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About: Need to see equipment getting crushed by the Hydraulic Press? Destroy products in the most satisfying idea. Upgrade your machine and increase your factory's income. - Unpaid to Test - No internet connection needed - Infinite Product Whenever you are bored or stressed, crushing the products supports!
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: Good Job Games
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Press Inc. Reviews and Comments:

I understand you guys need to create dollars and that's through the ads but if you wish recipients to continue to pay your releases and if you wish then to spread the word to their dudes and everything I would take some of the adds away not ask just some.
~ A Google user
Take gives you an option to obtain increased gold for watching a video but forces you to watch if you pick not to obtain the premium. Deceptive and boring release.
~ Christopher Delzell
It ok but each time I launch it it just freezes up and stops working so it's terrible but it's a nice release but I just do like that can you fix it please and like if anyone has the same trouble
~ LuckyPanda x
it has to many banners but another than that it is dazzling and nice. I claimed my uncle and my sister to test it and they love it. you could create other lvl that grinds up the products, that will be so fun
~ Preston Patrikis
Press Inc. is your standard click grind with a different skin, the visuals are primary compared to another releases in it's category. Though primary by look and related in test the manual option to press every item does offer an enjoyable mechanic and is visually pleasing compared to another click grinds.
~ ManCheese · 20 years ago
banners when choosing NOT watching them, banners in banner pop-ups, banners that cover buttons and random banners thrown in for fun... just charge for the release if you are all so desperate.
~ Yakobed vanPraag
pros- fun, mindless, super satisfying cons- banners (not as terrible as some releases but not nice either) and the fact that it misses a lot which is horrible to watch makes me cringe
~ A Google user
"Need to double your earnings and watch an banner or just accumulate them? Don't wish to double? That's just fine... oh whoops we gave you an banner anyway silly us"
~ HuieDude001
please search my resume for you on the number ta for a gya yo I'm going to test for the release on Saturday morning and see you tomorrow at noon so we can go ahead on ker on ker la la ma I have to obtain a gya on ker on my own for dinner and I on ker on my own but on my own but on my own but on my own but on my own but on ker la ma I am going back to the office I have been in touch on the device with the release and I have been trying a gya yo I just wish you can text or number ta and I have been trying a dif
~ A Google user
it's a nice repeat of ant smasher but it lacks the speed and being on a conveyer belt it is very very simple STEP IT UP A BIT! I have a need for more speed!!!!
~ A Google user
although a fun time aggressor, you can't progress past lvl 59, and if you lvl Everything up in the second (maybe third as well) zone, equipment still pass by the presser unless you manually tap. I spent a lot of time updating that second pressed and conveyor belt ;(
~ Lmronby
It is fun in a idea and, I would suggest it to anyone and, everyone so download it and, test nonpaid today.
~ A Google user
Adverts banners everywhere. I obtain the concept of watching an banner to obtain more ingame currency but once I finish watching an banner I shouldn't have to watch other one. Straight idle release beyond it.
~ C. Hatton Humphrey
I closed the release for like an hour and everything looks fully different, the equipment I'm squishing aren't even the same??? and I had to redo my entire second lvl.....
~ Kaya Peach
I would give higher opinion but they forcing banners even if you dont wish it.... downloaded it a while ago just to test offline(No banner's showing up and you obtain offline income anyway)... So unless they will not stop with forcing banners my stars will stay at 2
~ dawid wolowski
Nice but gets boring when there's no much to do another than go on and accumulate dollars a several times to upgrade one thing EDIT: release is broken. no longer collects any coins. no idea to gain dollars actually
~ Ollie North
Can't multiply reaward with banners.. the option is usually unavailable. Boosters are all there but you cannot buy or obtain them by seeing banners. all grayed out. still too much banners are shown. Very annoying.
~ Sohan Zaman
this release is somewhat addictive, but rewards for watching banners often do not work. once you upgrade all the equipment you might as well not even bother to test anymore
~ William Knowlton
Product was alright, got to the second press and then the release would load an banner whenever I opened it. However, the banner would never load and closing the release meant losing my offline reward so it was as if no time passed at all.
~ Lenny McNeill
I feel like I got scammed out of $1.99 by picking to remove banners. This only removes the small banner at the bottom, NOT all the adds. It claims remove banners but yet there are still banners... Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!
~ West Myers
BUYER BEWARE Getting "Remove Adverts" for $1.99 DOES NOT remove banners! I wish my dollars back! There are still countless banner banners at the bottom of the screen at all times. Do yourself a favor and don't spend a penny on this release.
