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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition   
About: This release is optimized for devices and not suggested for devices with screen sizes under 7 inches. We do not help Chrome OS devices. Reviewers claim: "Planescape: Torment is a unbelievable release, and its Enhanced Edition is a splendid, unobtrusive, beautifying modernization" - Geek & Sundry "Planescape: Torment still stands tall as a landmark masterpiece that can continue to age gracefully, actually on your device or device" - Touch Arcade "Planescape: Torment is a timeless classic, the Enhanced Edition just makes it better" - Bleeding Cool The Product In Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition you'll search the planes, survive combat alongside a party of special companions, and solve puzzles unlike any ever seen in the category. The original Planescape: Torment was released in 1999 to widespread critical acclaim. It won RPG of the Year from multiple outlets for ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 16MB Developer: Beamdog
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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. Related to Baldur's Gate, but it has very different types of characters.
~ tim stanley
Please create this somehow even easier to use on the tiny screen of a galaxy s6.
~ Zach Lachman
Hardcore storyline-driven RPG set in a captivating non-conventional globe in the D&D universe
~ A Google user
i brought and beat this , i loved it . i just read you dont do refunds or trades for Bg2 . this is sad but ill still help ... just alil sad
~ laquann latham
Wouldn't download at first, managed to work it. Actually the release crashes after hero creation. If I test and run it up again after it crashes, it resets my device. I wish a refund.
~ Colin Clark
Runs very smoothly on my Samsung J7 star! I can't trust that I can test this release on my device
~ John Mitchell
Nice release, controls are well done! I test in a Galaxy Tab S4.
~ Christian Dixon
Better buy and download this one before Google decides to take it down like they did Baldurs Gate 2 and Icewind Dale.
~ Elliot Torres
Crashes on run on an LG G5 Stock Mobile 8.1. Would love to review it further but I can't obtain it to work!
~ Ace G
I have only played a bit into the release, i installed it in the morning today, played only a bit in the afternoon and didn't like it. But I was a tiny late to uninstall so actually i can no longer obtain a refund. Is there anyway i should obtain a refund manually? :(
~ Khairunisa Daud
Fully unsuitable for small. Text is tiny even at full size but the main trouble is the icons are absolutely small. Impossible to test on small and such a shame as the release itself is awesome. With some rework this should be playable but the developers seem to be concentrating on device gameplay at a time when devices are dying out. A missed opportunity.
~ Nige Jones
one of the finest releases known to lad. it is a nice reliving of the nice memories that was table top gaming
~ Jonathon Naegele
Finest isometric RPG of all time. Works surprisingly well on small. Can't wait for more 90's PC releases to create the transition to small.
~ Yuriy Lehki
Works on my Huawei p8. The tiny screen makes it a tiny hard to tap accurately but pausing seems to support.
~ Jaco Pool
Nice RPG release.. but a terrible port. Please optimize this release for 5inch+ device & tweak the performace more. I want you guys port the fallout 2 too :)
~ Dimas Aulia R
A 1999 hd modernization so to speak,Only two hours in haven't much experience of notebook releases so I seek out there largest ones I've missed, this is one of thiers,and a very in depth one at that,the writing is nice really though,you can use dialogue or combat target and click kind of fights,to deal with cases,but overall nice up to actually,
~ Leng Wei
Nice release. Only trouble is the bug that occurs at baator. Keeps looping me back to pillar of skulls. Can you please support fix this?
~ Robertyu8 Taylor
On huawei m3 lite 10 inch heavy frame rate and gamespeed drops makes it unplayable, tried each graphic option, no changes. I have icewind dale, BG and BG II, even NVN and test without any troubles (NVN on high settings stabile fps), so pls pls look into it! Otherwise 5\5. im dying to change my rating, pleaseeee :(
~ *Murm* Poland
Nice port, but text too smal in tablet 5" device, anyway where is BG II ? I already buy it but seems not showing on google shop actually?
