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About: Pokmon GO has actually introduced social and trading informations that let Trainers to connect with every another by adding dudes, sending Presents, and participating in a newest Friendship Lvl system that unlocks gifts. Trainers can actually trade Pokmon with another Trainers nearby, earning a Candy Gift for the Pokmon received. Join Trainers across the world who are discovering Pokmon as they search the globe around them. Pokmon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 800 million times and called "Finest App Product" by The Product Developers Choice Awards and "Finest Soft of the Year" by TechCrunch. Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many another Pokmon have been discovered! Pokmon are out there, and you need to search them. As you walk around a neighborhood, your tablet will vibrate when theres a Pokmon nearby. Take aim and throw a Pok Ball Y ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 82MB Developer: Niantic, Inc.
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About: HORN is a 3rd person action adventure game - a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures. You play as a young blacksmith's apprentice named Horn who wakes up to find your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and sometimes humorous, monsters. It is revealed these creatures are actually the people and animals from your village transformed by a curse, and you alone have the pow...

Developer: Phosphor Games Studio

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Developer: Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys

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About: Raft Warriors is the game about two guys, whose ship sank and only thing left is the small boat. There are many adventures in the blue sea, pirates, angry and hungry birds, knights on the islands and etc. You have to be smart to rescue from all these dangerous things. These two warriors have raft wars between time with different enemies. There are five different levels currently. Every level has 3 type of scenario: easy, medium and the hard. You have to play all of them to open the next...

Developer: AppsCorp OÜ

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About: Join the journey and open your inner meow! Featuring: * More than 40 challenging levels. * 3 Epic bosses to challenge. * Achievements and Leaderboards to compete with others. * Stylish and stunning pixel art graphics. * Test your skills in Time Trial mode. * Beautiful Soundtrack * Show off your abilities with ReplayKit(Android 5.0+)...

Developer: Raiyumi

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About: Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Upgrade and fully customize your ride with performance upgrades and visual mods. Racing Battle Royale includes next generation 3D graphics specially optimized for your mobile hardware to provide you with the best drifting experience. Adjust different aspects of your car including the suspension, steering sensitivity, gear ratio and weight distribution to suit your own dri...

Developer: Mark.Studio

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Developer: devos lab


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About: adventure fnaf game pizza night 6 - Escape The Jungle Temple: A great jungle action game by fun of fnaf, download it for free on Play Store. My friends are talking about fnaf so i made a Baby's Pizza Circus World Challenged endless running mode is very fun and very interesting. Game features fnaf game: + Colorful and HD graphics + Cute game play and easy to control + Interesting music and sound effects + Explore the mysterious jungle + 3 cute toy of five nights at freddy's 1 gratuit to...

Developer: sunriseZ 2

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Developer: New Age Gamers

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About: Friendship Game which designed for Society. Improve potentiality, Mental goodness, Public Awareness and Confident to change the bad things to good things. and make the world better !...

Developer: PRANEAT

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About: htl escape...

Developer: H33m

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About: After aircraft crash you were alone on the raft... At the beginning of the game you are given a small wooden raft. Gather resources - around floating boxes with the necessary resources for building resources. You need to survive on a raft in the deep ocean! Explore the boundless expanse of the ocean. Create new tools and weapons Build the biggest raft! Start ocean exploration now!...

Developer: SV Game Studio

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Developer: tunes dash games


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About: AVAILABLE AT A SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! From the mind of Paranormal Activity creator, Oren Peli, comes the next chapter in horror - Night Terrors presents Bloody Mary: Queen of the Damned. Experience the critically acclaimed augmented reality mobile app which has charted in the top ten of iOS apps across 33 countries. Bloody Mary: Queen of the Damned transforms your environment into a supernatural hell that will leave you fighting for your life while questioning your sanity. ...

Developer: Imprezario Entertainment

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About: DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not associated in any way with Mojang AB. Minecraft Name, Minecraft Mark and Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with _guidelines Evil Night is an add-on suitable in particular for Halloween. It adds (or rather changes) 12 different mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition to make them look very scary and also behave more dangerously....

Developer: Altair Mods

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About: Are you fans of Ninja character ? This game about favourite le go assasin ninja in the world, hero against galaxy star enemies , steal your powers to be able to transform into aliens. Your job is to break this curse and bring back good to the le ninja go world. Stop an evil curse from overtaking the world. Charge your omni to be able to become a powerful alien! Blast all enemies during a holiday journey on a distant planet! With Hero, you will play as real toy characters. Toss grenades to...

