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About: ***Reigns: Her Majesty has just been crowned with the newest Transformation Modernization with over 200 newest cards, newest characters, and newest ideas for her majesty to meet her demise!*** Reigns: Her Majesty is the revolutionary follow-up to the smash swipe em up hit Reigns. A cultural renaissance has bestowed the globe with a newest era of knowledge and enlightenment but greed and jealousy still conspire versus the benevolent queen. Outwit and outlast those that would seek to depose you and your husband by swiping left or right, making just (or unjust) decisions on all manner of royal matters. Maintain the balance between the kingdoms most potent factions, use mystical equipment from your inventory, and navigate the increasingly complex politics and personal relationships of your dynasty. Newest Kingdom, Newest Drama: Your royal decrees and unpredictable requests of the rec ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 94MB Developer: DevolverDigital
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Reigns: Her Majesty Reviews and Comments:

heard a lot of hype for the release's predecessor so I thought I was making a nice choice...wrong! The gibberish voices become irritating after a while and the entire "cutesy" art style quick follows. Few cards repeat themselves frequently and the "newest" ones added to the box seem to just be slightly altered versions of previous ones. The worst part is that dying appears to be random for most of the time and not justified by the choices you create. Thankfully I got a refund. Avoid!
~ Savvas S
I love the release and im glad to finally have it. I just want some kind of symbols where in the release to support know if a choice would be negative to a group such as the church or not. another then that 10/10
~ James Hayes
I would love to love it but it keeps destroying on me each 5 mins. Only release to do that on Pixel C... Freezes and I have to restart it , I then lose any progress making it pointless... Shame as it looks super fun.
~ Nicolas Ferron
Superb, easy and addictive! I can't wait for the release of thrones ver in the future! I've only had one trouble with the release so far where a portrait was layered over top of some of the words once. I've got a screenshot if you have a help address :)
~ Amy Proasheck
i freaking love this release. Charming, speedy, interesting, and challenging without being punishing, its the great release to search whenever you need something simple but not mindles to enjoy.
~ Sky Seer
Much harder than its predecessor, but the recent take on the concept has kept me hooked throughout, ive been testing reigns for over a week, and i think her majesty may occupy the second.
~ Loaf Breed
i love this release and often i die i usually wish to continue but im glad they dont just throw the "watch banner to come back to life" garbage at us lol
~ Kaity
Love the release, just having a glitch where equipment don't come back to my bag after I've used them so I have to restart the release after dying when I've used, claim, the perfume so I have it for the next Queen.
~ Sarah Whitston
Honestly this is one of the funnest releases I've played, not just in regards to small apps but in general. I reckon I should spend as much time testing it as I have any bathesda release. ❤❤❤
~ Kiah Powell
DevolverDigital has made a fitting second release following the style of the original Reigns. While the release test is related, it's an entirely newest release with a multitude of special outcomes, side quests, and deaths. It'll hold you entertained for quite awhile, well worth the price mark!! :)
~ Elizabeth S.
Other home run! I loved it, all of it. The artstyle, the creativity, and the personality of the release and its chracters is nice. So much to do, it never gets boring!
~ Justin U
Glitchy, for a release you pay for the amount of release changing glitches is not okay. And I can't work out how to duel at all, and neither can half the internet it seems. Not nice. Better releases like this that are nonpaid.
~ R L
I prefer the first one honestly. Knowing when to use equipment is really vague sometimes. Their are alot of 4th wall breaks later that just dragged me out of the setting harsh. Their not even hidden Easter eggs your claimed to go out and obtain the equipment for them.
~ Gore Obsessed
too several cards for the price. it gets repetitive in 2 days of testing. weak replay value. 3 stars because it got me hooked for a day.
~ Jennilyn Menchavez
Really enjoy testing this. It has a very easy mechanic of swiping left or right to create decisions. The writing is interesting. I am finding it slightly more hard than the original Reigns
~ Amanda Norton
I'm seeing a bug with the status of four powers at the top not being modernized after actions. I've encountered topics where recipients ended my reign yet the power status had not reached the bottom limit. I do not see this trouble on the original Reigns.
~ Shaahin Sh
This release is so fun and engaging and the worldbuilding is so intense, the art style is beautiful and I love the idea it leans on the fourth wall. Simple to learn but hard to master, five out og five stars
~ Kathryn Black
Addictive tiny small release. Trickier than it's predecessor, but the added challenge extends test time. The stylized artwork is enjoyable and fits well with the humorous writing. It can obtain a bit repetitive after you've played for some time, but the drive to figure out the puzzles on how to beat the release are enjoyable. Overall, a very fun, easy release that's worth the tiny price.
~ Skeptical Sinclair
Seems a bit more simplistic from the original. Not having buildings and such that come and go based on the meetings that occure. The persistant equipment that are used on charactrs is an intereating addition.
~ Aidan Dunn
Purchased this release during sale. It's unbelievable and engaging. The decisions are harsh at times and that's the beauty of it. I hope i will test it for a long time and the cards won't repeat. So far so nice. looking forward to replayibilty in others reign releases too. Will download others quick too.
~ Anuj Kumar
Love how hard it is to balance everything while also getting newest encounters. Very beautiful, love the voices, and so far only a several things have repeated. The only trouble I have is my equipment obtain stuck whenever I use them. They float in front of the cards and don't return to my inventory until I restart the release.
~ BarkingPup
In general, the release is extemely entertaining fun for a person who enjoys strategic releases. It really makes you think about your case and weigh your odds. My only trouble is that there are a several minor bugs in the release, such as the few times I had not reached the very bottom or top of any meter, but one suddenly jolted down and the release ended. This is probably my only trouble with the release, and despite it, I would still suggest this release to anyone who really likes a release that makes you think.
