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About: **PLEASE NOTE** In order to test Scribblenauts Infinite, you gotta have at least 600 MB of nonpaid zone on your device. The award-winning, finest-selling puzzle release franchise Scribblenauts is back! Imagine Anything. Search Everything. Welcome to an journey into a wide-launch globe, where the most potent software is still your imagination. Support Maxwell solve robust puzzles across variety of seamless, nonpaid-roaming lvls by summoning any object you can think of. Or you can apply adjectives to existing objects and magically transform their properties! Then learn the back-storyline about Maxwell's parents, 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he got his magical notepad. Informations All-Newest Unbound Globe: Search an launch universe with infinite hours of fun using each lvl as your playground. Object Library: Market previously summoned objects and y ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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About: Uncle Aaron and the mysterious lady penguin go on a vacation trip to explore new colors for mosaic puzzles! Along the way they make new discoveries and build a fantasy landscape! Enjoy this installment of fantasy mosaics that also includes a new feature allowing you to view the background art with a puzzle image in progress. Follow the penguin family on this thrilling adventure that brings you new exciting challenges! - Mosaic puzzles in more colors than ever. - Pixel ar...

Developer: Andy Jurko [email protected]

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About: Ah! Zoombie!! is a puzzle game in which you can build a little town by combining various objects. Three or more game objects combined will get a superior one. For example, three grasses come to be a bush. Through combining and eliminating continually, your town will eventually filled with villas, castles and temples .The more luxury your town is, the higher score you will get. UNLIMITED TURNS: This game is free, but we need to earn a living somehow. So eventually, after playing for a while,...

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About: 729 is a number slider puzzle game, with a hexagon grid. Clear tiles by matching them in rows and swiping them together. The objective is to build the 729 tile! Get a quick 729 tile, or a high score, and you can be featured on the leaderboard!...

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Scribblenauts Unlimited Reviews and Comments:

