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About: Way Riot is the global sensation that defined the Combat Racing category! This addictive, action-packed shooter will place your driving skills to the ultimate play! Dodge missiles, destroy aggressor cars, and leave a trail of destruction as you race to the top of the worldwide rankings! Engadget.com claims Way Riot Combat Racing pays homage to arcade classic. Whats not to love? Speedy cars, large guns, sleek armor, and glory are waiting for you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Racing cars has never been this much fun! Way Riot Combat Racing challenges you to:: * Race, shoot, and destroy all kinds of rivals while speeding down the way! * Customize your ride with 15 lvls of weapons, armor, side weapons and towers as well as five types of specialty cars: Sports Machine, Magnet Machine, Missile Machine, Laser Machine and Blast Machine. * Dodge away from random rockets, miss ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: Titan Mobile LLC
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Road Riot Reviews and Comments:

The release is actually borring,i lost all my gems and side weapon don't know y
~ Fofana ibrahim kalilulaye
I test this release each day to ease my tension. It supports me to sleep.
~ A Google user
its so fun but you need to give more pink Jewelsl
~ Karolina Delmar
Nice release until the modernization I lost my drones and all my pick ups are back to lvl one
~ A Google user
i have test so much so that i wish to modernization my release
~ A Google user
Thank you for fixing this annoyingly addictive release I just love it.!
~ A Google user
Why do you hold claiming me I need to modernization when I test I'm claimed the ver I'm running is fine and won't allow me u6
~ monk19572000
It's takes awards ,gems and progress away for no reason after you have earned them and they are not reinstated.
~ A Google user
this is the third time i played this release. twice i lost ovee 1400 gems this time got to 1300 gems and actually the release doesnt even launch
~ Liakath Hussain
used to be fun but actually has mega banners that you can not skip. uninstalled.
~ James Chance
Rip off of Fastlane: way to revenge release. That release is faster and more fun
~ Dennis Gross
played this release for seven years and I just love it to death absolutely it's nice
~ A Google user
Its extremely fun but would be great if equipment wasn't so expensive and there was a idea to switch saved releases to another devices
~ happy wolf
Its addictive. Short videos not testing ?.
~ Ned Trinity
I Have A Lot Of Coins.......How To Used That's Coins......?????.......Thanks I Hope You Can Support Me........!!!!!
How to transfer coins to tango??? I will give 5 stars !!!
~ shahabhas tk
Had over 40,000 score on the leader board, played today and my score restart to 0??
~ Tracy Abbott
Nice although they have to obtain better the release speedy lane has become my newest favoured shoot-em up release
~ A Google user
this release used to be fun but actually it's horrible. no one responds to your correspondences when you have questions or concerns
~ Johnathan Workman
~ maria baker
I have an release that disables network connection for another apps and this somehow bypass that watch out it's some how getting permission to access wifi and time.
~ Kim Lee
too much advertising when testing the release n u can't skip it. I used to love it but actually its rubbish.😏
~ Law Jones
The release is type of frustrating, has no or very smal price when you pass to the nex lvl, the updates are expensive, and un top of it it crush a lot
~ A Google user
Stupid release, only opened once after i downloaded it and has never opened again. Each time I test, it crashes 😡😠😠😠😠
~ Antony Kabuki
I love it. I've been testing this release for about 7/8 years actually. I've advanced so much in this release of #Way #Riot.
~ A Google user
it is a cool release but it is hard to accumulate gems , if you create it easier i will give you 5 stars
~ A Google user
would give 5 stars but not been able to log in last several days. test to log in today no effects do i deleted it.
~ Bob Gabbert
I have been trying to obtain support with Way Riot for a LONG time. NOBODY is responding to correspondences and the blog does NOT work. When I complete an achievement, I do not obtain the rewards, I am not getting my gems earned, I have not been able to upgrade my car. Uninstalling and reinstalling the release has done nothing. WHERE IS SUPPORT??
~ Nitro Queen
stole my car, my gems, my dollars, my achievements. No one answers the requests for help. The worst type of release... one that steals from you!
~ Andre A
I think u could produce a car that can withstands the way harzad without the booster,and also creat a double shot logo for side weapon,and my own helicopter.atlist if i obtain to certain scene i have advantage ahead of the obstacles.
~ Hami Haikal
It is cool and time taking but only you recipients refuse to give me my GEMS that I have paid for this one the reason I stop but am back actually hoping you recipients will hold up to your own side of the releases
~ Lyson Essi
fun release i like it, but needs more missions to do and more ideas to earn gems, please, please, create more missions
~ A Google user
I like testing roadriot, but last time i decide to buy the gems. You deducted the dollars from my profile, but i did not obtain any gems. Please either i obtain my dollars back or obtain 3000 gems. Thank you
~ Faten Hafez
this is a nice release. but there could be an option to buy gems with the coins you have gained. just a several gems to hold you going.
~ John Jolly
Hazur Sahib the same idea as to how to obtain to the end of the most important thing in common with the following feedback below for the first time in the UK and Ireland destinations only a several days ago by the idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain your hands on the device and fax number of recipients who are not the intended recipient of this correspondence address and telephone number or visit the main page for royal time and the another day will be able to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the
~ A Google user
I downloaded it and then I go to launch it. and I obtain the orange Tango screen as well as a please restart. restart obtain the Tango screen versus a tiny bit of song and then the release closes. and no matter how many times you close it and restart it and close it and restart it you never obtain to test the release. and I'm just waiting for somebody to now fix it it's been like this for quite a while. it's a nice release if you can obtain it to work it's a fun driving release.
~ starlyn Wilson
It's a 'Cool' release but need to create it nonpaid of cost in some car updates and power ups to buy or else it's no Fun testing it, so please squad do create a change in this topic, thank u...
~ Jyothishree Lovely
I contacted Titan App LLC for support and they claim they have NOTHING to do with this release and that you guys are using their name fraudulently. Titan App LLC doesn't even create releases. So WHAT is going on? Actually I see why nobody answers users looking for support. No correspondence response and that recent desk blog just loops over and over. Anyone spending true dollars on this release, I recommend you stop.
~ Wicked Ebony
this release is alright the graghics r decsend shooting should be better its almost like fastlane but doesnt come close but i still like im a person who trys almost each release that catches my eye so if it catches my im installing ing testing n if it goodim keeping i just want i had a better device so i keepall releases thats my target test all releases
~ Sandra Duaz
WHERE IS SUPPORT? This release has not worked properly for the longest time and nobody responds to correspondences. I'm a long time user and it's getting worse and worse. Achievements aren't working. Regular log in premium not working. Gems disappearing. Where are users supposed to go for support? Don't bother going to the recent desk blog. It doesn't work correctly. Don't spend true dollars on this release. If you run into troubles, nobody will ever support you.
~ Prism Kiss