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[Premium] RPG Marenian Tavern Story   
About: Run an journey tavern in a fantasy land with Patty! A turn-based RPG where you cook, eat, accumulate, war and search! Additional edition gives 100 premium jewels! Patty's brother has been possessed by the God of Poverty and the entire family has become terrible, with gigantic debts... This is the beginning of Patty's struggle! To pay back the debts, allow's launch a tavern in Marenia, gather ingredients, and run cooking! Run the journey tavern how you like! Accumulate ingredients and cook newest dishes above 600! You obtain lvl ups not by defeating creatures, but by eating meal. Train your characters, defeat newest dungeons, and aim to obtain newest ingredients through exploration, farming, fishing, and many more ideas! What will your tavern be like? * This edition contains 100 premium jewels! A trial ver is also available on the shop! * The release can be played in its ent ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 32MB Developer: KEMCO
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[Premium] RPG Marenian Tavern Story Reviews and Comments:

Was really glad to search this, I absolutely love Travel Bar Storyline and Travel Labyrinth Storyline. I do want the scenery graphics matched the hero graphics and the floating door buttons are really annoying but another from that I really enjoy testing this.
~ FaeryMeganChase
EDIT: Devs fixed the loading trouble. Nice release, worth the price. If you like meal-based releases and JRPG this is it. Coco the mascot is darn adorable. Overall gameplay reminds me of Atelier, and Rune Factory. Touchpad movement gets stuck occasionally, but it can obtain fixed by switching to joystick mechanics and back again if touchpad is preferred. PS: Boss Crabs hold landing "Decapitate" that I just facepalm each time I have to revive 😂 DROP THAT INGREDIENT ALREADY OH DEAR MOB 😂 stalling for ingredients ahahahaha...
~ Elsaire Devahz
Um so I noticed this trouble has happened for many recipients, and recently has happened to me too. The loading screen is at 2/100 and I spent a lot of time that redoing it would be pointless... I hope you can fix this quick, and thank you for your time
~ GoldStarBurst
Travel Bar Storyline meets Recettear. The release is unoriginal, but still extremely pleasant. There are definitely things that should use improvements, but it is a great release for the lovers of the category.
~ Sylwia Polberg
Going to have to give this a 1 star rating until I can now test the release. Purchased this release just before the glitch where the loading screen stays at 2/100. Tried reinstalling and nothing works, emailed the devs and they're not really getting back to me, so we'll see if this even happens.
~ Victoria Sciancalepore
It's cute nice because it's a release like harvest moon and it has much more informations. And I'd claim running a tavern is more interesting than tending to a farm. So with that claimed, I can understand why it was longer than usual for kemco to version other title. I can claim much work was place into this.
~ Tyler Wintringham
There is a bug when collapsing the buttons for save, healing, etc. The icons will go away when I collapse them, like they are supposed to, but if I tap in the zone it will launch the menu as if the buttons are still visible. The rest of the release plays fine, it's just a tiny annoying.
~ Virginia Hotchkiss
absolute boring rubbish. the original 3ds ver is better
~ A Google user
Large fan of Travel Bar Storyline and love that there is other release like that. Just test it recently so still in early release. So far so nice, but a bit disappointed. Everything else is cute much the same like Travel Bar Storyline. I hope there are newest informations when I progress the release. I rarely buy release from google shop, so I hope this one will be nice
~ Tedy Wats
Basically an Travel Bar Storyline sequel. I played through ABS 3 times, so am loving this release! Jewels drop from mobs so the IAP equipment is really if you just wish to be super OP right away. Otherwise you'll obtain enough jewels just by grinding for ingredients in the super ver. Product is a jrpg grind for sure, but still lots of fun. Leveling, cooking, and bar/tavern mechanics are basically the same as ABS. I'm so hooked on this release right actually I'm testing it over another console and PC releases in my nonpaid time.
~ Eric Keeler
Looks like they fixed the freeze trouble. I just modernized the release and it seems to be working fine with saved time intact. I will test today for few hours after I obtain some sleep .release still works nice. Can't place it down. If anyone knows how to obtain dantes favoured please allow me know. Hope I can still obtain this since I am idea past it
~ A Google user
This release is a lot of fun if you like atelier releases and the like. The principle is basically the same, just with cooking - you wish to create different dishes to create your tavern prosper and you therefore need to hunt creatures for more ingredients. It can obtain a bit long at times and the party system is not very intuitive to me. But another than that, it is very great and addictive! I have been testing it again non-stop since they fixed the loading screen bug and am fully addicted to it. It has become my favored small release as of actually!
~ Fini Hötte
OMG! IS THIS A COLLAB BETWEEN RIDEON AND KEMCO...?! GODS! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EXPERIENCE THIS! Anyway, if you liked Travel Bar Storyline, then you're sure to like this one as well! Aside from the story, the characters, and some newest softwares and recipes, the primary plot, the villain's looks and name, primary gameplay, and controls are all the same as Travel Bar Storyline. The only complaints I have are the tiny gamepad, lack of BL, and the lack of differences between this and Travel Bar Storyline. I mean, I adore ABS, but like, if you're just gonna do this, just call it ABS2. Oh well, I now just started testing recently, so I can't really give an in-depth analysis, but I sorta got the gist of it. Love the release.
