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About: Place on your running shoes and defeat the globe around you! Run An Empire is a zone control release for runners. Capture lands in your neighbourhood by physically running around them. Just tap run and launch your run. Run An Empire will track your territory (from your pocket) whilst you run, whether youre in your home city or across the globe. The territories you run through will become a part of your empire, earning you coins as you go. Invest your fortunes back in to your empire and bring your recipients into the next nice era of civilisation!
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: Location games
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Run An Empire Reviews and Comments:

have to give modernization, since the first several glitches there have been upgrades. the release is actually allot more stable out seems. and castle war mechanic adds to the release.
~ John Smithson
Cool release, but i have a trouble, when i'm on a run and visited few castles, it claims i have deployed for example 6 fighters and affected few hex's, but when i finish the run it claims i have deployed 0 and obtain 0 coins
~ Artūrs Zakss
i have yet ti search a trouble but it would be nive if there was a idea you should restart your profile. why i bring this up is because when i started this i was no were close to were i would mostly be using it. so if there is a was please allow me know
This release got me to instantly run adding miles onto my runs, I just logged 11.5 which is 2.5 farther than I ever have. Straight motivation and contest! please add a function to message another users!
~ Karl Alden
Just terrible! I was running for 3 hours and taking 1 hour breaks and when I reach my destination it claims I'm too speedy and didn't count anything! No gold! no units! just diamonds and hexagons
~ Eric N Lopez Pagan
Nice concept for motivating recipients to transport. They just added a reward system what can bring a nice improvement to the replay factor. It seems that stability is also better actually.
~ Cristiano Rolim
keeps freezing and no idea to change your home base
~ Devan Jean
It is a nice release but has two flaws. one that after each advancement, everything resets. All buildings are destroyed and all coins are lost. Actually I'm at a target that I can't do anything because I have no coin. Then second is the idea of hearts. I need a heart to go for a run? Actually if I'm out of hearts and out of coin, what can I do? Watched an banner and it gave me 0 (zero) coins!! I was glad with this release but this experience destroyed it.
~ Amir Hossein Hajizadeh
nice release, should do with a several things. auto pause when out running as i have to sometimes stop at lights and also stop to check the release to see where the next chest/diamond is. other needed thing would be the way names overlay.
~ Paul Bate
The release is just unusable after the last graphics modernization. GPS tracking stops working when the release is not on focus, it's really inaccurate and it take 30s to run. Really disappointing as I was using it for a several months
~ Kiril Rusev
Needs to be renamed "Run your battery down", took it out on a semi-long run, about 15k or so and boom, battery was down to zero. So uninstalled for actually, but might return later if there are upgrades and optimizations.
~ Emil Josefsson
nice release but a several troubles to be considered. most importantly the "discovering uncharted lands" usually Claims me "slow connection" and it takes forever, even when im on my wifi which goes at 100Mbps. secondly, the restart does not deliever nearly enough science. 5 stars if these obtain fixed.
~ Flavio Preti
nice concept! gets me motivated to transport and defeat :)
~ Faye McCann
Nice release! I stay more motivated to run.
~ Bruno Rodrigues
this is very nice and fun release. too terrible it glitches out quite often and Claims you the wrong distance, which then leads to it believing that you used move instead of running. today I jogged 4k. But the release glitched out and registered my territory as somewhere 12k away halfway through the jog. so in the end it registered 20k and therefore concluded that I gotta've used move. This is not the first time the release glitches out and it's frustrating
~ Saeed Namdar
Great concept but.. Had it for a couple of month but the evolution stopped. Every walk was less than 0.001% of giving something newest. Today my 1h walk was looking accurate on the map but the release calculated it to 20km and accused me of driving. Uninstalled
~ Magnus Carlsson
Nice fun! Never had so much motivation to run!
~ Corey Johnstone
Very motivated to run and transport forward with the release's progress, great!
~ William Hirmas
when I first downloaded this it worked well, my strava runs uploaded fine, since the end of Feb none of my runs are syncing from strava, very disappointed
~ Elaine whitehead
a nice concept but far too buggy, runs no longer sync with strava making it useless
~ Steven Idle
Fun...i love that I can import my runs from strava so I don't have to run the Empire release while I'm running
~ Rob Cimorelli
Fun release, but need to obtain the basics right - runs not syncing from Strava is demoralising and Strava syncing got worse after the last modernization, will probably uninstall if Strava integration doesn't improve on the next modernization.
