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Respawnables - FPS Special Forces   
About: The premium ops shooting madness and third person shooter thatll create you forget any another AAA TPS combat! Feel the adrenaline thrills of combat action and counterattack fighting in this MMORPG and become a true sniper of the premium forces! Receive ready for the fight action with your gun and join actually this multiplayer FPS shooting better than a war royale. Have you chosen your MP5 shooter weapon? Rise, shoot, counterattack and respawn! Join this third person shooter and MMORPG counterattack journey! Test this shooting release offline or online for FREE: Complete challenges, join a premium forces team, counterattack or just test with your gun! Become whoever you wish: thumper gun lad, sniper, premium ops soldier, shooting goal expert, rifleman, marksman, fight veteran or just a combat soldier in this online third person shooter full of multiplayer shooter fight action! Sele ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: DIGITAL LEGENDS ENTERTAINMENT SL
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Respawnables - FPS Special Forces Reviews and Comments:

The release is fun but I think the map could modernization a tiny bit because,if you already higher lvl you felt boring because there are no newest map on this release.And I hope that they will did this in the future modernization
~ Ali Chew
its fun tho it seems there arent a lot of true users. buy a gun for .99 cents and stop the adds. all in all I have fun testing. After the upgrades i found more users. Even the graphics are better.
~ Erich Allen
inviting/adding dudes or randoms can be idea easier just by typing in their gamertag. multiplayer isn't all that fun with many guns being locked and have to be payed for using gold or true dollars and everybody can't or won't spend dollars on a small release.Testing hordes is hard because the zombies can really eat bullets unless you have certain weapons that can seriously hurt them and those weapons usually cost true dollars or alot of gold and testing hordes with a weak ranking users wont work
~ mcnuggets 01
You Need To Search A Solution For The Product Stopping, It Suddenly Stopped The Third Day I Played It At 2:20 Today, And The Last Time I Had An Acc On The Same Name And I Was Level 52 Which Means Level 2 Twice, Testing It For A Year Without Any Problems, Check To Fix Each HTC m9 Customers Or Another Devices
~ Ammar_ Zizo
This release is nice. It's just that the release needs an modernization for the zombie hordes because I usually obtain killed by biker zombies when their not even in range or slay me but don't burst. I would like this modernization asap.
~ Matthew McDaniel
i like this release but i have trouble please support me when I downloaded the release and I test the release the release claims catch if you can obtain me what could I do!!!!!!!!!!🙁🙁
~ Waheed Mohmmand
its fun to test, the gameplay mechanics are great. I am not sure what I think about the gun physics. Whenever I shoot, the bullets fly in a weird idea accross the maps. Also I think what would really support improove the look of the release would be if the bullet casing or shogun shells would eject out of the gun each time a round is fired. That would really improove the feel of the release. Overall very fun release
~ Edgy_ ghost
I want users with almost the same level as your level can join to create the fights balanced, and can you please nerf the meetings, ITS VERY hard to complete them when level 40-50 users will destroy you 10 seconds after you spawn.... I know you won't look at this, oh well.
~ M4N14_C Gaming-And More
The finest online multiplayer shooting release on the test shop in my opinion ♥️ Really appreciate your hardwork on bringing out newest cool equipment each month for us, you never allow us down with the newest upgrades. Cheers! 😃👍
~ kunal _
it's a very nice release and that's all I have to claim well not really.I.LOVE.THIS.GAME. you could definitely have this on your device because this is an nice experience and I love that you have infinite ammo. thanks😁😁😁😁😁😁
~ Chara the boy!
I love it, been at it for 3 yrs actually , only complaint is y is thier a zombie bomber when they are already dead , or y do I die when the bomber is across the another side of the map , and can u guys PLZZZ add newest maps or at least one newest map
~ Wilder Linares
It is overall an awesome release with brilliant idea... However for some resason, all my progress, all my equipment which I won by completing meetings were deleted after modernization ... So 2 stars only... Kindly look into the same.... Username-ADITYA I even have screen shots of the same
~ Aditya Wadekar
Are you looking for a nice, exciting, and challenging release? You just found it! Well..? What are you waiting for..? Install and test!!
~ Jamie Brewer
too much hackers in release! Multiplayer is a freaking joke! This not a competitive release. you can test if you got a mod. bah!
~ Ezequiel Lind Figueroa
This release is SUPER Fun!!!! so addictive well created keeps u wanting more!!! Incredible creation release owners!! yall did really well with this one!!! hold up the nice work!!!!
~ Brandon Farwell
yeh mere device mein chal nhi paa rha h aur likha a rha h respawnables has stopped working I have gone furious still after 2-3 times it is not working and the company recipients's correspondence recieved by me was that for the future upgrades be with us and stil Actually, also they will send me a correspondence and will claim the same thing before If it will not work last time i'm definitely going to write comments that they will not feel nice
~ Ujjwal Kumar
damn very nice im Glad it didnt chnge after all this years but there's one trouble the maching up of users in the release. i just started im at lv.13 and getting paired with versus a lv.49 i know it might be a challege sometime(and i can slay them SOMETIMES)!but if noobs versus pros happens it gives alot of discouragement for newest users. i really want to fix this. and other thing More Maps i love the maps and i wish more!!👍
~ Lord Lopikong
~ Deniesha Bryant
Nice but DL i think you could add a idea we can create dudes in the release and chat and also create teams. ive got a sick concept for next modernization it could be water versus fire so any user can pick any side. DL you are the real definition of Gaming. dont forget me😏😎
listen i really love this release...but i had to restart my device and lost everything. please add a cloud save information. i really wish tiny italy back. another wise its i unbelievable release. if i can see cloud saveing in the future ill change this to 5 stars
~ Brian_Cipher
i love the release and can you create for future to claim the weapon "thumper" please because i love this weapon and not to slay zombies because i don't like so much to slay zombies please can you do it for me and others "sorry for my terrible english i don't know speaking so nice english" and with the newest meetings
~ Laurent Ajdari
Fun release, used to test a while back, but i uninstalled due to storage troubles. Just got back to it and while my progress and everything is nice, there seems to be a multiplayer connection trouble, though my internet is powerful. The release keeps kicking me out of matches, and its starting to obtain infuriating. Fix this!! It wasn't like this before this newest modernization.
