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About: ***Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers*** Piggy:" Bosses and Ladies, one of your dudes just attacked your island, you gotta commit revenge! Spin the wheel to earn more gold and shields!" --Invite your Fb dudes to join Piggy Boom! Build your exclusive islands of your own with the support of tiny beautiful pets, push the button and spin the wheel, victory some luck today! Have fun with another users and steal their gold, protect your island from invasion with your pets Informations Magic Wheel Each one loves having some luck in a release and Piggy Boom gives you nonpaid everyday chances to spin the wheel and victory heaps of coins! Theme islands Each casual release users love to build and have a customized avatar! In Piggy Boom, hundreds of themed islands wait for you to unblock them and build. The more you build, the more islands you will have Test wi ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: FENIXS
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Piggy Boom Reviews and Comments:

uninstalled for a month and a half still freezing up not wanting to work right miners not working skyland not working just no nice NO GOOD
~ Linda Cux
Wanted to love it, but it takes to long to obtain more spins it's not worth it...
~ Liz Wallenstein
Lovely release but gotta bring changes in between so that the release becomes more interesting Thank you so much
~ Hina Parvin
I use to really enjoy piggy boom but then you got rid of the gold cards x5. and also our castle is suffering as castle spin points only work at 5pm
~ Carly Woodbridge
Love this release!!!! Receive it..you will NOT be disappointed!!😊
~ Renee' Davenport-Rogina
I love this release. I can't obtain enough of it. It's addicting!!!!!
~ Valerie Gallo
disappointed with the gold card actually unable to multiply waste of time collecting excitement gone especially as higher stars more expensive to obtain additions to island
~ Eunice Cherry
after laast upgrade i feel like deleting my release why only x1 with gold cards i think im done with PIGGY BOOM!!!!!
~ Jasmine Carelse
love this release but my dollars stopped being added . not gaining anything please support??
~ mechelle peterson
Great release I enjoy a lot. But have some trouble is that I complete task I didn't obtain ⛽ fuel some time. Another trouble is when I complete a island I didn't obtain any reward.
~ azaman omi
I'm waiting for newest Islands because their is none and in meantime they hold on destroying my Island which I purchased gems to support me build them!! This is daylight robbery!
~ Rene van Rensburg
Was nice until you took away x5 card mode. That destroyed the whole release. Your users hold claiming you the same thing and you won't listen. About to quit. VERY disappointed
~ Jennifer Namlik
for the past 3 weeks on Friday evening all my pieces disappear, I have been testing this release for a long time and it has just started to do this.
~ Nancy Moore
this use to be a fun release but whatever you guys are doing you are destroying it the castle points sticks actually we can spin only x1 with gold cards the 3 and 4 day puzzle is doesnt create sense restore the old informations it was idea better
~ Cnote Simmons
Please modernization 10x spin in gold card why you have removed gold card in 10x spin its not its very hard lvl so its essential need 10x spin in gold card another wise nobody plays this release because no any others option to finish the lvl
~ dipen rajyaguru
such an entertaining release..no annoying pop ups...so much more to do than another releases like this that I test...
~ lil king guerra 3
im done with this release because this release has stalkers and guys that harass you from a different country in your inbox and on Fb and no idea to block them you do not hold our stats protected and post our true names
~ Nakisha Wilder
I love this release & the admins are unbelievable when there is a trouble. I didn't obtain credit for 2 purchases. When I contacted them, they instantly went to work & helped me obtain the equipment I had paid for.
~ Keri Austad
Fun release but they need to refresh the tree quicker or give out more potions. I have 600+ snowballs with nothing to do...
~ Amanda Wickard
~ Teresa Payne
nice release nice for passing time dont like the newest modernization tho with the gold cards from.sky island that supports change some of the keys on the wheel to gwt bonus Dollary you use to be able to use multi spin while using the gold cards and actually you cant use multi wheel which i think sucks
~ A Google user
really?... I had 8x and the release started to obtain glitchy on me so I closed the release and went back into it, when I got back on I'm actually back to 5x. disappointing.... Also tried uninstalling the release and reinstalling didn't work. Tried logging in and out of my fb profile.
~ steph beauty
This message is for the devs .. Can yall please increase the dude count 50 is to weak why not create it 150 or 200 ... but besides that i love this Product .. yall are better then Coin master by a landslide ... been testing thus gane over 2 years actually
~ Dennis D
I really like this one!! It keeps you busy with one idea after other trying to build islands and protect your dollars.
~ Angela Patton
longtime user actually disappointed fake codes, terrible customer care, lowered chances to obtain nonpaid spins. actually impossible to test without spending obscene amounts of true dollars.