~ A Google user
I loved Reigns and I loved this! I was worried it'd just be a repeat but there are a entire lot of different cards. I also like how it's just not "a woman's ver" that's pink and gender stereotypical. It really puts you in scenrios a girl might be in those times and I love all the newest endjngs and characters. Hold it up devs!
~ M.B. Cinco
I absolutely love this release, what a nice sequel to the original!! There seems to be infinite scenarios and even discovering the deaths is cute satisfying. The challenge is even more brutal, imo, than the previous release. The balancing system is super finnicky, and I haven't gotten the chance to live until old age yet so, here goes! P.S., definitely buy this release. You'll have a nice time.
~ Leslie Ann
I love this type of release but it kinda haves a glitch with any bar. Like if you pick one that is almost filling or emptyng the bar either goes down or up drastically. Then ends up on what... In the first release that didnt happen. I hope it obtain fix is just a tiny glitch.
~ Joy
I loved the first release. I like some of the newest mechanics, it allows for more things to happen. It's more then just a several newest cards. However, there are a several things wrong. The dueling system is quirky at finest. When you understand it, it becomes idea too simple. I also came across some technical troubles. After turning the frog into the princess, you can still search a frog. Using the ebook will not do anything though, and I don't know if it's intentional or not. There is also the bug of losing for no reason. I came across this so much where I lose or gain some resources, then I obtain a death message when my resources are fine. If I swipe, however, the trouble resource spikes up or down to create me lose. This happened so much and it cannot be intentional. Still great when it works, but the first release was better.
~ moxxic huynh
the experience was delicious, but I don't know if I'll be able to replay it. Don't obtain too attached to your Queens, hilarious deaths are part of the release. it is a roguelike where every death advances the storyline
~ Martha Wise
Been testing for three days and still having fun. understanding the reputation system is challenging; it is not as easy and mindlessly swiping left or right as another reviews claim. Even with a nice understanding I havent made it past 23 years. I also am not running into repeated cards and when I do I trust it is because i havent completed that questline. I suggest if you like challenging puzzles and stories.
~ David Johnson
Includes pop out ads for other Reigns title, they are discreet but I think recipients who buy super do so precisely to avoid anything of the sort. The easy swipe mechanic works nice for small and it's simple to pick up and place down. I search the abstractions and guesswork frustrating, but I enjoy the idea.
~ Benjamin Johnston
I've really enjoyed the storyline and art of thos storyline. I'd just like to claim that the cards can be a tiny to simple to turn and I've accidentally pushed on a decision without meaning to. another than that it's all been nice.
~ Skcutie 42
I seriously enjoy this release. I've usually enjoyed "pick your path"/decision making releases, as well as those that demand balance in order to continue your reign.
~ Alexanderia Powell
Gets boring and repetitive speedy, and feels quite expensive for what it offers. i was suggested this as a walkthrough release, but this is just managing 4 bars by picking yes or no answers. The newest mechanic they added in this release is a several equipment that you can use at certain times to either progress down a story or dodge a question. Disappointed by the high reviews and suggestions.
~ Hobzy107
I like it very much! I just have not played it long enough to love it yet. I also want there was some kinda of background song to go with every queen, because otherwise it gets a bit boring with no sound.
~ Asukoto Esomay
Its a very easy release! just something to pass time, but the stories are hilarious, I'm usually excited to see what I'm going to run into next. And I'm usually lead to the most random characters! Once thing usually lead to the next, it definitely keeps you guess 👍👍
~ Maria Ruiz-Leitka
Straight text-based card RPG. A lot of content and entertainment, and the swipe system is nice for small. Fun to achievement hunt, learn the consequences of choices over time & how the release works. On my 70th+ reign and still enjoying it. Thanks devs!
~ Nora Corser
I don't test small releases...I now don't test many releases at all..but I am fully obsessed with this. it's my entire life actually. nothing else matters. if you're thinking about getting Reigns I highly suggest. join me in my obsession.
~ Lisbeth Mullholland
ive played hours of the lords reigns, and i gotta claim, the narrative mechanics in this one are different and interesting enough to warrant the buy of her majesty. at this target, im so invested in this release im thinking about it at work!
~ Leigh Lakeman
The largest flaw with this release seems to be the lack of content; the first hour or so is nice, but after that you run seeing the cards repeating and after other hour you can go for 5-10min stretches before you encounter a newest card. This isn't helped by the puzzles that require adventuregame-lvl logic to solve. I recomend picking it up if it looks interesting, but to quit testing if/when it runs getting tiring. (since the endings aren't that nice either)
~ Andrei Tache
This release has better writing than Reigns. But it suffers from the same release engine, which uses journey release logic to test and create it into a challenge. Otherwise, it would just be flipping cards for decisions and dying from those decisions. The newest inventory system is an interesting concept, but it is also the main source of the journey release logic trouble. I also think I'm stuck in a state where I can't finish any of the objectives.
~ David
Reigns: Her Majesty is unbelievable release with a easy, yet alluring, style: unlimite possibilities. Every of your decisions changes the storyline. Simple to learn and test, Reigns brings the storyline of the Allmother and Forever Queen to life. Revolver Digital has managed to add things while still staying real to the original release, and the effects is a masterpiece. And even better, it's nonpaid, banner-nonpaid, and has no in-release purchases. I would rate this 5 stars for graphics, gameplay, controls, and overall Majesty.
~ Corwin O'Madadhain