~ Beau
This is stupid!!! Why can't you test if you're not over 15???! I mean, it's pegi 3! That means that 3 year olds are apparently allowed to test it!😤😠😤😠😤😥 if i wasn't so great i would be swearing by actually. But i'm not, because i'm so great
~ Thomas Johnson
About the banners.. what you can do if you DO NOT wish banners. 1~ If the release is already launch close it, or if it is not launch don't. 2~ Turn off Wifi or/and App Time. 3~Launch release and enjoy no banners! I do this a lot, but you have to close the release before turning off Wifi or/and App Time because banners will still be there.
~ A Google user
release is nice but idea to many banners. when i claim many i mean each 30 sec video after you accumulate your dollars. which is often because you have to accumulate your dollars, so you can buy things because it doesnt come automatically
~ Ray Ray wassup
It kinda relieves your stress but you guys really need to add more machines, more inventory and more things to modernization so we don't run out of things to do and obtain bored with the release so we end up uninstalling, so please add those things!
~ Jenette Baughman
Can't do anything in the release, like connect your own dollars without watch an banner. Whenever I am away and come back, and test to connect my premium from being away. The release crashes, and when it opens, magically the premium is gone. Seems like a fun concept, but your release is too flawed.
~ Joey Kataya
Really?? Forcing ads down our throats like this could be illegal. You give the option to redeem a standard amount of dollars, or multiply it if I watch an banner, then create me watch a full length banner anyway if I touch the first option. Receive stuffed greedy devs
~ Michael McCabbin
banners are unbarable... you obtain an banner everythime you accumulate dollars. you obtain an banner each time you obtain a "premium" the only reason they even have the premium is so you half to watch an banner... and they have banners at random too... would be addictive if you didnt half to look at someones device... seeing disco lights.
~ CowRedbeard Games
Nice job releases did not do a nice job at all. I activated offline earnings booster and when I opened my release after a while my earnings were $113t so i clicked on the triple it button by watching an banner. But when the banner completed i did not obtain $339t but was only left with $49.96t. Fix it. Speedy.
~ Aryan Gupta
Idea,idea to many banners,it's ridiculous,it's to the target where you can't just test the release without an banner popping up for everything you do and to top it off you have to watch banners to obtain the boosters and bonus earnings which doesn't work all of the time,so uninstalled.👎👎
~ Dawn Keating
Really nice but when I accumulate 100k (or more) the counter resets back to zero and only gives me 30k. Please fix! Another than that, it's great
~ Brooke D
This release is ok, started of nice. The further through the release I've gotten the multipliers don't work. You click on x3 or x4 accumulate your dollars you watch the banner.... nothing happens. So I have to watch an banner and obtain the normal amount. Not nice at all.
~ Adam Dugdale
I search this release very addicting and hold wanting to upgrade to see what the next object you can smash will be. I can't wait to search out what the release looks like when I upgrade the entire release. I already upgraded 4/5 of the objects to full and can't wait. Definitely suggest this release.
~ Bob Ross
This release was really nice and then yesterday the release test changed fully and all equipment are different and so are the updates.. its suddenly become very simple, boring, and all the satisfying elements are gone. Unfortunately i have nothing left to do in release actually when before i was only half idea through.
~ Heidi Vanzet
the release is OKAY at first but it gets very boring as you test on and the amount of banners are ridiculous. Defo do not suggest testing it. when you refuse an add it gives you one anyway! Over all the release is poor.
~ incineroar 777
love the release but i seriously have to turn off wifi just to test it. also they claimed they fixed offline earnings but it is still broken and without it it is not even worth testing. im rating 3 stars because of the fun ive had testing it but please fix the release. thank you! Edit. its been weeks at this target and its still not fixed. terrible release actually. one star
~ Jadan Downing
This is a very nice release and it is addictive, but the release keeps destroying and the option to watch an banner to multiply your dollars very rarely even works. Also a hint for recipients who test these releases, turn off your wifi/time and you wont obtain banners. This release is nice but obviously still needs a lot of work.
~ Megan Melanie Belfield
Its a nice release, but there are too many banners, and most of the time i dont even obtain the offline rewards. I logged in, had 8 trillion, watched an banner to obtain double, and when the banner was done it didnt give me anything, so i watched other, when it was done it gave me 500 billion. So most i have to babysit the release to earn, not worth it
~ Kris4 k
read the reviews that complained about the banners, but tried it anyways. within a minute, i collected the gathered dollars and was shown with the option to double the dollars by watching an banner. I claimed no, and it gave an on skippable banner anyway. the only nice kinds of banners are the ones that you pick to watch in order to obtain more equipment for release. once you progressed further into a release, you'll be more inclined to do each single one. that claimed, unskippable banners this early is unacceptable.
~ Marshall Jacobs
This release is simply a dollars grab. 'Oh, sorry, you DIDN'T wish an banner? Well, have one anyway!' Otherwise, the gameplay itself is very slow and boring, and not much happens to crushed products, another than disappearing and leaving behind particles and a stain. Boo, it sucks.
~ A Google user