~ Jon R.
when you claim the truth that you didn't use transportation it doesn't give you the castles you drove on this release is trash for that.
~ Happy Cloud
I opened the release to test it when I was on a business trip but actually my home territory is set very far away and I cannot seem to change it.
~ matthew backmeyer
used to be better than this! I doesnt track very well anymore, so what's the target? I did 5k today and it claims I did 0.7... useless
~ Patrice Savard
Went for a 30min walk around my zone, touched at least three or four newest hexes. Soft didn't count a single meter walked, no newest hexes touched. What's the target of a GPS fitness release if the territory informations don't now work?
~ Ben Brommell
After a disappointing turn from a promise of a running release with competitive and gamified experience into a cookie clicker, the release stopped beibg able to track the distance I run, rendering it useless
~ Maciej Gurban
it records GPS idea to sensitively. claimed my 15k run was 44k and gave me 0 points because I 'gotta have used a transportation device"
~ Rupert Barker
nice release, but annoyingly slow to load. also did it occur to the developers of this release that advertising athletic equipment would be far more successful than all just small releases
~ Brendan Smith
great idea but badly designed, if uou fo not jave enough coins during the guide to build the first trap there is no idea yo progress and you obtain stuck on the screen with no idea to go back.
~ Simon Lovegrove
I gave it two because when it worked, it was a lot of fun. I was really looking forward to the achievement modernization, but it stopped downloading from strava. I have lost all of my castles because it hasnt picked up that I've ran almost each day this year. I'd only suggest this release to recipients that are gonna use the in-release GPS. I'm really disappointed in the bug fixes.
~ Caleb Cox
The concept behind this release is nice: it succeeded in motivating me to pick up running again. However the bugs and disappointments after not finding my tiring strava runs imported made me give up on this release.
~ Kees Reusen
The concept is nice. Sadly the Strava sync does not work at all which makes this release not playable for me, because I don't wish to run with my small. 5 Stars if you fix it ;-)
~ Hell Raider
I've been beta playing this release for a while, and it makes running much more fun! The release- like elements hold interest in the release even when not running, and linking to Strava allows for in-depth analysis of the runs. (I run with Strava pulled up and at the end of my run I obtain a info that R.A.E. was synced). Very smart- nice release
~ Reece Lastname
Nice release when it is working. After the last modernization, the release stop working a lot. Battery run down very speedy, please improve speedy before i decide to uninstall.
~ Sujarit Chermsirivatana
runs dont sync, got this release to support with motivation for run training as the strava sync information meant i should leave my device at home. tried a several runs actually and nothing has pulled through. a shame really as this would have been a nice concept.
~ Gra B
after not testing for a entire winter went on a 3 Castle run. nothing on my run was counted because I don't have small time. It didn't used to be that idea. apparently that was a fluke was able to do a no time run with nice success delaying units to 3 castles
~ A Google user
I waited for this release to come out for a year and a half. I expected to test versus another users capturing zones and trying to hold my empire. This is a large allow down really no reason to test a idle running release. it's not what was promised when they started development, to me it's just other No Lad's Sky. runs out with a nice idea and then final product is nothing like promised.
~ Rich P
Thought it would create for motivating runs, which it did at first. Can't create progress in eras, Devs don't reply, I think everybody around me has just given up. ***After the modernization*** Product overall is responding and the achievement modernization seems nice. As a release it isn't terrible or nice. It is clearly about castles as the actual size of your empire and the hexes mean nothing except for the actual run. As a running release, the runs aren't recorded so that basically makes it useless (my running log is virtually empty despite my running 7x a week.) There is a tiny contest in my college city which now makes the release more fun and motivating.
~ jonathon priebe
I should give this release 5 stars if the bugs were worked out. Solid idea and compelling dynamic really motivated me to run further and more often. I should also give this release 1 star. The release is very buggy. Runs often fail to register, which is super frustrating after a long tiring run. It only works when connected to the internet, and it uses tremendous amounts of small time. I hit my monthly time limit in 2 weeks, and this release used more time in those 2 weeks than all my another apps combined.
~ Chris Hoving