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About: 8 Civilizations, 27 Heroes, True Warfare From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the originator of your civilization's history. Will you run epic fights and defeat the whole globe? Or rise up as a virtuous leader renowned for your sagacity? Will you set off to search the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate yourself to supporting your own recipients? Only time will claim... **Informations** True-Time Wars Wars are not pre-calculated but happen in true time on the map. Anyone can join or leave a war at any time, allowing real RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked right in your backyard? Send some units to support your buddy out, or run a surprise counterattack on the offenders castle. Seamless Globe Map All in-release action takes zone on a single, enormous map inhabited by users and NPC characters. No isolated bases or separate war screens. ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 42MB Developer: Lilith Games
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Rise of Civilizations Reviews and Comments:

soo baaaad, what to do..... I am getting bullied and I can't do anything.... the stronger alliances ask for payment so that they won't destroy us, bulllyyyyiinngggg, I hate this, what's the benefit if it is just like another releases where only the dollars spending recipients victory..... developers plz plz plz do something about this, I already got 290k power, leaving would be such a shame
~ game buddy
This is an addictive release with great idea to war for glory! but each modernization usually bring problem to user! but too terrible with the last modernization I have to lost my previous profile which is feedback to my Google profile in my device, please bring back my Moses70 and Maxima Dentsu
~ Tomy Wongso
Outrageous, banned for some unclear vioation with no prof or explanation as to why. This does not create any sense to me because I know I'm innocent and have never done anything that should have been seen as a violation. DONT PUT MONEY IN THIS GAME, they can shut you out with out warning or cause and they will.
~ Steven Simpson
After testing in an alliance for a couple of months, everything has been a waste of time, because you either obtain absorbed by heavy alliances, or are beaten out of the release by force. The release test has been now quite fun. the recipients who test it for some reason have a sense of false power, and crash it for those of us having fun. Basically, this is why we can't have great things. Sadly, I wouldn't suggest the release to anyone because of this.
~ Laura O'Keefe
I was hooked for 4+ months... then one day I did some math, which I already knew but didn't wish to admit was poor, and my love for this release really began to wither away. It's really a nice release and it can be very fun on a newest server. However, unless you are a whale, which are numerous and colossal here, you will need to commit the devotion equal to that of a full time job plus weekends, or a significant relationship, in order to accel or even remain relevant. I had to drop it. Nice release, tho
~ JK nerdy
The meeting they are having encourage high lvl users to harass newest users. I won't stand for a release that uses psychology to force recipients into the pay to victory scam. Recipients there are another releases that are more fun and rewarding. I suggest leaving this release for other that offers a better gaming experience.
~ Randy Gonzalez
Developer provided extensive benefits to specific individuals within the release to make in-release conflicts, in attempts to obtain another users to create bonus buy to hold up. They violated Federal Trade Commission Terms by doing this and not disclosing it; committing fraud. Do not believe this developer.
~ J Frank
My favored fight release amongst the many flooding the supermarket. Different civilisations and customisable castle layout makes this stand out a tiny more than others. It's fairly simple to lvl up in the early stages and with all the quests and offers available it's got a tons of ideas to lvl with or without paying and dollars. Overall well balanced release so far, looking forward to dominating a kingdom some day!
~ Dreadnotic
This release is fully unfair. It's just pay to victory. The server I am in is just over run by recipients who pay for the release and then use their power to create it harder by destroying recipients who do not pay to victory and create it harder for them to rise. I've spent some dollars on the release and actually regret it because it didn't obtain me far. Looks like I'd have to spend hundreds of pounds to obtain anywhere near them. You create us use so much resources but reward us with basically nothing. Don't waste your time on it
~ Tamique Watts
It's a nice release but please optimize the gameplay even more, and please add more known empire civilization like Mongolia,Greece etc. Also please fix some bugs. It works fine almost most of the time but sometimes some bug experiences. Hold on innovating and improving the release I want you all the finest. Its a fun release to test.
~ Mathew Mark Guinoo
rise is a fun release, I've played it for over a year actually and its usually changing, the only thing I dont like is the limited correspondences, some recipients will test to correspondence me in the alliance or someone trying to obtain into my alliance and I wont be able to message back because its limited. only thing I truly dislike about the release.
~ Lucky hall
I liked the release until it became clear has no intention of making the release fair in any idea. China users obtain nonpaid correspondences full of equipment, credit cards rule the release. Hoppers throw fairness out of the window showing up in a newest realm with 1million power while regular users struggle from lvl 1 just to obtain kicked around and burned. It is cute much all geared for paying users. And their customer service is horrible at finest.
