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About: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS goes small - the original War Royale release is actually available on your device! 1. Official PUBG on App 100 users parachute onto a remote 8x8 km island for a master-takes-all showdown. Users have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, machines and supplies, and conquer each user in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces users into a shrinking test territory. Receive ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last lad standing! 2. High-quality Graphics and HD Audio The potent Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay results and a heavy HD map for War Royale. Feel like youre in the thick of the action as you test with high-quality audio, immersive 3D sound results and 7.1 channel surround sound. 3. Realistic Weapons A constantly growing lethal ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: Tencent Games
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About: Welcome to EvoWars! Be prepared! Your task is to become the biggest warrior of the Deathmatch arena! Fight hordes of opponents! Kill your opponents and collect orbs to gain experience and points! Evolve in size and skins during the battle and become the almighty giant in the arena! Unlock all of the 17 regular evolutions and one extra if you decide to support us! Remember that the size matters, but it's not the most important! Big giants usually fall by the sword of small and f...

Developer: Night Steed S.C. [email protected]

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About: Travel through portals, from world to world, in search of new collectables and prizes. Speed through bright and vibrantly themed environments! Customise your character with over 150 costume parts! Free daily prizes for everyone!...

Developer: Radium 88 [email protected]

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About: "A game I can get behind"- CinnamonToastKen Super Marshmallow Kingdom is one toasts crazy battle against the evil forces of marshmallows, cats, tarts, pigs and more! Sent from king marshmallow who is upset after you ate his muffin. With explosions galore dodge your way through addictive 10 action arcade packed levels while upgrading your crumby abilities. Story: On a sunny day in a kingdom of marshmallows, Lived two pieces of toast. On this day they were on the hunt for a right old adve...

Developer: Massive Monster [email protected]

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About: Become the biggest crowd in town! Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!...

Developer: Game Eyes [email protected]

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About: Tenkaichi Saiyan : Fight Budokai Ultim is game high-energy fighting games against enemies with the characters we choose according to our preferences to fight the enemy, and in it like an exciting game of tenkaichi dragon supersaiyah universe, This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly. Our application is an unofficial, t...

Developer: ultimatechendev [email protected]

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About: Welcome to the super saiyan battle or Guko super saiyan fighting adventure games to take part in the immortal superhero fighting battle arena in the city streets. In this Super Guko Fighting: street hero fighting games we are guarantee you the unlimited fighting adventure in Guko games. This Guko Games is full packed with super saiyan blue Guko fighting actions to reduce the crime from the city. As Guko warrior legend you are the Guko battle city hero and its your duty to fight with evil stickm...

Developer: Awasome Games [email protected]

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About: Welcome to the sequel of famous action fighting game Super Power Dino Charge! COME ON, JOIN THE ENTERTAINMENT! City Fighter vs Street Gang is a fun, excellent retro fighting action game where you can show off your special fighting styles and skills like karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing to the Street Gang. You will see how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to use yourself with amazing skill to block the enemy kicks and punches. Upgrade your ...

Developer: Jadi Sakti [email protected]


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About: Dragons Fire is a colorful high-speed action game with a very hazardous environment of raining fire. Its brilliant and playfully childish, with an indie-arcade style of thrilling endless gameplay. Games are action-packed and can extend for several minutes during a single session with enough luck and skill. Dinosaur Land destroys even the most deadly dragons with a rain of fire and death. Aesthetically silly, graphically youthful, and mechanically brutal entertainment for hours of superb OFF...

Developer: White Fox Games [email protected]

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About: PSP GAME DB DZ SHIN budokai is game battle fighter 1 vs 1 is a game which will make the game players more comfortable with the various features available, with various ways that players will do to be able to play this game more exciting, This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly. Our application is an unofficial, this P...