~ Derrick
Love, love, LOVE this speedy paced, frenetic shoot em up, but PLEASE devs create this Chromebook compatible! My device screen just doesn't do this release justice, and for a controller-helping release, Chromebook is the PERFECT platform! PLEEEEEEAAAASE create this Chromebook compatible!
~ Katana Dan
I don't know if you read my previous message or not but it's fine. The upgrades are cool and hold up the nice work. By the idea please fix matchmaking to test with recipients of suitable lvl
~ Mr.K 0027
to be honest....there are alot of pay to victory users in this release wich makes this release a total disaster....especially pay to victory users or hacked users like rito are on the release and dominating this type of meetings....recipients who are testing without payment and arent hacking the release are forced to do desame...and it doesnt look like your banning rito hackers....as myself in this experience of the release....i have been raging because of the lvls of a user....this release has no fair at all....
This release is nice! Though some of the meetings are ridicuously hard, and you don't have a chance of winning multiplayer fights at a weak lvl the the release is nice and its not too pay to victory though there are some elements of that Iwould suggest this to all.
~ leo edwards
Can you give me weapons in this profile (aristocrat shotgun, fluffy, zombie incenser, vamp shotgun, flare gun, hunter shotgun) Because I had all these weapons in my old profile but lost it and I hope you will return these weapons in my profile and thank you Thank you very much for your services and we love your release very much
~ g Respawn
Digital Legends, I Have a trouble, The Users Need To Remove Clover skills but it was a glitch and Donatello didn't work anymore. In the previous ver, it works for 20% security explosion. after the modernization came out, it didn't work anymore. Please Fix This Bug and thank you.
~ Hamizan 04
You did my first favor! And I have an other favor, can you please add trading resources options because I have a lot of number of dollars, common respawnite. Please add that option because the resources are needed again and please add more masteries, more weapons to cause dollars and gold, more outfits, because if you add that, the resources are needed again. Thanks
~ Shooting Star
This release is GREAT. Well, just that it is hard to obtain into as a newest user. You will search yourself getting one shotted each tine you see someone if you obtain into a high lvl lobby. But after a first nice meeting that you complete, the release will become fun for you and it will be worth the rage :)
~ ExoAddict
i love this release so much!! but the pay guns is very expensive.. if the guns or everything is not expensive then i'll buy anything i wish.. thank you!!
~ raffilharith abdulrahman
create guns less expensive especially the guns that cost gold some recipients dont like grinding they just wanna test the release and play out guns oh yeah create the nonpaid trial weapons idea longer to use 4 mins not gonna support noobs with the meeting
~ Deshae Alexander
The release is Nice. I each time test this release. But developer can you please give flare gun for nonpaid in this summer camp please 🙏🙏🙏. Can you please claim us how to control the zap gun. How to use the weapon. It is so much costly weapon form all another dollars weapon .And your modernization is also making the release interesting, fun, enjoy and lots more. I am is waiting for your 🙏🙏 comment...
~ Aditya More
hey can i ask where is my profile? i played this release years ago i had lots of guns and had high level actually where is it sry but i loved this release i only stopped because i got busy at school actually its gone?oh yeah it was connected to my fb profile and when i pressed connect to fb and logged in to my old fb profile and it was suppose to connect me to my online device but it just connected right away and gave me 5 gold bars so my online profile is gone? pls can you obtain back my profile?
horde weapons made meetings repetitive been a fan since 2014 but it's not fun being slaughtered by tht stupid skull gun nobody uses any another weapon anymore sadly I've given up.
~ Truck Mitchell
This is a nice release DL been testing for 3 years and still enjoy the release because you guys hold recent each month and with different types of meetings looking foward to summer camp 2019 what ever DL has to offer. l would suggest this release if you like action and grinding 100% my favoured small release.
~ Yung Booko
This is the finest ever magnificent shooting release that i ever played.nice graphics and smooth gameplay.cool guns and exclusive gadgets and costumes i am extremly enjoying it. However if we invest some dollars we shall obtain nice and nice weapons.also their is nice meetings each week really enjoying it😊😊😊😊😊😊 . i also played nonpaid fire and pubg but this is the finest shooting release with marvellous 10 maps.
~ Rrr Yyy
My Finest release ever and Btw I wish to run A youtubr channel on your release and I am just asking if i can maby obtain some support to obtain guns and promote your release on youtube you dont have to if your dont wish to and yeh thank you for making such an nice release I want i should have my own shirt in the release that seas INST1NCT
Some recipients claim that this release is purely pay to victory, but thats what microtransactions do, it makes the release easier. DLE usually modernization the release with newest meetings that gives you guns that are only available to buy with true dollars or purely on the meeting, its up to you if you will work hard for the prizes and stop being a crybaby complaining about the release being pay to victory. This is a really nice release that is worth grinding and putting time on. 5 stars usually. gj.
~ Lagging Protege
I really enjoy this release for all its worth and have been testing it for a long time because of all the funny meetings and equipment.My only complaint is that the release is really pushing you to buy the limited boxes so you can adavance in the meeting faster even though they didint used to do that.Overral love this just please stop making boxes that boost meeting progress
~ Elbryan 242