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About: True Guitar Unpaid is a simulator release featuring electric and acoustic guitar sounds recorded with live guitars! Learn how to test the guitar with nonpaid chords and tabs that we have in stock for you! The release has variety of needed options and testing modes and is a great fit for both beginners and mastered guitarists. Are you looking for a temporary song instrument substitution or wish to learn and revise chords? Do you wish to jam to a song that you like or maybe you need tabs of known songs? Testing song simulator releases is the idea you spend your nonpaid time? All you need is True Guitar. You can strum, pluck and strike virtual strings testing chords, riffs and even solo of any complexity. High quality sounds that are recorded professionally using genuine musical instruments give you the possibility to test without using the amp. The simulator has a player-friendly i ... Show more
Genre: Music Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Gismart
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About: Little Panda Music - baby Piano Kids Music, is a fun music for kids family and friends make music (piano - drum - guitar) - Increase the skills to listen, memorize and concentrate and care. - stimulates the imagination bus and creativity of children. - stimulates the intelectual development, motor skill, sensory, auditory and speech of children. - Improve sociability - causing children interact better with their peers Nom. About Fuutuura Nom At Fuutuura, we dedi...

Developer: Fuutuura [email protected]

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Developer: BahhMusic [email protected]

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About: - Classical Guitar Racer uses the microphone to listen as you quickly switch between notes to keep your car fueled. - Pull out your Classical Guitar and play the correct Notes to pass the other cars. - How many cars can you pass? The Perfect app for beginners and advanced players of all ages: - Works with your REAL instrument. - Uses the device's microphone to listen and analyze each note you play. - The scoreboard shows you best time, and how many cars you have passed. - Unlock new car...

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About: Welcome to the Soy Luna piano game, Easy to play and very challenging! we have developed a special piano game for Soy Luna Fans around the World. No special skills are required, all these games are asking you is an attentive mind and quick fingers! There are a lot of Soy Luna songs to play. Choose one of your favorite songs to win this game. Game features: 1. Beautiful graphics, easy to play 2. Gives you the excitement of playing the piano 3. Many Soy Luna Songs Options with different s...

Developer: Nagata pesek [email protected]

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About: Amazing music game! Is it luck or logic? Can you launch all the beats on the level and lay them down into an awesome track? How to play? 1. Tap to launch the first beat along its trajectory. It will light up. 2. Choose the right moment to launch the next beats. 3. A collision will throw off your rhythmstart over!...

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About: Your favorite song is here at your fingertips, simply enjoy the game by taping on black tiles and trying to match the music beat!. BTS Piano Tiles is the beast piano tiles ,you can play the most popular song of BTS like "I need You" and "Best of me", "O'clock", "Spring Day" and more. BTS Piano game is : - Create beautiful melodies - Wonderful piano music - Increase your game speed to win more points - Improve your reflex level to unlock other melodies - Create beautiful melodies u...

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About: - Piano Racer uses the microphone to listen as you quickly switch between notes to keep your car fueled. - Pull out your Piano and play the correct Notes to pass the other cars. - How many cars can you pass? The Perfect app for beginners and advanced players of all ages: - Works with your REAL instrument. - Uses the device's microphone to listen and analyze each note you play. - The scoreboard shows you best time, and how many cars you have passed. - Unlock new cars based by your perfor...

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Developer: Pyrognomic Software [email protected]

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About: Based on similar titles Music Hero has focused on tracks of electronic music with a unique gameplay style, Music Hero is simple and easy to play. Possessing three modalities of difficulties, easy, normal and difficult. It enables any user to enjoy the most of the game. Music Hero is a lightweight and well-optimized application, features such as music volume control, game volume, screen contrast and even FPS control have been added to the App for the best comfort and convenience of the Player....

Developer: CyberGames Developer [email protected]

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About: Check your rhythmic skills and dexterity in a free game, designed to share and promote the music of a polish rock band Double Blind. Are you a fan of grunge? Or maybe you just like music games? In each of these cases, you just can't miss Grunge Hero! Let us know your top score in the comments section! Upcoming CD with autographs to win!...

Developer: obrebski [email protected]

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About: Super OOF Very FAST AND NEAT Super Light NO WEIGHT AT ALL...

Developer: First Devs [email protected]

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About: Piano for Anime Song will challenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play piano covers of your favorite Anime songs! Play the Best Piano Anime Tiles 2019 New Update on your Device - Play your favorite Anime songs! - Challenge your friends and beat their score! - A must-have app for Anime fans! Do you really like Anime songs? Do you really like It ? You should have this game : Anime Piano Tiles.There are many choices of Anime songs in this Blue tiles game.You can play the pia...

Developer: Dolananku [email protected]

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About: The game piano tiles know many differen from at once release, Know Piano tiles Soy Luna song very interster for you playing. This game many choice song dan very smooth interface. You can choice favorit song of Soy Luna. Download This game and Ejoy playing..!...

