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About: Fun, addictive, challenging, online trivia, that has the finest of two worlds. Sure, youve played trivia before. But, have you played a trivia where you can post about your interests on your favoured subject, create your own quiz and connect with millions of players who share your interest, worldwide? Join millions of users in a brain teaser that combines social network and trivia- QuizUp! Learn, grow and have fun challenging dudes and users online on interests youre finest at. Whats more? Test and earn badges that prove youre the finest in the globe at your favoured subject QuizUp Test online while challenging dudes or random foes from around the globe in a wide tons of subject ranging from general knowledge, logos, sports, Harry Potter, Disney, action videos, internet, video releases and much more, for a nail-biting, speedy, true-time match of trivia. Climb global ... Show more
Genre: Trivia Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 63MB Developer: Glu
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Similar Games Like Million Dollar Question Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Million Dollar Question Aka MDQ is a fun and easy to play trivia game that allows players to answer multiple questions in 5 challenging categories. Players will have 3 minutes to answer as many questions as they can correctly in a category that they have chosen, the player that has answered the most questions correctly will be the daily winner of a cash prize for that category. 5 categories mean players have 5 chances to be a daily winner by earning the highest score in the categories...

Developer: Andy Volcy [email protected]

Similar Games Like Thanksgiving Day Quiz Alternatives
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About: We celebrate Thanksgiving day every year but many people dont actually know much about the history of Thanksgiving traditions. Try this quiz and check your knowledge about Thanksgiving....

Developer: AppsCharmer [email protected]

Similar Games Like Christmas Trivia Game Alternatives
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About: 32 Question trivia quiz with the answers at the end! No timer. Free game Fun Christmas music Great questions about your favorite holiday Only one small ad, no adware and only one permission! If you don't get 100% read the answer sheet and try again Made in the U.S. So download and enjoy! Keywords, Games, game , trivia, Christmas, free , christmas tree ,...

Developer: Calebsapps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Beer Knows trivia Alternatives
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About: Want to learn more about beer? Beer Knows is a beer trivia app filled with fun facts and varied information for the beer novice or expert. Keep score with the number of bottles you collect in your fridge. Test your beer knowledge with an array of questions that offer lively animation, beer-themed artwork and cool sound effects! Campy comments on your blunders Send any question via Twitter, Instagram, Email & more directly from the game! Play until you fill your own persona...

Developer: Thinkspring Interactive [email protected]

Similar Games Like Waifu or Laifu Alternatives
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About: The rules are simple: liked the character - swipe your finger to the left. Did not like it - swipe to the right. Not to mention, you can learn how many people feels the same for your "2D love". "Waifu" mode - Choose the best Waifu of all times and find out what others think of it. "Husbando" mode - Different Husbandos for your judgment. Choose the most beautiful one and reward him with a well deserved swipe to the left. I'm always glad to read any suggestions, please contact me on e-m...

Developer: Tail Of Tales [email protected]

Similar Games Like Quiz Time 2018: Ultimate Trivia [Free & Offline]  Alternatives
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About: Test your knowledge! Quiz Time is a fun and challenging multiple choice Quiz/Trivia/GK and it's totally free. You can find over 35,000 questions in lots of different topics, and new topics are added regularly so you wont have to worry about ever running out of trivia to test your general knowledge(GK) on. So, How many questions can you solve? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Quiz Time Features: FREE: Quiz Time is completely free to try! Just tap...

Developer: Retroid [email protected]

Similar Games Like Hand Craft Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Hand Craft - So, get ready to devote almost all playing time to the study of a pixel universe inhabited by friendly, neutral and aggressive creatures. In addition, from time to time you will have to be distracted by the construction of a variety of objects - their subject matter depends on the chosen specialization, for example, You can become a successful farmer or architect. To create the Hand Craft infrastructure, the first step is to look for resources, which are represented by blocks...

Developer: Crafting & Building sovamarin [email protected]


Similar Games Like Science PSE Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Science P.S.E provides 100 P.S.E questions in a fun and interactive way. Designed by teachers, for kids. You can either play alone or with a partner with our two player feature. Answer questions to your best of your abilities, if incorrect it provides you with more information towards the right answer. Contains colorful images to keep you focused on the question. Keep record of your best scores, works hand in hand with the parent, child, and teacher, allowing them to monitor the childs progress...

Developer: CodeTech [email protected]

Similar Games Like Math PSE Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Math P.S.E provides 100 P.S.E questions in a fun and interactive way. Designed by teachers, for kids. You can either play alone or with a partner with our two player feature. Answer questions to your best of your abilities, if incorrect it provides you with more information towards the right answer. Contains paragraphs and graphs that allows you to read and understand. Keep record of your best scores, works hand in hand with the parent, child, and teacher, allowing them to monitor the childs pr...

