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About: ***TIME Magazine's Product of the Year 2015*** "Unlike anything I've played before... the type of experience I wish to pull out to present my dudes." - The Verge Prune is a love letter to trees. A release about the beauty and joy of cultivation. With a swipe of a finger, grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile globe. Bring life to a forgotten landscape, and uncover a storyline hidden deep beneath the soil. A special digital plant for your pocket Pretty, minimalist art and a super clean interfaceit's just you and the trees Meditative song and sound design for you to zen out to No filler - 48 carefully chosen lvls No IAP, no monetization walkthrough, no currencies Share screenshots of your special tree creations with dudes Sync progress across all your Mobile devices Originally based on an experimental tree generation sc ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 52MB Developer: Joel McDonald
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Developer: ambertabby [email protected]

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About: Written and designed by Neven Mrgan, Blackbar is a text game: a sci-fi story of a dystopian future told through the medium of word puzzles. Reminiscent of text adventures and interactive fiction, it has a unique mechanic centered around the concept of censorship. Censorship is frustrating, but the human spirit can beat that frustration by turning it into a game. You'll pick up and understand Blackbar instantly; however, its challenges will keep you searching, trying, and thinking for days....

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Prune Reviews and Comments:

I have usually been someone who clung on to things even if they had a small bit of value to me. I found it hard believing that giving up things should lead to better things. I am very insecure of loosing relationships and test so hard to hold them close but i am still so unhappy. My dating relationship was not going well and it recently ended. I search that I feel more nonpaid daily even tho it hurts. I know I am that tree who's finally slash away a large branch and growing towards the light :') thank you. :)
~ Sakura Fruit
I like this release it has a lot of potential. But, it's over priced, payed $4 for an release that I beat in less than a day. The camera keeps moving and zooming in as you're testing which is very annoying and aggravating, if i zoom out it will zoom back in. ADD MORE LEVELS! It's an nice release but $4 is outrageous for a very short and easy release I feel like i waisted dollars.
~ Dustin Bartlett
This release is an artwork as well as a release. Original concept, flawless implementation, breathtaking audio-visual experience. I want there would be more releases like this, but the masses wish mainstream rubbish. Looking forward to your next project!
~ Almos Rajnai
Enjoyable and relaxing. At least at first. It loses a star for the aggravation that comes later. I'm all for increased difficulty but it's out actually zone this release. The intensity wouldn't be so terrible if the slightest pruning adjustment didn't disproportionately change growth patterns from on attempt to the next.
~ Robbit
This makes me wish to prune trees in true life! Although there would be a lot more waiting involved... I love that this release makes me think but doesn't create me frustrated when things don't go my idea. I'm glad to just test again. Highly suggest! If only there more lvls!
~ Hilary G
An awesome example of small release development. A deceptively easy core mechanic is used with surprising tons to make a challenging and intriguing puzzle release with a special asthetic. My only gripe is the lack of any true explanation of the later growth mechanics. They're mostly straightforward enough that you can figure them out, but it can be annoying.
~ JSSell25
Such a calm and relaxing release that still manages to place you on your toes! Can be tricky but the graphics and soothing sounds really hold you relaxed! I tried to challenge myself to see how tall I should grow my tree with pruning and omg. It can go on for a long time with the right cuts! Challenging and pretty! Just what I look for in my releases and this one is definitely both on target!
~ Chloe Greenie
This release is a terrific experience. The graphic design and song are pretty. Every lvl is like testing in a work of art. It's a relaxing release that is almost meditative in nature. The controls are easy and the release is never so hard that it feels stressful. I'd love to see more lvls added eventually, although the release does deliever bonus challenges once you've beaten it (such as growing blue flowers). Highly suggested!
~ Chris Hansen