Developer: Nambiar Gesda [email protected]


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About: Just a single move of your finger clicking on the screen to complete steerings, avoid obstacle, space jumps and many other exciting actions, in addition to the provisions of the route there are many other hidden routes waiting for you to find them. 1. Full of three-dimensional checkpoints 2. Rich game scenes. 3. Challenge your reaction limit. 4. New routes to be discovered. 5. A perfect experience of Rhythm and music....

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About: Do you love TXT boy band...? Do you like TXT boy band - Crown soundtrack Piano Melody...? or want to experiencing to becoming a pianist with TXT boy band soundtrack..? You must play this game, and it is one of the best for all of you fans TXT boy band around the world. This game is suitable to be played anywhere and anytime to fill your free time, and developed for everyone. Please download & let's play TXT Crown Piano Tiles Game now, play forever for free while increasing your reaction yo...

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About: KPOP Twice Piano Hero is best rythm game of Twice in this year. In this game, you can play music tap games, do karaoke Twice music with your friends, and watch Twice video with free. There are four features in KPOP Twice Piano Music Game: Features: New Twice piano hero guitar song rock cover Karaoke with lyrics Watch Video Easy to play Free App and Free Music Offline Music (no need to download the music like mp3, etc) Bangtan Boys Lyrics Drag and drop in Playlis...

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About: Piano Challenge - Drake Edition is an app very easy to play. You just have to touch the black keys fast to hear the melody as smoothly as possible, but you have to avoid touching the white keys, in the challenge mode, you need collect 5 song notes for win one star that would you need to get the newest songs Note: Challenge mode has a trick to collect more stars, find it Use your thumbs or play with one finger, collect as many tiles as you can and obtain the other songs. You can help ...

Developer: DACHDEV [email protected]



Real Guitar Free - Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games Reviews and Comments:

terrible.. too many banners, terrible interface hard to use, etc etc would not suggest.
~ Finny A
Can't even use the nonpaid part without the trial? No thanks.
~ Jim Morgan
great...it is simple to use and very useful in my gutar testing...
~ asmi verma
i never write terrible things but this is worst release i have ever seen if i would not upgrade it to super means you'll suck someone's time with continuous adds which are not skipping
~ Yashvardhan Sharma
I usually dont write reviews ever but this apps sucks peen, the sound didnt work at all until I did the guide and then it stopped again. the release force's you to do what it wants, I highly dont reccomend it. have fun looking for other one cuz anyone is better than this one
~ Flaming Blades
cant even use it because they hold pushing banners or super. I'd consider it if you would allow me use the release for what it wad intended for.
~ Javier Carbajal
Give me a nonpaid trial of no banners pls if you dont i dont like it because its so disturving pls give me all of the nonpaid trials have dollars because they are moneyfaces are yo?
why... i test testing it but it wont allow me do anything unless i pay. it keeps me on tje screen.
~ Pauline Reznikov
this is the most awfull sigusting release evet in my life....dont install it..if u wish to waste the time and ur time download it 🖕🖕🤬🤬
~ vixzel Rahim
can't obtain to the release. pay banner wall pops up. done.
~ Tbird 62
cute much have to pay right upfront, you'll also need bonus zone to download equipment that in my opinion could already be on the release because of the description they create you trust all you have to do is download and plan but think again.
~ Owen Mahoney
wants you to subscribe, "cancel anytime" but when you forget after 7 days it costs you £39.99
~ Andrew Frizzell
terrible. you could look at the idea the garage band release does their guitars and learn a lot.
~ x a n a x
Absolute garbage. Can't obtain past the banners to obtain to the release and no idea to bypass them! Use to be a descent release. Uninstalled!!!!
~ Darrell Sanderson
i wanted an release to just mimic a guitar and weak and behold this release did exactly NOT THAT. absolute mess. this thing was made to obtain in your wallet.
~ Chase Johnson
I can't even obtain past the super banner on the release!!!WTH
~ Ian Watson
how do i obtain to the "nonpaid funcioonallity if the guitar release???
~ person man
used to be playable, actually tries to force you to do a 7 day trial. really disappointing for what was a nice release in the past.
~ Bodo Fraggins
Would like not to obtain billed, it claimed it was a nonpaid release its not its a trial which I can't seem to obtain rid of without being bille at this target.
~ Dave Coopersmith
so.much for.nonpaid.....you have to place a.card.number or PayPal well I don't have a card...nor intend to buy..thought be neat to test pick your guitar then asks.flr $$$ but u can cancel.whenever ..
~ Rodney Short
nice but a tiny remedial for my husband. Like he claimed, it is usually nice to review but cannot build skyscraper with alphabet blocks,
~ Maritza Gittelson
$39.99... a year...pay for it more than once? riiiiiiiiight...when you can now justify that, allow me know. This subscription thing is getting out of hand.
~ Dead Faith
Great, it has nonpaid 7 days trail and I know how to test my 3 favored songs with using this release just in 2 days. During these days i face some trouble when using this release. Sometime the guitar volume will become lower after test a while and sometime cannot test at all just hang at the screen and need to force quit and restart again. These trouble not just happen one time only. That's why i can't give 5 stars. Hope can solve all this trouble asap in the future.
~ Kang crk
My question is why would you not allow someone test out your release to see if they like it. Instead I'm bombarded with payment options for 39.99 (which is ridiculous).
~ Faith Maduka
this release was wonderful just a several short months ago. the highly aggressive advertising has become a huge nuisance with not less than 3 banners to upgrade THIS APP to the super ver. I dont wish the super ver, I have few actual guitars, I like to fiddle with this when I'm out and about if I obtain an concept for something. actually it's just a chore to launch and now use. nix the massive handed advertising and I'll modernization my rating. sound is still wonderful though.
~ Joseph Sullivan
super release I have ever played so dudes please download this release . It has a loud and hearable sound . This release is orsome dudes . It has many Gituars ,the guitars are pretty . So, dudes please dowload this release .
~ Shankar Shankar
cant even test the release because you hit lets rock and it wants 8969 buck a year just to obtain the release it claimed its a nonpaid release its not don't install this trash release
~ Bubba Moser
this release has gotten very predatorial with it's banners. especially the super one. it with be stuck in that 39.99 add forever until I search a idea to obtain it off. I used to love this release when it came out. actually it's a large disappointment with all the banners and predatorial promotional banner for their stupid super.
~ Jacob Gonzalez
You can't opt out of the subscription, it won't allow you access the release unless you obtain at least the 7 day nonpaid super. I closed the release and got sent instantly a info claiming that "guitar Gods don't quit", what the hell is with the predatory subscription model?
~ Edward Doe
I don't wish to do the nonpaid trial but it is forcing me to either pay or do the nonpaid trial. there is absolutely no idea for me to leave the subscription box. Haven't even gotten to test it and is already the worst release I've ever played. 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡
~ Mia Roberson
This is probably the worst guitar release ive ever used, dont know if its my device or what but this release is definitely not worth 39.99 which is a complete ripoff, its a sham of an release and no refund? you kidding me? thats how this release makes a profit, once you see how terrible it is and dont cancel the subscription it charges you with no refund... i tried to give it a second chance but i really want i didnt
~ Joey Culpepper
What peice of garbage. The whole "release" is just a colossal mess aimed straight for your wallet. You go to test the guitar, there's an banner; you go back to the main menu, there's an banner; you test to unblock a guitar, there's an even bigger banner that lasts forever. If you've spent a single penny on this nonsense, I feel sorry for you. Just buy a cheap guitar and amp on Fb marketplace or craigslist. PLEASE! Stop feeding these dollars hungry release "developers".
~ Al Bundy
i cant even obtain pasted the super question part because the "lets rock" thing is in the idea for limited time. all i wish to do it just test in the release but no i cant even do that
~ Chelea Beck
worst release👎 its not a about a Guitar but its all about banner. you can not even test for a minute because banner pop up each minute. very disappointing. terrible experience. remove the banner il give 5 star if not you dont deserve even a star.
~ Ki Jam
Dont even know how to obtain it to run. the release just asks for me to subscribe. i want i should give this negative stars. waste my time, garbage and useless.
~ Curran McLaughlin
When you swipe for one of the notes, it doesnt test it and it counts as a wrong note. Either fix your release or just take out swipes.
~ LRN_Panic
trash!!! an banner forcing you to buy super pops up the first thing you launch it and you haven't even tried it yet!!! you close it and it pops up again over and over!!!! interpretive unskippable banners often you finish testing a song!!!! release is rubbish uninstalling don't waste your time and time!!!
~ Violet Botha
not even a trial. forces you to the buy screen without letting you see what it does. in respond to developer: what prompt??? to buy the thing? LETS ROCK! > subscribe >x out to LETS ROCK again. samsung note 9. (third edit!: allow me be very clear - closing the subscription screen when "prompted" (?) does not let me to "take advantage" of anything. SCAM! my review includes a "step by step" explanation of a trouble you know exists and will never change. FRAUDS
~ first name
Can't even test the release out. It instantly goes to a screen where the only option is to pay an $89.95/year subsctiption to continue. Lame. Oh, and in response to the developer's response to others sharing a related review... you cannot close the screen that wants you to buy the subscription. There are no buttons on the screen to click. Instantly uninstalled. Don't bother downloading.
~ Kevin Rowe
This release which is the nonpaid ver is swamped with ads so many in fact that it renders the release fully useless for its intended purpose making it impossible to properly evaluate this release I will not pay for something I cannot evaluate beforehand, a complete and utter nightmare enough to create me wish to pull your hair out by the roots with frustration. So uninstalling it right actually! hold asking to change my comment I hate leaving a Terrible review but in this topic I felt it was justifiable.
~ Breifne O'Rourke.