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About: [Exploration] On the back of a phoenix, search a superb realm of the Immortals, one that is painted by a squad with 10+ years of experience! Rivaling PC-lvl animations and graphics, the release brings you into the globe of Wuxia, the immortal heroes, and allows you to craft your own storyline on the travel to immortality! [Social] A first-rate social system that empowers you to create dudes, search love and wage fight! You can make a gild, or host your own wedding! This is a storyline, thats all about YOU! You will usually have companions by your side, wherever you go! [Exotic Fashion] Have you dreamt of riding a Dragon? Dressing like an Empress/Emperor? Or owning an adorable Cat that will war by your side? This is the release for you! [Random Encounter] While traveling around Jianghu, enjoy some fun, mini stories. Each encounter is special, empowering you to craft your ow ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: Cube Magic Interactive
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Script of Eternity Reviews and Comments:

I cant obtain in, only obtain to the screen with the woman and text "Script of eternity" on it. I use samsung s7.
~ Kristy Trave
Like other Japanese role test release, this wouldn't load. I waited over five mins and all I got was the title card and the intro song, which replayed so I listened to it THREE TIMES!!!!! 😠😡😤
~ Shattered Souls
I just have a question so in the release is your hero able to obtain married? or just others and if the hero is please explain to me how
~ TheNoobThings Tv
It's a nice release. It has an nice story but the fact that you date recipients and that it takes a gigantic amount of my battery is what causes it to be an un-suggest release. Otherwise, it'll be rated 5 stars.
~ A Google user
Guys,I got a trouble...I made 2 characters in 1 profile...and actually i can not log on main charracter...Pls support me...i did everything...Maybe you can claim how to delete charractrrs?
~ Armo Chawn
Please i need some support. Ive been trying to obtain in touch with customer service with an trouble with my profile and still no respond pleaae support thank you
~ wahee 0522
I LOVE this release! It reminds me so much of some notebook releases I used to test very great very nice I especially love the flying in this oh! Its so nice omg very well done! Squad.
~ jamie reya hart
I noticed your Nian woman pet design was stolen from a league of Legends hero xayah. It's a very obvious copy you just added a bikini on it. Lol.
~ Emeryllis
Can't log in, spent dollars on this release! Some equipment are missing that was supposed to be included in the boxes I purchased, if not resolved refund pls!!!!!!
~ Luenzil Noble
This is a blatant rip of from Sword of Shadows and Age of Wushu. The background for hero pick and the characters themselves that I saw from an banner on Fb are exactly like Sword of Shadows models, this release is stealing and using models from other release
~ Heather Germaine
Couldn't obtain past the first screen. It wouldn't do anything but test song and present the name of the release. Can't obtain into the release at all. No loading bar or anything.
~ Kryneva
It takes forever for me to obtain into the release when downloading the stats thingy first and I do have zone for it, but it's just taking to long for it to download!
~ Xeng Xiong
lagging and kicks me of release
~ KpopFan
I'm using a Samsung galaxy s8 plus and so it goes alright.. so the release for Me did started not like I saw in the comments about crushing or etc. It moves alright over 100fps even in ultra .. however this is 2018 and what I see here is somehow a copy of metin 2 which is sad, the combat system isn't true at all.. it's like the hero act like a cartoon who's being forced to war (lol), I like the style and yeah maybe storyline.. I didn't obtain to know it all since it didn't attract me that much but what's really disappointing is the combat system that seems to be really artificial. There are nice releases out there with the war feeling on the top such as "HIT" that has a better war psychic. The graphic isn't terrible however it's zoomed really far away from the hero.. and in those releases I kinda wish to see how does my equipment look without needing to zoom that much. On the another hand is great, however it should be even more great to have a first person war field view, not that hard to tool and neither that hard to be added but again that's the owners decision. The second opinion goes to the release graphic which is splendid made for this Japanese style, the narrated voice of the hero is also nice but again we don't have the option to chose between JAPANESE or ENGLISH. (If you guys did a Japanese narrative.. why can't you add an English one too? Talking about the hero here, we want to interact with it, I don't know how to place this on words but like more creativity for the style of customizing your hero in a special idea. She/he should talk for example if it's pressed on the head or i don't know, equipment like those that makes it more true. Think about us that we are controlling the hero but he doesn't know that we are controlling it so by easy pressing her/hes head for example, she/he should interact like (what was that?) or (maybe the spirit's?)... equipment like this. Gameplay: it should be great to do something else here.. not only doing missions and flying around. You can easy launch the globe and transform it in a idea that users can easy transport where ever they wish even in the air and equipment like that, a large movement would be going from a easy release like this one a mmorpg. We want to see those type of things in a release especially coming from this style that is the real spirit of Japan culture. With all the respect for the originators, I hope my comment here helped somehow.
~ MasterAxGaming
A typical Mobile release, extremely buy to victory system. That destroy the release, most of the things are nice. But each Mobile release on the supermarket are, I wil your dollars. Next time create release: buy for test system with a fair test
~ Rf De Kwant
I'll change my review once I can GET THIS DAMN THING TO DOWNLOAD!!! This is my 3rd test. It gets to a several mins left and then it Claims just stops and nothing. I have to pressinstall again.
~ Amanda Gilbert
it is a reall nice release so nice job 😁
~ Imaan Mahmood
I've just opened the release and fully lost all my progress and am being made to run over. I'm gutted I've been testing for so long each day and even made purchases and actually my profile is gone. Not glad at all!
~ Amber M
Well it's nice but, it's still loading to obtain in, it claims I need to check in for Wi-Fi or internet,I do but,It keeps claiming the same thing, so I uninstalled it and installed it again but, it claims the same thing!
