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Riptide GP: Renegade   
About: Experience the future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over heavy waterfalls, dodge cops through public waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through castle waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Test through the single user career to unblock newest machines, playable characters, and customization informations as you take down bosses and build your gang. Then, take your skills online for the ultimate play as you war foes around the globe in 8-user online matches. Challenge your dudes for leaderboard supremacy in the ghost-racing challenge mode. You can even test locally in split screen races with up to 4 users! Featuring thrill-ride r ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Vector Unit
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Riptide GP: Renegade Reviews and Comments:

I love all three of the Riptide releases, but this is my favoured. Nice work 👏
~ Randy Sloan
finest racing release, graphic quite nice... any plan for making other riptide gp release? would like to buy it if you create it in the future...
~ mike ANDREA
It's an nice release! Only sometimes doesn't detect my tricks correctly, but apart from that, I love it.
~ photon 666
Nice release, nice control and optimised for my device. Valuable in each penny and hopefully we'll obtain more upgrades if there will ever happen. Otherwise, nice and worth it.
~ Harith Rahman
Runs perfectly on my OnePlus 6T. Very fun release. Xbox One controller is recognized instantly by the release which is the idea this could really be played.
~ Guy-Albert Antoine
like it a lot!! allow me obtain back to testing it!
~ Samuel Haverghast
nice racer at a nice price. worth $10, allow alone the $.99 i paid.
~ Ken D
this release is super nice!!! I've been having so much fun with it you originators of this release to the nice job
~ A Google user
Wow, finest water racer, very fun, nice soundtrack, nice sfx, worth much more than the price.
~ Andrei Lala
Nice release and brings back memories of my time testing the Wave Race releases. I want the release has Matchmaking Queue or Speedy Match for online rather than creating matches. it makes multiplaying a bit easier.
~ Justintime2010
No forceful everyday logins..No token earnings from banners..Addictive still well balanced release...whenever you wish to test you test...whenever you don't wish you don't...complete release ..enjoyed...worth paying ..I purchased it when it was on sale...mast..👌
~ Birju Vyas
nice release developers could work on pricing.I trust 100₹ would be an enticing deal for serious users around globe. Also victory victory for developers more recipients buy it more devepovers will obtain.No doubt actual pricing is well justified. Developers just think about it. all the finest
~ Jitendra Kumar
the graphics are lovely, and run very nicely on my Moto G5+. The narrative is enjoyable, and the tracks are well designed with a fun but challenging difficulty curve. I am enjoying this release a lot.
~ Rosslyn Carlyle
Attempted to contact customer service and have not gotten anything back. The steering goes dead when I test to steering with the screen instead of tilting the device.
~ Terence Bruce
Listing was really nice I like how you can now do that tiny dance moves an inmate's gives you speed this is a great Dame I haven't played I know you've been making a lot of them anyone reading this we go check out the release rapid GP and Rapid gp2 it's the same one as this
~ A Google user
I love this release !!! It is by far the finest release as far as graphic, control, and speedy paced action. You guys rock! I am surprised that you are not charging more for it...LOL. GREAT GAME!!
~ Terry Loveless
release is fine, but how did the existing police ai/functionality survive beta? fully random, no idea to adjust to them, no idea to prevent them spawning and once they arrive they might as well be intermittent driver freezes to your input device. bizarre "information" to create it into an otherwise polished release
~ Nathan Foley
Overall nice release! But I have 1 major trouble. I can't do multi user mode! It can never search a group to join and when I make a group nobody joins!
~ John From Ywam
I like the release but the trouble is that there are no brakes in all steering modes besides the screen tilting (which is not my personal preference). How come you need brakes when screen tilting but not when using the screen press steering? I thought this was a bug and reinstalled the release again after a while but it's still not fixed! Is anything going to be done about this? :/
~ Violeta Kaminskaitė
Very nice release. lot's of fun. speedy races for short periods of entertainment. doesn't consume time.
~ Abhijit Dutta
Only 4 stars because of the linear path to progressing. You have to upgrade to the newest hydrojet every time after you beat every boss riding them, or you won't victory anything in the next string. Riptide GP2 is better cause you obtain to create choices.
~ A Google user
The finest and most futuristic GP Riptide release, very challenging but not frustrating. Graphically outstanding and very reactive. Sometimes you jump from nice heights which gives you more opportunities to do stunts than previous GP Riptide releases.
