades
I've never played something this nice. Tbh I was so touched I cried for a several hour going through my own life. Even though I've finished the release already I'm going to hold it on my device as a reminder. Thank you so much. Hold doing what you're doing.
~ Young Me
This is byfare one of the finest stories I have ever read. It had its flaws, as each storyline does, but that is nothing compared to how nice of an experience this storyline was. I'm still emotional from the ending. I would 100% suggest this to anyone who likes texting stories. Thanks for an nice experience! This is a true work of art! :)
~ Kaylee Bodiford
~ Julia Griffiths
This text-messaging-style visual novel informations a storyline, largely about bestfriendship and love, that is frighteningly realistic and extremely simple to obtain immersed into.
~ Cavinator 1
I have never thought a release should be so nice emotional and touching. Also create you feel like its now true. 5/5 would definitely test again.
~ SpadeEcho Stevens
It's nice, test it. If u don't like it, (but you will like it) then delete it. It's easy, just give it a go, what ave u got to lose?
~ A Google user
This hit me right in the feels. I've been through an experience related to the storyline in Seen, and I can't lie about shedding a tear at the end. It's nice, truly engaging. The storyline maker section is also an interesting experience. I highly suggest this to anyone..
~ Luke
Seen seems to be a great and advance chat making release where you can read and create content. But, the mechanics are very complicated and I didn't even know how to create a storyline properly. I watched 13 banners to obtain over 100 coins just to unblock storyline maker. Was it worth the while? No.
~ Your Angel
When you wish to write your storyline you have to sign up first but whenever I test to sign up it keeps loading and when I launch the release again everything is gone!!!
~ Saghar Ahmadi
It really made me cry ,I feel like that storyline was true but afterall it was a release ,whoever written this storyline is nice ,you are the finest ,I guess you could continue the Nicolye's storyline please ,please...And for the last Thank you for making this Nice release...Thanks and hold it on...
~ Amar Debnath
One of the top releases of it's type which is more of a storyline driven release with very deep meaning. It now feels like you are really talking to a person when its just A.I. (which is ofcourse programmed) talking to you.
~ Atharva Meshram
going off the first storyline, I cant support but give this release a 5 star. It resigmated with me and my life really well, and it's storyline is a predictable poem. However, that prediction didn't crash the storyline one bit. Very well written!
~ That Guy Named Pixl
It's nice, in each idea. your emotions, your feelings, your reactions and responses, the idea it makes you imagine the case...and feel it, the idea it makes you feel like its the true thing, to be able to now cry from what's going on.....its just extrodinary
~ OMaR ßAy3D
I used to write stories on seen, it was really hard to place background pictures. I remember the times when I had to set up my notebook and change some of the codes just to place background. But actually you made it easier. This is a release changer!!! Thank you Devs 👍😊👍
~ RandomRiley channel
I hope a originator sees this message. I loved this release. I have never cried so hard in my whole life. Some recipients named it boring, stupid, etc. I think it was all to true. It really describes how life is for most recipients. Thank you.❤
~ Tori Something
Edited: I was the one you got rejected both RL and in the release LOL, i got an opinion of further making this release, if you don't have concepts in your mind right actually i had. In storyline making (create your own storyline) i hope you should add group chat if that's possible. That's all. I hope you add that information in the future.
~ Martine Ejerob
A masterpiece of a release 10/10 very emotionally gripping and obtain's you thinking about true life but plz plz plz someone claim me is there anyway for nicole to fall in love with you and not end up falling out with her ?ive tried a several test throughs and it usually ends the same :*( please someone support out if you can?
~ diabaloth
holy s*** actually i hardly cry...jesus this release was...this would create a nice video...i just don't know what to claim.....i did cry im not going to lie i can't explan i just can't speak on how nice this is..i hope the dev sees this if he does..dudes?
~ Bullet Facts
Love it! The storyline is very nice but how tf do I "optimize" pictures for Covers and Pfps???? I've tried so many sizes and shapes, and they don't work! How do I "optimize" these pictures??? Very frustrated but I really love the release
~ -destryinaraincoat-
1# release in test shop... why is this release not in the test shop.... this release is sooooo heart touching and sooooo emotional.... i cried at the last part of the storyline.... please continue the storyline of nic... i mean nicole... i miss her.... please originator.... her storyline.... please other chance..... PLEASE!!!!..... this release may seem like its useless outside but i realised that this is the finest release i have ever played and will ever test..... "life is like a swing" "change comes in each recipients"......
~ A Google user
enjoyable. storyline maker dies have some quirks that create it less player friendly. but i'm cute determined to create atleast one decent storyline on it! also, would love if Polychroma completed their guides that they started a several years ago on their blog.
