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About: Racing Fever is an addictive release for the lovers of arcade racing and driving simulations. THE ULTIMATE MULTIPLAYER RACE Pick your favoured car and join the ultimate challenge! Join 6 different rooms with heavy prizes from Amateur to Boss Race head-to-head versus your dudes or challenge random users across the world HIGH SPEED DRIVING Race at high speeds, drive versus traffic and overtake cars! Nothing is forbidden in Racing Fever, More Danger = More Coins! HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS Enjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realistically created environments and amazingly detailed cars. THE CAR OF YOUR DREAMS Upgrade your car to the limits, customize with paints, vinyls and rims. Create it better, faster, stronger and prettier. SLOW MOTION MODE Don't push your luck in sticky cases, slow time for easier manoeuvres. It does not last forever but quickly refills. E ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Gameguru
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About: Driving Car Simulator: Police Car this is the best game, with incredible graphics and next-generation physics. Also included car crash engine and damage system. Different driving mods, police car driving simulator, off road driving, police racing on closed track and highway driving. Features of Police Car Driving: - Car customization and painting - Free upgrades - Real drift physics - Improved police car crash engine - Adventure in asphalt city speed pursuit in police car driving simu...

Developer: Enzo Studios

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About: You are a truck driver named John. You can walk free in this open world, enter in your truck and transport sports cars to a destination as fast as you can. While you drive you need to avoid traffic cars and drive carefully because you can crash or damage your cargo on this dangerous mountains, hills and death roads. Park your truck at destination, exit out of it and run to your house. Earn money and buy a license for new cars and earn even more money by delivering cars. You can also unlock and d...

Developer: Qckmob

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About: Ramps, car stunts, spiral ramp and mega ramp are with ramp car as mega ramp car racing stunts of car stunt games with impossible tracks and spiral mega ramp. Truck stunts on the biggest spiral ramp and san andreas grand impossible ramp add ramp stunts with extreme demolition derby. The impossible vertical ramp is with mega ramp stunts where you are to perform car stunts on the impossible race tracks in the mega fly of the ramp car game. The impossible car stunts are like special treat as speed r...

Developer: Nautoriouz

Similar Games Like Moto racing -  Traffic race 3D Alternatives
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About: Want to be the best racing moto in the world? Want to race in the beautiful highway racing track ??? Come to traffic moto traffic race will give you great feeling when playing !!!!!!!! Moto Traffic Race is one of the best motor racing moto games. Drive your car on the hightway racing of traffic races through motor racing on the racing fever to earn more bonuses and exceed your limits. Game features: - Great 3D game graphics, best comfotable highway racing. - ...

Developer: Traffic Race 365

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About: Moto Extreme Racing is the ultimate bikes game. Discover every corner of our map in the free mode. Don't miss the city, country roads, bridges, parks, etc. Get your license overcoming all the tests of the driving scholl. Go beyond yourself and get the gold in the time trials. Unlock and enjoy improved bikes that will take your driving to another level. So... are you ready to race?...

Developer: Cerebellium Apps

Similar Games Like Drift Zone 2 Alternatives
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About: Over 30 different racing tracks are ready for the ultimate sports car driver to burn rubber and compete for gold in the best android racing game . Stunning graphics, Wide range of unique sports cars especially designed to achieve a realistic driving experience and challenging missions that require both real racing skills and xtreme coordination. If you are a drift racing enthusiast This is the game for You! Just One rule You can only score if you are driving sideways Like our ...

Developer: Awesome Industries sp. z o.o.

Similar Games Like Drift Horizon Online Alternatives
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About: THE MOST WANTED 3D DRIFTING SIMULATOR GAME Drift Horizon - the MOST WANTED 3D DRIFTING SIMULATOR GAME is here with a single player and also an online multiplayer mode! Rev up your engine and get ready for a never wrackingly fast turbo drifting game burnout. Say goodbye to slow and boring drifting games - download Drift Horizon right now to experience the thrill of a real car racing burnout. Become the king of drift, press your foot on the accelerator and drift around in different cities...