Developer: Saiyan Ninja



Pokémon GO Reviews and Comments:

FAILED TO LOG IN. each single day. clicking retry doesnt fix it . logging in with other profile doesnt fix it. restarting the device doesnt fix it. force stop doesnt fix it. i have to uninstall and reinstall each single day, re-do all the permissions and settings, and claim goodbye to 100mb of time before i can even test. nice equipment niantic
~ Tommy Vercetti
It was nice in the beginning. I didn't mind spending some dollars for poke coins each once in awhile for poke balls and incubators. But actually the release is getting ridiculous because some of the pokemon that have been and just came out are hard to catch. CP lvls are not even that high and you waste almost all your poke balls to catch them. Unless you run selling the nice and ultra balls in the market which will be helpfull otherwise this release is starting to obtain very irritating and annoying.
~ Mission Warner
The release is very buggy lately during the torchic meeting a shiny appeared i caught it used a golden rasp and then the release stopped working and i was lucky that when i restarted the release i should encounter the shiny again and catch it again. Its making it really hard to test this release actually error messages appear when i click on a pokemon they despawn alot. I used a lucky egg and star dust the release deleted them instead got no gifts.
~ Mr bites
Was fun, at the beginning. However the amount of bugs that have been occuring recently is making the release virtually impossible to test and enjoy. I am unable to catch Pokémon due to Error 25 or this Item cannot be used at this time. Everything that pops up has this error. Once I eventually catch a Pokémon, it changes to a different Pokémon on the catch screen, once I leave that screen, the original Pokémon I caught reappears.
~ Amy Owen
So the release is nice. A tiny repetitive but still fun. It takes a lot of time and battery, but with journey sync turned on you do not have to have the release up to track your distance. Customer service is lacking, however. I reported an trouble and was claimed I was wrong. I did not see what I saw, and when I tried to explain my trouble better, they just repeated the same respond three times instead of investigating the trouble. If you have an trouble or glitch create sure you record it.
~ Mylin Barrette
Each newest modernization breaks the release, until a patch comes through. The trouble is usually the same- unable to obtain a GPS signal. It's not an trouble with the device, we've already ran around that track a number of times. Actually my son is frustrated enough from getting info about meetings but not able to participate that he has given up on it altogether.
~ Matthew Jackson
As much as I love Pokemon, this release has become a nice disappointment. I am and have been experiencing glitches that cause me to lose equipment that I have paid true dollars to obtain, with no help or refunds from Niantic. I haven't even been able to search out how to contact help outside of a live chat that no one from the help network has ever connected to for me to address the trouble. Install and test with caution and spend dollars at your own risk.
~ Glenn Lott
Currently, within the last week, there seems to be a glitch in throw kind field research. Right before I came here, my research was to obtain 3 nice throws in a row. Yesterday I got a nice throw. Today, a Snorlax in my bedroom as quick as I started up POGO made 4 nice throws in a row. That's 5 counting yesterday's but it cancelled yesterday's throw and didn't count any throw until the last so only credited for 1 nice throw. I'll just ditch the re: for it if it keeps doing it but it's irritating.
~ S Wolpertinger
I can't even test the release because I can't even sign in, how can you even fix this? Also it's been like this for at least a year and there is no option to test with a Google profile or a Fb profile even though it claims you can in the can't sign in instructions, and if you did now remove those options, then modernization the can't sign in instructions, also just in topic this supports I'm on a LG device
~ Haven Baltin
I really enjoy the release, but I'm getting really irritated that each time there's an authentication error with my profile, I have to uninstall the friggan release and reinstall it to be able to log into it again. Fix this trouble, and you'll obtain 5 stars from me.
~ Samantha Leissner
Power consumption is just insane. My hand aches from the heat of my device while this release is running. I took up this release to encourage myself to walk more, but energetic walking is penalized by missing out when pokéstops are close together. It would be great to obtain some compensatory premium when I visit a pokéstop that's at least 100 metres away from my previously visited one, to create it worth my while to hold walking. Similarly, I shouldn't have to sit still for 10+ mins to defeat a gym.
~ Martin K
been a Pokemon fan all my life! Love everything you guys have done to give experience such a true feel even to the target of dweebieness! love what it has turned into watching it from run you guys are outrageous!! hold trying to create it better than ever!! one thing i do wish to target out that is a tiny disappointing is the fights arent the same really... i hope some of you guys test the original releases sometime still. the freedom to chose your moves is nice! it would be nice ingame!! :)
~ Nikolai Wiltjer
Newest modernization caused gyms to freeze the release in the S8. Just missed out on a raid for a pokemon I don't have and failed to complete a quest today because of it. edit: also, journey sync hasn't worked since the day it was released and I've tried everything.
~ Bob King
