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About: Search the galaxy and destroy planets. Upgrade your abilities and conquer the bosses! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Subscription options In our release we have the following subscription offer: Weekly Platinum Membership offers weekly subscription for $7.99 after 3-day nonpaid trial which unlocks missiles, give everyday diamonds and removes all banners. End of trial period and subscription renewal This price is established for United States customers. Pricing in another countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to your Google Test Acc at confirmation of buy. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the actual period. Acc will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the actual period, ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: VOODOO
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Planet Bomber! Reviews and Comments:

Unable to test the release. The option not to share date is availible. But when you confirm not to, it takes you back to settings and wont allow you test without sharing time.
~ Michael Gatliff
Fun until the 15th video you're forced to watch, which is after about 5 minutes consequently. I don't suggest this unless you love advertising!
~ Andy Rowe
cute nice release except for the fact that you usually run on a info screen and it takes forever to obtain off of it i spent an hour tying to test and couldnt honestly sucks cause of this stupid thing its a nice release but its terrible cause of this please fix it so more recipients can enjoy it and NOT rate it 1 FRACKING STAR
~ gacha life cookie queen !!!
OK time waster. However I purchased AD-Unpaid, and it claims the buy failed. Dollary came out of my Test balance and I can't restore my purchases or request a refund. If it wasn't for this is rate it higher.
~ Shaun McCloud
Voodoo page is stuck in front of my face when i test to launch and test the release.. remove that off for Christ sake. or atleat hold an option to skip it.. otherwise its nice release with different idea.
~ Sreedhar. S Warrier
watching adds for x2 reward for ofline multiplier does not work. wathced an add and not only i did not obtain the x2 amount that had acumulated, i did not obtain anything at all so please add ~35k of in release dollars to power up bombs or i uninstall and rate 1*
~ Julius Kavaliauskas
Fun but there's no sound at all, which is boring. Also you have to buy more bombs AND pay 8 dollars a WEEK for a membership that gives you more bombs? Netflix is cheaper than that and has true content. Nice idea, terrible executiom
~ Psychedelic Sunshine
Ok release fun at first but... when you reqch the final bomb unlockable through lvl progression, it becomes boring and repetative all the bosses are repeats. THEN you realise that the only idea that you were wanting to test is to obtain the newest bombs! You should obtain the missiles you think, but then they cost gems and a ridiculous amount. You gotta pay for gems, and I don't know about everyone else but I aint spending 90 dollars for 1000 gems! Would not reccomend!
~ Blackheart
release has a "gate keeper" the first time I had to click share experience and banners enable in "settings" and it opened, played about 14 planets and closed it, went to launch a second time and couldn't obtain passed the "gate keeper", release is flawed and will not work... lame! galaxy S9+
~ Nicholas Jenn
yeah lets not double our profet. ahh look at that an add either idea. and the funny part if you claim no add you obtain an add and after each planet. ahhh thats hot other add. i understand release originators need profet but please search other idea to obtain the profet instead of forcing it down our throat. please!!!
~ True_Gamer_ Dude
already planets in reality are destroyed in gigantic amounts don't have any troubles with the release testing but I didn't like that name because destroying planets more is what u mean in the release. nothing else. am I right guys??? please claim!!
~ Chaman Singh
So after each lvl we obtain a 30 second banner... and the first thing I'm asked is to join some club for $7.99 a month... you could have just charged me 99 cents to download this to launch with, cause in no idea is this release worth more than that.
~ Rosendo Canales
Decent tap release, but the policies questions at the beginning are rediculous!!! Can't obtain past them 90% of the time. Spent more time trying to obtain past those questions and tonthe release than I was testing the release itself. NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!
~ Mike J
If you like getting hit with banners as quick as you launch the release than this is the release for you. I usually never rate releases even if they're really nice BUT this release here really annoyed me to the target that I had to allow recipients know this release is trash!
It's a fun release. There are some bugs with it like sometimes the bombs will just circle the planet when its really tiny and you have to restart the entire release but otherwise, nice release.