~ praetorianus65
Crazy what you can obtain for the price of a latte. The graphics are nice, the controls are responsive, and finest of all, the release isn't trying to suck more dollars out of you all the time. A great reminder of how much is possible in a small release and how far short most developers fall.
~ Brendan Halpin
Got this release in a sale, thought I'd test it out. verdict: finest release on the release shop! Clean physics, mind blowing graphics for a small release, and an nice progression system create it cute much the finest release I've ever played. DOWNLOAD IT! (it's worth it!) no true troubles really, plus as its paid....no banners!!! :)
~ Ben Wallace
Really nice release. I have enjoyed all the Riptide releases but this one is the finest. The graphics are top notch, the tracks are fun and challenging, and it loads super speedy. One of the finest device releases I've played.
~ Trenton Shuck
Overall a nice Mobile release. The short loading times and the speedy races mean that it is simple to slay short amounts of time without becoming too committed in the release. Brilliant speedy paced racing. Superb graphics. Nice soundtrack (but see below). Nice tilt steering. The lack of in release banners and purchases is bliss. Works well with my Xbox 360 controller (wired). Several flaws which can be worked on for their next release: song sounds excessively compressed and detracts from an otherwise enjoyable listen. Easier to test with a controller - you have control over the acceleration.
~ Minesh Mistry
Haven't played a lot yet, but there are some things I like right off the bat. It has a storyline, even if it's not super in depth. I like racing releases to have a storyline. Second, once you buy it, you own it. No banners, no microtransactions, no unnecessary permissions so the developer can time mine you. I love that and want more developers would return to paid Mobile releases.
~ A Google user
i purchased this release on sale for .99$ and i think it was worth it because the release never lags and the graphics are nice. At the begining i search that the tilt controls are a tiny hard to use so i switched to the tap controls and it made the release so much better. Overall this release is nice with nice controls, nice running, nice graphics and a lot more nice informations,
~ NASA Space
An improvement on GP 2 in many zones, but this release brings few troubles of its own. Nice visuals, meh audio, hit-or-miss controls that can fail to recognise inputs. The first several rounds felt related to GP2, but the difficulty ramps up quickly, unfair AI, discriminatory police and any another in-release obstacles will do everything to hinder you while NPCs transport about with impunity. And that's on normal difficulty, I got frustrated and went to rookie mode. Unfixed bug: Missing brake buttons
I'm not true clear on deciphering your tricks. According from what I can gather you need two fingers on either side of the screen or device your using at the same time, so that's 4 fingers total you'll need to pull off the tricks? How are you supposed to keep on to the device or device with needing two fingers on every hand to gesture certain directions to pull off tricks. Far to complicated. The racing and another controls are fine. I guess I'll just suck at doing the tricks. Nice potential though.
~ Derek Boni
The trick controls are very (ahem) tricky. I've just bought the for my Samsung S10+. Nice visuals Brings back nice memories of wave race 64. However, I'm finding it very hard to obtain used to the trick system. Some tricks are easy. Others are claiming to either swipe twice/double tap/two-finger swipe left or right are very tricky to obtain used too. A more lengthy guide would be handy. Or a better explanation in the trick walkthrough
~ A Google user
nice graphics and tons. no banners
~ Anestis Hadjicostas
One Of The Finest Products I Own
~ Swadow Puff
Full release no in release purchases and it's nice enough I purchased it ON PC as well.
~ Serc
Nice Product. Completely worth the upfront cost.
~ Justin Gelinas
recipients disliked this because they can't use a console controller you need an mobile controller if you wish to test with an controller. it's not designed for them
~ It's Demetri
Nice racing release. Worth $3 because it's special and doesn't lock anything else behind a paywall.
~ Josiah Keeler
I love this release. This is a very rewarding release to test since it requires some racing skill. Pretty visuals and nice controls. 10/10
~ Danial M
Nice release test and graphics. I played this through Apple television on a widescreen telly and this device held mobile ver feels exactly the same. Incredible release. Well worth the price and no in release purchases or banners.
~ Zubair Ahmed
Nice job Vector Unit. Got your correspondence from Matt a several days ago about the newest modernization. I modernized and the brakes are visible actually and they function perfectly. Well done.
~ Gbolahan Olaseinde