~ Achmad Munir Purwadinata VII
Other Classic Port! Got this on a discount, which is a steal for one of the finest western RPG from PC ported to Mobile. One of the finest purchases you will ever create on PlayStore if you like RPG such as Baldur's Gate. Actually keeping watch closely on the rest of the collection.. gonna buy them all if they ever go on a discount!
~ Yuki Osafune
You guys did an nice job with one if my favoured releases. I hope to see alot more ports by you. Hopefully one day you will port over STONEKEEP. That I would test the hell out of on mobile.
~ Aaron boyles
I first dipped my toes in the water with baldurs gate ee since then have purchased each beamdog release since. This one has blown me away. I've only just started it but I love it already. Nice job to everyone involved!!
~ Simon Hudson
Better than I remembered! Such a classic. Works very well on a device...just slightly hard to click zones sometimes, though still very nice. An awesome transition to an release.
~ Ian Baker
I love Beamdog, and I love this release. It probably plays better on a device, but it's almost unplayable on a small. Small text even with the largest font size that's unresponsive to touch and needs to be pressed twice to register on an equally small confirm button. It's my terrible for not figuring that this release just isn't suitable for a device.
~ A Google user
Beamdog erased my review! Beamdog, you're garbage. Hold your releases and dollars you stoled from so many recipients. I'll just buy the original copies. Do not buy from Beamdog! They still haven't restored my buy of BG, IWD and BGII. I'm gonna return and create sure my review stays up too.
~ Max Hernandez
added a star for the response.I found the key before I made the first review;That was ridiculously simple to search. It was the really terrible design of the door bottom left, with my device I wasn't able to see that door. I watch a youtube video and was livid about the territory of the door and its appearance. I walked through the door to the second room and uninstalled the release.
~ Tom M
they can announce releases for consoles. Yet once they got the dollars from google users. they are not treating missing paid releases as a pirority.
~ khurram Wadiwalla
Idk, I was fully able to obtain this to work on Chome. It works fine now minus the F1 through F5 keys not being available on Chrome OS, but yeah, it fully works. Even with a mouse it works, double-clicking for speedy inventory managament, left click mouse panning, "Q" is quicksave, "WASD" pulls up different menus, "I" for inventory, "Back" functions as the "ESC" key. I'm fully impressed, it basically functions like a Linux port for Chrome which runs in Andriod (as long as your device helps Playstore integration, I guess) It's a small bit jank, but it's more than functional. Actually I wish to test the rest of the Beamdog remastered collection to see if they work in Chrome OS as well. Hopefully the Devs reply and might modernization their stats on this page to contain partial Chrome OS integration as well. I'm very impressed.
~ A Google user
Nice release. Is it possible to have the same hero across different devices though? I test it on my device actually but wish to test it on my device from time to time as well.
~ Jeremy Hart
This release hands down is an absolute masterpiece. Purchase it right actually! No but seriously, this release has kept me entertained for years and years and still remains recent. The storytelling is something that I want more releases should have and with any hope, more will look to this release for what to shoot for.
~ Mikell Gentry
Heads up to anyone buying this, it's made for a device. However I purchased this on my Samsung S7 and it works wonderfully! Be mindful that the text is really small though however if you obtain a stylus you have no troubles. It is possible to test with your finger on a 5-inch screen but it's hard. This is a faithful Recreation of the PC port
~ Oscar Bissot
PERFORMANCE: As the stated minimum requirements are quite vague, first off I wish to claim that I'm running this release at 40FPS with full settings on a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. If you're wondering how it would perform on your device then I suggest you look up my specs on gsmarena and compare my CPU and RAM to your own. USABILITY: It's a small screen for a title like this (4.7") but I'm just glad to be testing this on my device. Fine selections on a screen this tiny are tough but doable if you have the patience. I have yet to obtain into any serious combat, but I suspect I will be using the pause function quite a lot to compensate for my inaccuracy. I may end up experimenting with a small stylus. TEXT READABILITY: Look, on a 4.7" screen... it's okay. If you have a blue-light filter on your device it might even be comfortable. I need more time to evaluate this. GAMEPLAY (UI): One information I already want was implemented is the ability to auto loot item drops in an zone by taping a button on the bottom left panel. Because it would save a lot of scanning for loot and trying to tap on small piles. I'd also love it if loot laying on the ground was highlighted - shaded an fluctuating lighter color or slowly sparkling. Subtle movements such as these are nice ideas to convey newest /relevant stats to the user. MUSIC: I'm loving it so far. It's cute high quality equipment. DIALOGUE: Heh, I think this is going to be fun. (((This is an in progress review. I will modernization it as I test more))) PLAYTIME SO FAR: +/- 20min
~ David Watson
The storyline is original. It's a deep release that will require a bit of research to test if it's your first time. Worth the time though. Doesn't test well on small. Phones only.