~ Meagan Douglas
... I'll be honest, this is my first time testing one of these releases, and... it really hurts. "Nicole" has a related concept as mine. The concept of change... how it's inevitable... etc, etc. There's a surprising amount of philosophy here and there... and it's why I fell in love with this release. It takes around an hour for every playthrough, and... it's interesting. Probably around 3-4 hours if you wish all of the endings, but I'm pleased with what I got. You guys did an wonderful job.
~ Geonhee Han
Okay so this is me a day after the gane ended. I never knew what love is and still dont but i just felt so much of affection for nicole for some reason. Yes, she was cringy at points but its just.. like i knew her all my life ! hats off to whoever made the storyline, i really wish to know the intention of developers to end it friendzoned or is it just me lol.
~ DY
Choices in the release are illusional, storyline is OK but it doesn't feel like your a teenager at high-school and plenty of troubles with it, purposefully tried to avoid confessing for obvious reasons later in the storyline but makes no difference what you pick. Or that's how it made me feel. Auto kind is locked behind I'm guessing a pay wall and some of the choices don't follow what you now pick (in a fallout 4 idea).
~ rentaspoon
I really loved this release. I thought the storyline was planned out really well and the ending made me sad but that's exactly what I required today. I've only had it for a couple of hours but I've already completed it multiple times. Product mechanics are cool. Not the first release I've seen with them but still really rare to search. Overall one of the finest CYOA releases I've ever played. Nice job Developers. You smashed it! 😃
~ Leo Lancaster
it's fun now but I want it has options like whose hero I'm going to test is it a woman or a lad also has a storyline option too example love,friendship, comedy, drama,horror etc...something like that but above all it's fun especially when you're bored
~ Kazie Fabros
this is the most emotional release I've ever played, and one of 3 that have ever made me cry. I cried my heart out to this and I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the travel that I went through while testing this. I may feel fully emotionally drained, but I also feel content, knowing that I just had the finest experience of my life time. Thank you so much.
~ Zoë Alexander
I cried and cried very much because of this release, it's influential ... and this release is really unbelievable .... It's the most pretty release I played in my entire life. and Finest release in the test shop ..... Please continue the storyline of Nicole ..... I missed her, I don't wish to end the release here ..... Other part ... Other chance Please..
BRING BACK MY STORY At first I was so glad when I was writing my storyline. I wrote my draft as I am offline and as I was going to go back to the menu of my storyline maker, it automatically deleted my storyline and I am already in chapter 9. I've worked so hard for that. Spending my entire night and entire day just write my storyline. Please support me. Restore my activity please. I need the developers support right actually. I hope you are considering this. Expecting for your feedback.
~ Celleann Xcal
really nice and life-like but i think its type of dumb how you have to download every storyline. out of each one ive read so far, the first original one is the finest. i also would rather not have to kind everything because i just wanna obtain on with the storyline, also it hurts my fingers. AND, the release would be alot better if you had more choices what to claim. on the first storyline (the original) i wanted to express my feelings in a better idea to nicole and it ended up making me change and nic not liking me.
~ Cady Doust
In other language (like Tagalog), the exhange of thoughts are just unnatural. The conversation is too formal despite both of them were already dudes. Unnecessary repetition of name-calling is also unfit to the case more often. Sorry about that but I can't support but cringe to their conversation. On top of that, I found an incorrect (or inappropriate) respond from the OP (the "woman" thought that I was asking question even though she really was the one who asked some question) Just confusing
~ A Google user
This really hit me hard. I felt alot of emotions and all felt true. It feels like a video but it's more than that. it feels like your in it tbh. I imagined alot in this release of what every hero looked like and where this storyline takes zone. I imagined the territories we were at and it's surroundings. I love this!
~ PNI Chills
The storyline got boring after a while, and they seem so formal with every another even though they're finest dudes, her ex Claims you a message for her and that never was even brought up ever again, it seemed just to be place there for more storyline, i see many women claiming i want i was the woman, but like theres already so many releases for women to 'date' another guys while guys have almost zero TL;DR: Kind of boring, and doesn't create much sense sometimes but overall okay
~ Truly Greg
This is the finest release i ever had. I cant trust how touching it is and how the release create it feels like true life trouble. I learned alot from this release and feel alot of emotions when testing this. The nice part of this release is that it teach us about how to become a "BestFriend". I still cant trust how much it hurts when you got friendzoned and how much it hurts to lose everything. but still at the end it makes me wish you guys to develop more releases like this. Thank you for making this release.
~ Jack Kraton