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About: VR Roller Coaster is a breathtaking 360 VR simulation of a crazy amusement ride. Compatible with any VR headset (like Google Cardboard), this release sets other lvl of thrill and excitement in virtual reality. Roller Coaster virtual reality release. VR Roller Coaster simulates one of the globes most known and thrilling rides. We step up the thrill of a traditional roller coaster by taking it to the extreme in virtual reality. Buckle up as ahead of us weve got looney drops, lightning-speedy speed and craziest track twists one should ever imagine! 360 VR emulator 360 degree freedom. Enjoy the ultra-realistic 360 3D VR globe with detailed graphics and carefully crafted sound merged together for the most immersive atmosphere. Take a look around while youre going round the craziest parts of the track for most impressions! Place on your VR-headset and experience an incred ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: FIBRUM [email protected]
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Roller Coaster VR attraction Reviews and Comments:

Runs with a video banner, then the actual ride is about 30s, then it plays other banner.
~ Lemo Nade
The release stuck at loading screen. I'm using Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.
~ Nabil Fikri Suberi
This release was going nice but what the hell is it that they would give their banners between the ride . That's the most silliest thing in the globe they gotta go to hell
~ Kabir Khurana
Love everything, but 30 seconds into the ride, an banner plays. After the banner, the ride is set back to the run
~ Zheng Wei
I cannot look around. I know it is not my device because I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and another VR apps have worked on it. Please fix.
~ Bethany Fellows
I didnt obtain to use the release because the secong i launched it my trrial was expi4r
~ lauren holton
Why exactly do you have a "tries" on your apps? It's just redundent. I do not have the exact vr headset but it could be able to create it for all headsets.
~ Riley Parinas
~ Gabriela Florin
~ Jo Shepherd
~ Red panda gamingHD
It's ok
~ ScaryBigE Lol
it wont launch!!!!
~ J Productions
You have got THE BEST roller coaster ride out there
~ Steve Vojnovich
~ XxMew Mew StallsxX
You have to wait about 2hours for it to load
~ A Google user
The banners on this basically create it unplayable.
~ Alan Jones
Hate it because I can't test it.
~ A Google user
1. Loading screen 2. Shows Adverts 3. Close the banners 4. Back to 1. Will not going to run. Any permission was granted.
~ Henneslie Nesly
Dont even load. Stops at load screen and freezes. LG G5
~ A Google user
It's an okay release, but it's just a really short roller coaster ride like a minute if not less, the only idea you can interact with the release is just stare too lover and pull the lever for the roller coaster to go. And it only gives you a several trials before you have to pay.
~ Ashley Vigil
Paid for it, actually claims need to buy again - restore buy feedback does not work - it's not a feedback.
~ Jonathan Gaze
When I started using VR I search this Rollar Coster ride, till date used so many but this one is my favored and this gives true feel in stomach of ride. Gotta enjoy with family, can't give rating to this release more than 5 star. But in comment like to give more. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10 star to nice squad. finest wishes
~ Amit Ginani
I am quickly realizing that the entire VR on your tablet thing is just a gimmick. Lets test an release that walks the dog, cooks dinner, or cleans the house. You know actual reality equipment.
~ James Hilyard
It's alright. Quite a short ride with a couple of physics defying moments, but it doesn't bring much to the VR table really. I uninstalled it just after starting a repeat (second) ride. I feel like it would have been just as interesting on a pc monitor. If I was going to spend dollars on a rollercoaster release it would be the another one. The dark one, you know?
~ fauxtronic
~ Nurul Hidayat
This is a very nice release
~ Kala Mageshwaran
Fun for the whole family ❤️.
~ Aidan Kavanaugh
have to pay after 3-4 nonpaid rides. con job
~ Biggurs Bigz .
Hi, does any of your Fibrum apps habe Google achievements?
~ Tzunny
The release doesn't even run it crashes as quick as I launch it
~ S.1949
Demo too short. You sit through a long forced advertisement and it still gives you a short amount of time to test it out.
~ Warren Patterson
The release sucks because it's not nothing fun and you have to buy turns.
~ A Google user
I like this release for ER
~ Monica Walls
I paid for the upgrade of this release in 2017 and deleted it by accident. Actually it is gone and I can only obtain the nonpaid one again. How can i obtain the full ver back.
~ Maryna Wheller
Great Product but also dumb cause 5 nonpaid trials Then PAYMENT jus5 create the release cost dollars WASTE
~ Gurmit Gill
it doesn't allow me test! I resented my device still nothing! I DIDN'T even GET ONE ride!!!!😡
~ crafty crafts
It wouldn't obtain passed the loading screen. Can you create it work for my device some how.. I was excited to allow my nephew test it with his vr headset he just got. Then .. Nothing!!
~ Everett B.
really nice roller coaster - destroyed by the fact you obtain 5 nonpaid rides and then you have to pay. Not worth dollars for 1 ride.
~ Luke Philipson