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About: MILLIONS OF ALIENS WILL DIE Radiant Defense is a turret defense release set in a vibrant universe invaded by countless alien hordes. Build your zone fortress any idea you want, set up wide tons of weapons and traps and allow the invasions launch! Turret Defense set in the Radiant Universe Build your own route for incoming waves of aggressors! More than 400 waves of aliens across 15 missions 9 upgradable weapons to slay the aliens with style 3 superweapons of mass defense Online hall of fame - your scores can only grow Signature soundtrack by Kubatko Test it on NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV Use a release controller for the finest experience when testing on TV. Please note that a D-pad remote is not supported. IN-APP PURCHASES Radiant Defense is nonpaid to test without any banners, supported only by in-release purchases. Every in-release buy greatly enhances ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 17MB Developer: HEXAGE
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Radiant Defense Reviews and Comments:

Love this release . Downloaded a couple of years ago and actually coming back for other blast . Nice fun!!
~ 'Tristan McHardy'
The only small release I hold downloading even five years later. Absolutely great. I pray for bonus content or a sequel.
~ Aaron Worley
finest turret defense release ever
~ Thad Bliss
Love this release, usually come back to it and have done for years. Just want there was an infinite mode where you obtain a blank / barebones map + 100 or so modules (+ 10 more after every boss) and see how long you can last.
~ Prathan Ingniwat
finest looking not simple replayable...wtb #2
~ mark Honnibal
I purchased the boxes to install the advance tech. materials or whatsoever and that 2yrs. ago from actually. It's not really useful when you reach the lvl where you have to beat the pink giant alien pig(I forgot the name lol).It's cute useless when you set up some cannons for the fly aliens just to slow them down then it's no use for that giant one!so I got pissed up and uninstall the release. Trouble solved!😎
~ Arrazel Azor
The one star reviews are from users that whine too much or expect everything to be simple. The release is hard, especially toward the end, but still fair and beatable without paying. If you're expecting a braindead TD release like many are, transport on.
~ Black Pug
loved the release so much I purchased both weapon boxes. I almost never spend dollars on device releases but it was worth it. The release is a lot of fun. I would really love some more lvls and maybe an infinite mode?
~ Dylan Moad
fun balanced and often hard
~ TylersPlants
Great concept, relaxing sound and graphics, but I don't relaxe so much because I can't beat target 3. It's frustrating. It's thrice I downloaded the release in a year, last time I purchased 2 boxes and still cannot beat it, I'm uninstalling it and I'll only come back if I see a decent modernization that modify the case. I'll hold an eye for upgrades because I really like the concept and the idea, but I can't test it, so, why waste my time?
~ Gabriela Oliveira
It's to hard to past the guide without buying any release pass
~ thanos snap
nice but becomes hard without the in release transactions it may as well be EA
~ HT 7
u need to lower the aggressor health its imposible i cant even beat level 3 part8 its impossible fix it create the release easier
~ Erkhes Battsengel
Difficult enough to be 5-star rated.
~ Giovanni Moratti
Impossible to complete one target. Also there are no tricks...
~ Erikas Rudinskas
I can't stop testing. This release is unbelievable.
~ Jacqueline Pierce
nice release. but why not make anymore lvls... you have left a nice release to rot in my opinion
~ A Google user
Nice solid release, no p2w, IAP is reasonable once off.
~ Mansoor Rahman
One of the finest turret defense releases. Very innovative and rewards saving dollars round to round
~ Jeremy Hodges
Excellent. You fixed for full screen on Oneplus 6T, thanks!
~ Glen T
brilliant release, when will you version more maps for this release
~ Ashley Wood
Not a "nonpaid to test" when most of the release is not available without paying. Too terrible
~ Michael Chesaux
cool apps but its too hard when im passing through lvls but its so great cause its giving me a lot challage
~ Guava Shake
cannot obtain past lvl 5 without paying. nice graphics and neato weapons, but its still a nonpaid advertised release where you need to pay to test.
~ Scott Stahowiak
For the love of christ please add more missions!!!!
~ chris merritt
horrible hate this release so hard took me 3 weeks to pass target 7! Hint: install if you wish to obtain furious and go through hard stages.
~ Albert Aleman
Want there were more lvls and more nonpaid troops. Another than that, nice release!
~ Mark Vincent Caro
its waaaaayyyy too hard , not a time aggressor it's more of a mood aggressor and Frustrating AF , I wish to test mot repeat the same release over and over Cruz it's impossible to pass! fk this! >:/
~ A Google user
When i reach misson 2 it getting hard. when i obtain $120 i wish to buy a flame gun but, i need to pay flame box. im actully die 3 time and im rage quit. please, no more paying equipment. :(
~ Nur Izz Danni Harfa Edzuan
finest TD release out there. Not pay to victory, you just need to obtain the right combination of turrets.
~ Ben Chambers
i really hate it actually.. previously when i played..i need not pay for anything.. paying option is fully annoying
~ Sha Mini
Really fun to test over and over, trying many different walkthroughs with the different weapons! A favoured of mine for years!
~ Jo Anne Kindahl
I really like this release. It made me like turret defense releases. Really special, nice release!
~ Mátyás Lakatos
its a challenging release but all of a sudden there is a gigantic difference in difficulty true speedy and they never Goal what's in the front if they are already attacking something
~ Kyle king
do not test this release. they lie and create it so hard to pass even after buying newest defense structures they will hold asking you to buy more and it does not become easier
~ Peter Lagos
Lovely graphics, with very pleasant audio, fun and challenging, finished a second time after a while 👍 On an bonus note.. more lvls would be nice.. or a revamp for a second one?! 😊 please!
~ Oliver Toye
Great release, gets more challenging as you go through. The last lvl is just slightly too hard for me to complete.
~ Michael Hunter
Played this release when I was young and purchased each single add on. Downloaded it today and completed it for the nostalgia, thanks Hexage for being there for me. (also test all their another releases too, they're super fun :3)
~ Pikaslayer With Rowlet
Great visuals, ridiculously hard (they test to force you into buying turrets in order to progress). I've had this release for 4 years actually. Still can't obtain past the 5th lvl.
~ Volkan Yalcinalp
super great idea of turret defense. i love the song, graphic, animations, and mechanics. the terrible part its just there is no idea another than paying with dollars to buy some turrets that is required to deliever more support on lvls. also the guide on how efficiency and score works is too tiny. but really its nice td release.
~ Martin Haryanto