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About: Receive ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door. This release offers in-release purchases. You may disable in-release buying using your device settings WINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS* 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS Defeat all 50 lvls of Travel mode through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as you can with Survival mode! NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS War zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 more fun-dead zombies. Every has its own premium skills, so you'll need to think speedy and plant faster to combat them all. Requires acceptance of EAs Policies & Cookie Policies and Customer Agr ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 65MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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Plants vs. Zombies FREE Reviews and Comments:

Plants versus Zombies one of my favoured pc releases. I have cute much all the small versions and also EA if you're reading this I wish you to create a PC ver of Plants versus Zombies 2.
~ AwesomeJaydenGameplays
Do not like the newest modernization at all. Everything is super small & stretched out. Some premium releases seems to have been taken off. I want i didnt modernization.
~ Desiree S
i had a trouble whenever connected to wifi/internet. the release suddenly closed after loading and back to run. this happen after upgrading the release to 2.4 ver. my MP is sony experia. when wifi off the release moved smoothly.
~ nur arif kurniawan
Still fun and tickles tye nostalgia bone. However, so...many....banners...change modes? Advertisement. Visit your garden? Advertisement. Pause. Advertisement. constant banners. also some badges i trust are actually unobtainable (i have no zombie pile, for example)
~ Evil Kirby
after the last modernization the release became not so interesting anymore where i can't do an journeys continously like the release was and after modernization my coins just evaporize don't know where. so one star is enough and nice bye. thankyou.
~ Rafael Go
It is the finest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Danbenn77
IOS players received a redesign in main menu and lvl pick, however Mobile players have not received this, I would like to see it implemented. (Edit) Thank you for the redesign!
~ Nathan Alam
Adverts before and after lvls! Gift lvls behind insane paywalls! Lad, EA, you never fail to impress. A nice classic that got the nice EA treament. This release is finest played with your internet connection turned off.
~ Gabriel Donato
the newest modernization sucks so terrible it used to look better but actually its appearance is giving me a hard time to memorize where will i go to check things pls bring the old one back plus my tiny brother is not testing it that much anymore cause he dosent know where is the another equipment like the almanac and he is just 6 years old and all the progress was lost plus speedy test is removed and this release was in my device for 2 years so pls pls pls bring the old ver back
~ jeohfrei siddayao
I love the release, but the newest modernization screwed everything up and actually it doesn't even wish to run on my device for more than 2 mins. I'd rather test the GOTY ver unless they screwed that up too.
~ NES player
last modernization took away all my paid extras and started me at ground zero 😡 nothing, they been doing this long enough this could not happen i guess they are more focused on the console release wait they just charged me to remove adds but did not restore jerks I had to buy a newest device and actually i have to run over again
~ Franky James filmplanet
I would this 4-5 ratings but it took me literally (3 DAYS) To download! It was really annoying but its a nice release. Probably the finest release I had played. So far. I hope you read this. BYE
~ Anime YT
Product is broken. Modernization is poor. It forces me to watch banners before EVERYTHING. I have to watch an banner before I test a premium release. When I test to test survival mode, the release crashes.
~ MK’s Life
The modernization has made it unplayable on my Samsung S8. You cant accurately zone anything, it seems to actually take multiple taps and even then will often place the plant in the zone next to where it was. Such a shame, easily my favored release actually unplayable 😐
~ Ian Clapshaw
you just throw away a piece of art. The newest modernization was so poor I can't even test peacefully. Usually have to watch banner. Also, why in the globe you change the graphic!!! The older one was so nice!
~ Dayang wasik
add the 10 seed slot on market, or more if you like. UI troubles? the left part of the screen still has plenty of zone. Dave's house is not that important to present in the release as it was on the notebook ver.
~ 水無月チョコラ
I am not a fan of the modernization. I obtain an banner each 5 seconds, each thing was moved around, and the graphics are just terrible. Reading the reviews it seams like everybody agrees. I just prefer the old pvz.
~ Alexandra Povloski
Newest modernization my causes release to close after about 30 seconds, cancelling the actual release and all coins won. Newest graphics are terrible, everything is small actually, impossible to read the writing. Loss of premium releases not appreciated at all. Please fix.
~ William Clayton
I uninstalled the release because there are some release modes that are next to nearly impossible. Not to mention any time you test to accumulate Sons the watch a video for nonpaid item will pop up randomly. Will not be reinstalling this release.
~ Tyler S
I've had this release for years, and it was my favoured. Was. This last modernization (April 2019) fully destroyed it. Parts of the release that made it so fun were removed. I'm actually done with it. Will be uninstalling. You guys blew it.
~ Roy Benson
I got to the final boss and I can't beat it yet you know dr. zomboss well, I can't conquer him but it's a really nice release and I rated 5 stars ☺️ it is like the finest release I have ever played and I'm really impressed of how nice it is
~ Rachel Lavallee MustHaveScents
i dont like the newest modernization :( the lvl pick is okay but that you have to click on the lvl after pressing continue is annoying. plus WHY DID YOU TOUCH THE HOMESCREEN?? YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED AWAY FROM THE GAME!! only place the lvl pick in it thats it NEVER REDESIGN A GAME THAT IS SUPER POPULAIR! shame on you popcap SHAME ON YOU
~ wolfy snipes
I have been testing this release for years. The only trouble is its obviously not optimized for higher resolution devices. the release is stretched while in release. I test on my iPad without troubles but on my S10+, its cute terrible and not enjoyable.