~ jenn honstein
I love love love this release. I have a gigantic trouble at this time that I hope you will fix so I don't have to uninstall the release forever. I completed a lvl fully, however, IT IS NOT letting me transport forward ti my next lvl. PLEASE HELP!!
~ Rita Miller
the release is nice but there could be a idea you can block someone if they are harrasing you or sending you perverted messages theres no idea to block them so they just hold doing it. i would give 5 stars but im not all because they could have this information on here.
~ Bella Lopez
since you all changed everything, no one can do anything. take the tree for example, I have over 100 snowballs and nothing on the tree. you never give the puzzle pieces that is hard to obtain. I think you all could place it back the idea it was done. what is the use giving snowballs when you won't place nothing on the tree
~ Don Eakins
A lot of the informations of this release create it a better gaming experience than when testing releases like Coin Master or Pirate Bosses, I would definitely suggest this if you like those releases :)
~ BonnieLou86
Unfortunately, after testing this for over a year, most likely will uninstall. Been on the same island for 6 months and have started it over almost each another day. Not fun anymore...
~ Lana Buhler
i love the release but the only thing its missing is an support portion on the large wheel like when spinning if landed on we should send coins spins or whatever else to a person on our dudes list that's the only another thing i would like to see besides the diamonds coming a tiny easier or things a tiny cheaper for those who can't afford them it's nice for ppl with dollars to spend but ppl like me is makes the release harder and frustrating at times but overall still addicting
~ Danae Rogers
I love this release. nice graphics and mindblowing theme. but the only one trouble is that the things are too expensive and diamonds are very rare . developer i would be grateful if u pl fix these. also i live piggy colleague season. pls bring it back.
~ Anshika Bhatnagar
modernization destroyed it. used to be a nice release actually im super disappointed because it consistently freezes and the one and only solution is to close the release and go back in. getting tired of it true speedy. its becoming unplayable and im not glad. this really needs to be fixed ASAP or i will have to uninstall.
~ Shanese Samson
took one stare for every trouble! Even though 1 trouble is super miniscule, the easy fact that i have to comment here instead of being able to reach out ditectly to the developer when an trouble could arrive. 1. The noise made each time a spin is made... fully obtain why its there but its not essential. It gets to be a tiny much when you have excessive plays to create. 2. Twice actually, both separate occasions,. I have been awarded with an incorrectly recognized choice in whom is the coin lord. . 3Star
~ Otis Cothron
I don't like the modernization why did u have to crash our gold cards n why do have over 100 non rates every and 4-6 rate puzzles also I have to re login each time I push call back for the users that haven't played in awhile if u wish us to call them back for your release why could we have to log in twice in five mins then it just claims error and we don't obtain the nonpaid spins for doing it because of your error? And alot of members in my castle are not getting thier full 30/30: it was better the another idea.
~ Aundrea Ray
please can someone explain to me why when you change the puzzle. do you take all my accumulated pieces from the last puzzle and give me nothing in return when ive spent alot of time to gather them only too search it all empty because youve modernized it . thats no idea to hold the clientele testing actually is it recipients!!
~ aaron brady
The release has been beyond messed up for months actually. You think sending 20 spins counts for the hundreds used for a release that doesn't give you credit for the spins? That's a joke. And the only idea to obtain the release to restart is to not join the release for 24 hours so you harm your castle even more when we test to obtain the leader board. And spins are not the only trouble. Allow's talk about the videos like the balloon that doesn't allow you watch videos at all so each day you lose 2,000,000 . None work right.Sad
~ Lita Ray
why was I kicked out of not one but two clans, and yes I speak and read spanish each well, I'm did not obtain into their conversations, attia, and angel, the castle angel, they accepted me than kicked me out before I should even visit anyone, I'm feeling some type of idea. so before I act like a fool and claim something that's not very great, I'm deleting this release. and the sad part I really like this releases but I'm feeling some type of idea,.
~ carol gill
Feels cheaper than it's rivals. The hand coming up prompting you to click things (even after the guide had ended) is annoying enough to create me delete it, however the constant prompts to watch video banners for extras made me decide to delete it. I wish to test, not watch banners all the time. I hate releases that do that.
~ Vee Ramage
With the latest modernization, everyone at piggy boom could be fired! Response: Hey FENIXS, there has been some changes that are making us users upset. One of the largest changes is using multiplier when using cards. Plus you claimed you were fixing the x15, but yet only gave us x10...many weeks later. You also took few weeks to fix castle points. I love the release and I have been testing for years, just listen to your users. Thank you for your time
~ Andrew Anderson