~ Ender X-XI
Pretty old-school style Dungeons and Dragons isometric CRPG. This release is focused more on storyline and lore than on combat, which I love. Note, this also means that when you make your hero you really could focus on mental attributes rather than on the physical details. This will let you to obtain the most out of the release. Also, these details will create you a potent mage, which is an nice class that can create up for any shortcomings in your physical details. Purchase it! By the idea, it's important to mention that I'm testing this on an ACER Chromebook, not on a device or device. It works beautifully and the mouse controls work just like they would on a windows PC. All in all, this is as nice as an RPG can obtain.
~ A S
'EDITED ON TUE APRIL 30/19 Im having the same trouble as others, I purchased the release a bit ago and just tried to install it today on this date and it keeps claiming " failed to download, you may not have bought this release" I did buy it I have an electronic receipt for it in my correspondence. NEW EDIT STARTS HERE To be honest I think this isn't a developer bug but a playstore bug, the trouble I'm having is in buying so the playstore cn fix this maybe?
~ jamie montreuil
A fun port but a lot of spells do literally nothing. Chromatic Orb and Elysium's tears can be cast, even on myself, and they won't do anything. No messages about not being effective or missing, no hurt, nothing at all. Ice daggers seems to work fine. Maybe I'm missing something? Also if you tab out and back in the background song stops. Have to load a save or newest zone to obtain it back.
~ S G
Sorry, there's simply no excuse for a company to deliberately remove PAID releases from the Test shop, thereby restricting their rightful owners from having access to them. This is ESPECIALLY real when claimed releases represent a marked storage impact. Love the releases, sick of the sleazy business practices that I have come to expect from gigantic corporations but not tiny release development companies. Go "Create America Nice Again" or do whatever you use your profits to do, just don't expect me to support!
~ Brian McCalla
Incredible release. Famed for nice reason. Storyline, visual design, and globe all pulled me in. Very special! Also nice sounds & nice GUI. It's a dialogue-driven storyline. Don't be place off by starting in the weird mortuary; they are not the terrible guys, there's a entire castle, and this globe is a different culture. Characters are nice. You can change class any time. Plus lim-lims! Variety of guidance online. Nice storyline. Interface has tiny buttons for device, but am testing on my Note without a stylus.
~ A Google user
This is everything I remember from my teens. The finest D&D RPG ever designed and it's available on the go. If you fell in love with the castle of Sigil in the '90's you'll love this edition. Or you wish to test an RPG without all that MMO nonsense this release is a master work. Planescape:Torment, with it's eerie story, wonderful characters, and full grasp of the "planes" is still the most pretty role testing pc release I've ever experienced. Above and beyond BG/NWN even TES.
~ Neill Gerstbauer
DO NOT BUY any release from Beamdog, they WILL NOT honor their own refund policies or offer you ANY type of compensation. I bought both Baldurs Gate 2 and Icewind Dale, and actually they're no longer available for download on small. After I emailed them (a lot) they responded acknowledging that I was correct but they wouldn't offer me ANY type of compensation. I asked if they'd be willing to replace the TWO releases with ONE (Neverwinter) and they claimed... "No... thats not how this works" exact quote.
~ Larry Horton