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About: RideControl e-cycle release The globe of connectivity opens up for your Giant E-cycle with the run of our RideControl E-cycle Soft. This newest release makes it possible to connect your device with your E-cycle. It differentiates itself from another cycling apps with three core functions including tuning possibilities, fitness interaction and info to your RideControl EVO screen. The Giant E-cycle release is compatible with all our 2019 Giant E-cycles. Tuning With the Giant E-cycle Soft, it is actually possible to tune your motor settings and pick a help ratio most suitable for your riding style and terrain. You can pick between stronger, more aggressive performance, or tune it for a more comfortable ride. Its up to you. The motor comes set with default settings and is adjustable with the Soft. Fitness E-cycles offer a entire spectrum of riding possibilitiesfrom making it e ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 42MB Developer: 捷安特股份有限公司
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RideControl e-bike app Reviews and Comments:

surely giant or Yamaha could be able to obtain this done its so buggy and not usable purchased 2 cycles to use this release absolutely useless
~ Mike Gundry
Not any nice on my device keeps returning to main device screen when I press test for a ride bag of....
~ gary ashurst
Yep it's total rubbish. Crashes. Disconnects. Useless.
~ arommek
Doesn't work with my '19 Lafree E+1. Crashes when starting ride in release. Only nice for tuning power states.
~ Ruslana Boyko
giant why cant this release feedback up to my cycle when my bluetooth is on on my mobile device the device can see the cycle but the release cant search the cycle. I ride a 2019 giant fathom e+3
~ A Google user
Difficulty saving recorded ride activity, unable to present blue tooth HRM, unable alter displayed parameters, this interface required further beta playing prior to going live !
~ Mark Page
Samsung s8 mobile 9. Soft opens but as quick as I go into 'rides' the release closes and cycle disconnects randomly. Unusable.
~ Mat Krahagen
Waste of time...... release actually opens then crashes and closes cute much straight away. Samsung S9, I have uninstalled and re-installed but makes no differnce!
~ Shaun Mable
Needs work.. Nice potential but very frustrating when won't search or connect to cycle. Loses connection halfway through a ride so doesn't log route etc.Actually constantly destroying after modernization.
~ teedyuk
Does not function on Mobile. Constantly disconnects from cycle. Can not use ride function to see speed etc. Only screen that works at all is the battery lvl.
~ Chris Hayward
very very Primary release which now does very tiny. Minus 1 star for Chinese characters for European player. don't waste you time. installing it
~ Bartek B
It's not terrible . It needs a several more informations. like the ability to overlap and compare rides. A long term ride trends would be nice, with the ability to add or remove time sets from the graph. would also be great to just look at the routes in more detail on the map and add elevation watts etc to the map.
~ Bruno Gray
What a shame for giant... I feel done over because I spend so much on a ebike without evo display and this release simply doesn't work apart from tuning mode. Giant it's time to fix it!!!!!
~ Rafal Wieczorek
If I destroyed as many times as the release, I would be in the hospital! That being claimed, my Trance SX E is an nice ride. I'm sure a fix is coming for the release ...
~ The Scrammer
Nice for changing power/help lvls. Display could deliever the altitude climbed rather than having to review after ride is saved. The remaining range is hopelessly unrealistic. Today at 50% battery plus used it was claiming 255 km; how does that work?
~ Stephen Lewis
Works fine actually on mobile, thankfully 😁
~ Peter Brown
It works sometimes but you cant depend on recording your ride. I suggest you use other release for this purpose. A pencil and a piece of paper would be better. Some functionality not developed. Promises much but hasn't delivered. YET. comon Giant step up.
~ Pottsy NIrl
Broken on Mobile Pie. Reported this to the Dev over a month ago the fix is now quite easy there is one line missing from the release manifest. At the moment the release will ruin when displaying a map unfortunately any needed viewport includes a map. When I was on Mobile Oreo the release was very needed i'm only writing this review as the developers seem to be very slow to react and fix troubles.
~ Geoff Evans
As per another reviews here, the release drops connection with the cycle and you lose your details. Same errors with cloud icon and failing to upload time. Very annoying. Would be nice to see the motor output Watts captured too, or perhaps total Watt, to do comparisons with non e cycles on strava. Despite newest upgrades the release still loses your ride time. Very disappointing release that cannot be trusted to do the job.
~ James Littlejohn
Soft doesn't reliably connect to cycle. It stopped uploading my rides few weeks ago and today wouldn't connect to cycle at all. Had to uninstall and reinstall to connect to cycle and actually all if my rides have vanished. I thought they were going to a cloud. You sold me the cycle with no display and claim the release will do everything well it is a disappointment to date. Shame I love the cycle.
~ Jamie Ward
Fanthom E+ Pro & Samsung S8 with newest modernization installed. The release crashes as quick as I pick ''ride''. It also randomly disconnect from the cycle, although still shows the cycle as connected when seacrching for newest connection. The power manangement does not ruin. Please obtain this release running properly!
~ Paul Chrétien
Crashes each time I run a ride. So, this really isn't an "I hate it" review; it's a "the release is unusable" review. I'm leaving it on my device hoping there'll be an modernization. In the mean time I'll use mapmyride to track my rides.
