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About: Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and create sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Create sure each dinner is worth dying for. Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious target and click release developed by the originators of the Cube Escape series. Informations: - Pick-up-and-test: simple to run, but it will be hard to place down - Variety of puzzles: a total of 6 rooms full of special and different brain teasers - Thrilling and engaging storyline: there will be 5 dinners with intriguing guests and staff - Full of suspense and atmosphere: Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal zone, where anything can happen - Impressive soundtrack: each room has its own designed theme song - Achievements: an all-time gallery you never seen before Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the rooms and lobby. Interact with guests, staff and objects by tapping. ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: Rusty Lake
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Rusty Lake Hotel Reviews and Comments:

I have nothing terrible to claim about this or any another Rusty Lake release. The puzzles are the great balance between challenging and fun. The atmosphere and narrative are full-on wonderful. There aren't enough superlatives for these releases. They are the only small releases I've ever paid dollars for and I would do it all over again.
~ Bethany Perry
I thought this release was cute cool I'm addicted to rusty lake releases and I got my mom to test as she loves them. I'm so glad I found these releases because I have usually been searching for a nice puzzle release that now makes you think for a change. Thanks hold making releases
~ Erica Robyn
I gotta admit that I'm a bit dissapointed because this one is cute short. But I purchased it when it was on discount. So I think its still nice release.
~ Siennita Djoendi
As with all the another rusty lake releases I've played, this has only one flaw: for some things you obtain no clue and they're not intuitive. You have to read the developer's mind. Thankfully they have nice walkthroughs.
~ Lori Mcdaniel
Five puzzles and that's it! You must be kidding me! Now those five puzzles are really well designed, neither hard or simple. Just want there was a compelling ending, actually I must test through the entire series!
~ Wrraptor D.
Terrific idea and artwork. The puzzles are a great evolution of the classic Rusty Lake work, however some are just red herrings (tomatoes and the blackberries especially). Definitely a worthwhile buy, still!
~ Kevin McNamara
Nice release as ever... Long over-due buy and I'm glad I bought the 3 rusty lake series releases...it felt more like a token of appreciation for the FREE cube Escape releases you deliever.. Hold up the nice work... Completed paradox 2 weeks back so curiously looking forward as to how the rusty lake series and cube Escape are intertwined
~ Raj Pratyush
Well worth the price! I like the replayability of this release! For those wondering about the release order, if you go to the Rusty Lake blog and look under the releases section, you will search the releases in order of version there :)
~ C. R. G
Not their finest journey but still fascinating. The main puzzles are not hard, but the entire mechanisms takes a bit to obtain into (and finding the optional ingredients is a bit frustrating). Moreover, in order to obtain the three stars recipes you have to test every room multiple times, and this accounts for a certain repeativity.
~ Miro Forti
Took 2 hours to finish the release without achieving all 3 stars, then an bonus 2 hours to complete the release perfectly! Time well spent.
~ Brian Winata
I've played all of the Rusty Lake releases and love them! The direction in the latter releases supports build on the unusual storyline and the puzzles are suitably thematic and challenging. Rusty Lake Hotel is an interesting addition and the puzzles are enjoyable, sadly however I do think the inability to replay individual meals is incredibly frustrating so this entry only gets 4 stars.
~ Beth Robins
Other intriguing chapter. Of course there's usually something unsettling about the storylines... Great to see the stories moving beyond a room.
~ Ss Cc
I love rusty lake releases they are the ultimate in gaming experience.The only shame is that they spend so much time making the releases special and awesome they don't produce many in a year.When there's a newest release out it's like Christmas.Here's to the next nice installment.
~ Colin McGrane
I dont ever review releases, but this was a pretty, twisted, unpredictable and smart expetience. Short, but with replayability for premium points. I used a walkthrough in territories, but often I instantly realised it was my own impatience and the respond was reasonable. I'm excited to see more from these makers.
