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About: Build your own castle as the newest mayor. Make residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Reply to crime and disasters. Watch your castle come alive! No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay. Pocket Town re-imagines classic castle building simulation gameplay for Mobile devices. - Build a special castle by creating zones and premium buildings - Trigger fun meetings like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes - Complete quests to earn XP and dollars - Unblock advanced buildings by levelling up - Unblock newest land with different terrain types - Succeed by optimizing your dollars flow, traffic, happiness, and more - Enjoy a dynamic castle with citizens, machines, animals and animated buildings - Upload your castle to the cloud to transfer to other device, or share with a dude ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 21MB Developer: Codebrew Games
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Pocket City Reviews and Comments:

There's only 2 trouble: 1. The sound, song, sfx doesn't sync 2. Constantly freeze
~ Glen Darkzion
Its the great makeover of SimCity for devices. It lags a bit when saving sometimes, but otherwise it works well. No crashes yet.
~ Blinky Sneaky
This release is AMAZING. The cost is worth it. No annoying banners, plus sandbox mode is a great information. Hold the nice releases coming.
~ S Childers
love this release, only want we should rotate building to fit them better, also want we had a several more buildings
~ Alankar Srivastava
Autosaves create the release nearly unplayable after your castle is of a certain size. Modernization claims less autosaves but no. Purchase a bank... autosave. Delete a tree... autosave. Everything constantly.
~ Jason Bequette
Addictive and intuitive. Simple to obtain immersed and time flies by. Very simple to understand and test. Can't wait to see if bonus informations will be added.
~ Jonathan Prince
Nice alternative to simcity. nothing to buy in the release, all included. no wait time on buildings.
~ Anna Baker-McAlister
fun but fairly short playthrough, didnt feel to need to test higher difficulty lvls especially since you have to complete the default first before you can do so
~ Patrick van der Leer
Edit: Why can't we delete a castle? I don't wish my old castle anymore..... Fun release! Thank you for not making wait times. I am still laughing at the forestry guy's random comment about once marrying a tree XD
~ Christina McGrew
Nice release, love the business model. Finally a release that doesn't require microtransactions at each turn. Very expansive castle builder. Should use more quests and things to do once you reach the higher lvls, but we'll worth the price.
~ matrixcaptain84
i really enjoy testing this release. its not too hard and you dont have to micro manage all aspects of your castle to create to thrive. there are those releases this is not it. worth the dollars tried the nonpaid ver and liked it so much just purchased it outright.
~ James McAlister
Used to be nice but having gone back to it, it suffers so much from loads of slow down to the target that it becomes unplayable! I paid for it but I'm actually uninstalling as it's idea to slow on my year old, top end device!
~ Simon Matthews
It's an nice release at first, you just run out of zone and things to do cute quickly... the ability to "feedback" multiple cities together would be nice, along with an ability to do more than one lvl of updates for residential, commerical and industrial
Love this release. Reminds of me the old simcity releases. But improvements are required. It would be great to see sidewalks added to the release. it would be great to add pathways( gravel or dirt) to connect beaches and parks instead of using ways. It would be great to see better highways and bridge that should be used to connect water and electricity to residential, Industrial and shops instead of using plain ways. Better railways and train stations, should add underground subways.
~ Gordon Taylor
The release itself is brilliant, but the plot placement late release is broken, you spend on average 8 attempts to obtain the plot kind you wish which takes ages, is repetitive and costs 8x what it could , the only saving grace being that disasters seem to rebuild the previous plot shape i wish to give this release 5* but i simply can't until this is fixed , either directly or by an option in the settings menu
~ Will Longden
Wooowww what a wonderful release I am addicted to it and only been testing for 2 days. Tried the nonpaid ver first and loved it so purchased the full ver and so glad I did. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you like castle building releases. THE BEST CITY BUILDING ON GOOGLE PLAY PERIOD AND IT'S NOT BADLY PRICED EITHER once paid for there is nothing else to buy in release so that's a plus as well. Well done developers and hold the nice work going
~ Karl Robertson
I absolutely love this release. Its a nice release to test anywhere. The only thing I can recommend is more buildings. For example: apartment buildings, hotels, skyscrapers, historic buildings, supermarkets, car dealerships, restaurants, more detailed airports, maybe a clock turret, baseball and another stadiums. You could also add more land on a map, but I know this release is still developing and it might take a while.
~ F.B .I
Modernization. Fully glad that the developer is so responsive and makes frequent upgrades! This release is extremely satisfying to those of us OCD castle planner types!
~ OldeOne deESuhrim
Has nostalgia vibe of sim castle but I quickly became bored with the unchallenging gameplay loop. This should really benefit from some scenarios that place some true constraints and objectives in zone.
~ Philip Barnes
I love this release sooo much. It is really addictive and is a nice time aggressor. I love almost everything about it, But I do have one teeny weeny minor trouble (yes, for me that's how tiny it is). There is no information for moving your buildings. It's a tiny irritating to usually have to demolish your building to relocate it. Oh, and I have a recommendation. why don't you create a information in the next modernization where you can change the season. So if it's winter,snow. Autumn, Leaves. Spring and summer Normal.😁
~ Tharuna Govender
Product is entertaining but not overly macro manage each detail. What is annoying is that after so many minutesvthe audio got dead after short buzzz sound. I paid for this release with bugs, lol
~ Alank73
magnificent! have been waiting for a quality Town Builder in the mould of SimCity 2000 or Steam PC Towns Skylines... and this one is great! thank you Dev. Squad for making an nice release! 5/5!
