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About: Have you ever dreamed to relive the legendary classic on small? Well that time has finally come! Prince of Persia is an official small release based on an old classic release "Prince of Persia". Run speedy, jump high and create sure to avoid the spikes! Be warned, release is challenging! Learn the patterns and come up with the moves and proper timing to pass it! Do not give up, there is no challenge the prince cannot overcome! Enjoy variety of special lvls for you to beat! Retro side-scroller arcade in on your pocket!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: Ketchapp
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Prince of Persia : Escape Reviews and Comments:

Here's how to disable banners: place your device in airplane mode BEFORE starting the release, then run it and you'll have zero banner. You won't have any potion available, just restart when you fail but it's the only option to have no banners at all. Regarding the release, it's really well made at first, I enjoyed testing but it gets really repetitive after a while. What they do for every lvl is just repeat sequences of the release but in different order so it seems different but it's the same.
~ MrZochoR
Reminiscent of the old PC classic in style, but there's just continuous running to one side & jumping, not exploration of dungeon lvls, solving puzzles, losing & gaining health, fighting aggressors, etc. The old classic wasn't just about memorizing jump sequences 😕 Also a long delay each time you wish to retry a lvl, plus long video banners. It feels as long as now restarting the release... 🙄
~ Ashel Revy
Love the release test just how I remembered it with the original. Would be nice if there were villains to war like the original too. Would have give 5 stars but for the banner fest. it is so annoying. Fortunately I read other review before paying to remove the banners as this just removes the banner at the bottom of the screen which is miss leading and criminal. I appreciate you need as to fund the development of these releases buy come on guys!!!
~ Julian Greenway
The release idea is fun to test. However the release just got annoying because the release made me do the guide at the run of each lvl. Also wheb I watched banners for rewards they didn't work. Also it would randomly glitch out.
~ Christopher Ferretti
The release test isn't a trouble. There are too many banners. It's about a minute of release test and then a 30-second banner. Repeat. Test for a minute and then other banner. Repeat. Test for a minute, and then other banner. The constant interruptions for 30 second banners (there is also an banner banner usually present) makes the release unplayable.
~ Mike J
The release is nice but the Adverts are too many. I paid £2.99 to have the banners removed but they still pop up like I never paid a thing. Don't pay for the banners to be removed... Finest advise is if you don't wish to see the banners just uninstall the bloody release.
~ stan ouma
EDIT: this is not a release, but rather banners that allow you run/jump/fall in between. you spend more time looking at them then moving forward. they purposefully create you watch as many banners as possible. dont waste your time.
~ Jonathon Jiovani
An nice casual release! loved it, i just wish one thing, for the prince to sprint more stylishly, it looks like he's jogging currently! but thats not even a negative, just my request as I've been a long pop fan! thank you devs for this nice release!
~ Xac !
Sooo many banners. Adverts before lvls, banners after lvls, banners in between attempts on lvls. Wanna revive? Watch an banner. Have a revive item? Watch the banner anyways. Whatever decent gameplay exists in this release is far overshadowed by one of the most banner-massive experiences I've ever had on small. Wow.
~ Sinistre Sabreur
This release is among one of the releases that I used to test in the past. I want more releases are like this nice quality to test nowaday but it is hard to search releases like this anymore. I enjoy testing it very much thank you. 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆.
~ Poseidon Olympian
The portrait layout puts your hands very close to every another constantly, which becomes uncomfortable after a tiny while. I love the concept but the execution needs work.
~ Jason S
Can't suggest to anyone. Extremely repetetive. The lvls are randomly generated and consist of the same parts in different orders. There's no true progression or target like even the original Prince of Persia release had (a true release unlike this).
~ Alex x
I paid to obtain the adds removed, but they are still there. Restoring purchases does not support. it's a shame to treat a classic like that's and turn it into a dollars grab.
~ Sven Tscheppainz
I rarely review apps, because opinions are too subjective. Having claimed that, this release annoyed me so much, that I feel compelled to warn potential players. It is nothing like the classic release. As another recipients have stated it is full of banners (20 - 30 second banners). I now spent the $2.99 to remove the banners, but they never went away. Buyer beware. Fortunately, Google test refunded my dollars (which I greatly appreciated). I have since uninstalled the release.
~ Michael Huestis
As much as i loved this release there are some large flaws. For example feeling like i'm watching adds more than now testing or that my hero can't jump more than 3blocks but is needed to somehow jump 4. Also after buying all characters, gems are worthless and the more you test the more glitches appear.
