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About: Welcome to the globes huge social platform for test. Each month, over 64 million active users come to Roblox to imagine, make, and test together within immersive 3D worlds built by users just like you! Already have an profile? Log in with your existing Roblox profile and test actually! THOUSANDS OF USER-GENERATED GAMES Everything in Roblox is player-generated. Users can make the ultimate theme park, compete as a professional race car driver, star in a fashion present, become a superhero, or simply build a dream home and hang out with dudes. In this protected and moderated environment, imagination terms supreme. CROSS-PLATFORM MULTIPLAYER GAMING Hang out with your dudes and millions of another users across computers, tablets, devices, Xbox One, and VR in an unlimite tons of releases and experiences! CUSTOMIZABLE AVATARS Take on a newest persona and dress up your avatar ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Roblox Corporation
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Similar Games Like Evil Scientist Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Evil Scientist is a game of action and adventure. The control of the laboratory has been taken by your assistants, it is time to regain control. Explore with Evil Scientist all corners and corridors of the laboratory, recover your lost potions, avoid traps and give your assistants a lesson they will not forget. Features: - Buy different weapons. - Enter the bonus to earn many points. - Easy to play. - Levels full of enemies and traps. - Super and addictive gameplay. - Endless game. ...

Developer: KC Games & Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Cuphead Karting: Speed Go Kart Racing Alternatives
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About: Speedy cart & super racer roadway karting race game and cart rider, dash go buggy for free by showing off your racing, dashing & rushing skills in the crash course. From total fans of cup go karts racing games, tails mania a sublime 3D fast-paced and action-packed free 3D racing game as hero in this karting madness! Crazy 3D cars and karts with different styles: Shadow, Silver, Rose style with super talented bros drivers as the king dice driver and egg-man who literally mug out the racing trac...

Developer: Roussel Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fobia Alternatives
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About: A little girl tries to escape from her fears overcoming various obstacles in her path. Fobia is a short puzzle-platformer adventure game developed by two people, where you will have an adventure in a mysterious world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles. Features: A beautiful world where a misstep means death. Unique and peculiar hand drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation. A big variety of puzzles designed with different levels of difficulty. Atmospheric ...

Developer: Tapteek [email protected]

Similar Games Like Pirate world Ocean break  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: You are pirate who choosed to be a chief to control ship and followers for exploring South East Asian ocean that overwhelming with local pirate and many dangers beneath. Campaign mode: - Control the ship by yourself to escape or defense the enemies and collect the relics - Defense the enemies: estimate canon site that comes out from the side of the ship. Otherwise you can collect Power up box that make you attack enemies quicker - Collect the relic: relic help you unlock over 29 legenda...

Developer: Swatch [email protected]

Similar Games Like The Legacy 2 (Full) Alternatives
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About: The search for a lost artifact takes you to another world! Take an exciting journey in the realm of an ancient civilization. "Legacy: Prisoner" is a HO adventure game, with a huge number of exciting mini-games and puzzles, which will take you right into a maelstrom of fantastic events in a distant world! When Diana, a young employee at the Museum of Natural History, notices a guard carrying away a rare Mayan bust, she rushes after him without thinking twice. But the pursuit takes an unexpe...

Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES [email protected]

Similar Games Like New York Mysteries 2 (Full) Alternatives
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About: Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate strange murders taking place in New York. Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and solve the mystery of a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning! New York Mysteries: High Voltage - an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells about mysterious events that took place in the 50s, New York. New York City, sometime in the 1950s. A wave of mysterious murders has swept through the city. At e...

Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES [email protected]

Similar Games Like RollerCoasterVR DarkCity  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Application for Google cardboard. Please wear the VR equipment and aboard on VR roller coaster. Feel the exhilarating thrill thru skyscrapers. Please watch the broken railway. Function : + Application for VR. + Created by 3D graphics. + Control available by gyro sensor. + Minimize the VR motion sickness. Advertisements are embedded in this Map....

Developer: eiNpictures [email protected]


Similar Games Like Gravity Space Walk VR Alternatives
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About: Welcome to the world of VR games! Are you ready for the most intense galactic adventure? Buckle up for a thrilling spacewalk within the VR space environment in Galaxy Spacewalk VR. Galaxy Spacewalk VR is a space simulator app. This interstellar game focuses on a space exploration project that includes spacewalks in the interstellar space environment to experience the real thrill as an astronaut. While you are on your interesting journey to explore the galaxy, there might be a lot of asteroids ...