~ Jessie Matthews
I found these releases to be unusual... I LOVE unusual! I have played ATLEAST 5 of the releases. I do not regret paying for the ones that cost dollars. I will be watching this developer closely and with antici.........pation! Cant wait to search more of Rusty Lake!!
~ Carol Leite
This release is gory, intriguing, and weird. The gameplay itself is easy, but the plot will throw you for a loop. The puzzles are intriguing, and the characters are interesting. This release is just one from a nice series. There are a some hidden puzzles in the release that can only be finished by testing the release multiple times, which can be frustrating. But they don't affect the overall plot. I highly suggest this release if you like puzzles, and a nice murder.
~ A Google user
Short but very sweet, also creepy. I enjoyed very much, especially the algebraic formula in mrs pigeon's room, s* sandwich for Mr boar, and Judy and Punches reference, "that's how you do it!"
~ David Lee
Nice. This is the first release I've ever paid for and the developers fully deserve it. The whole series is gold, super addictive and the weird backstory is creepy and nice and I just hold wanting to test more to figure out the mystery.
~ Ben Farrell
Smooth gameplay, somewhat challenging puzzles. Took me 3 tries to obtain all 15 stars. I didn't realize you collected one optional ingredient in the lobby first, that gave you the clue whose room to go to, and then the 2nd optional ingredient was in the room you went to. Some of the in room ingredients were tricky to search. I didn't like that if you missed it there was no option to reclaim it, thus the testing 3 times for a great score. However I got my 1.99 worth of test out of it for sure. Nice rusty lake release. If you haven't tried the rest, you could!!
A worthy entry in the series, though probably only if you run at the beginning and test all the nonpaid releases that came before. Do so, and you'll quick be addicted to the deepening mystery. Like all previous chapters, Hotel's puzzles obey Rusty Lake logic, with solutions that are justified and legitimate within the universe of the releases, but bizarre to the target of non sequitur outside it.
~ J. S. McLin
I tried getting all the stars three effing times! First time couldn't search the white wine cause it didn't appear after I killed the pigeon. Second time the third optional ingredient went missing after I already killed the animal so I couldn't go back in to the room. THIRD time once again wine wasn't there after killing the pigeon! Actually I don't wish to test these releases! I'm so irritated!
~ Ashley Schroeder
I loved the intention of the release overall. This is a definite gotta test. Only one thing was hard for my perfectionist brain. Those stars. It would be terrific if, when you missed an optional ingredient, you should replay the room like a chapter instead of having to do a full restart. The puzzles were more challenging than your nonpaid apps, which is unbelievable, but replaying all of them was just too much for me to do and it left me feeling like I didn't victory. You know, because if those stars. This likely has more to do with my own troubles, but thought the recommendation might be useful.
~ Danielle Arias
Interesting release. Would be better if I was allowed to keep my device in the landscape orientation that I wish. Could be a information that doesn't need to be asked for. Unpaid releases have this already built in. Modernized to 3 stars. Response from the developer is a nice sign that they know and undersrand whats going on and sounds like they wish to fix it.
~ James Ferra
Magnificent as all the rest in the series. Love how this one launches to tie everything all together (albeit with a nice deal of uncertainty about what it all means), and then once you've moved on to the next one (Cube Escape: Birthday) things finally launch to click in your head (at least for me). It's ALL tied together, and the meetings which took zone at the Hotel seem to be right at the very heart of everything.
~ A Google user
The Rusty lake releases are the finest! If you're confused about what's going on, I would suggest testing all of the cube escape releases! (they're nonpaid, with the exception of part two of Paradox). If you look up the finest order to test them in, it can really support with comprehension! You might have to test them a several times though. It's worth it though! Also this release itself is a bit of a spinoff from the storyline, but it's one of my favorites! Usually love spending time with Mr. Crow and Mr. Owl.
