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About: Poly Bridge, the hit indie bridge-building physics title with variety of hours of gameplay. "A gotta test for anyone interested in puzzle releases." - TheGamingReview * 105 Campaign Lvls * Sandbox * 22 Achievements * Hydraulic Pistons * Moving Drawbridges * Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and recent bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! Test the completely featured campaign with 100+ lvls of challenging physics puzzles or create your own puzzles and bridge designs in the Sandbox. Success launches by getting cars to their destinations by any means; build suspensions, ramps and jumps, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Complete each lvl under budget and with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge, to become a Poly Bridge Master Engineer... and unblock the secret globe.
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 83MB Developer: Dry Cactus Limited
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Poly Bridge Reviews and Comments:

The release is really addictive with loads of content. I would suggest it to anyone who likes puzzles. Building is slightly tedious; S Pen help would greatly support. Recently, theres been a trouble with the UI, in-release icons are gigantic which block a lot of the screen.
~ David Duong
Nice release, played it on PC a several years ago. Very satisfying however i feel some of the automatic controls should be tweaked to be a tiny less intrusive. 👍
~ Rob Blake
Loving the release, but would love to be able to use my S-Pen to draw bridge pieces out for better control. would modernization review of that gets added.
~ Zahuranecs
Overall a very nice release. However, the simulation seems un-repeatable as an identical bridge design tested consecutively can both pass and fail. This becomes incredibly frustrating when trying to eek out performance in harder lvls as something that previously worked runs to fail and the design goes backwards.
~ Chris Uglow
I have this release on the PC and I love it. This is definitely the finest bridge building release out there. Some recipients claim that the grid snap and the auto - draw things are annoying, but you can turn those off if you wish. Your fingers do obtain in the idea a bit on a tiny device screen, but there's not really anything you can do about it and it does not detract at all from the nice gameplay.
~ Gage Vedaa
it's a fun release that revolves around solving the troubles using physics. Some lvls are easy and create you feel as a genius, and some kick your brain in the butt. That's the kinda release I like.
~ Red Reviews
If I'm ever stressed this is my glad zone, I discovered this gem a year ago on Steam and have many hours already logged and am thrilled to have a portable idea of relaxing actually, would highly suggest if you like building, bridge building or therapeutic releases of that nature, I would also suggest this to anyone lookin for a nice mind engaged whilst also being a peaceful release.
~ AidanTheNerd
Nice tiny release. Works well on my device, however would be great to have full help for stylus (Galaxy Note). As it is, i can isr the stylus to pick menus and transport srag handles, but cannot zone segments or transport node points. Again, fun release, nicely done.
~ Tyler A
nice release, saw it on youtube at first and finally got it. Its a better release than most on small, just wish a tiny more of this type of release.
~ lay'n plain
oh my god the controls are horrendous! kinda hard to build a bridge when the release doesnt snap things into straight lines! and when you do create a mistake (which is alot) its impossible to delete things. an undo button would be appreciated here. i cant trust they are charging dollars for this! just go obtain any of the another nonpaid briege build releases. this one is unnessesarily frustrating!
~ Anthony McCombs
I really wish to like this release more than I do. Unfortunately the controls really irritate me. To scroll around the screen it only takes one finger drag so more often than not I end up scrolling rather than placing a bridge item. An simple solution to this would be to require 2 fingers to navigate the screen. I thought this may be an option in the settings but i didnt see it. I have played quite a several bridge const releases and have found myself having the most troubles navigating with this one.
~ Alden Burnett
Seems to be a nice PC port and a nice bridge builder overall with the softwares available. however the physics in certain lvls is broken. bridges will work fine until you add a single object (unconnected to main structure).
~ Jack Peters
nice fun. controlls not too terrible but google test intergration gives more install popups than an banner supported release. can we maybe disable that in the options guys? release also demands file access so it can run but seems to run fine despite being denied permission?
~ Christopher Munro
Nice concept, great challenges, but terrible release test. The controls are terrible, it's hard to obtain accuracy when building things.
~ Renato Sugimoto
I really wanted to like this release, I love bridge builders, but the finicky click goals just create the construction extremely annoying. I never know when I will now zone a joint or where exactly it will end up. Also the on screen icons are idea too small on a device.
~ Mark Kalmanczhelyi
just got to globe 2. nice release (if it was more expensive i would still buy if there was a nonpaid 1-3 lvl trial release). challenging and fun. for recipients who like minimal physics-based releases.
~ Johnathan B
can't use a stylus, this release would be a million times better and id be willing to give it a full 5 stars but i cant use the one thing that would create this release more enjoyable and that would be my Spen on my note 9. the stylus works on the main menu but when it comes to actual gameplay it doesnt allow you do anything.
~ Bobby Milton
This release is absolutely nice and makes you think about structure and how much stress structures go under to help the weight of machines and recipients daily. gg and well done developer.
~ JoJo References
I really enjoy this release. For a person who loves engineering, I greatly recommend this. It gives the user challenging lvls that play how well they know building. Definitally worth my dollar.
~ A Google user
This release is really fun and relaxing! I also have an concept for the release that many users would really enjoy. My concept is to create a pvp mode where two users have to build a working bridge first. Whenever a user wins they obtain points and with those points they are allowed to buy car and boat wraps/ skins.
~ El_Masian
Fun Bridge builder for a very nice price. The UI isn't great fro devices as your finger will obtain in the idea of what you need to see, but the different lvls are varied and fun to fiddle around with.
