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About: Receive our Google Test Year-End Deal: 66% Off! James Vanderboom's life drastically changes when he plants a premium seed in the garden of the house he has inherited. Expand your bloodline by unlocking portraits in the tree of life. Rusty Lake: Roots is the second super target-and-click journey by Rusty Lake, the originators of the Cube Escape series and Rusty Lake Hotel. Informations: - Pick-up-and-test: Simple to run but hard to place down. - Special story: Experience the beginning and end of characters' lives and build your own family tree. - More than 33 lvls: The largest Rusty Lake release so far is filled with puzzles - Full of suspense and atmosphere: Switching from calm to very dark moments - Immersive soundtrack: Every lvl has its own theme song and variations - Achievements: The tree has more secrets to unravel Click on the arrows, drag or swipe to n ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: Rusty Lake
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Rusty Lake: Roots Reviews and Comments:

Out of all the rusty lake releases, i would claim this one is the finest and most rich in storyline and content. The only frustrating piece is the final puzzle which is not logical.
~ Chris Greenwood
I enjoyed Cube Escape SO MUCH i had to buy this Rusty Lake release! i just completed it and overall it's a nice release but i don't very like all the tiny chapter where some are idea too simple. Over all nice release
~ Jess PauletteS
Other engrossing release from the Rusty Lake squad BUT I do take trouble with the weighing release at the final stage. Doesn't create any sense. Even when my outcomes matched the walkthrough, the numbers seemed fully arbitrary. Otherwise, all terrific.
~ Michèle Jedlicka
Cute nice release. But I'm a bit concerned because it has constantly glitched throughout and actually it won't reply to any movements I create in the screen. I have paid for the release please fix this. It takes away the fun of the release.
~ Angela Laurette
The release's okay, but quite dark in spirit. I found a couple of scenes too tricky and obscure, so went to the blog for the walkthrough. It didn't work and sent me back each time to the page with many, many ads. I have sent an correspondence but had no respond so far. Maybe everyone is busy, or tired and emotional from the weekend; but I should do with some assistance. Perhaps there's other release I have to obtain to test the walkthrough. Any concepts anyone?
~ Nina Taylor
Yet other master for Rusty Lake! I have played each one of these escape releases and they are usually addicting. I love the creep factor along with the trouble solving! The only thing I can claim is a negative is that you cant test them on the pc unless there is something I am not doing right. But regardless these are my favoured releases to test. Once I finish one I am usually looking for a newest one to come out!! Nice job!
~ Amy Tucciarella
By far the toughest and probably the longest releases by you guys... Loved it... The newest slide release mechanism sometimes threw me off... Also it's so hard that I was revisiting the walkthroughs few times(and I sparsely used walkthroughs for cube Escape releases)... Also the storyline got an nice background with this release... Hold it up guys.. Well worth the buy... Glad it's my 2nd Google test buy
~ Raj Pratyush
Pros: Storyline. I really enjoyed the depth of this release compared to the others. The storyline, claimed in snapshots of time, developed powerful characters and a narrative that I wanted to understand. Similarly to Birthday, the release emotes uneasiness, a feeling of dread and mystery without being obtuse. That is impressive considering that there is tiny animation or dialogue. By the end, I didn't wish to leave these characters and the after release surprise was a great gift. Cons:. Gameplay. This is the first release where the developers use the scroll right/left control. I did not have a smooth experience with this way of movement on my small device. I had to strain my eyes to view some of the puzzles and there were times that I simply should not see what I required to see. The puzzles were just as hard and logical as the another releases in the series. I appreciated that most of the multi-step puzzles kept the progress you made as you finished steps outside of the actual puzzle to solve. Overall, an awesome work the price of admission.
~ Danielle Arias
Ran into a glitch (developer is aware) that broke the release, fortunately they allow you replay a lvl and not have to run from the beginning. The fact that running the walkthrough breaks the release sound, was annoying as hell, luckily it wasn't required too often. The final puzzle requires a heavy leap of convoluted logic compared to everything that had come before, that just about destroyed the entire release. Right up to that target this was easily 4 stars.
~ Craig Murphy
Had to buy this developer's paid apps as his 6 (7 or 8?) nonpaid ones grabbed my interest and wouldn't allow go. stayed up til 2am two nights in a row getting thru 3 nonpaid ones.