Developer: CodeTech [email protected]

Similar Games Like Social Studies PSE Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Social Studies P.S.E provides 100 P.S.E questions in a fun and interactive way. Designed by teachers, for kids. You can either play alone or with a partner with our two player feature. Answer questions to your best of your abilities, if incorrect it provides you with more information towards the right answer. Contains paragraphs and Images that allows you to read and understand. It has a lot of history events of our country, Belize. Keep record of your best scores, works hand in hand with the pa...

Developer: CodeTech [email protected]

Similar Games Like Talent Battle: Practice,Challenge,Earn Trivia Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Are You Bored of the same old Trivia Games ? Then Talent Battle is here to give you a completely different experience of Trivia Games. Talent Battle allows you to create your own quiz and challenge your friends. Practice and improve your knowledge from 100s of categories and 60000+ questions including Aptitude, General knowledge, Technical questions from Computer science, mechanical, civil and electronics, company specific questions for placement preparation. This app provides you to earn m...

Developer: Talent Battle Team [email protected]

Similar Games Like Greek Mythology Trivia Quiz Game  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Can your pass the most fascinating Greek mythology test about Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and legends that surround them? Welcome to the magical world of 12 gods of Olympus, sirens, Titans, muses, fates and many other mythical creatures that will enchant you for sure. Start the most interesting trivia quiz challenge with questions and answers about Hellenic mythology to expand your knowledge and have some fun! Step into the time machine and explore the magnificent age of immortal Olympia...

Developer: Smart Quiz Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Oh Logo Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Oh logo is a trivia quiz that using pictures as clue for you to guess the name of logo or brand shown. You have to answer all the questions to pass each level by clicking the correct answer which is the name of a logo or brand display in question panel. There are 3 levels available in this game. Logos are everywhere around us. Question is how many can you remember the name and recognize? Can you guess all the characters in this Oh Logo quiz game? Install Oh Logo now and let the fun begin it! O...

Developer: FRN STUDIO 96 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Pixel Photo Quiz Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Your mission is to guess what's hiding in the blurred photo. It can be anything from birds, vehicles, flowers, candy, food, etc. You start off with a picture that has been blurred and pixelated. It might be hard to see what the blurred image represents but don't give up. To your help you got a few letters. From these letters you can create the word that is the hidden object in the pixelated photo. But not all letters should be used. Above the letters there are a number of white circles. The numb...

Developer: Henjo Apps [email protected]


Similar Games Like Math Quiz Game, Mathematics Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Mathematics game, a game to use logic and calculate, all about mathematics Calculate mentally! Develop your mind! Mathematics Teacher - Mathematical game to develop mathematical habits * Choose one of 4 offered answers; * There are 20 levels of difficulty in the endless math quiz questions and answers; *Invite your friends to play this math quiz It is math quiz is to educate your mind, and you know what is in math, play and learn remember you have 30 seconds to answer the question...

Developer: Battery & Booster [email protected]

Similar Games Like Which Map & Flag Game Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Guess countries flags and maps. How fast can you answer? New style Quiz with images Fun game to play Free to play....

Developer: Hiroba Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like BJAT Math Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Math BJAT provides 100 BJAT questions in a fun and interactive way. Designed by teachers, for kids. You can either play alone or with a partner with our two player feature. Answer questions to your best of your abilities, if incorrect it provides you with more information towards the right answer. Contains paragraphs that allows you to read and understand. Keep record of your best scores, works hand in hand with the parent, child, and teacher, allowing them to monitor the childs progress. Best ...

Developer: CodeTech [email protected]

Similar Games Like English BJAT  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: English BJAT provides 100 BJAT questions in a fun and interactive way. Designed by teachers, for kids. You can either play alone or with a partner with our two player feature. Answer questions to your best of your abilities, if incorrect it provides you with more information towards the right answer. Contains paragraphs that allows you to read and understand. Keep record of your best scores, works hand in hand with the parent, child, and teacher, allowing them to monitor the childs progress. Be...

Developer: CodeTech [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mortal Kombat Combo Quiz Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Culled from Wikipedia: Mortal Kombat is a 1995 American fantasy action film written by Kevin Droney, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, produced by Lawrence Kasanoff, and starring Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Bridgette Wilson and Christopher Lambert. It is a loose adaptation of the early entries in the fighting game series Mortal Kombat and the first installment of the live-action Mortal Kombat film series. The plot of the film follows the warrior monk Liu Kang, the actor Johnny Cage, and the s...

Developer: DEV. 12 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Guess The Rapper 2018 Quiz - Rap Trivia  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Are you looking for rapper games? Do you know a lot about rap and rappers? Then try this game NOW! This is the most addictive Rap Quiz Trivia Game that you can find! Rap Quiz - Guess The Rapper 2018 - Rapper Trivia Try to guess the Rap Artists Name from just one picture! These are the biggest rappers on the planet! From 80's rap to modern rap! HOW TO PLAY Try to guess the Rap Artists from 1 picture of their face. You can take as much time as you want but you can us...