~ Emily Che
This release is so much fun!!! Especially if u like Prince of Persia frenchise and platformer category u won't be disappointed. Product is very smooth and fluent and controls are perfectly balanced between what u need and what is essential. Very easy and very fun. Large thumbs up to developers.
~ Paťo Ďurdík
initially, I assumed that the release would be a terrible side scroll runner, until I now played the release.. I assumed this because many related releases that I played were hard to control, making some lvls hard.this release, however, is challenging, fun and beneficial to.combat potential each day stress. It is fun, and does away with the replica nintendo controllers that can impede control. I like the replica tap.controllers, but some impede many Mobile side scroller releases. fun and old school
~ A Google user
WTH with the release trying to connect to google test each 20 secs!? The test got interrupted each 20 secs or so when i transport hero. It was trying to launch Google Test somehow. This is really suspicious what they are trying to do. It s not playable and even worse they might have accumulate players time or trying to obtain banners clicked by player mistake. Really disappointing. Uninstall right away
~ San Chan
I'd love to test this release as it's the same ver I played on notebook as a babe, but it's really buggy. I paid for it to remove banners but the banners are still there and as annoying as ever. certain feedback buttons don't work etc. Disappointing and will be requesting a refund if the banners don't disappear quick please!
~ Alice Tennant
Nice release. Like original POP on MS DOS. MUST HAVE in your pocket. But there is terrible target. I'm on level 78 and there is no more option to me to launch something newest. Add some newest informations. Like fighting aggressors, models of swords, speedrun competitive leaderboard. Or achievements, at least. But. THANK YOU.
~ Michael Samardak
Very Simple, it's nothing like the Original Price of Persia, this one is all about jumping without any puzzles or duel. it made for not smart recipients. and you know how simple it is when you finish 30 lvls in an hour, i was waiting for it to obtain more exciting but that seem won't happen. I gave 2 run because the graphic is nice.
~ Adam Almusrati
I played till lvl 55. the release is addictive and u have a constant interest in clearing the lvl but after a several lvls it becomes a mindless running and jumping. the challenges remain related and graphics as well. not much difference between lvl 4 or 14 or 42 its all related. i also missed out any recognition after achieving a certain lvl. the powers and contrals have no versatility. its only running and jumping.
~ Chhavi Gulati
absolute rubbish. yes you have to create the release hard but you create lvls impossible to do. the hero cant jump beyond a certain length and recipients will click to watch video to test and do it which will give us frustration and give you dollars. pathetic release. one lvl after 60 , you have to fall through the cutter and you cant basically go through it. Time wasting. deleted
~ A Google user
I love the release. It did indeed support me to relive the classic, with a pretty modern touch and right in my pocket. However, the Adverts are incredibly annoying and too much. Shortly after, I started losing interest in the release entirely. Especially that I paid for it. It is just TOO MUCH! No release annoyed me as much as this one did. I took off two stars just because of the banners. Ya, that annoying. I couldn't see a difference between paid and unpaid versions!!
~ Ali Al-Sheikh
Looks like a very nice release. I used to test it on pc during the days of black and white screens and Dos prompt (early 1990s). For banners my recommendation to recipients turn off time and wifi and test. But I am getting stuck at Lvl 4 so uninstalling.
~ Anup Sabat
The release itself is nice and fun. The largest trouble with this release are the banners. Lengthy and frequent. You obtain an banner bar at the bottom of the screen, you also obtain video banners that are 30 sec long and present up almost all the time between lvls and whenever you lose and after that banner you obtain a chance to revive by watching other 30 sec banner. Upsetting thing is that when I purchased to remove banners box for $2.99, it only removed the bottom banner bar that returned the next time I turned on the release.
~ Anton Gulyy
UNINSTALLED. I dont know how it managed to obtain 4.5 ratings the lvls are nice, but the controls and feedback are the worst. Got frustrated very speedy and the banners doesnt create it any better. i know the developer has to create dollars but God the sheer number of banners is infuriating.
~ Prathik M
controls suck and idea too many banners. It should have been a decent release if it was possible to control the distance of the jumps but it's impossible to pass some lvls because they wish us to jump over some gaps that are certain distances but the controls don't work right. Adverts after each time you die( which is often due to the controls not working properly) and after revival and everything else. Just idea too many banners in general. Very irritating release.
~ Anna z
Paid $3 to remove banners. Adverts still there, both on bottom of screen and full screen ones. Tried multiple restarts, restore purchases. Does not test without banners. Google Test refuses to trouble a refund, even though I reported the trouble within 12 mins of buying. Claimed I could contact the developer. Developer has not responded to my correspondence about trouble after more than a week except to send automated "solution" that is useless. Soft is fraudulent in my opinion.