~ Kae
Nice castle sim but the sfx seem to stack on every another in a cacophonous mess. Also noticed this chugs more for me than the nonpaid one did. I'm on a Pixel 2.
~ Juan Baez
Nostalgia! This release is nice. It reminds me of the original sim castle, only with easier controls and better graphics. This is the castle builder I've been looking for!
~ Lisa Parker
Nice causal castle building release, only downside is an audio glitch that happens when you zone down newest lots. This audio glitch gradually gets louder over the period of a several seconds to then blast a very loud machine sounding roar. Its happened quite regularly, and I've seen other comment on it.
~ Daniel Mazloum
This release has not been correctly optimized for my Note 9, even though the nonpaid ver of this release does (which I just upgraded from). It shows the bottom navigation buttons and cuts off the bottom of the release, making me unable to access the buttons for building and details and such along the bottom of the release screen. In another words, instead of resizing the release screen to fit the release screen above the navigation buttons OR simply hiding them (which the nonpaid ver does), it just gets slash off.
~ Hail F
I absolutely love this release but the only trouble I have was the sound. When crime or any fires/disasters happen, the sound got super loud for a several seconds. Hope you guys can fix it! If you do, I will change my rating. And I also have a trouble too. Can you please optimize the release for ZTE devices because when I run a disaster, the release bumped down to about 1 frame per second and it lagged to much that I couldn't even press any buttons. It also constantly crashes the second time I played.
~ William Manalac
This release reminds me of the old school SimCity. Do not pay for the Mobile ver of SimCity. It just demands your dollars. This release was worth the $4. Got to build my castle in a couple days and much more rewarding.
~ Robyn Rucker
loved this release enough to pay for it, but after testing for a nice while and getting to lvl 60, my whole release disappeared. no past saves, nothing - as if it was a recent install. I'll run over, but I'm not very satisfied.
~ Jordan Shaw
Very fun and addicting. Simple to test. But I found a trouble with song in release, it played for only a short time when I enter the release or reload the castle and then it has no song after that.
~ นภดล อุดมรัศมี
Honestly a terrific tiny App Product, played the nonpaid ver for about a week and wanted to help the developers so I purchased it and honestly I love it, its easy to test and fun at the same time. Really does remind you of the old castle simulators that you just dont obtain anymore. Would suggest to anybody!
~ David French
This reminds me of the original Sim Town by Maxis. (before EA turned it into bloatware) My only trouble is that YouTube keeps opening when I quit the release. I paid for it so not sure why I need to deal with anything that opens up automatically when I didn't wish it to. That's intrusive. This old Samsung TabE running oreo & Note 9,newest modernization last month.
~ Linda E
Nice tiny release with easy, and clean interface as well as gameplay. I like sim ga.es and building cities but sometimes the releases are too involved and require inapp purchases that take away from the fun. This one is nice because if you wish full gameplay you simply buy the pro ver and no more dollars needs to be spent to obtain to another lvls. Just a straight forward, fun release in which you can build a tiny pocket castle and see how you can grow it.
~ Austin Hamrick
This is what small releases really could be. Nice gameplay and lots of polish. No in release purchases at all to crash it. I found this release on r/AndroidGaming and I purchased the paid ver after being impressed by the nonpaid ver. Definitely worth the $4, the price of a value food at a speedy meal chain, for days of entertainment while being stuck at work. If I may recommend something, Id like to see the radius of Building Supply buildings. My only annoyance with the release was having to count it out.
~ T3hHappyEmo
Very fun release but unfortunately for me, the sound and song turns off fully after 5 to 10 minutes, having to close the release and reopen it again, repeating if you test longer. Very frustrating. Otherwise, its nice for those who love castle sims, the finest out there!
~ Solomon Aziz
I bought the release originally for iOS and I loved it. I emailed the developer claiming how much I loved the release and he sent me a nonpaid bonus code for Mobile! Not only one of the finest castle simulator's on the test shop but a real class act developer!!! Thanks Bobby!!! Hold making nice releases! You have a fan and supporter for life!!
~ Daniel Peterman
Honestly in the day and age of "FREE TO PLAY" yet it takes true serious dollars to do much in releases, Pocket Town is a wonderful development. Sure it should have more informations, and scenarios, etc (be patient it may come!) but as it is, offline... NO micro TRANSACTIONS, cloud sync to test on your different devices, and fun... Don't skip this one. It's worth it. Fully. Highly suggested.
~ Chuck Mullen
A really nice sim release but it gets a tiny repetitive late release. Once mid release hits there are no newest mechanics so it just becomes "create more districts and the occasional newest building you unblock" and the newest buildings don't seem to have any major impact, they're just slightly better versions of the old buildings you had. With that being claimed i still really enjoy it and it is worth each penny for the full ver.
~ Todd Ruck
The release is very fun. Variety of buildings and all of that. But I do have 2 recommendations, 1: You could be able to rotate buildings; don't know why you can't, I have OCD so if parking garage isn't facing the right idea or if a house is facing opposite to the way, it kills me. And 2: Nuclear power plants, and there could be a small slither of possibility that it should catch fire and burst, decimating the surrounding landscape, and irradiating the zone. I hope you see this, Devs!
~ ToastedTomatoes
A lovely simcity like release that is built for small. My main gripe is they it's fairly simple at least on the hard difficulty, I've yet to test the hardest one. Edit: You fixed the annoying sound trouble, I've been testing just fine for a nice while today and I haven't had any instances of it happening. Changed my rating to the deserved 5 stars.
~ Sebastián Cuitiño