Developer: ultimatechendev [email protected]

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About: Super shoot: red hot is a arcade game about daredevil swat that defends citizens from terrorists with time control ability. When you move the time goes faster when you stay still it goes slower. You are like rambo in world of time and shooting. And terrorists. Features: 1. Awesome gameplay 2. You so cool in that game, like rambo, you know 3. Super cool mechanic. 4. Hot graphics. 5. Hardcore arcade style of gameplay. Download super shoot: red hot right now and do not forget to leave a co...

Developer: Fun Slime Games [email protected]

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About: The #1 Extreme Sports FPS franchise is back! Take your carnage anywhere as Greg Hastings Paintball presents Fields of Battle. Whether you're a paintball player or a first-person shooter fan, Fields of Battle will satisfy your desire to blast the competition! With ground-breaking motion and gesture based controls including sliding, diving, leaning out from cover, throwing grenades, and more, Fields of Battle takes the mobile shooter experience to the next level. Think you know shooters? ...

Developer: Super X Studios LLC [email protected]

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About: resident evil 2 full game play v the app contains video from youtube to show how u can solve resident evil Puzzle and Stages please not that we are not app or resident evil game official we are just fan for copyright and any reclamation please contact us firstly...

Developer: GAMEPLAY_VIDEO [email protected]

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About: advance: jump over obstacles and enemies run away from them as much as you can of advance sonic super rush advance is a platform running game where you need to run your way over stunning environments and amazing graphics, collect as many rings as you can to earn sonic points. Game instructions : * Long press on screen for high jump. * Tiny touch on screen for low jump....

Developer: SM-Apps [email protected]

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About: Tap and hold on gravity orbs to swing through the stages....

Developer: DopeDevs [email protected]


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About: The ultimate bird game, timing is critical! This fun tapping new game craze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as it dances and pops its way through the fruit. Avoid popping the bad things. You can also choose various birds such as parrots and peacocks. There are over 200 levels!...

Developer: Fortafy Games [email protected]

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About: Do you like shooting games? This is the latest action shooter game, giving you the real sniper experience. In the FPS game, you will feel thrilling action game to bring you real fun. And get the best shooting game simulation. This game has a lot of places to attract you, challenge the task, smart AI, the real game environment and so on. You will get a real shooting game experience. Accept the mission to find the best sniper point to take action to destroy all the targets. Protect allies an...

Developer: RAY3D [email protected]

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About: Tactical turn-based action strategy shooter with elements of warfare. Take the lead of a brigade of merciless mercenaries, ready for anything to win against the soulless corporation of evil plotting to consume the whole world. These little warriors are at your command: upgrade them, improve their equipment, train your squad with new combat techniques, track their health and mental wellness. Mini-war features: Huge selection of warriors, from the weakest and most nimble, to the truest do...

Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited [email protected]

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About: ***BEST VALUE - Get additional episodes of Suburra The Game. By purchasing the second release you get access to the next levels only upgrading the app*** ***Episode 1: Ambition is now AVAILABLE*** ***Episode 2: Humaneness is now AVAILABLE*** ***Episode 3: Desire is now AVAILABLE*** ***Episode 4: "Determination" is now AVAILABLE*** Suburra, end of the seventh episode: the new clan composed by Aureliano, Lele and Spadino managed to get hold on the most wanted territories in Os...

Developer: Cattleya S.r.l. [email protected]

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About: Now enjoy withe the seper game in world bendy. super Hero bendi-yami adventure game ....

Developer: YAM Games [email protected]

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About: Are you crazy fans of hack and slash style games? Are you crazy fans of stickman legends style and shadow style game ? Do you love infinity fight and kill monster ? This game is made for you : "Shadow Fight Heroes - Dark Knight Legends Stickman" This is an action rpg Shadow - free to play game. This is free shadow game for Android. With humans on the brink to discover the secret to eternal life, human and dark evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse in order to materialize int...

