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About: Unleash your inner architect as the mega-hit PC skyscraper sim arrives on device! Testing as both architect and developer, your job is to build globe-known skyscrapers that will be the envy of the whole castle. Manage each aspect of your building from construction through to keeping your tenants glad. Success is entirely in your hands. PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT Will you make an exclusive office highrise that attracts business leaders from around the globe? Will you construct luxury apartments in the sky, penthouses for the elite and playgrounds for the known? The choice is yours. FULL CAMPAIGN MODE Enjoy complete freedom to shape your skyscraper how you wish it. Few difficulty lvls and starting conditions allowing you to build your dream skyscraper towering above the surrounding castle. KEEP YOUR TENANTS HAPPY Launch restaurants and retail shops, build luxury apartments, insta ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH
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Project Highrise Reviews and Comments:

All of the core gameplay of the PC ver is here, but it should really use bonus content. More residential, office, retail and resteraunts would be great, even as a paid DLC. you only seem to obtain the primary selection of troops to zone, and thus there isnt much veriety. The release plays very nicely on my Moto G6, with better performance than I expected considering this is a $200 budget device. The interface is playable on the 5.7" display, but would be better with a bigger screen.
~ Ryan Lamb
Nice port of a nice sim. If you enjoy management sim/tycoon kind releases, this is for you. Building up from a small office park to an eighty floor skyscraper with its own mall and hotel is hugely satisfying. It's clear that thought was place into adapting the controls from PC to small as well, touching and swiping to build floors and utility lines works exactly like you'd expect. This is the full experience, at a quarter of the cost of the PC ver. A gotta-buy for lovers of the category.
~ A Google user
I hate small releases. However, when I saw an actual Sim Turret based turret simulation I immediately purchased. It is wonderful. Definitely fulfills that Sim Turret itch. I tried with mouse attached but not everything was available so stuck with touch which is a bummer.
~ A T
It's really annoying that the zoning upgrade requires outdoor art. You have to give up lot zone in order to obtain it which is really a pain on narrow turrets, and if you didn't plan for it it becomes impossible to obtain.
~ Zachary Jillie
eh windows ver feels a lot better to test. this ver tries to do ita finest but the layout feels so alien to me as someone that played 120 hours of the windows ver. i also dont like the thought of having to create bonus purchases in release.
~ Go Jo
Really, it's a gud release to understand primary management. I dunno but might b there another castle too, where I can build up other building n use equipment from first building or something. Nah, all gud. I like this release. But there is no contest.
~ Raido R
Nice release, Sim Turret feels!
~ Chris Turner
I like these kind of releases, so I decided to buy this one when usually these kind of releases are nonpaid, because I thought it would be more intricate interesting release than the nonpaid ones. In fact it is more intricate, but AFTER you BUY the release, you have to KEEP BUYING EXPANSIONS to hold testing. I already GAVE you MONEY for the release, SO GIVE ME THE GAME!
~ aaron holland
I don't understand why this isn't in the top 10 releases because this release is so nice and well made. My only gripe is that it states that the festive material is nonpaid but it costed dollars for me. I did buy all of the bonus content because this is a nice release in my opinion. Anyways, if you like simulation releases, and as many have stated, Sim Turret, then you will search this release to your liking and it is cheap considering how much content you will search on it. 4.5/5
~ Jimmy Bowles
Fun release. It is great artwork and fun to zoom in or out and see the entire building buzzing. My main criticism is that building out a larger and larger building can be tedious. There is a ton of choosing and navigating menus you have to do if you wish to extend your building even one floor. I want there were a couple softwares to save 90% of the tedium - copy existing floor plans, for example, or place down blocks of apartments or offices instead of one at a time. Great release though.
~ Kris
I had been looking to scratch a SimTower itch for a long while, and this release more than does the job. Basically takes what SimTower was, adds some depth (you have to worry about things you didn't have to in SimTower like utilities and amenities for your tenants) and gives it a polish that you would expect from a newer release. The only thing I don't like was having to pay for hotel rooms and the bonus decoration equipment, but I still did. tl;dr SimTower but newer, solid release
~ Tyler Girard
It's nice! Cute much exactly what I expected. Like a lot of recipients claim, it would be great to have more of a zoom out button (or a translucent menu) for when menu's obtain in the idea of placement. A day-skip option would be a decent information for times when you're trying to save up tiny increments of dollars. Those are just minor, though, and easily overcome.
~ A Google user
Nice release with a tiny caveat Very great turret building release where you have to build a turret for offices, flat tenants and, if you obtain the DLC, hotel guests. You have to stay profitable while ensuring your tenants' needs are met so that they remain pleased. It is quite a great idea to pass some time. One thing to hold in mind if you're coming from PC is that the base release is less than what you obtain on PC, so you need to obtain DLC to have the same content.