Developer: Tulip Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Tiltball for MERGE Cube Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a MERGE Cube and a smartphone or a tablet to play. To find out how to get a MERGE Cube and learn more, visit our website at: This app is FREE to play. It's a race against the clock! Guide the boulder through an medieval obstacle course before time runs out. Don't let your ball fall in the water or run off course as you roll your way to victory! As seen on VentureBeat, Wired, Wareable, Huffington Post, and more. Kids are gonna love this - Hugh Langley, ...

Developer: MERGE [email protected]

Similar Games Like Snake Attack for MERGE Cube Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Merge Cube and a smartphone or a tablet to play. To find out how to get a Merge Cube and learn more, visit our website at: Maneuver your snake around all six sides of the Merge Cube to find food and watch it grow longer with each bite! Youve got to be quick as your snake scours the holographic surface, because colliding with yourself means Game Over. Record your score and try to grow your snake even longer each time you play! As seen on VentureBeat, ...

Developer: MERGE [email protected]

Similar Games Like VR Water Slide Adventure 2  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The VR water slide adventure 2 is all about splashing in extreme waterslides and swimming pool rush. Rush on a 3D water rollercoaster VR to enjoy the ride of most furious and world tallest water slides in most realistic virtual reality mode. Enjoy the amazing swimming pool water park adventure VR with cool water slide rides and immerse yourself in the world of ultimate fun and adventure. Whizz through the big water waves and perform amazing acrobatic stunts while taking the sharp and narrow turn...

Developer: Tulip Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Jungle Cuphead Adventure Alternatives
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About: Adventure Cuphead Jungle is a super Adventure smash adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer, Get Ready For an Epic Adventure with exciting levels Adventure Cuphead Jungle. Everyone has a weakness dash , Our Chingu has two. Sleep and Candies world run Adventure Cuphead Jungle. There are many Adventure Cuphead Jungle games dash on store but we are also introducing you one of the best adventure game. Subway run trap. The subway Boy game has adventure,suspense and thrilling. You have t...

Developer: gamesapp4u [email protected]

Similar Games Like Looney Toons : Dash Alternatives
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About: Do not forget that looney of tunes is your hero in this game of Bunny Looney dash tunes, there for you must become the good companion of Looney of tunes and live a pleasant surprise. How to play Looney Toons Dash: + Swipe left to turn left + Swipe right to turn right + Swipe forward to jump + Swipe backward to scroll + Double Tap to get a skate bord Looney Toons Dash Game features: + 3D Game + Vivid sound and music + Intersting graphic effect + looney toons character + Thrill...

Developer: niColAus [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete the adventure! You jump at the chance to visit your best friend Kira and her husband in Baumholder. Youre greeted with a freak blizzard and thrown into a fight against ice giants. Find your way through the cold and help save Kira! CAN YOU SAVE YOUR FRIENDS AND THE TOWN FROM THE WINTER KING? A beautiful summer day is rudely interrupted by an ice storm and suddenly, the beloved town of Baumholder is ruined. Defeat the frozen army before its ...

Developer: Big Fish Games [email protected]


Similar Games Like Dino Land VR - Virtual Tour  Alternatives
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About: Dinosaurs roamed the planet for about 165 million years, during a time in the Earths history called the Mesozoic Era. Travel back in time to the Mesozoic era to walk alongside the biggest dinosaurs to have ever walked the earth. Introducing to you for the first time, a virtual reality tour that is going to blow your mind away! Explore the world-famous dinosaur exhibits on this self-guided VR tour featuring the largest animals to have ever walked the Earth. Watch the VR dinosaurs closely as th...

Developer: Tulip Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Furby Connect World Alternatives
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About: Connect to a virtual world of surprises with the Furby Connect World app! * HATCH super cute virtual babies Furblings! Over 60 adorable Furblings to discover! * CARE for your Furblings by feeding, cleaning, and healing them in order to level them up and reveal their hidden traits in the app. * COLLECT over 100 different items you can use to take care of your Furblings. * GROW your peaceful virtual Furbling village into a busy Furbling paradise over time! With your Furby Connect toy (so...