My only regret is that it doesn't have a constructive garden mode where I can have multiple trees (or unlimite). I got really into the puzzles in the release and beat it fairly quickly (about 3 hours). Actually I really don't know what to do with it as the final constructive lvl is sort of a build and delete on repeat with no sense of fulfillment. Cheers to the makers though. This is one of the most pretty release experiences on small.
~ A Google user
Nice idea. Controls are lacking however. Moving your field of view with two fingers and zooming in and out all while trying to hold up with pruning is a challenge, especially on later lvls when there is no room for error. Maybe on a screen greater than 5 inches it would be more enjoyable. $3.99 seems a bit high.
~ Tyler F
Puts a newest and engaging spin on puzzle releases
~ Peter Sinclair
I love it.
~ kutty
Отличная игра! Интересная концепция 👍
~ Дмитрий Овчаренко
A masterpiece. Joel's visuals and Kyle's song is heavenly combination
~ Aditya Sharma
This release is superb, smart, minimal, active, challenging, still. It is a work of art.
~ Jay Edgar
Fabulous release. I've played it through twice actually. Pretty, smart and satisfying
~ Eleanor Vh
Just chill. A very relaxing release. Very zen in it's nature.
~ JD Berry
We need more lvls. Nice release, but its over idea to quick.
~ Joanna Williams
Velmi originální a krásně zpracovaná myšlenka. Ideální zenová hra. Se stromy může být větší zábava, než si myslíte.
~ Petr Urban
When I first played this, I should only describe it as a wordless poem. Years later I still think it's real.
~ A Google user
Nice stress reducer! I suffer from extreme anxiety, especially in social settings and dentist offices, but I'll run testing this release and in no time flat, I'm calm, relaxed and ready to reach that next anxiety raising activity... like the dentists drill! Only complaint would be that it's not long enough (that's what she claimed)! Once you reach the end of the lvls you go back over them again with a slightly higher degree of difficulty, which is nice, but I'd LOVE to have newer puzzles to solve! PLEASE... MAKE MORE!
~ Angela Frank
This release is a masterpiece in its simplicity. It Claims its own storyline wordlessly and the gameplay is almost therapeutic. I'd claim that only 48 lvls that I blew through in about an hour or so wouldn't normally be worth the cost, but this developer definitely earned it by making such a pretty release. I hope to see more from him!
~ Preston Scot
A bit frustrating
~ A Google user
Price could be higher.
~ Tadas Mat
One of the several releases that I can suggest.
~ avader raider
I loved this release, however it is far too short.
~ Matt Hines
keeps destroying ! note 9
~ Brianna Marin
nice release to relax with would love to see a release sequel:)
~ Brian Fitzjohn
Interesting, something recent. Somewhat short.
~ Andre Haarhoff
Original gameplay, nice stylised graphics and relaxing gameplay. A nice release
~ Andy Murfet
Love this release. Please create more with a score board maybe we need more!!!!
~ Shau Wong
Very boring and repetitive, no true storyline line and the lvls don't obtain progressively harder really
~ Shelby Ewen
Very special and it just keeps you testing for hours on end
~ Noah Larsen
The release is not appearing in the "family library".
~ Ian Jeffers
This walkthrough-art release is a keeper. Offline or on, it's wonderfully addictive and settling. Thank you for making this release.
~ M Denton
Have had this release for a year actually and absolutely love it. Unfortunately no further srages have been added. Come on programmers modernization with more!
~ Mick L
Pretty, poetic release made with surprising quality - arborists approve! Only thing I should ask for would be an infinite scene, or a (more) launch globe.
~ Erik LeDuc
wow. this is a stunning release with pretty graphics and a peaceful soundtrack. the lvls can be challenging and require restarts but and teach you how to progress and can be beaten in entire or partially. some of the most compelling lvls are those available after hearing the release the first time. the previous lvls are reopened with a challenge with a lovely artistic stellar constellation tribute to your progress. simply a unbelievable alternative to noisy adrenaline have.
~ Iggy Nelix
Absolutely phenomenal. If anyone is on the fence about buying - scared it'll be boring - you don't need to. Superb song, mechanics, and story. It will create you feel emotional despite no words being claimed and no characters as a medium. The progression of the trees and the allusions to humanity crushing them are just - wow. Hats off to the developers for making a stunning and heart tugging release with only trees and song
~ Mikaela Jalbert
It's pretty and relaxing. The only thing keeping it from a full five stars is the rather lengthy (although admittedly aesthetically pleasing) opening sequence followed by the need to do that one lvl each single time. If there was a idea to skip this and just pick up where I left off, it would be nearly great.
~ A Google user