~ Mike Garrison
Loved the cube escape series. and hated this one. The mystic atmosphere is gone, the quests are trivial, and why the hell am I killing babes here?!
~ Alex Kravchik
Eerie and pretty experience, but I'd run with the nonpaid-to-test ones to better appreciate the context (this works like a prequel I'd claim). Longer than usual and nicely fragmented, maybe some chapters are a bit too simple, and no one is so hard as to become frustrating anyway.
~ Miro Forti
That was an absolute disappointment.. the storyline is lame, one room follows the next one but the storyline doesn't obtain better. It's as if someone stole the Rusty Lake design and made a cheap copy of the gameplay idea. I'm, in fact, so disappointed, I would claim my dollars back if I should. I played all the Cube Escape Titels and Rusty Lake Hotel wich were nice. The finest are Harvey's Box, Paradox and Rusty Lake Hotel! If you are noch sure, download these. But this one.. I advise you to skip.
~ Julie Lajoie
Absolutely Brilliant. I just couldn't stop testing. Lots of surprises, some a bit shocking but making the release more enjoyable. Cant praise the release enough.
~ Annette Owen
I love the Rusty Lake Saga, and Roots is no exception. Family history is well done and the storyline fits well with the puzzle aspect of the release. The puzzles can be exceedingly challenging at times, which is lovely. Overall really well done- I loved it and would highly reccomend.
~ Cecil Celeste
Reasonably challenging - everything can be worked out with logic, observation, or some trial and error. Interesting stories used to shape the release. I've enjoyed all the Rusty Lake releases and revisited some a couple of times.
~ A Google user
Very enjoyable release. Well with the price it's admission. I NEVER buy small releases, but this one I did after some prodding from a dude. I'm so glad I did. Check it out!
~ Jared Nye
Finally completed each rusty lake release. I have never enjoyed a release quite as much as I did each on of these. The only thing I want I knew was the order. If I knew in what order to test every release to follow the story finest, it would have made for a much more immersive experience. It's possible the order does not matter and I'm just making false criticisms but that's just what I was thinking. Can't wait to see a full length information video in theatres. Create it happen!
~ Cameron Howell
This release really does deserve a 5.0 rating. The storytelling is there, graphics, difficulty, atmosphere, a nice interface, in short, everything is just right.
~ A Google user
Roots is one if the more available and slickest of the RL releases, without compromising on the series' dark humor. If you're just diving in I'd go with this, or better off work chronologically through the catalog.
~ Evan Marlowe
This installment takes a disappointing turn. i have been a fan of this series for a while and enjoyed the challenges and dark nature of the stories. With Roots, Rusty Lake changes the format. With previous releases the developer used one or two rooms with multiple puzzles, Roots has multiple rooms and single puzzles and a linear format. FYI the storyline has some sexual elements that have not been part of the another releases in the series
~ Scott Harber
My first test at a Rusty Lake release, and I am hooked. I am usually reluctant to pay for releases, but this one looked interesting, and did not disappoint. Broad tons of challenges to obtain through; nicely understated graphics; macabre (but not gratuitous) sensibility; intriguing storyline. Glad it's a series--I'm off to search the another releases actually.
~ Andrea Rundell
The escape releases i have been testing have pretty graphics. I was looking for a newest one. I saw that all the Rusty Lake releases were rated so high. Seeing what the graphics looked like kept me from trying them. Finally i claimed what the heck and i downloaded Theater. All i can claim is WOW! I LOVE Rusty Lake releases actually! And the graphics, no trouble! They quickly grow on you and you realize they fit perfectly with the storyline line. I am so truly addicted to this series. I even bought a couple episodes. Ive never done that before. Well worth it! Give Rusty Lake a test! You will understand why they are rated so high!
~ A Google user
Some of the puzzles are nice, however as you progress the lack of stats you are given to solve some puzzles is frankly a joke. It becomes a guessing release, you know what you have to do but not exactly how to do it. so you just repeat the same puzzle over and over and over. No logic involved. I would like a refund, had the release less than 24 hours, why is this not an option?!
~ Simon Baker
What an exciting release! I love the idea tiny stories are linked to every another. Just one question: what does the last popup after finishing 33/33 stories mean? It's confusing as I don't know whether I could look at the release or download other Rusty Lake release.