Developer: Hasbro Inc. [email protected]

Similar Games Like Read Only Memories: Type-M Alternatives
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About: Read Only Memories: Type-M is a cyberpunk thriller that imagines the challenges of tomorrow through the adventure games of yesterday. When the worlds first sapient machine seeks help from a struggling journalist, the unlikely duo find themselves drawn into the dark places that hide behind the dazzling lights of Neo-San Francisco. The secrets they discover could shake the very foundations of society, and some people would stop at nothing to keep them quiet. Explore a colorful future metrop...

Developer: MidBoss [email protected]

Similar Games Like Bio Craft Exploration Alternatives
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About: This game will not leave anyone indifferent. Bio Craft Exploration There are many items for creativity, many new crafting recipes and boundless worlds with unexpected finds and secrets. Are you interested? Then download and enjoy unlimited possibilities! Build your house and your town, plant trees and plants, hunt and tame animals, develop and defend yourself from enemies. And that's not all yet! Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or get into the wilds of the world in the mode of s...

Developer: Creative Herculus Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Papa Claus Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Merry Christmas, XMAS, Natalie and New year is coming! Not much time is left, hurry up, Help Run Papa Claus and Santa Claus in the biggest adventure of this Christmas event. Your Santa Claus is calling you to save Santa from bad superheroes, monsters, and zombies in the top adventure game of 2017-2018, we welcome you to play top free game Santa Claus Run Merry Christmas. Papa Claus Run Merry Christmas is one of the top game of running adventure experience for game lovers of all age. i.e. kids...

Developer: HWINDIX [email protected]

Similar Games Like Golf Club: Wasteland  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: After the Great Ecological catastrophe the ultra rich move to Tesla City on Mars. The rest of us died. Now, citizens of Mars take flights to Earth and play golf in the ruins of civilization. However, one of the Mars mission pilots cannot fit in the new Martian society. The homesick pilot uses his connections at Golf Club: Wasteland for one last solo trip to Earth. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Radio Nostalgia from Mars. Citizens of Mars, now nostalgic for Earth, listen to music from the 2020s and shar...

Developer: Demagog Studio [email protected]



ROBLOX Reviews and Comments:

Work to create dollars, it disappears. Purchase furniture it disappears. Can't zone furniture where you wish, very touchy. Frustrating, no fun. They up dated RoCitizens for Easter and actually you can't test it on a device. Grandchildren disappointed. Actually all experience disappeared on RoCitizens. Keeps getting worse, actually it constantly pauses when you run on RoCitizens. Need to stop upgrading, only gets worse.
~ Tina
This was the finest journey through roblox for 2 years. 1st I got to test admin. Then I obtain to war to the death. And then obtain to buy robux and builders club. And look where I am today. This was my favoured release at one target. Thanks to... Poppilo12459, N_atalyyyyy, Drsgonflymaster12 and Dasaledison. And my dudes. They got me into roblox. The most fun I had during in the release was in July 2018. Thank you David Basucki, John and Erik Cassel. Your release deserves 2 billion users.
~ Coino Cat
Logging out on Chromebook is a gigantic pain. As far as I know, there is no idea to log out from the release. Only idea I can figure out how to log out is from uninstalling and then reinstalling. If there is an easier idea, you really need to create it idea more clear. The player interface as a entire on Chrome is poor. The regular small versions (device, device, etc.) are idea, idea better.
~ Diamond Dog
Astonishing! Astonishing! Astonishing! No lines, no terms, no limit! nice gameplay! Test each release from farming to fighting. You can test with your dudes and a lot of cool avatar pieces are nonpaid and not one charecter is the same. Nothing short of great!
~ Sam Lehman
I really like ROBLOX. It is very fun and entertaining. I would test it if I were you. There are so many different types of releases. Like obbys they are parcore and tycoons you have to build and there are just so many fun releases to test there are also flee surtain territories. I have to claim the only terrible things about ROBLOX is the fact that sometimes it kicks you out like if you lose connection. But that is really the only really terrible thing about ROBLOX
~ Lillian Rezac
I absolutely love it. But I hate how nearly everything I kind in chat is in tags and I also dislike rthro but I dont mind it. I have also been getting dude requests from scammers. If you should maybe fix that trouble that would be nice. Another than that it's a really nice release! But when I am not able to test on my chromebook and there is an modernization it saysvroblox cannot bbe modernized!
~ uwu owo
I love this release so much! Each actually and then it lags and crashes, but besides that this is one of my favoured releases to test on my Chromebook. The only thing that I don't like about this release is the robux. I know Roblox is trying to create dollars, but each user could run with at least 100 robux. If the user wants to buy more, then thats where Roblox makes a profit. But, this is just my opinion. Overall, Roblox is a nice release and even better, if you don't care about the in-release purchases.
~ Lizzy Slays
It's really a fun release but...The reason why I gave it only a 3 star is because whenever I log/sign in there's gonna appear a verification that claim "pls solve this puzzle so we know that you're a true person" after I solve the puzzle it claims "well done" ( it means I solve it) but after that It will go back again and again....I solve it so many times but it will go back again and again and again :( pls fix it 😢😢 cause I really love this release so pls support me😭😭
~ •Midnight Army•
This is one of my favoured releases!! I started a year ago and its been so fun. Honestly, ROBLOX usually create sure babes feel protected. There's an opition to report a release or user. You can chat with another users, but roblox puts hashtags for any terrible words. You can also place on a setting where they can't chat with anyone or chat on groups. I'd honestly claim babes 6+ will be okay testing. If they have dudes from school, daycare, or etc that plays ROBLOX, they can chat with them, or test releases. 5 stars
~ Gary Nethen
I love this release. It's the finest. It was the only release I played...but actually it's not working correctly. My hero doesn't load anymore, and my dude keeps getting kicked off. PLEASE FIX THIS SOON!!!! Btw I test on device so PLEASE fix it!! I love this release another than that. Also if u should create the release a release where u don't need to download it to test on computers, I would love that as well. Thanks;;
~ Wolfy Gacha
The finest release ever!!! Babes will def love this. I can barely stop testing! My fave release is Meepcity. Thank you ROBLOX for creating. But I will give you some solution. 1. Only dude who you know. 2. You can also take the chat off your release with policies. I think this release is protected enough for babes. Thank you!
~ family tv
My dudes suggested this to me because they usually claiming me that this is a great release! Then i claimed ok and downloaded this release! Yeah! I can sign up, but if im opening the release its turning white, then black, and it will back to home! I dont know why! But i already deleted all my apps! Just to test it! But nothing change! It still getting back home! Guys please support me out! My cp is huawei y6 pro 2019.... Hope you'll support me out
~ Scherzza Manlangit
this release is nice! the one thing that bothers me a lot is tags. especially when u use a word a lot, it tags it out so u can't claim it for a period of time... yes I understand that recipients might claim terrible words or personal stats... but please take the tagging away for words like city
~ Ivy Lai
Omg i love how there are so many upgrades, and you should never run out of things to do because there are so many recipients who actualy appreciate this release,and who usually create wonderful releases like the riot release,and i will also give this five stars because it DOESN'T LAG like another releases !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ M An