~ weezle T
after I installed the release I got to the policies settings where it asks if you are ok with thier advertising and help and analysis. As I tried to approve thier terms and conditions my device started vibrating and would not stop until I closed the release. I was not able to proceed past the terms and conditions, even after accepting both the advertising and help and analysis. I closed the release and tried this twice, same effects
~ Joshua Smith
Advertisement rewards broken. I've watched two banners to test to double my offline progress when I come back to the release. Not only did I not obtain 2x rewards after watching the whole banner, I didn't even obtain 1x rewards. In another words, watching the banner deleted all my offline progress. When I watch an banner, that is me helping the dev, you obtain dollars for that. Fatal release flaw for you to not give the promised reward after I create you dollars. Rating 1/5 until fixed.
~ Aaron Kerrigan
voodoo releases is a greedy greedy release developer. Each release I download that has shallow mechanics and is harassing me for dollars or with ads seems to be developed by voodoo. Respect yourself by downloading a release that respects you. Voodoo releases do not respect you. I've just had about enough of their shoddy releases.
~ Aaron Pollard
trash. made 20k over night go to approve it dont even obtain it. go to double it dont obtain it either. click an banner away and you have to watch other. kinda stupid spending time watching an banner to double your reward and not even at least obtain the original 👌
~ David Brown
This release is mediocre. The only reason I installed it (I did test the release) was to write this review. Honestly, gameplay is average, and it is just a nice waste of time. But the reason I wanted to write this review was because I saw a sexually suggestive ad for it. I should not trust it when I saw the caption on the video. "After 69 tries, I finally reach Uranus and destroyed it." I wondered to myself how that marketing department had the audacity to publicize something like that.
~ John Mosher
run release asks you to pay 7.99 immediately for no banners if you dont pay each planet you destroy literally only takes seconds to blow them up you have to watch 1 or 2 banners no wonder the banner for the release claimed I finally reached lvl 50 really not worth installing this release as it is truly the worst kind of release. I would suggest to the dev's to remove the banners after every planet and give incentive to users to actively wish to watch banners. honestly though as this release stands I would suggest uninstalling
~ TGx Deimeter
The banners are idea too frequent compared to time now testing the release but I like the idea of the release so played until lvl 46. Even when newest bombs are unlocked there isn't really a sense of progression as the release is very repetitive and unchallenging so gets boring speedy.
~ Adrian Ford
Looked like it was going to be a really fun release. I should not obtain passed the ad permission screen. Clicking anything just made my device vibrate. Did not seem to matter if I gave the release permission or not. Oh well, uninstalled.
~ Daniel Lancaster
subscription pay for no more release... this release is filled with banners after each lvl, the release is 100 lvls wash rinse repeat, the premium bombs are mostly useless, the updates vaguely work, amd the premium bomber ship doesnt bring anything newest. expect buggy release. made worse if the banners dont load correctly. i dont even know how that works. i was up to 15 prestige ships, the release bugged out and i was back to lvl 1, with 150 into power, no prestige ships. meh, deleting actually.
~ Stephen Trickel
DO NOT INSTALL!!! Should be nice, but fails horribly. This my dudes, is a dollars grab piece of garbage that has more banners than gameplay and overall isn't worth the zone on your device. While the release is a nice time waster, it is not worth the effort. It really claims a lot about the devs and publisher. No shame, scummy for fame. Not to mention, my release restart to run after clearing my cache on my device. I spent hours for nothing.
~ Ricardo
So.... the release is just a entire bunch of tapping on your screen? I can't claim if you wish to destroy the planet speedy (which takes a tiny more skill), or if you wish to stretch out the length of the lvl to gain more dollars. This does not seem to be a nice release... just something to hold a VERY bored person busy.
~ Eric Else
It's now a nice release. The one trouble is the fact that even when you pick to accumulate 'easy' after clearing a galaxy, IT STILL SHOWS YOU AN ADVERT! Oh, and they could be named star systems, not galaxies. Galaxies would be a prestige mechanic.
~ abcdplayzz
Been testing this release for a month, once you obtain all the bombs it becomes irrelevent speedy, theres only 6 bosses within the entire 500 lvls, everythings a copy and paste, past 130 destruction lvl it does nothing, updating gravity gets in the idea when you go to pick a bomb, and there is no diamond gain in this release, so it forces you to pay for the last couple bombs, this release is garbage.