Developer: J.F Games [email protected]



QuizUp Reviews and Comments:

Too many banners and bots. Also, I think the scoring system is unfair. Sometimes I'll respond a question faster than my foe but end up with less points. It could just be 1 target for every question and if it's a draw then have tie breaker questions.
~ Rybivorous
Kindly improve chatbox. I'll rate it 5. I'll also rate you with 5 with my another accounts as well and also going to share this release with my 250 contacts. Just change this bulky chat layout. Testing it from 3 years. Older chat from begining of conversation doesn't gets loaded. When I tries to obtain to the begining of chat, repeated chats loads in a same loop, release crashes as well sometimes as I launch chatbox. which need to be fixed.
~ NeilHD108
The finest trivia release ever. Learn something newest daily. Make your own knowledgeable quiz for others to test.
~ Cody Williams
i played the release several years ago and it was fun. actually it is infested with banners. i dont mind banners but this is idea too many with addition of gems
~ Safiuddin97 _
TOO MANY ADS! Developers are GREEDY AF! also getting to the top of leaderboard is mostly based on how much dollars ur willing to spend.
~ Nizam Mahamood
I like the questions since they now stimulate your thinking, but I'm already so pissed of the banners that pop up after each release. Not worth it. Uninstalling.
~ Chevi Doll
I love this release, the reason I gave it 4 stars is some of the text is only half showing, for instance, you can only see half of the score and only half of some questions.
~ Diana Goyer
just other nice release riddled with an obscene amount of adds which take up a third of my usage time. I'll save my time and yours and go somewhere else.
~ Josh
I really love this release. It really helped me prepare for my exams. I can also have fun competing with random foes. But the only trouble is that I have to see an banner after each quiz. But overall,it is a nice release
~ Mahesh Bhatia
Lost all my history. My profile no longer exists after not signing in for a while. Insane amount of pop up banners. Gone downhill since last used
~ Colin Dando
the banners prevented me from fleeing the round (in which I've won and I wish to transport on instantly), making me available for rematch. once each three or four rounds is fine, but often is ridiculous
~ Galihxtreme Pradikta
corruption at the moderator lvl..variety of glitches. Trolling , cheating harassment and moderators think it's funny or are selective as to who they support or what they do.
4.3 stars is not accurate. Maybe for the old old ver. This is just poor. banners are terrible and there's no back button for anything. I need to restart the release to obtain out of settings?
~ Rhys Browning
I am an AP student that uses the release to compete and play my knowledge of the courses while interacting with another students worldwide. this being claimed, I use the release to study and quiz myself, not watch banners to the target that I'm spending almost the same time viewing banners than I am studying. the banners plague the release and impede learning.
~ Brandon Lanning
oh god there are so much of ad in this release, after finishing of one round the ad are still acceptable to a certain lvl but between the quiz round how can you present ad, this is fully unacceptable.
~ nikit barya
i really love this release but every time i am trying to edit my profiles it claims test later shame on us.. when will you solve this trouble? hope you give me a response..
~ hannah nauzeer
i was amazed at how much I knew and how much I really didn't know! besides that I did learn a lot of newest things newest stats and newest facts. it is usually fun and interesting. plus if you wish to learn about the topic you just tap on the tiny icon on top that was very interesting to it's a nice information! slparrott
~ MsSheilaLP
This app has an EXTREME time infrastructure troubles. You can really wait half a day until the subject lvls are modernized. Sometimes you need 10 times to click on the follow button to create it happen. These guys really need a squad of qualified engineers and normal equipment. Because what is happening actually really pisses me off.
~ ILiveForAir
I played this a several years ago and it was a nice trivia release. Since then, many changes have been made to milk the damn thing dry. There are about 5 currencies actually, "wild card" rounds irrelevant to the original subject, bots everywhere, achievements never modernization, and each reward you obtain is either locked behind an banner or a paywall. Not to mention the duplicitous advertising banners at the top that test to trick you into clicks, or the fact doing literally anything triggers an banner, if not two.
~ Nathan White
Nice release, it would be great to have like 2 more seconds for reading the question. A bit short time and english is not my firs language.. everything else is magnificent.
~ Milan Mihaljević
Unpaid fun if one pays for the release. If one pays for it, more than half of the complains here would be unnecessary. For the dollars one pays to test for 3 mins at the arcade,it"s enough to pay for this release.
~ Jim S
My dude introduced me to this release as something we should test together. We both enjoy trivia so this seemed playable. I found another trivia i should test on my own as well.
~ Kayla Russell
I came back to this release after enjoying a couple of years ago but actually there's banners everywhere! A video banner for each time you test a 20 second release? Really? It just doesn't seem fun anymore.