Developer: Osypo


Similar Games Like Mad Day 2: Shoot the Aliens Alternatives
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About: Ride, shoot, jump and smash your way to victory in this addictive runner. Team up with ex-Marine Bob to battle evil aliens who have invaded the planet. To make things even worse, theyve kidnapped his beloved pet octopus. Needless to say that Bob is on a mission to make this an encounter that the aliens wont soon forget! TIME TO POUND SOME PREDATORS! Taking on an army of aliens isnt easy and Bob could really use a helping hand. Its up to you to customize his truck and turn it into an aw...


Similar Games Like Crime City Real Police Driver Alternatives
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About: What is Crime City Real Police Driver all about Do you love to get into a criminal case? Do you like police games that you can pull over people and get out of your car? Do you like police games that you can chase people on the streets of a epic looking 3D open world city making this of all the cop games driving games the best and most real cop simulator.Well in Crime City Real Police Driver you can! The arcade-style handling also means that its easy to learn making chasing criminals and gett...

Developer: VascoGames

Similar Games Like Go Kart Go! Ultra!  Alternatives
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About: Kart racing has never been so much fun! *****NO IN APP PURCHASES***** All wacky animals are back and for a crazy kart experience. Choose your favorite animal and use your best driving skills. Beat opponents by using new wacky items and try to finish first on every track. Search for collectables and hidden objects to unlock new tracks and characters. FEATURES Easy to pick up! Everybody can play this. Lots of awesome items to try out. Steer, drift and race through sharp corners...

Developer: Xform Games

Similar Games Like Touch Racing 2 - Mini RC Race Alternatives
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About: Challenge yourself in Radio Control races in this driving simulator. Race with extreme vehicles in this arcade RC game! Perform stunts, avoid obstacles, overtake your rivals and upgrade all the 4x4 SUV, speedcars and boats and drive to victory in a racing game. Ready Steady GO! Accelerate to top speed, burn the asphalt or surf the water and jump over your opponents in this extreme racing game. Drive over the marks on the road to get nitro and sprint to overtake the other pilots, win the Gra...

Developer: Genera Games

Similar Games Like Flip Car Challenge 2017 Alternatives
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About: In Flip Car Challenge, take control of luxury cars to do craziest stunts. Get behind the steering wheel of a highly modified racing sports-car driving on deadly impossible tracks. Avoid impossible fall to become the legend of biking by completing all the challenging and thrilling missions on sky roads. Every level is thrilling and challenging that makes it most exciting stunt cars game. All you need here is your instincts, real skill and a fearless desire for speed. Youll be facing some tigh...

Developer: Timuz Games

Similar Games Like Army Dirt Bike Trial Alternatives
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About: Ready for the best dirt bike game on android? Race on a military base and do cool stunts while collecting coins! In Army Dirt Bike you can upgrade your bike and make it even faster or buy a new motor for even more racing speed. Can you handle the extreme motor trial action? Drive around and collect all the coins for a perfect score and more money to spend on upgrades in the store. Do back flips and front flips for even more investment money and try to finish all 10 levels with a 3 star score! ...

Developer: World 3D Games

Similar Games Like Free Rider HD Alternatives
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About: Race against millions of players head to head! Every track is player drawn! If you hit a track you don't like, skip it and ride on! Free Rider has endless content and is the ultimate boredom killer! FEATURES: Over five hundred thousand player drawn tracks Thousands of new tracks published daily Race against millions of players, every track is multiplayer! Win a race and earn some coins! Collect hundreds of hilarious heads for your stickman rider Connect online to challenge...

Developer: KANO/APPS


Similar Games Like Funny Racing Cars Alternatives
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About: Welcome to the candy world of speed where your super vehicle rules the tracks! Warm up the tires and get ready for hot wheels adventure! Pick out a car, pickup truck, tractor, or a monster truck and pimp it in the factory. Unleash your creativity and paint, decorate, customize and tune up your vehicle. Add patterns, decorations, stickers, funky tires, a turbo engine and a tank to build a colorful street beast. Sweet candy tracks are made only for the best racers in the world. Jump in th...

Developer: Miniclub by Bubadu

Similar Games Like Kids car: Snow racing Alternatives
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About: Kids car: Snow racing is classic racing game for 3 years to 6 year olds with realistic kids racing set in winter enviroment full of snow and power hummer like cars. In this game your toddler kid will embody our youngest hero Mason. Buckle up, put on a helmet and off into winter snow with hummer, snowmobile or any other car of your liking. And soon enough your toddler will develop driving skills. Mason adores snow and winter, his warm helmet and his confortable winter hummer. It'...

