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About: If I was the President, the country would've been in a much better state Are you sure? Prove it! The "President Simulator" release lets you rule one of the 163 modern countries. Politics, the media, espionage, natural disasters, fights, taxes, crime fighting Present your strength, wisdom and perseverance. Build a build a superpower that dictates its terms, otherwise the globe will smash your country. Managing a country isn't simple. Yet you'll succeed! See for yourself. Over 50 special plants and factories, more than 20 ministries and departments Change ideology, state religion, join international organizations Influence the country and the globe using researches, espionage, politics, diplomacy, and religion Suppress rebels, stop strikes, epidemics, prevent disasters, protect the country from invasions Declare fights, defeat another countries, control conquered ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Oxiwyle
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President Simulator Reviews and Comments:

been testing it for months, love it! just want they would add more micro mangement around, and increased diplomacy options as well
~ Michael Chino
Pay for the release and pay for the in release dollars, this release not even player friendly, uninstall
~ Natan W
The releases takes too long to even create one building, hope developer should balance it by making the building easily developing..
~ Shafiq Norddin
The globe map needs to be significantly more detailed. Kosovo is nothing but a lake. The Indonesian Borneo is gone. Some of the Philippines are sunk. Canada doesn't have its glorious islands to the northeast.
~ Lawrence Regar
IT'S nice and all but is there an option to build more at 1 time for example I don't wanna just keep to build 1000000 km of motorway please respond thank you
~ Sergey Avanesov
Absolute garbage. Nothing works, the grammar sucks, and there is no guide on how to even test the release. Don't waste your time or dollars.
~ TheNegative1One1
Your fights are pointless and stupid, no country ever goes to fight without a reason..
~ A Google user
The nuclear the project programme thing you need to buy it again if you restart in true dollars!?
~ A Google user
I can't wait to see what this release is like in a couple of years time. maybe have different dogs populations. maybe create equipment to predict the future.
~ devon haigh
Absolutely love it.. but I concored all the countries, and built of the military and everything else to the limit so,, actually what?
~ Matthew Ali
Finest Product Ever!!! Is easy, a nice gameplay and much more, still working on it and add things like zone tool and that's all. Congratulations to Developers!
~ Anakin_003
Nice release, but having troubles at moment with trade. When the end date has been and gone the goods i have traded don't disappear
~ Rhys Belton
I love the walkthrough involved. Can you please add sliders for increasing troops in mass quantities it would create it much easier.
~ Daniel Halstead
I think there could be a globe fight where you can pick side if you lose you will lost dollars and if you victory you can tax the aggressor country and pls shorten the constructions
~ Helen Manalo
Please dont create us pay many times on nuclear and also those dollars we obtain daily on the release it state that we obtain it per day. I hope your releases would be fun pls modernization it quick
~ Bear VDB
*spends £5 on in-release dollars to take over the globe* *Invades Morocco* *Gets smashed by Morocco* *Gets kicked out of country* *Loses £5* I wish all my dollars back. I feel robbed.
~ macdondal
I'm still waiting for the newest upgrades, test to rebuild or modernization this release to create anyone of us glad and bring more users test this great release. Thank you
~ j em aluare
Paid for the release. You have to buy in-release currency to obtain past invading a several countries. Wouldn't suggest this release
~ A Google user
this release is nice, been looking for something like this release for a while, worth the dollars. Please listen to another users i think a slide bar is essential
~ A Google user
Why is there a thing in the nonpaid ver that's not in this ver, i paid dollars for this but I'd rather use the nonpaid ver.(in topic you don't know what I'm talking about in the nonpaid ver there is an option to watch a banner to obtain more dollars everyday but not in the paid)
~ Clayton Wilmes
The release is nice. However 4 stars because there is a nasty bug in the release, at least for my Mobile 8 (Huawei Colleague P10 Pro). When i test to pick a newest head of a ministry (claim Taxes, Police etc) options appear for less than a second and disappear. All im left is with a white popup. Please fix, nice time aggressor!
~ Pavel Pavlov
this is a fun release, but after a while there will only be about 10 countries left because everyone takes everyone over. PLEASE ADD MULTIPLAYER THAT IS ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH THE LITE VERSION
~ KimberCustom11
It's a really fun strategic release but the construction on some things is absolutely outrageous and the fact that you can only work on 1 building per item isn't right either I could be able to build 10 schools at once if I wish not 1 at a time. Also allow me pick how many things I wish to build having to keep the button to build 300k houses is aids.