~ Sean Robertson
First off, parts of the release do not work with my stylist. That stinks because his would be a nice release to use a stylist for detailed moves. Other frustrating trouble I have is when I test to drag an item across the screen it only moves the screen itself and does not "add" the item. The "useful" mechanisms like the auto triangulate and auto drag just aren't very useful and create the the interface feel strange. I love these types of releases, but sadly I feel like I've wasted my dollars on this one.
~ Alec Wooldridge
I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug but on lvl 3-1 it Claims me the budget is infinite but then when I complete the lvl it Claims me that it is over budget. If anybody knows why this is happening please claim me.
~ Max Nathans
lack of customer help is a buzz slay on an otherwise nice release. its placement interface in a dream compared to another bridges builder's. between copy, paste, horizontaland virtual flip aswell as a tons of placement modes it is very simple to create an accurate design. only flaw i have experienced is you can only change the simulation speed after you run the simulator so you can have to rush to change it or repeat it to do so.
~ Alexander Williamson
a great light-hearted calming puzzle release. the wonderful soundtrack sets a great relaxed atmosphere to build bridges to. some lvls obtain hard, but you can skip ahead and build your skills before tackling the challenge at a later date.
~ Willowwizard
The release and the building ideas are nice, but I feel like i spend half my time trying to access controls. I don't know if the control goals are too tiny or what, but it's hard to be fighting that all the time.
~ Jared Loosli
Seems like it should be fun but the release won't reply to the S Pen input on my Note 9, I can't use my finger to draw accurate lines. I also ran into a bug in the guide which forced me to quit so I lost half of the instructions. If those things can be fixed I'll test again, but refund for actually.
~ Nathan Locke
Stimulating and enjoyable, with pleasing visual simplicity that allows my relatively terrible device to run it. I've had a lot of fun with this release. Worth the price.
~ Jack Bosma
would love to have a displacement control scheme (finger not over where I am placing. It could be that the bounds of placement restrict outward movement as normal but then moving back moves back the selection without having to be on the target.) I feel like this would improve the release massively. please reply for a hand drawn diagram if you read these. It's hard to explain.
~ Sam Kowald
You gotta be wondering, how can I give a nice release such a terrible review. Well, the release is nice and all but why isn't it optimized completely for a 4:3 aspect ratio. You took the time to fit the screen yet you allow the controls sit ontop of one other. That's next lvl laziness. As I will still test the release because it's fun, until this is fixed, 2 stars from me
~ Speedy Tutl
It was a really nice release I can't stop testing its also available on notebook for 10$ but its still really fun on small. there is a bit of troubles I had with the release like the guide doesn't teach you everything so I kinda had to experiment and look at videos on YouTube.
~ Niko lofton
the release is really fun, it is challenging at some parts and a tiny frustrating! I love the song in this release. The song calms you down. I want there was a tip button or if you obtain really stuck it will support you and give you tricks to build the bridge or to improve your bridge.
~ Rich Michael
The screen was slash off on my device. I should not pick some settings because in the settings menu I was stuck scrolled all the idea down. I also should not back out. The release was playable but unenjoyable. I saw other player comment on the same trouble that I have. The release is not optimized for ZTE devices.
~ Os8k _
nice release, but one thing i don't know is whether beams have weight or only the cars have weight. the release also does not explain the different informations very well. for example, i went through half of the release before realizing hydraulics should work in compression as well as tenson... i also didn't know that hydraulics should be turned on or off for steps. without this knowledge, some lvls are impossible. also, the numbering is backwards if you split a joint which is fixed to an anchor target.
~ Rob Koch
If you enjoy physics Sims, this is about as nice as it gets. This release is on Steam as well, which is where I first fell in love with this particular release. In my physics class during high school, we used a related style release to build bridges with related principals but less cartoon esque. Don't wait other minute and just buy it, for the price it's well worth the cost!
~ DangerDan
I've played the PC ver so I already knew the release itself was a fun and well polished bridge builder. However, I've found myself often having troubles with parts snapping into zone despite me not lifting my finger. In addition to that the release isn't compatible with the S-Pen which really makes this a deal breaker for me as it's cute hard to see where I'm placing parts with my finger. If they can polish the controls a bit and add S-Pen compatibility then it'll be 5 stars from me.
~ Zachary Moore
the release would probably be cute fun had I been able to properly test it. the screen isn't set up for all devices so when I purchased the release and attempted to test it parts of the buttons I required to use were slash off, when I tried to go into the menu to see if I should change something around I found I couldn't and even worse I was then stuck in the menu and had to force a shutdown on the release and restart.
~ Dante Bugler
I'm enjoying myself so far! I have a lot of rpg, rogue like, resource management and sim or idle releases on my device but not all that many puzzlers. I tend to finish them too speedy and lose the enjoyment factor of the "victory". But so far, I just completed "the over bridge" lvl. It had me trying to create a hydraulic bridge without the parts! Lol. Well done developers. I will contact you via correspondence or the playstore if I encounter an trouble. Well worth the buy!
~ jon sherfield
Fun release for such a cheap price, for there are no banners obviously, and the release is uninterrupted. The interface and controls are nice for me and I like that your score is compared to the rest of the user base at the end of every lvl!
~ Ethan
You're asked to be precise but your finger blocks your vision. Making tiny adjustments to joints is common but doing so is more of a chore than it could be. It's Polybridge with several, if any, changes to mesh the experience with small device realities.
~ Devin