this release is four stars all because you can imagine what you write so thank you warner bros for creating this release and i appreciate it because Einstein once imagination is more potent than knowledge although there some lags in it so i had to rate this four stars
~ Joan Co
Hi warner bros. I usually wish the object editor so much! so pleaae add it into the small ver. Why do i need the object editor? Necause i can create something with the object editor like indominus rex, custom avatar, and others. so please add the object editor actually! add it actually or i will refund this release.
~ ItzNosmicHere!
If your device goes to sleep or you flip to other release, when you go back the resolution is messed up so you can't read anything. Product is unplayable but unfortunately i left it too long to obtain a refund, don't waste your dollars.
~ Andy Southcombe
It's a fun release, It's such a shame it hold uninstalling itself and I don't know why??
~ Hunter W
Nice release. Graphics are great, with nice constructive opportunities. 10/10 suggest
~ DaBeastGamer 7
It's nice. You can do whatever you wish and it's so simple to use. Just kind a several words and bam, whatever you typed in appears right next to you.
~ MysticRune
I had Scribblenauts Unmasked for PC and loved it. And I was going to obtain this and looked up of it had a hero originator but after buying it I found that the App edition had no hero originator. please add it because this was the reason I purchased the release
~ Joe Anthony
I really want this release had the multiplayer aspect to at as it does on the WII U. The ability to make your own models and share them with the globe is one of the key reasons(only reason that I've played it) recipients test(ed) it.
~ Sir Ebrum
Unfortunately an extremely buggy release, which is frankly unacceptable for how long it's been out and the fact that you are paying for it. The devs haven't modernized the release in a long time so I don't expect any bug fixes any time quick. The release IS fun though
~ Sarah Wong
This release looks really beautiful, and the design is adorable, but im sorry to claim that I gotta give this three stars. When I loaded the release, the screen was just white, so I waited 10 mins. When it finally did load, it destroyed. should you please fix this trouble? I really didnt obtain my dollars's worth out of this, and would greatly appreciate a refund.
~ FloofyDoggo Studios
decent release. had some troubles though. sometimes when restarting the release would allow u press at buttons but u should transport. Also the b's of more startle pieces u need to obtain after u beat all the lvls. u would need to look online to even guess what u need to do for them, another than that nice release and idea cheaper than getting it on steam.
~ Lady DiesALot
this is 100% nice but after a several times visiting maxwell's sister at the barn, for some reason i can't see her or any another hero at the barn but i can still hear the sound results and the screen still zooms in on her but i can't see her. please fix this for me thank you
~ Ainur Alisya
absolutely nice release... use your imagination and the release spawns whatever you kind in! I had the PC ver and still purchased it I loved it.
~ Julie Kaveshnikov
its a nice release i wonder why no one has made a scrbbleaut release where you can do what ever you wish makeup a storyline or somthing like that...
~ Melody Preston
Why won't you create it so you're able to add and remove parts off equipment? (Once that's made I give a five star rating)
~ TY Lover
it doesn't it takes a lot of work to for it to download but it is a finest release ever you guys could download it I just can't test it like and test it I wish to test it like daily by
~ Valerie Cooke
Very smart and fun. Makes the gears in your head transport. Only thing I would like to add to the release would be an object editor mode.
~ Dwyane Wade Films
I was really exited to test this release sence testing it on my dude's switch. When I closed out o the release for the first time, it wouldn't allow me back in. I do not reccomend this release at all (esspecially if you are on a chromebook ) I at least hope to obtain a refund for the frustrating expeirience I had to endure.
~ I need a life :3
nice im in love i test for hour u cant be bored! i cant see why its go anybad reveiws. this is ame for constructive poeple or when u have any time to spare time. i would like a tiny more after u finish the release like a second globe but thats alot to ask. u can still test on lvls after u finish them and obtain a newest set of stars its a infinite release and so fun i recomend getting this. its my fav release!
~ Keira Blundell
my brother gave me a 10$ Google test gift card and I claimed "IM INSTALLING THIS" i didnt have that much dollars anymore but worth it
~ A Google user
The release is non stop nice for me but what makes the release boring is that there's no object editor which would be fun to have on small.
~ Flamin DevilAce
Why can't I make my own creations on this you can do it on notebook and a several another things why not devices it would create the release so much better and more known (I just really want this was a thing)
~ ya boy lucario
Nice experience! Can make anything we wish, depends on our innovation and enhances our creativity, a gotta have gane for all ages. Hold upgrading the release devs, it is a pure gem
~ Gaurav Agasti
So I purchased this release around 20-30 mins ago, and after testing for a several mins, I decided this was a waste of my dollars and I uninstalled and there's no refund button? Actually I have to reinstall some release I really don't wish. Wasted $5 and honestly disappointed actually.
~ Please Don't Get Triggered
My LGK20 cannot launch the release. When I launch it, it freezes on a white screen for like forever. Fix or I refund.
~ Pringle Ya Boi
I have to run off by claiming I adore this release. It has a special take on puzzle releases and a decent storyline. I have a reason that I only gave this release 3 stars though and that is because they have yet to add the Nintendo Legend of Zelda and Mario cameo's from the Wii U ver of this release. So until then, you will only recieve 3 stars
~ Awesome Sauce
I love this release and series through and through. Ive played it all my life back when I had a DS and loved it just as much then. Only trouble I'm having is a bug where your sister doesnt render in in the cutscenes when it takes you to the farm. Also none of the actions or things he does present up anymore either. It's just maxwell... standing there... moving around.
~ Daystar
Great release. cleared variety of stages in a week! Actually that i have upgraded my device, how can i transfer my progress from old device to newest device? i found the time folder in my files, and the folder is empty. :'( by the idea im using s10 actually. previously s8.
~ Janina Enriquez
I like the release but since I had to go onto a newest device it had was cute much deleted from my newest one, which means I can't really obtain the release downloaded again, I have the release actually at least, I recommend to not delete it after u have it
~ Jada Kitkat
quite fun. I remember testing Scribblenauts on my DS as a babe and being so amazed that u should just summon anything u can think of. Another than that mindblowing gimmick it can obtain a bit repetitive and straightforward. you can test a lot of things in here and u will smile a bunge.
~ Apolysus
nice release. very smooth and fun. allows you to be constructive. cool story too! however the release obtain type of boring aftee lily is saved bc there is nothing really interesting to look forward to. its just doing more and more puzzles. would like more storylines.
~ Elise Teo
i purchased a playgrounds box (wonderful realms) and when i uninstalled the release and then reinstalled a couple months later it claimed me i had to buy it again and i never even got my dollars back.
~ Bob The Body Builder
This is my favored release! but once I deleted it cause I saw the finest release in the globe and actually I can't install it again! I've tried everything! but actually I've learned my lesson and that is...WARNING YOU SHOULD NEVER DELETE A GAME THAT HAS THOUSENS OF MEGA BITES!!!! And also my older sibling helped me obtain it back . You could read my note!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18.4.19
~ Salma Abdel
I used to have this on my another device but then it broke. I'm reinstalling it because I found it and I was like "I GOTTA BUY THIS!" and then this comment. I Rate everything 5/5
~ MyGuestWill LIKE
very nice release. there are a lot of fun ideas to solve puzzles and the release lets you obtain very constructive. my only trouble is that i attempted to re- download the release after a sibling pranked me and deleted it, but i kept struggling to obtain it back and kept having to turn my device on and off and restart the download due to buffering troubles. i have the release actually but i am sure this is an trouble with google test, so i had to remove a star. overall it is a nice release, but i would not suggest deleting it.
~ faith hodgson
I love the release, but I hate that I can't transport it to my MicroSD card. This is easy for you recipients to fix. Flip ONE parameter when building the APK. That's all you need to do. It's a gigantic burden on my internal storage. 5 stars if you can obtain this sorted.
~ Fenrir Wolf
ok actually that it started working I'm going to give it a five because I remember testing it on my old device and it was really fun and I cant fir obtain the time when I typed in random sentences and it would give me something like, chloe! and it would give me a person that spawns in things for me and it was really fun and cool but actually I test on my device and its type of a smaller screen but I still love testing on my device it dosent glitch very much
~ Panda Plays
I want I tried this release sooner after I bought it so I should still request a refund. If my screen goes into sleep mode, the aspect ratio of the release gets messed up when I unblock my device. It shows everything scaled idea down to the target where you can see objects out of the normal map boundaries you shouldn't be able to see. It is unplayable like this, so you have to fully close the process and reopen the release to obtain it to work again. Don't waste your dollars.
~ Eddie Bauer
To be honest, I'm in regret mode for not buying this release on the wii u when it first came because this release is not only constructive but it's so addictive as well. Most of the time, I'll test on sandbox mode just to slay time and go all out with my creativity. Solid 5/5
~ Peedi Piper
This release is extremely nice, I can create anything, including edible babies. XD However, there is 2 things the IOS Release doesn't have yet, it doesn't have the lvl editor like on the notebook ver and some equipment from notebook don't exist. Yes, we can't have everything but I'd be glad for there to be an object editor, we should create it, Idk when but it should work.
~ Kenny McCormick