~ _ Ernie
fun release for about a day or maybe a several hours. but the banners sre super annoying, and there is tiny to no replay value. and the microtransactions are cute pointless and pushed for anynore gameplay value. maps are also very limited, however i did hsve a lot of fun testing thise for a several hours and see potential. just needs more work
~ Androlito Games
releases runs off really well with a lot of promise. its meant to be a progressive release with a promising upgrade skill tree system but after working through to lvl 40 and updating weapons to nearly lvl 60 i can't see any difference from the first lvl. Not a very rewarding release to test but that's not to claim its a terrible release. its addictive up until the lack of change becomes to apparent. other nonpaid release with banners so turn off internet to prevent the banners ;-)
~ kris brandie
Product is nice but would be a lot better if you should earn diamonds without spending dollars. Maybe they should create it so that you earn 5 to 10 diamonds each 10 or 20 lvls. This would create recipients wish to test the release more because can earn things by grinding for them instead of paying dollars on the release. Also it is outrageous paying up to 130 dollars on an release just to obtain equipment that should be very fun to use.
~ She Meadows
Cute boring overall. No true engagement since the randomly spawning tiny missiles can do all the work after a while. The amount of banners is also really high. After each single scene there is an banner and if you now test destroy the planet as speedy as you can, you're cute much faced with an banner each minute or two.
~ BicBoi Spyder
This release is nice. I watched an banner for it and was interested instantly. However Im greatly disappointed. Right when I launch it I have deny time collection, and I have to confirm my denial TWICE. After that Im confronted with a 30 second banner after each lvl. You see, this is not how you create dollars on releases. Give the user an incentive to watch the banners, like in Egg Inc (finest movile release imo) Yet you, you scare away your users with this BS, thus earn less dollars on your dev hours. *slow clap*
~ Ivan Ahmed
This release is just pointless... Relentless advertising, if you pick to not share your time you're stuck with a gigantic banner across the screen. I download releases i wish to test, not so i can sit and watch ads or have my stats sold on your "obtain rich speedy" scheme....
~ Stephen Wall
Much like other release release I had on my device, this release's offline profit doubling function on bootup DOES. NOT. WORK. Watch an banner to double your dollars, but obtain ABSOLUTELY SQUAT afterward. The escalation of how much dollars is needed to upgrade details, along with the fact that multiple equipment can only be BOUGHT with true dollars is disgusting.
fun at first, but banners are far too intrusive and mandatory. short banners test often you clear a lvl, long banners test each boss slay. 90% of updates have tiny to zero result, only fire rate is visible and is the only one with a hard cap lvl 100. took less than a week to finish the nonpaid weapons, and hit lvl 100 or higher on all updates. actually everything repeats because I'm not spending true dollars
~ Jay
i got to lvl 41, there's no idea to upgrade the weapons pass tge "casino bomb without paying for it...the release is flawed. u cant trade in-release dollars for diamonds. so you run into a dead end in terms of progress. also when it comes to getting dollars after opening the release or beating a boss the x2 reward watch an banner button doesnt work and the skip banner button doesnt skip the banner. dont waste ur time.
~ Jacob Sills
I mean it's an alright release but the amount of dollars this release charges for in release purchases is now disgusting. In order to complete the release completely you'd need to spend around $130 and there's even a "super" ver that cost $7.99 A WEEK! which is $415.48 A YEAR. These costs are cute much designed to squeeze as much dollars from the parents of babes who are addicted to the release and aren't old enough to grasp how much dollars is worth. Truly despicable.
~ Jacob Janes
gets stuck on banner screen. download this release, and as far as I ever got was it letting you know is going to accumulate my release time. never now got to test the release, test to closing and reopening it. test turning off the device and restarting the device, tried uninstalling and reinstalling.. thought this looked like a nice release, but I never got the chance to even test it.
~ Matthew Treich
honestly, I was looking at the reviews. most of them were a one star. before I was testing I was thinking about MY review. I think that this release does it by itself. as quick as the release has opened I saw the planet half destroyed. secondly, the updates do NOTHING! I got to lv 15 on goal acrusy and it did nothing. lastly, if you take a long time to destroy it the bombs form a circle then only a several come out. in my opinion this release is a waste of time and I will not suggest it. overall, 1 star.
~ Eva games