~ Loser Me
A nice sequel to Travel Bar Storyline! Some of the mechanics are slightly different but overall it is much more streamlined in the cooking portions of the release. More recipes are more complex than those in Travel Bar, and I've caught myself getting hungry just reading though the list. Unfortunately, the RPG portions aren't quite as balanced as its predecessor, but Tavern Storyline makes it up by having better dungeon designs. I highly suggest this release to foodies and budding chefs alike!
~ A Google user
Hmm... I'm not really fond of cooking releases and journey just to obtain ingredients, I would fully love to have a refund but I might test this sooner or later. I haven't tried the original release "Storyline Bar something...", and clueless to see what will I be testing with. It would seem I lack the motivation to test this at the moment. I couldn't test this with 4.4.4 KitKat but I can test this with my 6.0 which is surprisingly average for a Tavern release.
~ Amata Sora
last edit: i've solved the loading 2/100 trouble by reinstalling, and DO NOT EVER force close this release or exiting this release by 'clear newest release', exit the release by using back button at tittle menu then 'Yes'. at least it works for me until actually.
~ Ryan Prima
I think it's gonna be other p2w release, but it's not, really liked the idea it is, so addicting, just some trouble, like loading screen tiny bit lame, maybe it can be improved, overall, loved it 👍
~ Aziz Abdul
I love it. My only trouble is while the hero cast has diversity/ are individuals in storyline, their roles combat-wise have a lot of overlaps between the cast, only made somewhat distinct by their passives. Still, an absolutely lovely release if you enjoy market management/RPGs. The combat is cute intuitive, just be aware that elemental resistances will kick your booty if you don't heed them.
~ j
it's fun and I hope that you can date in this release especially lesbian dating.
~ Robert Parsons
I purchased this release a several months ago and am glad I paid for the full ver
~ Marina Valenzuela
i love everything about this release. its like im testing suikoden once again❤❤❤
~ Ehtur Arevir
nice release and storyline. don't stop making rpg releases. I would like if there were more of them mod and cut or a job tree class releases you create
~ YourFavorite Phones
a black screen with a mouse eating rice is on the screen whenever i test to test the release and i cant obtain through that part to test fhe release . please support
~ nuruth thorrinah
Can't test anymore. Black screen whenever opening the release.
~ Abel Manzano
loving the release! up until it kept glitching out at the merman lord war.... unable to transport forward with finishing the dungeon
~ Carrington Hill
I played journey bar storyline before and compared to this release this is a lot easier, I hope theres a idea to increase difficulty
~ Dssylvia Estetica
I really love journey bar storyline so I desire to download this one for super vertion but I cannot test release. I can press "run release" and kick out to my device screen. Need fix plese
~ greennie
I am stuck in the release. Just downloaded it and right actually I am on the screen wherein I will war the fungus creature. Tried reseting it multiple times but still I cannot transport on to the next screen. Please fix.
~ Oliver Ramos
Please HELP! Each time I click on "Newest Product" it never allows me to test the release itself. It usually goes black screen after clicking "Newest Product" and then goes back to my device screen.
~ Cathy Zacate
Highly suggested. Nice release. No troubles or bugs. Does not require in release purchases to test. Nice story and graphics.
~ Laura Boarman
Nice Product with overall polished system, but the farming and the cooking is a lot of pain. need to re-cooking each single day was a lot of work.
~ Charles Zhu
Really2 nice release I like release like this...but if you create more release like tavern,cooking,gild,quest,magic,and long storyline it create very2 interesting release...pleasa... Kemco industry...
Feet feet feet feet. the owner's feet might smell but the release is cute fun! just like their previous release, Travel Bar Storyline, but with modernized graphics. IAPs are absolutely optional.
~ Alice C
This is a nice release, like its predecessor Travel Bar storyline but with more progression and plot. Would like to be able to feed all characters when im in the tavern like you should in ABS, but another than that its just a great beautiful release to come back to.
~ Joseph Hooper
Cute nice and enjoyable release. Already clocked in more than 30 hours in it. The only hard part are the recipes, some of them doesn't have enough clues to create.
~ Willie Marquina
It's been awhile since there's a release that I now wish to finish testing. Usually I got bored halfway or really early in the release. This release however, is intriguing and pleasant. I would like to buy if there's ever a continuation to this release.
~ Gacilas
No matter how many times I test to launch the release, it stucks with a black screen after loading into a newest release. I was excited to test this release but ended up with a disappointment. Kind of a waste of my dollars even if it's just 8 dollars
~ Aoi Hisagi
PLEASE! Create more releases like this. Tje powerful target of this release lies in it's casual category, so while at it why not create more side storyline-driven hero quests? Or you can develop the farming/fishing systen to be more interactive. Maybe add crafting too? Anyway I'm really in love with this type of releases and I'll definetely buy more of your product of this type of releases
~ Aqilah Lubis
I rarely buy releases, but this one I had to obtain. I am a fan of both group's past releases and although grindy, it is to be expected: No person can magically obtain everything, not even in a globe of magic. The loading times between fights and moving can be a bit too long at times, and animations may stutter but those are hardware limitations. Just want that future titles like these obtain more tons like combining skills in war or specific cooking techniques and not just requiring equipment.
~ Legion Legion
Fun but grindy (though that's part of the fun too). I played Travel Bar Storyline and liked it enough to buy this. It's cute related, and your characters war aggressors in traditional turn based war which in turn drop equipment for cooking. As you can only visit one dungeon per ingame day, and there are some needed drops by rare creatures, you might spend a lot of true time just grinding for ingredients. I like it but others might search it too tedious.
~ A Google user