Nothing ever spawns if you live in a tiny city and if there's no pokestops you can't obtain equipment unless you pay them. No background tracking so if you don't hold the release launch you can't obtain eggs hatched. modernization 5-17-19 still no spawns in tiny cities still no pokestops in tiny cities still wont track movement for eggs still 1 star
~ dustin overbey
recently i have been only able to sign in 1 out of 10 times. I have nice signal, for both time and wifi. it usually claims unable to authenticate for my google profile or failed to retrieve release time. it only does this on my device. it works fine on my device. i have been able to login with both devices, even at the same time but i logged out of it on my device and it did not fix it. i love this release but i cannot love it if i cannot sign in
~ Lydia Beeton
i love this release. A lot of recipients ( including me) have bern a lot of problem with net work errors. I've lost raids, balls, raid passes, time on lu cc ky eggs & star pieces d/t network errors. also raid time could not run til go has gone. ive lost as much as 10 sec on a raid. when your soloing a raid. seconds r important.
~ Martha Thornton
Finest release on a small device hands down, I hope the pokémon company create a lot more releases in the future as I haven't been able to place this one down nice for keeping the babes active 100% suggest to dudes and family 5-star simple. I hope the next release will be from pokémon red yellow blue the old classic Gameboy releases but for your small looking forward to seeing what the future brings for the pokémon,
~ Lonnie Webb
really want pokemon storage would be upgraded, getting tired of deleting really nice pokemon. also want journey sync would work properly, it does after each modernization, the amount of times I've tried different combinations of disabling it, logging out, reinstalling both pogo and Google fit, and I still dont have a 100% reliable way. finally syncing with the switch, so frustrating, again making sure pogo up to date, newest device modernization done, clearing bluetooth cache and pogo storage cache.....
~ Alex Rix
Hands down one of the finest releases I love, not just for young recipients since I'm in my 30s and most I know are older. Gets me outdoors and distracted in a fun virtual globe alongside true life, all the walking helped lower my high blood pressure. I've met newest dudes, travel to newest territories in the castle and elsewhere. It's very addicting, lots to do and hold up with, but still can be played casually at one's own pace or skill. Learn from others, join a Discord group, victory together, that's my solution.
~ Richard Smith
If I were to test this release without accessories, I'd give it nearly a full score, but since I decided to obtain a Plus accessory (and later the Pokéball accessory), I had to pull the score down a bit, because I've encountered WAY too many troubles with these. They often disconnect, or doesn't connect at all. So I often need to restart my device few times for them to even connect to the release. I also most times need to fully reconnect the accessories to the release, which feels very unnecessary.
~ Korishiva Uzumaki
in 2016 when my grandfather got ill, he caught a lickitounge in the hospital. The pokemon is called after my grandfather, who by the idea, was SO excited to catch one. He kept claiming "Ill be darned. We used to watch this." <3. I cant express how glad I am that even with decrease in my personal test, and others, that I am beyond geeked to test with my babe actually. She loves it and she loves pokemon. Thank You!
~ Brittany Boyk
PLEASE create evening raids!!! Not everyone that plays is a youngster that needs to be in bed by 8pm! The nice Google knows all, so they could know I'm an adult and can handle evening raids! Maybe create them only available for recipients over 18? (or, i dunno, maybe don't claim us how to live our lives...? 😉) I do love that this release gets you out into the globe to "search," and the upgrades are definitely improving gameplay, but at the upper lvls it is type of a boring grind to earn XP.
~ Julia B
Cute close to not testing this release anymore. I am SO tired of my journey sync not working correctly or not at all. My Google Fit and this release are communicating but my progress never seems to be accurate. I am lucky even even half of the 20+ miles of cardio I do a week plus all the walking I do now loads. I REALLY want this release would communicate with Fitbit instead as other option. I really enjoyed this release since it came out but this is really making me lose interest and ready to quit.
~ Zach Zollars
I absolutely love this release but for like the past week journey sync hasn't been working. I walked over 20k one day over 30,000 steps and only gave me 2k. I checked all of my settings and I checked reddit and equipment and a bunch of recipients are having this trouble. It doesn't even work with the release launch!
~ Cad Bane
the pvp should use more mechanics like dodge which should take 50% hurt from charged attacks instead of just block. both pvp and raids should also take notes from harry potter wizards unite when it comes to combat so it isnt just mash the screen and tap one button. if doing moves of defence and attack needed just a small bit more effort then recipients will feel like they're more engaged in the release. you could also be able to make a filter for the in-release tracker.
~ jerome guevarra
Travel Sync: it registers roughly half of my recorded steps. I have tried all the different "fixes" and none have worked. I walk at my work, night shift, I don't jog or run. Google Fit claims 4338 steps while pokemon go claims 2400 some steps. 5/28/2019: today I hit and passed the 5km mark in the weekly rewards, this is a Tuesday, I launch the release a several hours it later and it dropped be to 4.5km... fox this junk if you're going to implement into the release, please, be sure it works BEFORE you add it.