Developer: Happy Kids Lab

Similar Games Like Kids bus Alternatives
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About: We invite your kids to play our new exciting game from the series of children's educational games - "Kids bus". This is a very simple, colorful, and exciting game that will help your child find out why a city bus is needed, what a real bus driver does, how to drive a bus and in general: why public transport is needed in the city. After all, children are not very interested in simply driving a car or some other vehicle, they dream of an interesting and unforgettable adventure. And our new game wi...

Developer: Games from YovoGames !

Similar Games Like Kids race Alternatives
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About: Does your child like to play in the race? Then our race for children is created just for your young lovers of fast driving! It's time to rush off to meet the sunset, overcoming various difficulties and obstacles! After all, race games are the best developing games for children! We present to the attention of young racing drivers a new exciting game - "Kids race". Racing games on cars are the best, very simple and intuitive games for children. Our free racing games are designed for children in t...

Developer: Games from YovoGames !

Similar Games Like Super Slugs Racing Battle Alternatives
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About: Super Slugs Racing Battle is a fun and exciting racing game. This game is made especially for kids who love to cart Super Slugs Racing Battle. In Super Slugs Racing Battle Games, you can choose 10 different car or slugs racer characters to become your ghouls enemy. You can also control the slugs car with simple controls making it easy to play. Prepare for a race by picking one of the fast sports cars, slugs car or even a more car! Gain enough speed to jump over the ramps or climb to the stif...

Developer: JELLMOX

Similar Games Like Bloop Go! Alternatives
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About: Bloop Go! is a fun physics-based multiplayer racing game. Roll, bounce, crush and destroy your opponents with crazy power ups to reach the finish line. Game Features: - Unlock dozens of amazing powers - Choose from 30+ awesome characters with their own skills - Collect stars to claim incredible rewards - Race against random opponents in real-time - Roll and jump in 5 unique worlds - Enjoy fast action gameplay and squishy physics - Climb the leaderboard and challenge the best pl...

Developer: Bloop Games



Racing Fever Reviews and Comments:

where is old ver. First ver is more liked then newest one. pleas give old virsion to
~ Aryan Arshad
I am from Bangladesh but my territory is showing Jupiter. What can i do? How i can change my territory ??
~ MH Shamim
I am not from Serbia... and I cannot sign in... multiple errors on s9+.
~ Evangelos Kottis
This release is stupid wants me to pay R300 for something I don't know what its gonna be like. total waste of time
~ Farai Chari
beyond expectation, the photo in the ad is great and smooth but when it is played it turns out it's still like nitendo
~ Gekko
one of the finest release in the racing series.... but i am unable to restore my profile...
~ Praveen Kumar
this is a terrible gam3, i downloaded it thinking it was a rally release like colin mc crae...but its jjst a terrible terrible ga.e 8m deleteing 8t
~ Jeff Simpson
There could be a multiplayer mode and improve the graphics .I did not like the release at all.And there could be nice cars.I did not mean to harm the developers but claim that please improve your release.
~ Muhammad Ali Haider
It is the great release ever played no bonus adds everyday premium and tickets each 24 hours I have literally got racing fever
~ Hassan Ahmed Khan
need. modernization. more maps more zingle moad cant sin in cant. race. dudes but really nice release
~ leon vape king
This is a different release than the one advertised.. I like the release but i give you 2 stars because ofthe click baiting add
~ George Teoulides
Nice release with less banners... just add nice sound results of engine and breaks. otherwise its a nice release 🚘
~ gurjeet singh
great release and all but a lot different to the actual advertisement for it not true release test as advertised but nice release funny moments as well
~ Alex Heeps
Product is nice but needs some upgrades and I'm having a trouble where the release is lagging and it's making me loose and I can't sign in or save my time
~ Jay Daw
The banners present that this is a rally release, but it's not. Uninstall after test. Liar.
~ Sapta R Setiawan
cute cool I like it because it's alot more fun than those another driving releases. awsome.
~ Charles Davidson
... Can you place some more publicity? Im trying to test and the release is disruptive with all the actual release test...
~ Matei Ionut-Mihai
why you are not developing the Product ? you gotta change the Territories the cars gotta contain police etc the same Product from several years upgrade it actually !!!!!!
Please do not download this release its bery irritating they ask us to buy vip access and cannot transport forward to the testing screen.
~ Saunak Chowdhury
lovely, God bless. But I would love it if you included a newest car, an audi rs6.
~ Mikias Mulugeta
this is amizing release lot of chalange to test with globe recipients love to test in nonpaid time lets have a fun !!"
~ Balaram Shrestha
finest release forever i love it,simple to use u can personelized your name on the plate number simple to control and u obtain nonpaid spin daily its owesome release!!!?!?
~ Ron luks
..this release is dope so dope..especially the moment wen doing the multiplayer mode..internationally!. i love ths Product!
~ Vision Swikepi
very cool release, fun, & leaves u on the edge of your seat. bravo 2 entire squad who developed this release.
~ Kevin Hammond
the release is a nice entertainment. the only trouble I see is of tiny more graphics and nice working although it is a very great release
~ Rohitashv Choudhary
What a waste don't download they charge for the most useless release and per week buy chicken and chips. don't download a fake release trying to be rich speedy by conning the globe's recipients😀😀😀😀🤣
~ alan walker
i really like this release i was looking far a release that can pass my time and i can have fun too i got one you guyz test this release too you will not search anyone better than in this size
~ Umer Abbasi
Nice great release .....................,,,.....,,,,...........,,,,,,,,...............................................................
~ vino lelien
Nice release. Very addictive. One can easily learn and master driving through this release. Thanks for this release.
~ Tembon Elvis Fombang
it has been a nice release , and i have been testing racing fever for over 3 years actually and it usually been nice but it ruin since the last modernization ,i dont just know why
~ Oyelami Emmanuel
Haven't started.. Came here bcoz of the nonpaid points.. Graphics looks unbelievable, the cars great... Trouble is I can't even do the 1st thing, run.. I still need to chek further
~ M. Peloentle
in arena section all cars are GHOST CARS...THEY DON'T HIT ANY VEHICLES AND THEY SPEED OF JUST LIKE ROCKETS OF NASA...ANY ANSWERS ON THIS??? NO it doesn't hit another cars...NOPE.
~ Thoo Tube
the release needs work. it dosent allow you sign in to obtain your time back, and most of the things dont work when you click on it.
~ chihuahua panda
the graphics n control are super...i love testing this release...i would solution they adjust the camera to racing in car mode..then it will be the finest release ever...!
~ daniel nelson
hello... please why can't I log into my profile? I hold pressing the sign in button for weeks actually and it's not responding and I have internet connection..do I need to uninstall it?
~ Hauwa Abdulrahman
it sucks, and what i mean what it sucks is that when i was about to victory the jackpot, the cars automaticly goes to the right side of the way, and so i crashes, there goes my 50k coins. and after you got all the cars and updates for it, it is just getting super.(€4 a week for just no banners a lot of coins that i don't even need and a several tickets to victory coins...)
~ Wee Clan
Really cool. Even though the straight way provides us with loads of fun and challenge, I'd recommend adding a several tracks with curves, it should be even more fun
~ Samir Nassif
Yeah! Thanks ✊ this a very great release, AMG C63, BMW M3 and E 90 👏 those cars have realistic sound even Golf 6 R32. I just like it... But I think if it is possible may you please claim something about the three cars in the banners please
~ Nkosiyethu mduduzi
Don't obtain me wrong, it's not necessarily a terrible release, but it advertised something fully different in the add that made me install it. I mean there was a video that advertised gameplay like in the old Toca series or the CMR 2005, but ain't holding a candle to those.
~ Iancu Mărieş
This release is one of the finest release I ever played...But I think you could upgrade this release...Specifically the graphics... The graphics of this release is not so nice... Also you could add some more informations such as some more roots/ways, horn button, light button...Day and night informations and some rainy season, rainbow. Also morning, evening, night- different different time adjustments...Last, some more cars needs to be add...Also It doesn't allow you sign in...so you can not obtain your time back...
~ Krishnendu Dalui