~ Jace Shareel
Upgrades for kingdom versus kingdom have made this release incredibly unenjoyable. Its almost at the target where I'm willing to sacrifice all of my time (and dollars) I've place into it just so I don't have to worry about what is going to happen to my hero
~ Ken Tyers
I like the release but I have some recommendations like add a newest kind of technology named "castle defense" in the science center that allow's us build traps like spikes,barbed wire and trenches. secondly, add a newest building like peace center that lets the alliance to have peace with another alliances. anyways still a nice release, but please add these please thank you but please fix the not seeing anything glitch
~ Ryan Miguel Baybayan
changed from 5 stars to 1. The dev's have helped a user with nonpaid resources because he was a known streamer. if you're not planning on dropping at least $5 a day most clans will drop you. The ones that dont are the F2p clans that hardly work together and obviously have weak alliance gift lvls. this release is so pay to victory it's not even funny. I enjoyed this release up until it came time for meetings based on alliances. The recipients who pay everyday will victory without a doubt. well I wasted time and $6
~ J.R. Bruce
Overpowered users will destroy you for no reason I have enjoyed the release for 25 days but then troubles began for everyone. Overpowered users with 4.5 millions power attack randomly our cities, flags and units gatherinf resources for no reason or motive at all. Many recipients abandoned the release because of this. It seems the developers gave nonpaid gems to some users to bully the rest of the users and create us pay. Nope, we will not, release is poor and you could be ashamed for that.
~ Andreas Georgakarakos
I like this release, it shows nice gameplay but i dislike the fact that, dollars is required to obtain yourself stronger into the release. Making it pay to victory, it isnt a release anymore if it makes you spend dollars to victory,not only in fights but in meeting scores. That is what i m starting to realise, this release is leeching out our dollars.
~ Edmund Chieng
Dollary hungry Chinese devs, pay to victory even more actually. Less rewards and less equipment received if any at all for any troubles or technical upgrades. Devs have gotten very greedy and dollars hungry they are becoming EA faster than EA. Receive your ***t together Rok and Lilith or lose more user base to you BS pay to victory dollars hungry system.
~ Vasily R.
I am highly addicted to this release 😄 but have some remarks. It's very hard to transport the objects around the castle and... Why we can't pick how many buildings to have and we are not able to build more than one Builders hut or to upgrade the one we got? And can you please create it possible to share equipment with the another members of our aliance? Otherwise I should give 5 stars.
~ Petya Kurteva
Despite being a nice release, there are so many things you have to know. P2P is real , you have to pay to test which is usually the topic even if I doesn't appear to be so at first. Customer service isn't available almost all of the time and even when they are, you don't obtain much support. If you are testing for nonpaid ( f2p ) then you shouldn't spend any of your rewards unless you are certain that you need to because you might not obtain these rewards very often. P.S they don't respond fb either.
~ Mina Salama
I really do like the release. I'm lvl 20 and have been paying daily for months. But, it's just that. I've been testing EVERY DAY for MONTHS and am just lvl 20. The strongest users in my alliance are 23/24 and I'm in a large time alliance. you advertise these advanced ages and how that's a large part of the release. But, who now sticks around for that long? I won't. It's been a hassle just to obtain to where I am actually. You guys have got to lower the difficulty to advance, if you wish to hold us.
~ Robert Ryzner
Customer service is the worst. 90% of our alliance is not getting credit for Past Glory meeting. But getting credit for each another meeting. So missing out on TONS of chests we have rightfully earned. CS keeps claiming they're STILL looking into it. But meeting ends in a day. So nice luck. They are horrible.
~ Kathleen Lourdes
awsome release. speedy paced teamwork release that catches your attention. it takes a weekend off to grind out the firs scene well but very worth it. check out their blog for walkthroughs. of just google it in general before you run a newest release and obtain involved with the community. a bunch of really great overall nice recipients are on here. there are variety of meetings tonparticipate in that are very rewarding. im a no pay user and this release is awsome :)
~ Chris Tyo
this company has the worst customer service. I was double charged for a bundle that I bought but only received one set of equipment. When I processed my refund, not only did I obtain my dollars back but they also took the equipment from my original buy. They still haven't refunded me or gave me back my equipment from the original buy!!! I contacted their customer service multiple times but I obtain no response.
~ Sean Herman
Love it. Nice to pass time... Addictive!.. It runs along the lines of you spend dollars and be better loads of releases create you pay to obtain the nice equipment, but it offers a lot of rewards for users who can spend tiny to nothing on in release purchases. Even gives you gems to support build your wall up to a certain target. Its a nice release overall...
~ Rose Lee
So again GM Lily doesn't understand. I got charged twice for the same box. I wanted the box but didn't not wish the one that I did not obtain. So Lily took away the only one I received. So I paid $100 and got nothing. Lily still doesn't understand and I asked for a supervisor. After explaining 10 times and sending pictures. This is the 2nd time this has happened this month to me. Someone please support me another then GM Lily, I don't think Lily reads anything I write or pictures sent.
~ Pete R
i have played for a total of 110 solid days. spent around 50 dollars.( which i never do on mobil releases) I have to claim i do love the release, but fully set up to spend dollars. it is not as enjoyable as a nonpaid to test user. legendary commanders cost dollars to up grade. without them you are cute much helpless and don't even obtain me started on the gold and silver chests. that is why i gave it three stars the dollars for time aspect is poor. it is very addictive for some stupid reason.