~ Digioverride
It won't run on rooted devices, and that's any device I'm willing to use. I don't tool, but I use root for many another reasons, and don't like being treated as a criminal for wanting some control of the devices I Own. Especially when the real cheaters don't even need root! It is not fair.
~ David Grossberg
The past several upgrades have brought along a lot of bugs with them, such as not being able to quit the release by the back button, and captured pokemon turning out to be other pokemon (My Charmander turned into a Bulbasaur after being caught.) The most newest modernization has messed up the view of the gyms as well, with the gym actually looking all glitchy. Hope Niantic will solve these troubles ASAP.
~ Christopher Phang
I can't give an accurate review because I haven't been able to log in and test. I've only been on for two days!!! The release booted me out for whatever reason and actually wherever I enter my log in stats, the release Claims me over and over "Can't authenticate, please test again." I don't know what to do!! Galaxy Note Product
~ William Booker
Fun release, and I enjoy my habit of gettimg each special hat for pikachu since I've started testing (this past summer, so 4 hats actually.) My largest trouble is that since I live in a rural zone there isn't muh opportunity to obtain poke stop and gym activity. Overall it's a wonderful release but it should use some improvements for users that live in rural/suburban zones.
~ Apache64 Delta
With the upgrades that have come out after the initial version I think the release has become unbelievable. It doesn't feel like a pay to test, everything is fair and if you wish to buy things as well you can, but if you just wish to test as is it is very much a fun pokemon release. My only true trouble with the release is that some zones (like where I live) don't have many pokestops and that makes it harder to test. Also the sheer size of the upgrades is insane. But another than that I enjoy the release very much.
~ TJ Long
Found something to obtain me walking even in the snow and ice. Addictive especially if you live in an zone with lots of pokestops and gyms. And it can obtain cute competitive between the three squads - but all in nice spirit. Recipients connect through Fb pages and discord so you can create a lot of dudes and obtain more active in the process 😊
~ A Google user
Stupid modernization shut off my journey sync, just lost 17,000 steps, thanks niantic
~ Dark Claw
I've played this release since it was newest and i enjoy it. It's nice incentive to go for a walk and I've met some interesting recipients while testing. My large beef with the release is it's buggy. Usually has been buggy. I kept cutting them slack because its a novel release. Really nice how special it is. But at this target its been nearly three years?! The release still crashes a lot. Hopefully they figure it out eventually.
~ David Wilcox
Really fun and addictive release to test alone, or with dudes. Lots of Pokemon to accumulate, and gyms to war at. I'm giving this release a 2 for actually until they fix the Error 25 trouble, (seeing a Pokemon, clicking on it, and suddenly it doesn't exist). If this ever gets fixed, then I will give the release a 5 again.
~ Michael Landblom
step count troubles are a bother. I have been testing this profile with my son who is a heavy pokemon fan. but our steps do not present even though we have journey sync on. we have turned off power saving mode, uninstalled and reinstalled the release. but nothing seems to work. we love testing as we take long walks with it but cant usually have the release running due to battery consumption. please support with this!! many thanks - mother and son squad (he is 6) x
~ Ocr Outlaws MuddiestMostWanted
I love this release. I want you should create an option to gift another things like premium equipment and a customer number of balls or something. also while trading an nice pokemon it could remain nice when its received by the another person. that part kinda sucks. but I still love the release and my husband and I have a fun time getting out and testing together.
~ nina marcantonio
this release was nice when it first came out. but there has been so many glitches lately, you click on a pokemon and it disappears with a red bar at the top, not even giving you chances to launch the pokemon up. then when you catch a pokemon, it Claims you a different one was caught instead of the actual on you caught. its going to cause recipients to not wish to test anymore.
~ Kiana Barr
Whenever I launch the release and click on the first pokémon to appear, the "this pokémon should not be found" pops up and the pokémon disappears. I thought the newest modernization would fix it, but it's still occuring and I don't know why. I can reopen the release and the pokémon will appear again, but the same thing happens if I test to engage it. I don't think it's to do with my device because it's happened on my device as well.
~ Linds ay
FIX RAIDS!!! Just lost 2 Machamp raids because it took time away from me at the beginning and end of the timer. Didn't register that I was using charge transport which wasted variety of time. This is only 1 thing to fix in this release. UNACCEPTABLE. For how much dollars this release has made, this is shameful. As a mostly solo user I can only do so much. But when the release steals precious seconds from you in raids there's not much you can do. And TMs are too rare to not be able to pick the transport you wish.
~ Luke Murphy