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About: From the makers of Plants versus. Zombies 2 and Plants versus. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 comes the next nice release in the epic war between doom and bloom Plants versus. Zombies Heroes. Accumulate Heroes with outrageous and wonderful super powers and build your ultimate war squad. Embark on a travel to search newest characters, and confront mighty foes along the idea. And, for the first time ever on small, test as either plants or zombies. Its the lawn of a newest war! COLLECT YOUR HEROES Accumulate and pick from 20 special Plant and Zombie Heroes and unblock their lawn-inspiring super powers. Will you pick Plants and deploy the masked, sharp-shooting avenger, Green Shadow? Or will you pick a Zombie Superhero and call on the superbly superficial Super Brainz, Zombosss secret weapon with a potent punch and fondness for hair gel? Every Superheros selection of super powers will suppor ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 68MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Reviews and Comments:

nice release, but the newest modernization has kinda made all plant decks poor. I see that briar rose is OP, but i think that a 5 cost briar rose and a 3 cost solar wind would have sufficed, but actually berry decks are poor. and also, what that heck? interdimensional zombie becoming a 2/2 is a buff? it actually dies to banana bomb and cannot survive to activate an ability the following turn, nearly as well. another than that, the valk nerf is nice, might need to cost 5, but all else is cute nice.
~ A Google user
I would have given a higher rating as I enjoy this release but since I modernized to Mobile Pie on my Samsung S9, the release softwares function has clearly NOT been optimised for this release. The bar does not disappear like in another releases but remains on the screen blocking the bottom half inch, so actually its tedious to test heroes during a release and impossible to craft them out of it. Come on guys fix this trouble, hurry up and optimise the release
~ Michael Omara
Please create it so that in Xiaomi I can drag up the craft button for plants. There arr buttons below on Xiaomi and it won't go away. It is really annoying. Please fix this, this is also a fun release so please dont crash it for me.
~ Donna Lee
I like it, but can you please nerf the zombies and you can buy multi-task with gems or dollars please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!???????????????????????????
~ Jerry De Jesus
It was fun... until for claiming my age honestly making have to delete all my progress and fully don't wish to cry myself to sleep. but....It was fun but I'm still mad so ill give it directly in the middle, 3 stars!!!!!!!! hey so.umm.i was wrong and it now does work sooo...... 5 STARS 1 week later... THIS GAME IS ALL LUCK. 4 STARS!!!!!
~ Angel Dovely
Very pay to victory. The release is fun and I search myself trying to unblock cards without paying but it takes FOREVER. You need Gems to buy boxes. You need boxes to obtain cards. If you obtain duplicate cards you obtain sparks to use to buy cards but even that takes awhile. I'd like to be able to place a walkthrough deck together but I don't have everything at my desposal to test. The matchmaking is idea off as well. I should be rank 11 and obtain matched with someone who is 41 or 50 (which is high).
~ Rob white
I have played the few incarnations of plant zombies for about 4 y. this is fun. i like that it encourages everyday test but has breakers to avoid obsessive test. fyi it is most efficient for gems and pointsto test 2 to 3 rounds few times a day but not constantly for hours. you can advance cute well without paying. but I buy in a bit at least once a year to obtain a premium deal. it is harder actually to obtain newest heroes than 3 y ago (fewer superhero specials). the rankings for one on one are cute nice.
~ brian davison
this should have been a nice release, but hackers have fully taken over & the developers dont do anything to stop them. one of the rare responses to my complaints stated that they were unable to stop the hackers & weren't going to test.
~ Clayton Van Harn
so far I really like this release the only thing that I think that is zombies have a turn to do a trick. Like really? why can't plants have a turn to do a trick too. I'm not a virgin (sorry for you virgins) but why can't plants do a trick
~ Ofelia Campos Gomez
Recipients are misunderstanding the target of the release. this release literally rewards you for winning in ranked online. one can't simply just claim it's a dollars grab when all the cards you run with are cute nice if you have the right walkthrough.as fpr zombie tricks, it's supposed to be there to create it more fair. the zombies have many ideas to war back when the plants can see what to expect from them. it's a nice release.
~ Shy Guy The toast
Just other pay to victory release by EA. The zombies just obtain super op as you progress and they usually seem to have the finest cards. Cannot progress until you spend dollars and prices are ridiculous. Also matchmaking is poor. At first the release is nice but as you progress it just becomes impossible to conquer the zombies, only with pure luck.
~ Shakil Ahmed
Recently the time of my releases will be automatically deleted each day. Whenever I download today it will automatically deleted tomorrow and ask me to download 294mb again. Is it a bug or hope developer can give some solution to me For your stats this trouble run form this month only. Last several month don't have this trouble so I think is not my device trouble.
~ Lim Eng Jie
Extremely addicting and fun to test. The gaming mechanics need to be fixed due to the fact that I can queue up in ranked and go up versus a rank 47 while I am rank 12. Another than that, I think I am pleased to a certain degree considering all of the another parts of the release like the generous amounts of gems as well as the premium challenges that give you nice prizes when finished.