~ Danielle Phillips
~ R&W r&w
you have blocked my profile without any reasons. asnwer me. i wish my profile back. before blocking amyone profile.you could inform the profile holder. buty profile is very old and protected. no absuing to anyone and no sexual picture or harrasments. so why am.i blocked suddenly while i am using it. and i also wish you to present me.the proof of violence of your terms.
~ Faisal Imtiaz
I used to test this release long time again. Came back to it to brush up on trivia skills and there are so many banners I can barely navigate or test releases. Primary changing releases forces me to watch an unnecessary banner. Very sad that its unnavigatable and just hard to now test releases.
~ Krystina Roman
this release was one of my favourites but actually it's not upto the actual affairs like the question who is the president of india doesn't even have the option of ram nath kovind .And the recipients are cheap they will follow you for not quiz but for claiming you that you are sexy and hot , look adorable and what not ! this release needs IMPROVEMENT
~ Deepali Chatnani
Very nice, the UI is not that inuitive though, a lot of tabs which unamazingly clutters the UI. Fix the UI. Gamewise, there are some inconsistencies in the scoring that infuriatingly makes the release unfair. For example, in some releases I still obtain 20 points when I respond in the ninth second, while in another releases I'd only obtain 19 on the ninth second. Also, a release I encountered is simplt unfair. I got 19 points, whereas my foe got 20 points where in fact I was the one who answered first!
~ ahmirjjdr _
The banners are just unbearable! Never ever seen these many banners in any release! The banners are intrusive and forced after each release you test. Please don't install this release. They just wanna rip you off.
~ Akhil Lalji
Meh. I've gotten a several questions that were straight up wrong. singleplayer, you can't quiz yourself on a single subject without either answering a question from other subject or pay in release currency. if you've a dude to test with, it's nice, otherwise it's poor.
~ Rylan Browne
Used to be a nice release but greed had got the better of these devs. Adverts are constantly pushed in your face, and when they're not championships are (that require coins that eventually need true dollars). A sell out.
~ Toby Penrhys-Evans
Overwhelming number of banners. I can tolerate banners but these ones are extremely intrusive and annoying. I'm not joking when I claim that for each quiz completed, it is faster to close the entire release and reopen it.
~ Nick Winfield
I've spotted a design flaw. I've been enjoying it enough that it was worth paying for no banners. However, actually there's no option to watch an banner to continue in single user mode. you have to use gems, there's no choice. You do still have to watch banners to obtain gems, though. Both of these could be fixed, but at the very least it could be one or the another.
~ Jack Bender
Apparently I've been banned, no explanation why, no concept why, I was finest in England at ancient history, and this is how they releases rule makers treat recipients. Poor organisation, don't bother wasting your time, it's not worth it if they ban you without reason after you've spent years building a score.
~ Barry Game
The gameplay itself is nice but there are glitches and the help squad are ambivalent. I won a championship release versus an foe but the release glitched out meaning I didn't obtain the rewards. When I claimed the help squad they claimed it was my fault because I gotta have had terrible WiFi or connection. Absolutely not the topic. Pity they couldn't acknowledge their culpability and trouble the reward.
~ Andy Bairsto
Played this release back in 2014/2015 and got IMMEDIATELY addicted to it, started testing it again yesterday, actually it is a pain in my butt cause of all the bloody banners that pop up often i completed a round, it makes me sick.
~ SpeedyJay
this release was super fun years ago, started testing it again recently and i'm frustrated by the countless number of banners that pop up after each round. an photo as an banner is alright but a 15 sec video banner most of the time , like why?
~ Arjun Narayanan
Eh, its cute fun. I like how you obtain to pick the subject. One trouble thou, even after buying remove-banners, there are still a lot of pop ups about chances to victory gem. I found those pop ups just as annoying as banners. They only close when I tap the "X". Please create them so that they disappear when I tap the screen.
~ Shawn Lu
If you can spare some change, just pay for no banners. I search the release enjoyable if you love doing trivia on random subject you are into. Communities per genre feel type of dead actually, but that's just a secondary information anyway. My state leaderboard is also dead, which is a tiny more disappointing. 4 stars instead of 5 because of decreasing popularity. I haven't had troubles as lower ratings have mentioned. Overall a quality trivia release that I enjoy.
~ T M
I last played the release in 2015, and reinstalled yesterday. It's still a very fun release, except I didn't recall there were that many banners. Adverts pops up after each round, whether you've only managed to finish hundreds of questions or just one. Some skippable right away, some takes 5 seconds - which sounds fair if the menu and release screen weren't already littered with banners. It's genuinely tiring.
~ Ferdi Lazuard