~ Average American
This release is fairly nice. I love the gameplay and it's really easy, from battling barbarians to attacking another users everything is laid out nicely. The idea of it is also very nice, I like how it has a tons of kingdom choices and commanders, that just made the release more deeper. The community is also very nice and very friendly. The only trouble is that the release tends to ruin alot, i've been trying everything from clearing cache to reinstalling the release but nothing works. Please fix it
~ VaxGrax
Modernization newest Lost Crusade. Lost Kingdom it look excited users and rate 4/5. However i rate 1/5 for reason 1) Lost Crusade meeting points last zone(dead server) 2) about 50 [Edit+10 Traitor] users quit server because meeting score server list double than lowest 3) we lost 4 top users are quit 4) several middle finest users don't care and attacked same kingdom server in Lost Kingdom because Lancaster server last zone score meeting. [Edit:Dear users, i recommend don't test this release waste of time]
~ Michael Hsi
Well worth a go but not great. This is no different from any another release on the release shop.. unless you spend lots of true dollars then updates are painfully slow and you have no chance of competing with the large users - and theres no safeguards to stop them from annihilating you - which does spoil it somewhat. Luckily I actually test in a structured and peacful kingdom so a semi nonpaid-to-test walkthrough is not too terrible. It is fun to test though, if you manage to survive and reach a decent power lvl.
~ Richard Powell
played this release, enjoyed it a lot, but this release environment is very unforgiving, i wasn't online for just a several weeks; less than a month, due to deployment. Without any warning, they just transferred my gild to someone else. Actually i am claimed i have to wait 7 days and pray that the another user is not online at all. In short, if you value your time and effort, go look for other release release as the developer will not value your time commitment. super pissed and disappointed actually!
~ Darius Foo
Warring system is a tiny strange, but it's ok. The lag & unresponsive UI, however, is absurd. Routinely experience 5-15 seconds of lag & disconnections during gigantic fights (specifically in campaign & worse, the Silk Way meeting.) The worst thing, though, is that it is dominated by the Chinese. In any given kingdom, 85-100% of the top 100 users will be from China. I've heard they obtain in-release purchases for about 90% off. Well, it shows. It's fully unfair, unfortunately.
~ Michael H
What customer service? What they call "customer service" is a FAQ page.So in reality there is no customer service! I log out 6 pm 34 hrs till scene 2 launches.i login 5pm next day "scene 2 has begun" last i checked still only 24 hrs in one day. Deleting release after 160 days login and much $, in response to your response, I like my safety and policies I don't use Fb. Help could e available in release not on 3rd party blog.
~ Erik Morris
Dont Download. PAY TO WIN. Gotta spend dollars. cant compete without it and if you obtain attacked and you will. Gotta spend dollars to recover. Adverts are fake. There are no dragons. Waste of time.. you gotta have nice connection and stay online 24/7 or buy shields... $$ Spent over 100$ high lvl users transfer onto newest servers and wipe everyone. RoK does nothing to make fair gameplay. All about the $$ Avoid this release if you value your wallet.
~ Taegan Hill
Nice release. Seems to have less bullying than others of the kind. However the newest expansion seems to have introduce an unbalanced element into the mix with overpowered whale kingdoms being place versus kingdoms half as potent. This release may be heading on the downward path of another releases of this kind. We know you developers love the large spenders but eventually you will alienate everyone else.
~ Richard Mills
RIP off from clash of lords, just other dollars grabbing release which is Pay to Victory. release sponsors another users by making them stronger, which in turn makes you spend dollars to compete versus them. Just other idea they create dollars without the customer experience, release is broken, lacks depth and is solely a release where spending dollars makes your potent.
~ Indy Kolt
Nice release! I love the troop movement system, I love the take on KVK and CVC. Very different than another releases in this category and one of my favored releases, despite being somewhat P2W. However, the bugs that have been in the release for months(chat bugs, wandering units, screen delay) do not obtain patched quickly enough, also the release performance is not optimised and, after a while, becomes almost unplayable without reinstalling. If not for these bugs it would be 5 stars easily.
~ Kev
*Modernization of my original review* This release is has tremendous potential but is 100% Pay to Victory. Many of these releases seem to be following that trend these days, but this release takes it one step further and actively funds/sponsors a several users in every server. They give them nonpaid resources/updates to support entice another users to spend dollars. The Devs will deny this but with all the proof of this available online, it wont take much effort to verify this. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!
~ Travis Wilson
here lately it been very laggy and then yesterday I was fighting in a large war when my screen when black. tried to restart the release off and on for a hour mean while the war was still going on. Needless to claim I got attacked few times and should not do anything about it. I have tried the release customer service about it and still no response it's been two days actually. I have spent lots of dollars and here but the release use to be fun and far gaming but it's not actually so don't download. MK
~ Steven Garrett
After having spent more than a grand on it and regretting. actually, I'm trying to save another recipients just like me who might regret later. 5 star for fun release. but I gave 1 star because its pay to victory. You can do f2p but you will be a guy who is trailing behind alwayz that idea. so many things locked away for only recipients who will spend like tens of thousands of dollars. I freaking mean it. tens of thousands of dollars for true. and those recipients are so cocky. Believe my words.
~ Andaz Rai