~ S1l3nt_wra1th
I test this Product more on an Ipad because When i decided to test it on my device!!!!!!I completed a target but then it kept on leading me to [Downloading 300an idk Mp]And I had to run all over again It works perfectly on Ipads but why not my device??so i will have to give atleast 4 stars Cuz its Perfectly fine on Ipads.
~ Paola's Savage squad
This release is right up my alley. A speedy paced, card slinger with some rng, a lot of walkthrough, and constant upgrades. The process of getting boxes is type of annoying considering around half of them are going to be worthless but the energy system makes up for that somewhat, allowing you to obtain the singles you've been pining for. The only reason this release doesn't have 5 stars is because of how the zombie test system works. I understand you did it because of balancing but rolling stone is garbage
~ Andy Moffett
this is one of the most fun and nice releases by far on small or any platform for that matter. so why 1 star? one thing. each time I launch the release even after modernization from playstore I have to download about 300mb to test. literally each time. as I write this I've had to do this download twice in the past 12 hours alone. spent 1.2gig time in the past 2 to 3 days on this release from that run up download alone. it is just ridiculous and I'm seriously considering uninstalling at this target.
~ James Chukwudum
This release is just fooling users. No matter how nice your deck is, the AI will usually beat you by manipulating their card draw into their advantage. They have answers to all cards that you will test and they will never have a terrible card draw. If you are about to victory next turn, they will do direct hurt to you or will conjure or test the right card. The AI cheating becomes worse when you are at the higher league.
~ Leandro Liwanag
this was fun until i started to lose because of this garbage release that really pay-to-release. my cousin almost wanted to break my device from the irritation of losing. i downloaded this release bcs i thought it would be like pvz from ages ago but damn this release developmer wish to milk dry our wallets for the satisfaction of this release
~ Melvin Martinez
Target 2-7 is bugged. He held onto 12 cards, had 17 brains and 16 hit points, while I had no cards or just one card, 17 sun, and 1 hit target. I was able to victory because he never played a card versus me. No challenge if the pc holds all cards and tricks and allow's me victory. Also, if you need to be level 10 to reach the next league after bronze, how is a level 29 testing in bronze league versus a level 7?? Heavily tilted. You seriously need to limit user levels to their those like them in level.
~ Stephanie M
Product forces you to test online, where recipients just wait out their turns as long as possible to obtain recipients to quit Needs a full wait timer. Not to mention gigantic balance troubles. The zombies are just inharently stronger. Dont force recipients to pvp when your release isnt made for pvp and has no balance around it.
~ DamienTB
Nice release. Straight and very entertaining. I recommend to add a history of pvp. I wanted to add dudes and obtain a rematch. Also, I encountered troubles during matches I clearly won but lost when I obtain disconnected. My internet connection is very nice and stable.
~ Delox Dems
It was a fun release, testing the plant target and the zombie target bus suddenly I have a task to do that I need to victory in the casual release or rank and a played when I almost victory the match suddenly the user is out off transport so I wait and wait and wait then my screen shows up that piss check up your internet connection even I have internet so I lost the match and I test again maybe is just a newbie disconnected from the match because he/she lose and still the same, the moment the they almost lose
~ Jan Anthony Paras Tan
Product is very nice and addictive but from last several days release is not starting. When I run the release, after 15-20 seconds release close automatically. I have to run it again but no support. After running 5-8 times it runs well once. If there is any bug then I request developers to short it out quick.
~ PK Creations
This release has been the largest change and a nice one to be honest, in the plants versus zombies franchise (for mobiles at least) such nice gameplay and possibility, this release may not be for some recipients but if you have some nonpaid time to test off or online then do, it's worth it.
~ Gabriel Vanroyen
The release will not load for live matches on my device anymore..Its the known "no connection error" I contacted suppirt who were useless even though i have spent £30 on boxes they still do not wish to know. its a known fault and they are ignoring it.. i use a OnePlus 3T so there could be no troubles. Poor customer service.
~ Brook Campbell
I am not suprised that EA destroys each nice release that another companies made. But this is too much. Pay to victory in each corner. Ranked system is garbage and how you can even call it ranked if everything is randomized, how much shield you obtain is random, will you obtain a nice deck is random will your oponent be same rank as you and not +20 is random. Everything with this release is terrible. Even when I wish to buy a box of cards when it costs 100 gems and I got 105 gems it claims "oops not enough gems". BS
~ Osvaldas Daukšys
It's okay but the release makes you lose in multi-user after awhile and there's nothing you can do about it. They also place you versus higher users with legendary cards. It's just not a nice release right actually. Trying to progress is really hard.