Developer: Pub Studio [email protected]



PUBG MOBILE Reviews and Comments:

First of all, its a nice release. Hands down. Nice job at the graphics, information and release test. The only downside to this release is the involvement of cheating users or hackers, users who can see another aggressors and shoot them through walls & through the ground without even seeing the aggressor. Sure there's a report button, but if something can be done to prevent these users from testing at the first zone, would create it a great 5 stars.
~ Winston Lin
I would love to give this release a 5 stars but the idea the develpoment squad is acting is cute weird. Previous patches did not support but this one literally broke the release. Unplayable, the plane doesnt load, there is no option to jump, you DC and come back thinking, "Maybe this time it will work". It does not, you can't see aggressors and you just die without realising what happened, you can't even pick up weapons. I am now spending dollars on a release that cant be played!
~ Karan Chahal
From the last modernization. I am facing many troubles with this release like too much lag but the main troubles are i can't see aeroplane while board on it, I can't see my teammates, I can't see jump option and after landing I can't enter in any house and didn't take medicine, ammo, guns and everything. i just run and run and finally killed by playzone or an aggressor. what's going on? i can't understand right actually. It is my favored release but after modernization i can't even test this release properly. Please support!
~ Shadab Ahmad
After the latesr modernization, this release isn't working properly like it used to do before the modernization. Actually, often i launch this release, this release usually claims "No connection from the server". I wait for like 5 mins before it can obtain a bloody connection from the server. After that, when i run finding matches, this release usually stucks in the loading page. I tried this for 6 times and i think this trouble is coming from the release, not from my device. I hope that the developer can fix this release. Thanks!!!
~ Fadhli A
Very Disappointed. Unable to test. Testing this release turns my frustrations ON! The release become pathetic after 4 hours of release test. It keeps on giving a message that server time out and don't allow the player to test it. If you giving 6 hours then allow us test it for 6 hours uninterruptedly. Moreover, I'm a working professional, I got only weekends to test it. But you're making my experience worst with you. Hope that it will be fixed quick.
~ Manish Rana
Okay. I never write reviews, but this is the only exception. This release when it first came out was nice, and I enjoyed the release quite a bit. But actually, thus royale pass and all this crate equipment has made this release very dollars hungry. And if you have a trouble, have fun trying to rrach costumer help. I've spent at least 3 months trying to contact them in any idea possible, to ask them a SINGLE question. I even emailed them, but they redirected me to the lousy in release service. Nice release, terrible help.
~ Kenneth Lam
I have been testing PuBg for a year actually ever since its version. It was one of the finest small releases I have ever played, not until the newest modernization. The newly released modernization is THE worse modernization that I've ever encountered. After boarding the plane at any matches that I played, it would ALWAYS effects in the same glitch, which consists of, but not limited to, being unable to land with my teammates, invisible users, unable to pick up weapons/equipment, etc. Please fix this glitch ASAP. Finest regards,
~ Ralph Malic
Wonderful release. I've had the finest experience with this, for a small user, this release ticks each box. Should use a couple of graphics tweaks, but another than that, it's fully great. Nice idea and the skill needed (despite what recipients claim) is immense! The bots should be made to attack a tiny better as they are type of pushovers and they only run to thin out around Crown League. but another than these troubles, the release is wonderful. Can't wait for these upcoming upgrades. Hold it up.
~ Sub Zyro
it was great until this newest upgrade. the release keeps lagging a lot, can't obtain out of the car, there's also this large blue building near the shelter who has 4 large entrances, even the launch doors are wide you can only enter inside in a tiny part of it (bug). in the same building there's weapons & supplies on top of the container (floating ) but there's no idea to obtain them. hope you fix these as quick as possible.
~ BMA Entertainment