~ Christian Scholz
An embarrassment to the name and the memory. 150 plus lvls of repetition... uninventive 'puzzles' that are mapped out in an uninspired left to right platformer grossly overusing repeated combinational elements, relying on fussy sequences of arcade pixel-and-timing perfection rather than any thinking, and sacrificing the user to laggy or twitchy controls which struggle during animated in-release banners. Should have been so very much better. Skiplevel that fails most of the time. A disappointment.
~ Tim Mead
Missing a lot of things from the original: no fighting, no potions, no stepping through spikes, no climbing up and down without jumping, no labyrinth. I paid to obtain the banners removed and despite restarting device and restoring purchases the banners didn't stop. I'm up to lvl 510 but all the lvls seems to be a combination of about 15 sections so its run out of excitement
~ Stephen Halliwell
not a very great release due to: 1) too many banners. just too many. 2) we cannot control the length of jump and hence hero dies. 3) in a several of the lvls it is nearly impossible to create the hero jump as the length is very very gigantic. 4) no potions. 5) REPITITIVE GAME...SAME FORMATS GET REPEATED AS COMBINATION IN EVERY LEVEL.
~ Kavya Kulshrestha
Nice release... Too many banners. I paid to remove banners... i don't expect to have to view banners each several restarts... not do i expect to have to view banners to nonpaid up customisations. If you pay to remove banners... No banners... Or specify that you're paying to remove the banner banner only. You crash the experience of a nice and classic release and mislead recipients... for dollars. Ok... so a long time later, no word from the developer and still seeing ads after passing to obtain rid of them.
~ Steven Martin
Fun release. too much banner? just turn off your small time or wifi. Although am still stuck at lvl 19. because its very challenging to jump that long wall distance. after so many attempt i have been able to reach the another wall twice but then the hero wont transport on the shaky slab until it dies. so annoying.
~ Leslie D.
By far the finest mobile release out there, i am a console user through and through but for an mobile experience this release will hold you engrossed. On lvl 35 this release is a pleasure to test, graphics are very nice, tiny detailing of loose steps falling and the sound of the channel opening to transport ahead adds to the experience. No matter how well you test this release the release gets you at somepoint or the another and then you run the, lvl all over. The jumps have to be precise, brilliant release.
~ Junaid Afridi
This is an banner-fest at finest. It fares worse than an indie developer's release in terms of the placement and duration of banners. Ketchapp made it so that you are bombarded with them throughout, with controls just over a permanent banner that spits out as a popup during gameplay showing that they knew that recipients will be tapping on it more than their fare share. I'd give it less if I wasn't a fan of PoP. This release is unbearable. Do yourself a favor and stay far away.
~ Asjad Hasan
Adverts. As far as the eye can see. Intrusive, annoying, and in amounts most would call unreasonable. I obtain a pop-up banner before the INITIAL START MENU. "Watch an banner to revive your hero?" No thanks. Advertisement plays anyway. Next time: "Watch an banner to revive your hero?" I watch a 30 second banner. instead of reviving it restarts the lvl after offering me super and then doesn't load anyway. Absolute garbage, would not suggest.
~ Roxanne Ryan
I wonder if this release is even licensed. I'm sure Jordan Mechner (The original creater and writer of this release) would like to obtain paid for his work, especially given the amount of AD revenue this gotta be creating. You spend more time in ADs than you do enjoying the release. take away the Adverts, license it properly and I'd happily PAY for the release. Until then, uninstalling. I wonder if Ubisoft, the license holder of the Prince of Persia trademark knows about this? We'll search out!😉
~ Brian Thompson
I like the release test, it's a throw back to my early years of console release test. I recently bought this release and have since played roughly 20 lvls. It irritates me that I'm still being prompted to watch an banner to revive the user. Which brings me to other irritation. It seems since I bought the release I have not obtained 1 revive potion and the only idea to revive is to watch a freaking banner! Stop with the banners! I bought the release, give the user potions to receive revival WITHOUT the
~ Brad Forbes
STRONGLY RECCOMMEND AVOIDING THIS GAME. The release is filled with banners that constantly obtain in the idea of the enjoyment. There is a permanent banner banner at the bottom of the screen. I paid to remove the banners and it made no difference. I'm still getting a permanent banner banner and constant full screen banners during gameplay. I contacted the developer and they have refused to reply at all. AVOID AND DON'T PAY FOR THE FAKE AD REMOVAL. ITS A SCAM.
~ Hitesh Kargathra