~ David Murillo
WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! Beta-Carrotina and Large-Giganticus are hard enough, allow alone the fact you CAN'T GET THEM, the multiplayer section doesn't cooperate with the lvls of users, so nobody wins, and above all, boxes are too hard to obtain. I'd claim Popcap has some troubles to work out, with both the release and users. Sorry, Popcap. I may be a gigantic fan of everything PvZ, but I've played PvZ Heroes a lot, and it's a bit of a letdown 😔
~ Sharon Moreno
This release should create even the calmest monks in the globe have a Falling Down day. This release is extremely punishing for nonpaid users, but what else would you expect from ea. Recipients claim if you watch the banners each day, you can build a nice deck in a several months. What they don't mention is that you will lose like 80% of releases during that time. ea buying PopCap is one of the worst travesties to hit casual gaming. Give me a fun, non-f2p dollars pit, like the original before ea destroyed it. Pay2win garbage
~ Josh R
As with so many releases these days it started off fun, but it seems these days users and programmers like to optimize stupid exploits in the release that are quite literally unbeatable. As an old school user I don't see the fun in beating someone the same idea often and only that idea. it's borderline cheating in my opinion if the only idea you can victory is using the most potent person, card, or hero in a certain idea that nobody can stop or test versus it, it's built 4 babes who can't victory ever
~ Shaun M
This is what happens when you place a nice release in the hands of EA. This is pay to victory and the release usually Claims there is a trouble with my connection even though it is at full speed. There has been no balancing upgrades and no newest card. A gret release made by Popcap yet destroyed by EA. Also, the matchmaking system is so flawless. At lvl 1 you can obtain paired with lvl 30. Also the release is very buggy. You have a poor trouble with network. It keeps claiming that there is a trouble eith my release.
~ Chintada Sharadha
This release is nice, I just recently reinstall this release and it's still nice, some recipients claim it's pay to victory but for me not really, here some tricks if you just started testing the release, early on the release you'll obtain a lot of diamonds. Don't spend it on random some Heroes or Card box. Spend it on a Superhero you really wish to progress with & same with your deck, pick your Superhero & deck of cards wisely because it will be hard for you to earn diamonds later on the release.(I'm a nonpaid to test user).☺
~ Angel Gani
This has got to be the finest turn-based walkthrough release to all of us nerds who like walkthrough, addictive-as-you-wish gameplay, and those classic, wonderfully AWFUL PVZ puns and wordplay. Nothing even close to inappropriate for any age! (... well, maybe the rare babe bothered by cartoonish brains.) PVZ gang, is there a idea I can obtain all my hard work testing this release back, or do I have to run over? If I can obtain my decks back, it's 7 out of 5 stars! (I'll change my review from 1 to 5 if I can.) --J
~ JeyRuff
I'm so sorry to claim but this is CRAZY for a several reasons first is that it wants to download over 250 mega bites second of all when I do allow it download the megabyte it takes literally for ever to load and third of all... it usually claim NO CONNECTION REALLY? yeah I'm sorry but I'm not dealing with that I didn't even obtain to test it!!! please,ease fix it... I was really forward to testing this nice a release!?! (well; thought was nice! 😠😳😨
~ val Trembley
The In release keeps on downloading even though I already downloaded a several hours ago. Then when Im to busy to test for about a day, when I launch it, It requires me to download again the In release time. I've been doing the downloads for about a week actually. And i think I downloaded the release for more than 12 times with 250+ MB. Please fix this trouble. Thanks
~ Darrel Romero
I don't obtain why card release developers are all imbeciles. It's almost like it's a requirement at this target. It seems like it could be self explanitory, but a card that halfs your aggressor's health the moment its place down is ridiculous. There's nothing you can do to stop it and if the aggressor has few copies you're screwed. Use it twice and the aggressor's already lost 75% of their health. If you think cards like this are balanced then you gotta have been dropped as a babe. Unoriginal, pay to victory release.
~ Belontiga Joker
I really like this release, and it should possibly be considered my favoured small release. I really enjoy the fact that you can test offline anywhere. There are a several major bugs i have experienced so far though. I test on a motorola and i cannot craft cards. this means i cant progress the individual quest lines (i really wish too). I also have a trouble with the quest finished rewards. I sometimes cannot claim a reward for half an hour, this also limits the quest system. please fix these. gr8 release
~ Eclipse Inc.
I love the release but zombies are op. Most of the time I think about different nice walkthroughs for plants but only to be wiped out by a SINGLE zombie or trick! If u guys think that this release is balanced well yes it is. But plz nerf zombies becoz what's the target of testing plants if they're hard to master but are still just as nice as zombies, which are much easier to master. So to have five stars from me plz nerf zombies. I still love the release but PLEASE!
~ juan rivera
This release is trash. Although it's addicting, the mechanics are garbage. If I'm a rank 2 I can be place versus someone that is WAY higher in lvl, experience, and deck. This is a PAY TO WIN release, meaning you need to pay microtransactions in order to obtain the nice cards. Product is complete trash, I don't suggest a release that is fully unfair. If this is meant to be a babes's release then why would yiu need to goal, innocent babes in order to gain dollars? Greedy much?
~ MacKenzie Stout
Was fun, until I realized that it was a STEAMING PILE OF GARBAGE! For one, it's SUPER pay-to-victory. Or, well, if you don't give them dollars from watching banners or buying gems, you will NOT be able to progress. The online portion is a bug-infested mess as well, surprise surprise. For a lot of recipients, the dudes list is missing, and numerous recipients can't feedback their G+/FB/EA profile - meaning if you uninstall the release, all your progress is gone. I didnt have my FL, so I had to lose ALL my progress!
~ CringeChilly