~ Linh Nguyễn
If David Lynch created a pc release it would look a lot like this. This is a fun, surreal and interesting experience. I have been working my idea through all of their titles. nice was particularly odd. thanks!
~ David A Smith
Probably my favoured release in the series. It's an awesome storyline, claimed in such a brilliantly subtle idea that when the user figures out what's going on it's as though they're writing the storyline themselves. I've never seen a storyline claimed like this in any video, ebook, or anything ever. The subtlety of it gets the user all the more invested.
~ Kyle Delaney
I got stuck on the swing. I got everything I need and gave the bear to the babe but that's as far as I can go. it won't allow me do anything else. I've looked at walkthroughs to see if I was missing something but I'm not. I've even restart the lvl, I have no concept what I'm supposed to do.
~ s8n
Literally the first release i have ever purchased. its so nice!! challenging but kept me interested the entire time. ive played the whole rusty lake series and i need MORE 😍😍
~ Pamela Faddis
If Machinarium is 5 stars, I'd rate this one as 3 stars. The guys nailed it with the drawings. They are neat and pleasant. But the release itself has a bland storyline. Scenes are faintly connected to every another and the puzzles are a tad bit stupid sometimes. Also, lots of sad faces in the drawings,killing a bit the excitement of testing the release. Edit: I reached lvl 22. I'm really hoping the puzzles obtain more interesting with more punch. Unfortunately, they are quite dumb with tiny wow factor.
~ Shailen Sobhee
I have been in love with this release, as well as everything they have created. Every family member becomes so obsessive over themselves, that they decided to create a killing out of it, an special and elegant soundtrack, pure LSD with a touch of class. :)
~ Stewie Williamson
Scratches that target and click journey itch better than just about anything I've played in the last five years. Haven't enjoyed a release like this since Machinarium. Hold making these, please! I'm excited to test Paradise next.
~ Michael Damrath
I'm in Love, guys Im just so amazed that I decided to write one more review and thank the developers. I started testing your cube releases a several years ago and I thought they couldn't be better. And actually Im so amazed with Rusty Lake Roots, it's great and worth all the dollars I paid. I decided to replay cube releases once again and I saw what a biiiig step up you've made. Hold going, your studio and your releases are nice!!!
~ Елена Галахова
I remember testing the flash releases he made years ago and was so excited to see these on small! this particular category of target and click journey escape release is my absolute favoured. I am so glad to be able to help this developer with a one time buy instead of microtransactions in release. pretty releases. awesome puzzles. worth each cent and more, thank you.
~ no name
i love rusty lake! but i am having problem with the paint stage, the puppet and the saw stage. my tree only takes the color green and then it wont slash to the next stage please fix the bug! i watched the walkthrough and even started the lvl over, and nothing works with the correct color paint!
~ Tejada Hanson
This is my favored Rusty Lake release...and I've played them all! Just completed testing it for the second time! I love how it's all interlinked. I'm eagerly awaiting the newest release to be released ...please hurry up and place me out of my misery quick.
~ Jennifer Seddon
Genius!! This release was insane! Long enough to hold me interested and didn't stry from the storyline! This was so well written! Kudos to you guys! Great! This was my 10th release, as ive bought/loaded themm all. You can simply go to their blog to see what order they go in... Don't be a lazy whiner, just create the effort to find out the order.. Geez. Anyways im off to test the next one!
~ Buttercupditto
I'm really not the kind of person who spend dollars on releases, but as quick as I test rusty lake releases, I fell in love, and I buy all the super rusty lake releases without even thinking twice. HOW AMAZING. THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST GAME EVER!!
~ nadiva rizka
I usually enjoy rusty lake releases. But claiming that, I want you offered clues. I don't often obtain stuck but with these releases, it's usually that I don't know what to do next. Looking at a walkthrough is frustrating as it just claim me what to do. I wish to know what I missed too. Even better would clues!
~ A Google user
I'm usually reserved when it comes to paying for super releases. When the sale was on I purchased them all. I gotta claim that it was worth it. Roots is my favored among all the super Rusty lake releases. All RL escape releases are bizzare, creepy, one of a type and keeps me in suspense. I look forward to more in the RL series (hopefully nonpaid ones). Hold up the nice work.
~ Yijun Lin