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About: Pocket Aquarium is a cartoony puzzle release centred around a brightly-coloured aquarium. Your tank includes a range of different fish which you'll need to hold fed. Some of the fish eat fish meal while others eat their fellow fishtank inhabitants. But keeping your fish fed isn't the only challenge: hostile aliens also present up in the tank and have to be fought off. once you've finished Travel mode you can take on more challenging trials or just test around in the virtual tank. Unlike most puzzle releases this one has a significant resource management element which will appeal to lovers of walkthrough releases. Fighting the aliens and feeding the fish are easy in terms of the needed actions but keeping up with the resources you need can be challenging. Insaniquarium is playable and casual release!
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 49MB Developer: LinkLock
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Pocket Aquarium Reviews and Comments:

its one of my favoured releases
~ A Google user
Been looking for a release like this for ages!
~ Matthew Garbett
One of my devices doesn't work with this :/ So i only test on kindle
~ WZ2100ModsFan
The finest release of my babe hood!! This is a wonderful port and nice release
~ Josh Wetherall
such a nice usually it back in the day on notebook
~ Ben Black
it's okay, nothing wonderful
~ Sarah Jamy Pearson
Blatant rip off of Insaniquarium, and a terrible, clunky one at that.
~ Thunnus Scombridae
Got that nostalgia kick. Actually if they'd only version Qbeez....
~ Mar H.
One of my favoured childhood releases !!!!
~ Hussein Hijazi
Love this release I have looked for a insane aquarium style release on the device forever thank you
~ William Chittum
Love the true release, this is nice if you can't obtain it
~ A Google user
I loved testing this release as a babe. actually they need to create a fate release.
~ Noah Oh
Oh lad I remember this release from when I was a tiny babe xD my first pets lol nice release to test
~ Brianoki
Yessss forgot this release ever existed! So glad that it fully lines up with the original so pleased!
~ Rachael Paladino
Product is unplayable; it crashes as quick as I press a button on the main menu.
~ Alastair Van Maren
I still test insaniquarium on PC so thrilled to search this! A several differences that bug me a tiny but still adore the release
~ NightHawk C
Since you can't set up your virtual tank as a screen saver to support accumulate shells it could have some sort of offline earning
~ jeremy linnell
I remember testing this release for HOURS on my moms desktop and actually I have it on my device! Absolutely love it!
~ A Google user
You could create a widget to have your personal aquarium on your screen. Like the pc release where it ran with screensaver.
~ Stacie Hadlock
you made the final boss WAY too hard seriously im tapping the screen and he doesn't transport when shot like he did in the notebook ver. fix it
~ Blaze Osirus
For starters the release stole $0.99 from me in the in-release shop, it looks nothing like the original and plays almost nothing like the original. Theres a nonpaid alternative on the release shop that functions idea better, getting a refund.
~ Blake
Really hard to control. The aliens come transport when you hit them, each time I obtain attacked, I lose half of my tank, very frustrating. It's kinda fun cause I played the original release, but this is far worse.
~ McKennon Piil
its a nice release until you need more shells. i made a buy on it ans never got my shells that were promised. and there is no idea to contact the company to obtain a refund
~ Catleezz
I have been wanting to test this again for years. I haven't played it since my grandmas first cell device and I missed it so much. The nostalgia is true. I love it.
~ divine design409
sure its just a clone of insaniquarium but if you cant obtain that then this will be the second finest thing it fun and there are a lot of cool fetures and evry fish has a great cartoony style that i like and i hope that they expand on this awsome release.
~ A Google user
Turning off the sound through the release doesn't fully work. There's no stats on what some of the premium fish u can buy and how to feed them. There's no pause button.
~ Jennifer Mayes
Came mostly for the live wallpaper. Back when I played insaneaquarium for the notebook they had it so I ur virtual tank should be used as your wallpaper when I found out it wasn't implemented I was sad another than that and microtransactions ontop of initial payment it's like a great port!
~ aidan chelig
Brought back so many memories!!!! I still have the original CD from my childhood!
~ maria cruz
Product randomly freezes and crashes. Product crashes and freezes each 5-30 seconds when testing trials and you obtain a decent amount of fish on screen. You then have to restart the release.
~ Erik D
The release is nice but fails to obtain a full rating due to loads of bugs & crashes but personally I thoroughly enjoyed it. Most notable fish an pets block you from collecting equipment including pearls from niko, coins, & attacking aliens. Along with the occasional lags & the final pet upgrade for more than 4 pets being bugged out prevents a full fun experience. In its actual state however, for the price its worth it for a classic copy on the go maybe more if all were fixed.
~ Nephi Kessinger
I love insaniquarium so this release is very nostalgic for me. Can you still obtain the red trophy for completing 5x4=20 challenges? Also a fix to the virtual take would be great, some sell for zero and can't be brought.
~ Greg cavaretta
The release itself is nice. But this is definitely a rip off almost exactly of Insanaquarium. It now uses the same sprites. Please change it up or obtain permission from the actual originator of the release.
~ Beauregard Stauffer
I often use gumbo to lure my fish away from aliens but he lures them right through where the aliens are and all of my fish die. it's really annoying
~ alex mccumber
just like the pc release. My only complaint is that it doesn't help different aspect ratios (such as 18.5:9 on my note 8)
~ Jack S
Nice release. Short, but we'll worth the price if you enjoyed Insaniquarium. Main release can be completed in a day but again worth the .99
~ A Google user
I have so many memories testing this on the Windows Product Launcher and running out of tokens, never to test it again. And actually it's finally here on Mobile. The release runs perfectly and is insanely addictive, just like the classic ver.
~ Cat TheKitten
this release reminds me of being younger and watching my mum test it on the notebook! want i should test it with her actually she would of loved this on the device like i do
~ Brad Goody
Nice release, brings back memories. Only a several tiny troubles. The fish do not look the same as they did in the original, but I can allow it slide because there might be licensing troubles I don't know about. My main trouble is that there are some bugs that could be fixed. One is that in virtual tank mode, you can obtain the guppies that are meant to be "meal" (non-shop purchased) to grow bigger. This isn't a gigantic deal as they disappear once you refresh the screen (go into pets menu, main menu, etc). Also, if one of the weird crab things and a carnivore (the thing that eats guppies) both eat the same guppy at the same time, the release crashes. I also think that the aliens should be slowed down a bit, as it's a tiny harder to slay them using a touchscreen then with a mouse (you can click faster than you can tap, at least for me).
~ no name
Absolutely unbelievable. Hits me with so much nostalgia of testing Popcap releases as a babe. I searched for the longest time to search this on small, but had no luck. Finally had given up, and then this fell into my recommendations. Worth the $0.99. I knew this release would translate well to small, and you have done a FANTASTIC job. The sounds, the art, the mechanics...all are smooth and well executed. Zero complaints, 5/5. Thank you for bringing this back into my life.
~ T Ferrooni
Nice Product! Super Addicting Throwback To My Childhood
~ Aidan Briggs