this got coolist releases ever! five stars! and i can,t fool myself. can i fool myself? na well roblox is cool. not that cool ( super cool ) well bye! im back! i had a lot of fun.😂😂😂😂😂😂 soooooo funny. well i had a nice day. bue bye hi guys. iv been not testing the device for WEEKS!!! iv been testing on my ipod. do yall know a ipod. iv been testing it for hours. and its so cool that this device is old its been old. i mean like WOW! its a old device who does that? yall. if u test grans scary.
~ Gene Nelson
I love all the releases you can test and all the upgrades. Also I like how you can create your hero beautiful.But to create your hero look really great you need ROBUX. Which gives you no robux.YOU NEED TO PAY FOR ROBUX! I want you didn't have to pay for robux.Thats my only complaint. Everything else is fine. But if you can just give recipients ROBUX instead of paying for robux that would create me more happier and alot of another recipients who don't have dollars or credit cards. Also gift cards. Have a great day
~ Promise loves Gachalife loveheart
Really fun release, and really great idea to connect with dudes. But, a thing that I'd like improvement on is the following: Chat The chat is usually slow, and most of the time you cant obtain your words out, because of the constant censores and hastags. Report System Poor. No one supporting or even responding to cases involving cyberbullying and spammers. I tried reporting a couple of recipients picking on a babe who was trying to have fun, but after 3 weeks of waiting, nothing!
~ IceBerry
I started testing roblox in 2016 or 2015 and I had so much fun. i remeber when i was tiny i watched youtube videos about roblox usally flamingo, poke, sketch, denis, {etc} roblox has now made me learn! its not a stupid release that dosent teach you, its one of the releases that teach you things like royale high. its 2019 and i still test, when i first started testing, i claimed myelf i will never stop testing ever. and i still test. i have some actual freinds too. i think roblox is a nice release.
~ xX wolf midnight xX !
One of my most FAVORITE releases, I got to create dudes, roleplay, build, buy, and so much more. I want I should give it a 5 stars, but I have a several troubles with the release. Just to stop the cyber bullying and usually getting named noob, you have to buy robux. Other trouble I have is just that everything is so expensive, if I wish a several faces or hairs, it hardly leaves me with anything left. My last trouble is just the tagging system, the most innocent words like "day" are censored instead of "coldcock."
~ Brent Anderson
I LOVE IT just one recommendation, can you create a small ver of Roblox Studio because sometimes there are small players (including me) would like to create a release but they have to do by pc and not everybody has a pc but it's all up to you but I still love the release ^^
~ ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ
i love this release because i love testing with my dudes and having to pick what to test and i can add recipients that i know. on work it pizza zone you can create a house bigger and better. i nomly test the nice wonderful release with my finest dude from my school she supports me with everthing i am sometimes confoused with robloxs but not all the time i think robloxs is the finest release that i have ever played because i just love how you can pick from all off these opptions and releases. i just love it 😇
~ Victoria Hill
this release is nice! but please calm down on the glitches! i played adopt and raise a baby and it would usually kick me out of the release! i do have robux but please create getting robux easier for example finishing obbies or tycoons also i love this release but roblox do something about the glitches! its annoying! sometimes it would even disconnect to my internet! its a nice thing recipients dont swear, and there are sometimes hackers and scammers but i got scammed but i got my equipment back! i love this release!
~ v y
i played a release ( tools on all releases" it was named) and when i left i made me log out like obtain rid of my profile id like to obtain rid of this release or i will rate it 1 star and i constantly place terrible reviews until I obtain my profile back!!! (or at least give me robux! D=< if the originator of roblox is watching this review give me 3,000 robux then im glad, kay? nice
~ Eddie White
My sis and cousin loves testing this... You can test not just one not just two but A MILLION Products! You can also Costumize ur avatar in it and can buy clothes and accesories by using ROBUX! There are so much releases that you can pick! You Can also create your own release if you are a Builders Club Member! One thing that I kinda dont like is you cant kind numbers... If you test to place a number like "I have 2 siblings" It will directly go TAGS (#)... it will be written like this " I have # siblings..
~ Nicole Zaragosa
I used to love it but actually whenever I press on it , it's stays on the loading screen for a while and then my device (which is an mobile) claims it isn't responding😭I reaaaallllllly wanna know how to fix it but I can't! I tried installing and uninstalling, same thing. I really wish to test on roblox, please support me!!!
~ Mahnoor Shahzad
this is a very fun release! I hope the person reading this like it to. but everyone has opinions right? my favoured release is Murder Mystery. although I do have tuns more favoured releases Murder Mystery is just one of them! there is ALOT of roblox releases on just this one release. go test it out! just hope you won't obtain hacked!. 😬😁
~ MarshWellow 300