~ Meg Brokehart
missing a star is idea too frustrating... especially when you restart to accumulate one you missed... but then mistakenly do something that costs you one again... and have to restart again... super annoying. It will likely be enough to hold me away from the rest of the series even though I otherwise like the release
~ Ray Gunby
Really enjoyed this release! Challenging but not to the target of frustration. I like following the storyline line and will test more Rusty Lake releases. Theme of release not for younger audiences (for teens and above)
~ Sue Plaksin
The Rusty Lake series is BY FAR the BEST, most intriguing/ challenging releases I have EVER played! I've finished EVERY single one of y'all's releases & loved each minute of it!! Except this one claims, "To be continued..." Do you guys know when there will be more, or any newest releases?
~ natasha canney
I expected better for a paid release. This might be the first paid release I buy, large fan although I really hate not knowing what the hell is going on. I want the storyline was more clear and easier to follow.
~ BARON-Darknoor
The strangest one yet. Some anthropomorphic guests arrive at a hotel. I won't claim what is for dinner during thier stay but as with all Rusty Lake releases its bizzare, surreal, shocking but makes for a very different and intriguing gaming experience. Roll on the next one...
~ MJ
Have played everything from The Lake to the Theatre since Friday. Actually purchased the 3 super versions right away to extend this experience as long as possible. So freakin glad that I learned about this series. Thanks guys, and cry out to John Wolfe!
~ R Bolin
Being familiar with most of the another Cube Paradox installments, I felt this one was a bit unchallenging. Still, that claimed, nice graphics and awesome flow to the release, as morbid as they come. Will probably end up buying all of them since, even at their worst, they remain real to the bar they set very high for themselves. Hold up the nice work!
~ miro frak
WORTH THE FEW BUCKS. Loved this release, just like all the another ones! I love how much longer it is.. Props to the originators of this release. I hope all of you become very successful off of this, ypu deserve it. I'll be spreading the word of what a nice series this is
~ A Google user
I love your releases. So weird and unbelievable at the same time. I received a Secret Code for getting all of the stars, but what do I do with it? please continue to create more of these types of releases. Thank you you so much.
~ Carmen Lord
Loved how the mythos tied into the series. Loved testing Harvey again! While I'm not usually up for murdering recipients personally, Mrs. Pigeon had it coming, ("Why are you planning to electrocute this baby, Lady?!?"). BUT making that feces sandwich over and over felt much less like classy horror and more like punishment. What did I do to deserve this Rusty Lake developers?! I've had 3 babies in diapers at 1 time! I'm not squeamish! But this did me in. Taking a break from "Rest and Relaxation".
~ Natalie Orr
Was a bit short. Shorter than many of their nonpaid releases. Also, it's the only one so far where you can mess up the order and be unable to backtrack. It was okay, but doesn't tempt me to spend more dollars on the others. Was hoping for more from a super release.
~ Brukaviador
I didn't wish to use the walkthrough, but I didn't know what to do anymore. I looked at the walkthrough only to search out the release glitched and some equipment didn't appear. It's a shame, since I've played each Cube Escape release without having any glitches. So for a paid release to glitch is upsetting. It was also annoying that you couldn't test certain sections, instead having to test the entire release again if you made a mistake. Frustrating if you're a completionist. Otherwise, it'd be a stellar release.
~ Shan Lan
entered mr rabbits room and already arranged the cards based on every picture in frame, but still can not obtain the key! already closed the release then got back again, but the key was not there! until tried to restart the release and played again, but still should not obtain the 3rd key. Don't know what to do..
~ Lika Novara
usually i'm reluctant to buy releases online, but the rusty lake releases are wonderful, and i'm glad to help their originators. nice, intriguing story, pretty animation, logic puzzles that really create you think, i'm in love with rusty lake hotel and all the another releases as well.
~ mesi
I don't often buy releases on multiple platforms, but dear God do I love the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape series. Being able to have them on my pc was nice, but being able to carry the releases around in my pocket through my device?? Excellent. I can't wait for more releases to come out, but until then... I will just hold on making memories again and again in the hotel, the roots, and in paradise.
~ A Google user