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Sea Battle 2   
About: Sea War 2 is the release weve all known since childhood, actually with newest informations and an extended arsenal! Millions of recipients around the globe test this release. You will have ships, planes, submarines, mines, radars and much more at your disposal. Zone your ships on the board, attack the foes positions, and use your vast arsenal to sink the foes ships. Make your own walkthrough and dont leave your foes a single chance! Face foes from all corners of the globe online and in true time! Take part in fights between platforms! Sea War offers eye-catching notepad-style graphics and premium results that add to the releases originality and an unforgettable atmosphere! Product informations: ONLINE BATTLES Confront foes from all over the globe! Defend your platform! Every user can define the final effects! RANKS Victory fights to earn newest ranks from a recruit to ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 32MB Developer: BYRIL
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Sea Battle 2 Reviews and Comments:

I dig the drawings and it plays flawlessly. The only hitch is when it matches you with experienced users right away. Ranks could match. Otherwise well developed.
~ Ryan Palermo
The interface and artwork are so cool and it's a very fun release. Docking a star though because of occasional lagging and connectivity troubles. Fix those and it'll be great.
~ Aubrey Thompson
its a very easy and the finest release .
~ Asim Ghaffar
keeps shutting down when testing online with a dude , after the entire release is set up and its about to run , it stops working , is this happening for any one else ?
~ Gemma Munnelly
LOVE U NERDS WHO CREATED THIS GAME!!! (I am proud to be a nerd!) I haven't lost a single time....except versus my twin brother...he is a pro... love you all lots!Create more releases like this.you made my day.Thanks!!!
~ A Google user
Besr Product five star simple to test classic release iz just like the origina. war ship- thank you.
~ Jill Wood
it would be better we able to text our aggressor for nonpaid
~ tiarma 114100024
It's fun I test all the time. Sometimes I have a feeling when I'm testing online that it's a pc.. Due to the person hitting a newest ship 5 times in a row.. It blows my mind. OR I'm really terrible at guessing/having luck -but it's fun!
~ Maya-Ashley Apodaca
This is realy better than its 1 but it can be better
~ Benjamin Torabi
I want i should place 10000000000 stars for how nice this release is...😀😀😀😀😉😉☺
~ Leon David De La Hoz Franco
Just like the original satisfactory in crushing your foes
~ Nizan Howard
After testing one release it seems like it is cute nice. I will reserve my judgment until after a several more plays.
~ Tony Lamb
it is a fun release i really like it,it is prettybrelaxing and it also calms my nerves when i am furious
~ Trinity Hesbrook
awsome design, piece of s4it. disconnecting in middle of release constantly
~ Peter Mihalovics
ok so far. still figuring out how to do two users.
~ Bill Crane
It would be great if there are more another weapons and arsenals
~ Niño Dinoy
I now didn't expect to like this release however it's really great to test with the SPen. Plays really well on my Note9
~ Gilbert Khayat
surprisingly cute nice..no hiccups so far...nice for nonpaid..lol
~ russell huff
nice release, the only drawback is that there is apparently no exit button or it is place somewhere not simple to search.
~ Сергей
I love this release. Most small releases are "meh" but this time it's AWESOME. I highly suggest this release.
~ The Situation
its a very fun release my entire family played and it was unbelievable.. 💖
~ Chanique Soll
Nice, great graphics, player friendly interface, fun!
~ Mingorik
I liked this release allot!!This release is fun!!I just want we did not have to bye things with airtime!
~ daan Wessels
Too many banners and the screen gets riddled with banners during the release. Highly uncomfortable to test.
~ Sarthak Jindal
easy, nostalgic, fun and a very relaxing time aggressor.
~ Rick Pierani
so cool that i can test as many fights as i wish without having a timer holding you back in battling again.
~ Big Dorkster
It was the finest release I ever played!pls create an modernization please! It will be a pleasure if you respond.Bye
~ AmazingAnimatez Yt
awesome release, graphics, and great price for the primary release. very entertaining.
~ Lee Whitaker
Hits could be more dramatic. Could be able to position boats next to every another without an intervening zone.
~ Penny Nolan
Product was working over Bluetooth but the May 4 modernization seems to have broken it. Error code 7000.
~ Kyle Nally
Like the art style, easy to test. decent challenge. Annoying that the waiting for users screen has to stay launch till invited user accepts. Switch to other release and back, the release goes back to the main menu and you have to reinvite
~ Owen Barnes
It was a nice release and then all of a sudden I can't go online to test my husband. His doesn't work either. The only thing it keys me do is lay the AI.
~ mary mary
Tried testing online with a dude but claims an error accured please test again??? On Mobile devices no upgrades available. Didn't have troubles before but won't allow us test versus Every another online??? Still unable to test online with invite?!? And no modernization.
~ Race Energy
This release is just like War Ship, the release. You can test online or offline. The only thing I don't like is that you have to pay if you wish to chat online One of my foes was having fun talking smack and I couldn't talk back to him. I might have done it if it was a one time fee, but there is nothing that indicates this in the release. One thing I really like about the originators is their honesty about policies, including providing a feedback to opt out of some Google policies troubles for computers.
~ Deb Friendly
*My massage to the Administration who created this release👉This nice release has a serious trouble, and its not technical, no, its the originators' glitch, YOU recipients made it mostly to pay, you didn't think that in some regions like Iran, it's impossible to pay for such releases because of the sanctions, and the most important of all, when I test, not usually but sometimes, there is a gift with a timer,when I wait for almost 20 hours to obtain the gift, when the time comes, it simply disappears. # NOT FAIR...
~ David Persival
When I obtain in to a online war screen turns red after I place my ships and it stays that idea I'm really disappointed because the release looks nice btw i have a Huawei P10 Lite so should you pls fix the trouble? Tried multiple times reinstalling but it seems to not work hope you fix it cya!
~ Serbianz
This release is nice! The War Ship release I had before were nothing compared! If your getting adds, then turn off internet, but I haven't tried doing it yet.
~ Samira Hadadi
offline and Bluetooth modes are ok but online is a nightmare. half of the times it freezes or doesn't allow you reconnect and you instantly lose. Large memory and CPU hog. really wonderful. NOT terrible but at least disable the online mode,it's useless.
~ MazaiLunja Sencani
It would be a nice release but unable to test online with my boyfriend. We both uninstalled and installed it again but still. So only for offline. If someone looking for a nice one with online chance just step forward. This is not the one.
~ Adrienn Görög
when I launched it for the first time, an banner appeared and it did not wish to close - no matter that I pressed a cross on the top left corner. Dear developers, please, be patient and do not present the banner for few launches, please...
~ Ihor Bobak