This was a nice release however it's all messed up actually. I modernized the release yesterday(475 MB) and then the release stopped working altogether. the release runs and then it gets stuck at match will run at 0 seconds. the plane is invisible while jumping, when you jump you don't have the jump option working, you can't launch doors, you can't pick up weapons, you can't see where you now are. your teammate spectating you can see the actual territory. no accurate territory, can't jump. full of bugs
~ vinay yadav
I will give 1 star for the actual ver. It's BUGGY to the target of release breaking. I couldn't test Classic Mode at all because of the Bug and lose my tier thanks to the bug. Sometimes if you're lucky, the release works and it's a hella lot of fun to test, but when it's buggy (8/10 of the time) it's nothing but a idea to lose your hard earned tiers. Will modernization my Ratings as quick as actual bug(s) are fixed.
~ Alex Shuysky
I love this release very much but the newest modernization kinda disappointing me because: (1) Invisible plane and parachute. I hold flying and suddenly I died without I know the cause (2) The mic doesn't work (3) There is a lot of bugs. I reloading the release more than 6x just for a match and it's funny because I can't see where my dude is (even on the map), I can't see where is the machine I ride before, I can't see where the aggressor is (4) The release feels so 'massive' when I test it because of bugs.
~ Gietagie Naomi
1 star for the last modernization. Horrible modernization. Since yesterday I played 4-5 matches with my dudes, and in all of them we got stuck in the plane, and timer showed just 0 all the time, it happened to every of us. Also, there are lags throughout the match, when I see and shoot the entire mag to guy, he becomes immortal and kills me with just 1 bullet. You guys really need to fix all that equipment because it s impossible to test right actually. Hope you understand all that.
~ Bekzod Nuriddinov
Really terrible modernization! I feel like giving no stars to the release, after modernization. Starting from the lobby, first there is so much lag. Then as quick as we go into the plane, the plane is not visible. We cannot land according to our choice. Despite of pressing the jump button, we dont jump at all. We jump like the offline recipients and even after jumping off the plane, we cannot pick any item, launch the doors or climb up the windows. Restarting the release increases the trouble. FIX THIS...!!!
~ Shah Parin
I think Tencent added some newest glitches in this modernization. Too much lag when aggressor is coming. some lag when you exit from the car. the release freeze for like 1 or 2 sec . you cant see the plane when you are in the plane. you follow your partner for jump together but you can't see where he/she go. you are in the sky , no height is decreasing. you fall down from the sky. and then you need to restart the release.
~ Subhadeep Ash
This was a nice release however it's all messed up actually. I modernized the release yesterday(457 MB) and then the release stopped working altogether. The release started and then it gets stuck at matche will run at 0 seconds. The plane is visible while jumping,when you jump you don't have the jump option working, you can't launch doors, you can't pickup weapons, you can't see where you now are. Your teammates spectating you can see the actual territory. No accurate territory, can't jump. Full of bugs..
~ A Google user
Why is the GOLDEN TRIGGER M416 is so hard to obtain! It's even worth of spending some UC. Come on I've already waited for a long time, still I didn't obtain any offer (Lucky airdrop/Bargain/Offer Territory) to buy that Golden M416 skin. That's the skin I'm missing the most in the release. I'm ready to spend some UC over it but the thing Is I didn't obtain any offer. I'm obsessed with the GOLDEN TRIGGER M416 Skin. Besides that this is the finest ever mobile release I've played in my life,nice job squad!Thank you.
After the season 5, me and my teammates are very upset, we are facing hackers after each 2-3 matches. our overall rating and K/D Is constantly decreasing, Actually we are tired of reporting them, If this continues, we will stop testing this release. You are not taking any action versus them. So we are very disappointed with you.
~ vishvendra Singh
This release is full of hackers. More than ever. Even when we report, You do nothing. Just hold adding useless junk like skins and clothes, just scamming recipients and making dollars. The release was easy and used to run nice on my 3 year old device during earlier seasons. Actually even with my newest tablet, it lags badly. From 1.5 GB, actually size is more than 5 GB. Useless release. Useless Tencent.
~ Sankalp patial
Wrost customer service I have seen ever. No respond from correspondence and customer service option in the ge setting. Overall release is really wonderful. As I have buy Prime Plus membership yesterday and create payment through my Visa Debit Card, but after deducting the payment from my profile, I don't know what happened, there is some card similar message and I don't obtain the Prime Plus membership till actually. May please resolve this trouble as quick as possible. I shall be highly thankful to you for this.