~ A Google user
Product is nice, but my release crashes at 12% loading often i test to load a scenario, guide, or sandbox Thanks to the support of the devs the release actually runs and works smoothly, but there are still two minor things that halt me from giving 5 stars: 1. You cant zone multiple offices at the same time. 2. more scenarios blocked off behind a paywall (but thats just optional content)
~ Doge
love everything but 2 things. The pipes we have to place in for utilities and the stairs. want those we should zone over shopes and equipment. Several tricks: leave at least 8 territories on one side of the building for out door equipment that you will need later to upgrade things. The building is facing to the left so build your hall when you obtain it on the left of the building. Wait for it to save before closing it or you will lose your progress since last save. Have fun!
~ Veronica Madewell
worth each peny maby even more but realy just a nice release
~ Big g 112
It is the finest release I ever played. It is worth the dollars
~ Houssam Alosta
absolutely nice this release is the finest
~ Joel Mercado
This is a cute nice release i would suggest
~ Alyssa's dream slime
The full release on my device?! yes! beats small turret
~ Logan O
Almost great highrise building tycoon, but I would appreciate adding newest informations that exist in PC edition
~ AndRYou
Thank you for making this release! brings back nice memories...I love it!
~ Rufus T. Firefly
so much fun. hours into release. only want I had a better device to test this release.
~ DKG Rocket League
It seems okay, but whichever option I pick in the sandbox mode I usually obtain the wide building, can't test with narrow or normal 😕
~ Pavel Druzhinin
Just like Sim Turret! Love it so much. My productivity at work is about to go south.
~ Joe Mayesky
I love this release. It is worth the price. However, the controls are a tiny clunky and it is better on consol.
~ Steven Waterston
JUST SHUT UP no one listens to the bot that responds to recipients which makes me even more furious and the release is a dollars grab and claim all day long your not a bot but a true person wouldnt anwser this 6 times and i have a acer x Predator so it lagging Claims me this release is garbage with the 32 gigabyte ram
~ mama 79
Great Sim Turret clone. A bit more complex and complicated to test, but still fun. I definitely suggest!
~ Kyle Oyama
It's a really fun turret/building management sim. lots of rooms and options. Only gripe is that it can be hard to zone buildings on the left side of the screen but another than that it's nice!
~ Daniel Gingras
I love Project Highrise, as it really has so many aspects you can control! Although I've only played sandbox so far, I really enjoy it.
~ D Pur
Classic device release. SimCity doesn't work well so I purchased this. What a nice thing to teach recipients about. Up there with Civilizations 2 and Mars a Survival
~ Thomas Philip
Very nice. Played for hours never got bored fun expanding my building, I've made office building's, malls apartments and meal Ares . and I've recently purchased the hotel dlc nice love having venues i will buy more dlcs thanks
~ Cody Soda
This release reminds me of my childhood when there were no microtransactions, no paywalls, no mindless grinding - oh, the nice old days.
~ Łukasz Krawiec
I absolutely love that I can test in sandbox mode. Fun simulation release and it's very simple to waste few hours at a time in sandbox mode. Plus the regular release is very fun also.
~ Krystal Vieira
This is a nice port of a nice PC release! So great to see a company take the time to do it right. If you like management sims and or if you're nostalgic for Sim Turret you will love this release.
~ Peter Larson
The release is really nice but the only trouble is syncing across devices, I made a buy and despite being logged into google test releases on both devices it didn't appear on the another device. The gameplay also doesn't sync which is annoying but not as large a trouble. I don't know if syncing is part of the release or if the trouble is at my end. If syncing across devices is not supported I would be really disappointed as I do wish to buy the citywide maps bundle.
~ Ross Lascelles
Phenominal release! just what i was expecting and so many options with the building. I would sugest having the option for dollars managers or more building managers as there are so many informations to control, but still a nice release!!
~ Randall Cermak
It can pass the time for someone that finds themselves bored. It is a decent release so don't obtain me wrong, but if you think you are getting a complete release you are going to be disappointed. Apparently, the developers babes need to eat..so it is fine for them to nickle and dime customers to death!
~ Matthew Savoie
neat economic walkthrough release, definitely worth the five buck-o's. that being claimed, it does obtain cute buggy, easily solved by killing the release and restarting it or clearing the cache + save files. buttons are cute tiny, so large screen supports, but it is a cute player friendly release. five stars because it is a one-of-a-type, sandbox-style, build it/tear it down, turret sim that doesn't rely on cartoons and quintillion-figure incomes to buy quintillion-figure updates. cons: no zombie scenarios.
~ Persomelize Goo-gull Cervesaz
probably one of the finest App releases ive played in some time. most releases like this fall into the trap of pay to victory or speed up builds. not this release. easy, simple and pleasant to test. i havr spent a lot of time on this release while my girlfriend watches love island. i genially dont think ill be able to sit through it without this release. i do want there was a idea to build a bridge between two turrets. sounds cute deep but i mean literally
~ george woodley