~ Ricardo Ochoa
It takes forever to load and even sometimes it doesnt load at all, i even didnt obtain ro test 1 second of the release cuz of it. Fix it plz Modernization----- wow u dont reply to my comment but u reply to others wow ok
~ chu kitten
love this release, but u guys destroyed ur own release after u merge s1-4 with s5-7.u lost alot of potent users. even if u other several months for us to build would be fine but nope yall screwed up. Fate of this release eill be the fate of immortal swords quick. Have fun destroying the release legend.
~ tom lin
I couldn't even test this release. I hit "send" about twenty times after trying to register an profile, and when I gave up on that, I tried joining with Fb, only to have the screen go black and freeze. I just plain gave up in the end.
~ Leandra Nyx
Decided not to test due to blatent display of sexism and the complete lack of historical accuracy. In another words your typical asian cookie cutter release. So not interested.
~ Leonie White
It keeps closing on me. I couldn't obtain passed making a class. Was looking forward to testing as well. Look forward to maybe a modernization fixing it for my device. Until then I'll leave it a 3 star.
~ XThomas
The release is nice, the graphics are exceptionally nice and well made for a small release and the controls are simple to follow however, the release continually closes out each several mins making it impossible to obtain very far in the quest line.
~ Aspen Maxwell
So the entire temporary bag trouble is annoying me, you can use any equipment in your inventory unless you empty your temporary bag first, there is no storage to place any of your equipment you guys expect me to spend alot to to launch up more bag zone for my equipment, If I am farming and have alot of equipment in in my temporary terrible with a full bag allow's claim I have 200. Chest to use I can use them actually I have to delete them because I had no bag zone and I couldn't nonpaid up bag zone and use those chest in my bag because I had no zone please fix this its ridicules
~ michael macias
Its one sided release..if your faction dont have vip spender means weak might(cp) no chance for you to enjoy the meeting that versus another factions, you wont earn anything, because of that factor the release sucks and I really really enjoyed the release but the pvp meetings destroyed it. If this trouble will be resolve then this release is the finest so far that I have played, finest, graphic,control, release test and very organized/not messy in your screen but because of pvp trouble I rated it one star it made me uninstalled the release.
~ Ellioza Miller
I'm unable to login the release, I've spent dollars on this and would like to know why. I'm not able to even obtain to the cs silver bubble because it doesn't even let me to obtain that far in. ( Superhero selection ). Please support me if anyone has a recommendation or respond to this trouble. It would be most appreciated.
~ Hydrix S
Speedy leveling to 60 and then stuck and no idea of knowing where to go or what to do. Also auto ability cast stopped somewhere from the 40s, like the higher level you obtain, the more stupid the release becomes. At 12pm PST. Product has a treasure but no idea to join or enter. Fully clueless on how to test or what to do another than a super speedy speed run from the beginning.
~ Gamer Always
I saw this release advertised on FB and was super excited to test it out only to search that when I went to test it, it got to the title screen just stopped. I heard the song and from I should claim the release didnt freeze. It just didn't progress past that screen. Just a long black bar at the bottom. I thought maybe it was for bonus downloading for 1st time users but I waited for almost 30 min and it didnt change. I'm so disappointed.
~ Tammi Kitty
This is a buy your idea up release. Meaning you got to launch up your wallet or else you obtain trash around by another user. In release experience is very terrible to the lvl up with true dollars system. You can spend all year working hard to lvl up but won't obtain no where. This release require you to spend thousands of dollars on it. A several hundred dollar would last you a several min in the release. Yes it is addictive cause user killing and interaction. But it won't last you long before you realized you spend thousands on the release that hold upgrading thing for you to spend on like cloth and weapon.
~ Minh Bui
Had some troubles with customer help but they were resolved fairly. I suggest this release but wish to allow recipients know the translation has caused some troubles. The information of things aren't very clear so you may think you can obtain the t5 weapon from being a disciple but you can't unless you haven't graduated but that isn't specificied. Extra dye colors for clothing requires at least 3 updates but the release doesn't claim you that. This is the trouble I have with this release which is why I had to uninstall. Too many choices were made while being uninformed because of the lack of appropriate translation. The terms of how things work needs to be clear otherwise recipients spend dollars and their time believing they will obtain something they never will. I wasted time and dollars for targets I never would have aimed for had I known the information. This is simply unfair to the consumer.
~ Maranda Ortega
release not loading after the modernization ...pls fix
~ Jessie Tran
How do I increase my friendship lvl ????
~ A Google user
It is not letting me log in or anything and i paid to be a vip on it please fix or i am taking it off my device
~ Christel Brooks
i love this release. once i modernization this release actually all it does loading screen! please someone support me!!
~ Raz Datura
Having troubles to change the picture on profile. We use to change them but actually you can't. Please fix! Overall the release is nice!
~ Dez Hunter
Nice release lots of equipment to do would be 5 stars but had trouble come up when gild I was in got disbanded where I can't apply for newest one as it claims got to leave gild first but can't as it already got disbanded so please fix
~ Gary Kirby
love the release just hate the fact that u have to spend 500 gold just to buy the ring to obtain married..need to modernization so those that dont top up can buy the ring with silver
~ Jermaine Maxwell
I genuinely love this release. but I just did the newest modernization and patch install and actually it's not loading up like it typically does.. and I really really really wanna obtain my release back. I royalty lvl 7 and I've spent a lot to this release. plus I would really like someone to contact me to fix this trouble.
~ Brianna Holt