~ Franscisco Tafoya
Deleting after last modernization took away option to test all the mini releases and changed the ratio so everything's stretched. Plus actually I have to watch a video to do just about anything, even just moving screen to screen. This used to be the finest release ever...
~ Helen
I have already written a review addressing this, but seeing it hasn't stopped, here I am again. I am STILL unable to even enter the release. It crashes each. Single. Time. PLEASE FIX. I was so far in the release I dont wish to restart
~ Q
life system? nope. pay to victory? not a chance! purchases needed to test? not even one. lots of challenge, charm, tons, and fun? you bet your boots there is!!!!!! this release is a classic, so much it is ported to xbox, notebook, even nintendo ds!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!
~ I'm not important
The last upgrade is horrible, my family don't want to test the release anymore. We like picking the premium releases, actually you have a test a video and its random. Ugh, why did you have to change a nice release. Please change back or we will be forced to uninstall the release. Very sad.
~ C Gubbels
For a self proclaimed p2w company that needs users to pay to remove banners and literally wanting users to grind and test so much that it took most of our time to unblock all apps, please add a information where we can log in through google test services and our EA profile so we can transfer time. Also there are a lot of bugs I've encountered such as sound cuts and ocassionally really rigged hitboxes. Check your release.
~ Riri
LOVED the fane, but they destroyed it with in release buying and banners. Purchased DS ver to obtain the classic, love it.
~ Anthony Brunelle
It is a nice release!! Ever since I really wish a PvZ in a small then you made this release :) Hold up the Nice work! Last, I want there is a Google Test Connection or Cloud Back up so if I will test on other device I can still test my last saved release. :) I hope you will do it. Thank You.
~ Chris Joseph Tolentino
Nice!I should not obtain to the night pool lvls,but thats ok!I just didnt have the time!I failed to complete 3-1 because of that stupid seaweed zombie right down the middle where I happened to be IN THE MIDDLE OF REBUILDING from the last attack.But another than that,nice release EA.I usually dont test EA releases,so take this as a compliment.Nice job devs.
~ Sarah Winn
Super Nostalgic. they changed the interface around and it looks great this idea and you can pick which lvl you wish to test. i thought that this release would be dead but it is not. still getting upgrades. something i would like is a online multiplayer mode like on conslole a pvp ver that you can test with dudes who also have the release. dont onow if this is a thing i restarted the release and i dont know
~ Jordan Nolen
I have played this release a lot. I first played it on the pc at a dudes house and got hooked. When I found out I should download it i did. I then got another dudes hooked. This is my go to release to test when Im bored. Im just sad you guys added banners. I obtain banners pay but I search banners anoying. I only place up with them in releases because I do think you guys could be getting paid even tho your release is nonpaid. Im not a fan of all the banners. Dont obtain me wrong Im still going to test. I love this release.
~ Alandra Williams
Nice morning, I uninstalled the release after completing it earlier this year. I heard there had been an modernization so I re-installed the release but my progress was not the same and the purchases I had made had been taken away? Is there any idea to rectify this trouble? Kind regards, Tony I emailed EA support on Monday as you advised and had an automatic response explaining an EA advisor would contact me within 72hrs. I have had no contact regarding my trouble. topic #48269156. this is very disappointing!!!
~ tonz hough
So, I have been testing this release since kindergarden and back then i really enjoyed it. Actually you have to pay coins for the premium releases. Back in the nice days of pvz, you didn't have to pay to obtain premium releases. Also, for those recipients who are complaining about the too many banners case, just turn off your wifi. Also, please bring the tree of wisdom back. Overall, i rate this release 3 stars
~ Cartoonboy677
bring back the old ver for god sake!? i wanted to give 1 star.. but couldn't because that will be a disrespect to the old ver.. hate the newest ver tbh!
~ Rudro Tahseen
I like this release I would test all day. But I can obtain over that I don't obtain enough suns. I obtain tierd of trying☹️. Another wise no complaints!!😁
~ Margaret LaFlame
Heya, the release is fabulous, I love it, gameplay is nice, however, I just modernized the release, and with the newest modernization, I can't test. It simply crashes before it even loads the Popcap logo. Please fix it, thanks.
~ Артём Бубульчук / SovietSlav
It's a really nice, fun release, and it was working fine until today, and actually it won't even load up and crashes each time i test to launch it. :/ Sad because i really like this release and had already beat the journey lvls the first time around. Modernization: I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it works actually... but what the hell happened to the load screens???? Sorry but you could change it back you shouldn't mess with classics lad. And where's the quickplay?? I really don't like the newest setup of the release
~ ChickenNuggetOverlord
This release is nice! It works very well... Until it doesn't. It suddenly just stops after a tiny while, and whatever I do, I cannot fix it. If they patch this, I would give it five stars. Even after the three upgrades, it won't launch. It stopped after I got 38 flags in Survival Infinite.
~ Justice Kidd