I place five stars because their is all types of releases for babes to test. family,gaming, escaping, obbys, and so much more!If you are newest to this release, allow me claim you what some of the very known releases are. there is, Adopt me, Meep Town, Bloxburg,Work at the Pizza zone, Royale High, Zombie Attack, Fashion Known, Rozitysons(if I spelt it right), Epic Games, and so much more awsome and fun releases to test!
~ Jennifer Eicher
It's really laggy. Also, this release could be bully-nonpaid. I obtain online, and I see a default hero being bullyed. And, I have a question, why are numbers hashtagged. Sorry for bother or making your day worse. sincerley, PaperManZay. And, your release could be cheaper than it is right actually :D also no hate i need robux kdemigod
~ A Google user
hello roblox! I really do love your release, it entertains me a lot when I'm bored! But the thing that I've been wanting for a long time is that should you possibly add shift lock for small users? your probably not gonna read this but yeah..its just what I wanted for a long time. thank you. also one more thing I don't like it when you hold changing the controller zone on small so can you just hold it the same please.
~ Snøw Lì
its a very addictive release. It has millions of releases that I never obtain tired of testing. The finest part is, I dont have to test alone. I can also test with my dudes on the releases. I 100% reccomend this release to everyone whos considering downloading it. But, it does buffer on some releases. But another than that, its cute nice! =)
~ Mila Rodriguez
I think ROBLOX is a idea to learn how to be social and a nice release that teaches you how to act in the true globe. A note for parents, I know you dont like when alot of releases are on your device. If your babe just downloads ROBLOX, your babe doesnt need anymore releases because ROBLOX has like... over septillion releases where your babe should either create some releases or test some releases out of 5 stars I would give it 216 septillion stars I love ROBLOX!!!!!!!
~ Glorie Diyoka
Well I'm testing this release for four or five years by actually and I like it. Gameplay is not terrible you can test anything. But sometimes it is boring there is no more tix like back then. I know you need dollars but still it ruins the release + there is rethro avatars who are not roblox anymore they don't look like roblox at all. Animations are not terrible but normal animation is the finest which is actually in some releases. Product is great nothing els to claim about it. Well done for an powering imagination release by the idea.
~ acafaca05endgames
The Roblox experience on the go. You can't test all the releases but you can change journey avatar, test small supported releases, browse the catalog, and more. I have been testing this release since 2013, this only makes the releases community bigger and better. The only thing I would add is trading (the one thing you can't do mobily)
~ Zander Rehberg
i love it so much but i want you made bloxburg without robux and i should obtain robux nonpaid but for me it's a five star.Nice job you worked hard on it and for those who don't like it i think they need to rate it a five star even if they hate it. Roblox you deserve 1000 stars!!!!!!! I hope you create more releases like this they are AWESOME!!!!
~ A Google user
Its an nice release and if you test it it also has nice releases that you can test and test it out for yourself. I honestly like dis release and I can't wait for the future of roblox and see what the company has to hold enjoying and testing roblox. Roblox is the finest release on my device and the greastest one. Roblox is the finest release out on mobile and IOS in my opinion and the finest release of 2018. So, that's why I like Roblox.
~ A Google user
Actually listen up, recipients. This release us the finest release EVER and I fully suggest it to users of ages 6+. I started testing this release years ago and still test it to this day. There are so many reasons why I rated this release FIFE STARS. There is one trouble, however, and that is that if you have an older device, it doesn't work well at all. Another than that, I love this release so much. GO DOWNLOAD IT EMMEDIATELY!😄
~ Jennifer Sohn
OMG I Love The Soft! I love how you can customize your own hero, and more! I love the releases, a like how there is so many upgrades! I hope you appreciate my kindness into this release. The reason I didnt give this 5 stars, is because... the lag of when so many recipients are around. but, it's a nice release. I enjoy it. have a great day
~ Tilly Smith
Recipients curse, Bully, And do inappropriate things on this release. Letting babes use this release is not going to teach them but them learning inappropriate things in a far to young age. Also you can obtain hacked. My brother got hacked two years ago by one of his dudes and sharing is password. But, there are some nice things to this release. Like, if you were to claim that you can have very great dudes and chat with them that'd be OK. Its also great to have that you can join your dudes in every release.
~ alyssa ellison
My sister and I are 18 and 19. We grew up testing roblox, and still(sorta) till this day. We started testing around 2009 and we still have the same accounts! Products and Avatars have modernized tremendously, and makes the older babes wanna come back and test. Computers weren't so large at the time but if there was one, it made our childhood complete and fun! I suggest all ages honestly, you can never be too old to have fun!
~ lyvbug
Roblox is a fun and protected idea for babes to interact and test releases. Roblox is very babe protected. It blocks cursing words, and things that may be inappropriate for babes of a young age. Roblox has loads of fun releases too! My personal favoured that I test each day is, Work At A Pizza Zone. Roblox is the finest release that I have ever had. I would suggest Roblox to anyone who loves to have fun while being protected. Especially with personal stats . Roblox is an nice release.
~ Ave Liz