~ josh sass
I loved the release i even place a tiny bit of dollars into it, i was at 100% rating then in less than a second i dropped to zero and lost the release. This ment the dollars i place into the release had gone and didnt cross over into a newest release. Very disappointed with this costly bug
~ Brenden Burkinshaw
Product is so hard and so buggy. How dare you create recipients pay for this release. It needs a lot of fixing. Also why does it not allow me refound butnit allow my dude. The hell is this bull
~ De Dark Assailant
I bought the full ver but it wasnt enough because i required to buy the nuclear tool separately, and when i restarted the release i dont have the nuclear peogram anymore. Why is that? Each time i restart i need to buy the nuclear tool again?
~ Virus D
I like the release, it's active, has a lot to it. A several troubles though, on a smaller andriod device when you chose a newest general it just shows up a white box. I'd also very much like to be able to zoom in on the globe map. As of right actually I'll never be able to pick Chile or any tiny countries
~ Devyn Tremblay
It's not very nice. I slash funding for hospitals and fire departments, then distracted the populace with counter-terrorist operations. I conquered North America and much of the Middle East. Yet I still have a high approval rating.
~ Kenneth Alden
So you have recipients pay you to download the release, yet the release still runs off of the freemium model, being nearly impossible to do anything exciting without spending dollars? Thanks but no thanks. If it was nonpaid I'd give 4 stars but you have to pay to even test it. Either take out the microtransactions or create the release nonpaid and discount your customers.
~ Chris Norris
Product is nice but there are 3 troubles: Infrastructure micromanagement is tedious. Economic building take a long time to build- Production cannot hold up with Consumpion. You can't pick the amount of recipients who work for an zone- you have to increase it by constantly tapping the + button. Please fix these troubles as they can really impede the fun in the release.
~ William M.
hard to test. citizens usually complaining about high taxes and you can't create dollars easily testing in smaller countries. I don't obtain how true Presidents do their jobs. 😀😀😀
~ Batman And Robinson
To be clear to anyone who buys this, anything you buy in-release will not transfer over to different countries, I wasted 9.99 because of that
~ Leprechaun
really fun release I wish there to be a setting for infinite dollars so I dont have to worry about running out of dollars and at the same time descreasing taxes so my population can also be glad.
~ Dopegamer67 _
RUN DO NOT BUY!!! this release is a scam! If you buy anything it takes it away when you lose and makes you buy it again!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
~ Joseph Stalin
this release is alright but I am gonna list some things to take note things I wish to be fixed -destroying upon opening the map things I wish to see improve -ui -the map it seems very bland, right actually informations I wish -sandbox mode with unlimite momey and unlimite dollars per day -fights be more interactive -to create orginizations -you can split land with the country you attack -you can buy countrys stretch targets -multiplayer? (you and a dude can pick a country) thabks for reading hope to see more
~ Some Person
so its a very slow release that isnt active in the background. doulble speed is a joke it could progress months not days and considering most things have high build times it takes forever to build something easy also needs the houseing section is a joke due to the break versus build rate in which the release is. honestly i love the release but the build time kills me also no matter if u change something or not the random meetings never recognize it its like there just there doesn't matter if its doing nice
~ Robert Pilgrim
Nice release but needs more attention. I hold getting attacked by random countries in Africa and their destroying my country, THE USA. Please modernization the release and add more things. Also, what is the target of NATO? It doesn't support you! And you can't leave! Please pay more attention to the release. I wish to love it but it's unrealistic and in a sense, pointless.
~ Antonio
its definitely interesting, but there is a complete lack of documentation that I dont like. for instance, what's the benefit of investing in any of the bajillion different zones? is there a benefit to investing in education? what is the benefit? could I invest in infrastructure instead? or housing? could I care that theres a heavy deficit of housing? I have no concept because none of it is explained.
~ Forresto Mintero
refunded within an hour. Ridiculous ; the functions designed to increase income dont function, resulting in an unlimite downward spiral in numbers as you test to impossibly hold the recipients glad. Did not enjoy the release at all, ridiculously broken release would give 0/5 if possible.
~ Ben Manning
So, you guys have the gal to place a price on this thing, and add microtransactions? it is buggy, crashes randomly and don't like the fact that certain informations aren't available without buying them with true dollars. And this is supposed to be the super ver as well.