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Retro Runners X2 - Endless Run   
About: The finest nonpaid 8 bit infinite runern release is BACK! Retro Runners X2 is the ultimate infinite runner release! Receive ready for the challenge in this nice race release with a nostalgic retro style 3D universe! Receive as far as you can, run, jump, dodge obstacles and rivals, accumulate coins and premium equipment! - More than 30 unlockable characters with special SCENARIOS, run styles, skills and informations! - Compete for the online leaderboards! - Infinite runner! - Unblock achievements! - Run away from the paparazzi and avoid the animals crossing the way! Grab your running clothes, tie your sneakers and run to the track. Don't forget to drink water. It's going to be nice! Need to talk to us? Send an correspondence to: [email protected]
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Countryside Games
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Retro Runners X2 - Endless Run Reviews and Comments:

There's Pewdiepie In This Product Lol XD
~ Mohdnaiem 4905
But there are a couple bugs
~ Ong Yan Jie
It freezes on the run...
~ A Google user
this release is super duper boring
~ Brianna Brown
Can't go wrong with this release!
~ Sarah Head
BAD! Do not obtain it please☺☺☺☺
~ Kristin Page
Jocul acesta este foarte tare!! Merita patru stele!! :-)
~ Daniel Budușan
Its nice and i really like it but it keeps freezing
~ Maisy Carr
This release is nice and great for record ij youtube and exp in google test
~ Arvy Fardhan
Pls add more information like a booster, boss mode, power up or somthin like that
~ Video Keren
It's great.
~ Craig Sedgwick
It's ok cause they video u and equipment but I feel it's missing somet... 😀
~ Samantha Shadow Wolf
I test to test it but it keeps freezing but none of my another releases freeze
~ Jenny birrell
It won't allow me test it!
~ banáne girl
It past time when I test it and if you like track nice release
~ Franklin Chisolm
Nice release but it seems like it's so to reply to finger swipes sometimes.
~ Kevin J Smith
Moto G. Giving a neutral rating cause I never managed to test it.
~ Maria Gonzales
After the countyside logo it freezed then it gone to the my home screen PLS fix this
~ Christophorus Clement
All i can claim is dont test as yhe PewDiePie hero coz its the most annoying thing you've ever heard!
~ Luke Westbury
I really like the release style, but the release it-self isnt really original and also sometimes it didnt really took my movements.. For example i swiped up, but it didnt do anything :/
~ Krista Roba
cute kool
~ Timothy Parks
~ Jahmil Dunn
~ A Google user
This is nice
~ sarah mejias
it's fun
~ IZiOeZ
I loved it
~ Geetika Ahuja
வென்னபோன கேம்
~ raja vaiyapuri
Nice time aggressor
~ Tacky Salt
It's fun an funny
~ Fat boy Ford
It's so Nice
~ A Google user
It's so fun! I love it
~ A Google user
~ Manuel Gomez
Addictive, a fun releases with a lott of funny characters, love it
~ Maulana Wahyu Prakasa
Not the finest looks very unpolished it's a zero on a modern release perspective
~ Xistence Studios
I like this release, but it's soo bored.
~ Teodora Bodiroga
I really like it. It should use a random hero button and everyday challenges.
~ De Wet Geldenhuys
I gave only three stars because the release keeps stopping. I don't know why. The info Claims me that it stopped. I can hardly test the release. When I obtain into the release and run, the release stops. Please fix this. Thanks!
~ Calyne Low Yu Xin
4 stars for all the unnecessary thing needed like call history
~ dude in the comments
It's a nice time aggressor and I used to test this as a babe and I still love it!! 😉😁👍
~ Craig and Tina Gibson
I'm sorry to give you terrible review. it's so hard to transport the hero (except the jumping) and I've test this before in blackberry z3. and it's idea more better than this ver. hope you fix the trouble. :)0
~ Kezia Kathrina