~ Vijay Jangra
It used to be nice. Actually the developers are only focused on churning dollars. Royal Pass this, Royal Pass that. You are also greeted with a banner to buy goods. Another aspects of the release are not really improved. Lots of hackers and cheaters. You'll be able to see flying cars with recipients able to shoot accurately while it is turning, users shooting through walls and users jumping higher than usual. These are just a several examples. All were reported but no action were taken. Do not download.
~ Jaycee Clements
i'm giving this release 5 stars because it's a very well made release and it's very fun to test, the carecters movement is very smooth and so is the release but i have a question. when i'm in the middle of a release the release fully exits me out of the release at random, how can i prevent this from happening again?. i already did a repair. it partially worked but it still does it. i do have the memmory for it aswell. please support.
~ Niña Swifer
PUBG small is the finest release i have ever played. its nice. but it takes more amount of internet if we played classic mode or mini territory, so test to fix it. Add some more territories to search flare gun, because it is so rare. And also there are some hackers in PUBG small, so test to search hackers and ban them. that's it. It is the finest release, nice and unbelievable.
~ Kalai Suresh
So, I was facing my aggressor ready to spray him with bullets and all of sudden I search myself rotating 180 with my back towards my aggressor. Just like that, and lost the release due to that one glitch. This has been happening over and over again where all of sudden I search myself facing fully opposite direction to the one I was facing. Apart from that, I test to land somewhere and search myself somewhere else. It's an nice release, hope some modernization or latch fix it because its about time actually
~ Deepak Karanwal
Its absolutely nice!!! Everything in this release is nice I have usually wanted to test a nice war royale release in small. Finally i found this nice release. I request the developers to add even more nice emotes & rewards for royale pass holders equal to the elite pass holders. I also request you to add a idea to obtain uc without buying it. The newest zombie mode is wonderful!!! Im usually waiting for the newest modernization.
~ Gaming Wizard
This is very nice release I've ever seen in my life. Iam very addicted to pubg. But i wish from developers to fix all bugs and add some more equipment. The fpp mode quality is very terrible. we wish to improve it. The spectate quality is also very terrible. Developers,please fix these things. In the newest modernization, I've seen lots of glitches and bugs. please fix it. thanks.
~ Mascot Sadat
I hold having to change my review because this release keeps getting worse. It started off nice, and it still should be a nice release. but there are too many bugs, glitches, and hackers that PUBG refuses to do anything about. And nice luck contacting their customer service too. By far the WORST customer service i've ever seen. All you obtain is automated messages that don't support you with anything. Even clicking "this didnt support, I would like to speak to someone" will STILL obtain you an automated message.
~ King Gampo
PUBG!! My details are not moving and are not recording. I'm putting a lot of time into this release. My slay count, victory details, season score needs to be corrected. Also I played releases in the arcade to complete a target and those are not being recorded. I played my 5 releases in the crown tier to obtain the season 7 gun skin and that stopped recording. Please fix these troubles this is very dissatisfying. I posted a couple times regarding this with no response. you obtain 1 star for member services.
~ Justin Rice
finest small shooter. but still has bugs to be expected. i suggest having a potent device to test this, or you will experience frame drop with aggressor encounters.
~ Dyllin Roberts
This release is great, ive been testing it over a year actually. But the only two troubles i have are that when ever i test to jump over a fence or so, my hero just stands there, and I end up getting shot up by other user. The second trouble is that when I obtain newest crates, like a soldier's crate, PUBG crate, etc. , I usually end up with the same thing I already have in my inventory, and I run out of my UC and Coins.
~ Kiwana Gatlin
dont waste your dollars on anything, especially the actual pay to test mini release. tested in 25 accounts; no matter what you WILL NOT obtain anything nice from it until at least the 4th test. first attempt is almost usually the silver. there has been no report of anything besides silver or scrap within the first 2 tries. which means its rigged. TLDR; The odds are now rigged to create you pay more.