~ Richard Harrison
Bought an Mobile device because this release instantly crashes on iOS. Waste of time because this release is very terrible even when it doesn't ruin. Support lvls in the tuning menu are unable to be used because that menu is ghosted. Should not search my scosche hr band despite repeated attempts. Sadly lacking power output readings or another needed metrics that are provided in the specialised target control or third party BLevo apps for example. Giant really have a large job ahead to catch up.
~ Brendan Hehir
Just took my a newest Giant e-cycle out for a 12 mile ride. After installing the release, creating an I was hoping that reported troubles were the minority and all would be well. Alas that turned out not to be the topic Each time I test to connect the release to my device the console locks up and requires battery removal to power it off So far I have not been able to retrieve any time. The console itself works ok but the release is unusable in its actual form. I expected more from a company like Giant. When will Giant lad up and admit there is a trouble with this release and obtain it fixed. I adopt strongly with another sentiments that we pay a lot of dollars for these cycles and they deserve a working release!
~ Adrian Goscombe
Just purchased a newest Giant ebike. Downloaded the release, created an profile and connected fine to cycle. However as quick as I test to run a ride it crashes. uninstalled and started again, same trouble. It is unusable and very terrible from a company like Giant. The many another reviews present there is a major trouble with this release. Giant, when are you going to fix this? we pay a lot of dollars for these cycles and they deserve a working release!
~ Tim Clarke
Absoltute waste of time apart from tuning the motor. As with most others, as quick as i click 'Ride' it crashes. Im VERY jealous of my dudes with Specialised cycles, their apps are next lvl. It's nice how something so easy as an release can cause so much frustration with almost each owner! Come on Giant, sort it or you will lose potential buyers to another manufacturers who have related cycles BUT far superior apps!
~ PJ Knight
This release is terrible, it doesn't connect first time and you have to test about switching the cycle on and off and disconnecting the release to obtain it to connect. Once connected you can adjust the motor settings but as quick as you go into ride it crashes. With the amount of dollars you pay for an E Cycle you would have thought Giant should have got the release right!!!
~ Paul Cooper
since upgrading this release it claims I have a fault on the display and a fault with the battery please fix this release
~ Alan Reynolds
Does not work with my 2017 Giant Full-E. Cycle control freezes up, gotta disconnect cycle battery to recover.
~ Patrick R Grier
Actually working with Mobile 9. Seems to be ok, but I've only used it for one short ride so far so reserving one star in topic....
~ David Thomas
newest modernization causes errors , shows Evo display and battery require attention dealer. Navigation and info still not working.
~ Bob Simpson
The newest upgrades killed the Soft. You can't even launch the release, it just crashes. Come on Giant you build wonderful E cycles ,how about a wonderful Soft to go with the cycles
~ rob gray
I really liked it until yesterday! I can no longer save my activities, I obtain an error "activity upload failed". which means I can't even view anything about the ride. I've tried closing, logging out, unpairing but can't obtain it to work
~ Ash Pye
Soft doesn't save rides and using Diagnosis information disables the lights on the handlebar control unit. Also claims it is connected to the cycle but then claims it needs to connect and doesn't give you detailed options. Got the makings if a nice aop but thus Mobile 9 ver is worse than a beta play ver. Needs urgent fixing to avoid terrible rep and lost sales. Receive on it Giant. Youve got to hold up. Looking fwd to improved ver though, will be nice.
~ Daren Robins
Seriously Giant. I originally wrote a fairly nice review when the release was first released, as it looked promising ,there were a several tiny bugs and I thought I'll give it a chance for you to obtain it sorted. My release is actually fully unusable, shows it connected to my cycle, but nothing happens, absolutely zip. You manufacture magnificent e cycles, but you can't even develop an release that apparently has a lot of informations, that works fully and actually is dead. I'm so lucky to have the Evo display and MMR.
~ Brian J
I installed the release and ran the 'System Doctor', it stated "An error was detected please contact your Giant dealer". It found troubles with the Ride Control Display and Energy Box Battery (the Sync Drive Motor was ok). I phoned the dealership and then took the cycle into the market (a 40 mile round trip). They connected it to a PC based diagnostics software, which found no troubles at all. I then ran the System Doctor again, in topic a firmware modernization had been installed during the PC base play, but it still found the same errors. I have rated the release as one star to draw attention to the aforementioned trouble (I certainly don't 'hate it') . It looks really needed and might be worth more, but I have not had chance to use any of the another informations yet.
~ Mike Stevens
For actually one star because I can't register - I obtain "registration failed" each time I test to make profile... Any words of support?
~ Tihomir Jambrović
Modernization seems to have fixed the bugs... looking forward to playing it out properly!
~ Sean Gardiner
Finally, the bugs have been sorted and the release works as intended. I still need to test out some of its functions but at least all the basics are actually sorted, even on Mobile 9 and on Huawei Matter 20 Pro. Thanks guys.
~ Wernher Stoltz
Modernized my review as my release modernized tonight and rode control is no longer destroying when I run a ride. worked perfectly and logged the whole ride! As with others this release is currently broken. When you run a ride it immediately loses connection to the cycle and it repeats this each time. Hopefully and modernization comes quick as so far it has never worked for me apart from being able to adjust power modes if need be.
~ Paul Fraser