~ wayd weaver
A very addicting release. i m a frequent user of this release. i would love to recommend something more in this release. I would like the release developer to add wild animals roaming around freely in woods of sanhok map. Would also recommend to add some fish swimming in water bodies with snakes 🐍in both land and water. If bitten by snake, user could die of the poison.
~ Jadumani Sharma
Will not change it until the devs fix the release and remove stupid BS like companions and ridiculous outfits.
~ Atreya Bardhan
I just downloaded to check out the Resident Evil crossover meeting. The release can be EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING at times. Lots of hackers. I have spent some dollars already, and I don't mind spending a bit of dollars to help the devs of a release I like, but SO MANY things are just SO OVERPRICED that it's just ridiculous. Just disappointed by the GREED of this company. I Purchased the Royale Pass, and I hate this release more and more every day. Frustrated.
~ Lance NoPants
Modernization on May 19: There are so many hackers in this release, recipients jumping from hill tops 100 mts. This release is buggy & has tonnes of flaws. But which product doesn't. The beauty of it is - these flaws also cause random automated bans for no reason whatsoever. And once banned - you are fully at their mercy. // This company has no professionalism whatsoever. // My profile was banned for no reason whatsoever. I am a legitimate user and yet my profile was banned. I do not tool/mod/mod/exploit in any ideas possible. I did not violate any terms and conditions as well. I have spent considerable amount of dollars & time on this release as well - finishing almost all achievements. I even bought multiple Royal Pass'es. So, I go ahead and correspondence the help, to which they send me a template'd respond. It has been 5 days and I sent few correspondences, to which they even stopped sending replies actually. Such is the professionalism of this company. I am quite sure my profile got caught in a cross fire of some another bans. This is unacceptable - ban an profile for no reason on your whims and then claim banned accounts wont be released. Just unsure how to obtain any support at all regarding this.
~ Srikanth J
nice release, cute fun, but it takes years to load and it is so buggy. Too many banners. Also there are so many weird perks to the release that I do not understand. What even is an RP lvl and why is it so important? They usually present you the users that have high RP lvls (which no one cares about) but I have no concept what it means. too overcomplex. otherwise it is an ok release. kinda weird that you run out in underwear. Guidelines of Survival at least gives default clothes.
~ CubCadetMan 71
I have been testing this release since very long, back then it was a very nice release to test and it was enjoyable, but after more and more modernization it is getting worse and worse, so many glitches, lag and also there are so many hackers, last but not the least: the 180° glitch, if this glitch does not gets fixed in the coming modernization, i will quit PUBG App and recommend others not to test as well. It's not a release anymore, it's a headache. Usually i test i can't enjoy the release anymore like before.
~ Sujan Lamichhane
I think tencent has given up on this release, and is focusing it's efforts on call of duty small. The release has been consistently destroying for a long time, making it impossible to test. Customer service is no support. By the time I obtain a response, the conversation closes and I've gotten no resolution. I guess it makes sense for them, since it will drive it's customers to the call of duty small release. Luckily, I'm aware of this and will stop helping their companies.
~ Trent Turner
hey guys, i have modernized this release for the lastest. it's works normally, nothings happen for a while. but actually, when i'm testing this release, its choppy. there's blink. example, when i entered a house, or launch the door, suddenly i just looked back again, then out of the house. other, when used scope, i'm going to look right side, suddenly it become left side. i don't know. i have re-install them, and modernization my gfx, but it doesn't work. and one more, when use scope, i can't use the chat. thx
~ fahmi dinata
A nice job you have done from the finest release to the worst release... Even you don't deserve 1 star actually. It's not pubg anymore, it's only a release full of bugs, and glitches. You are just giving updates, but no optimization. It has become the worst release ever. I prefer not to install it. It's no enjoyment, just time waste and unnecessary addiction. Worst release. Why the hell there is no optimization???
~ AJ_ MuSiCLoVeR