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About: Top 3 of nonpaid song releases in the globe! Loved by 1.1 billion users in the globe, combining rhythm and song, a challenging nonpaid song small release! Product information: 1. Straight graphics, simple to test and everybody gets testing the piano! 2. Breath-taking rhythm will challenge your handspeed limit! 3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill and risk! 4. Modernization of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste. 5. Share your record with your dudes, and compare with globe-wide users on the ranking list! 6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert. 7. Save your progress via Fb profile and share the progress in different devices. 8. More challenge, more premium and a better self. Gaming mode: Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles according to the song and don't miss any tile! Concentrate yo ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Cheetah Games
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Piano Tiles 2™ Reviews and Comments:

what happened to this release? there's idea to may banners and everything is so different. this release sucks actually. I liked the old ver of this release idea better.
~ 민윤기
I made my playlist, and when I test it there is an annoying add and when I test to click a tile I dont click and mess up, the release is motorcraft. another than that, cute nice release😍😍😍😍😍
~ Scarlet Patty
This is the bestt release ever! But I gave it 4 stars cause I really lovee Alan Walker songs but I have to buy them so that sucks. And it has a lot of banners, like each time I finish testing song other banner comes and it really annoys me. And one more thing, when I test a song the backround changes and I think its really cool but it also gets on my nerves cause sometimes I have lags and then I miss a tile. So it would be really helpfull if you at least test to fix this until then Piano Tiles 2: uninstall
~ Magdalena Grizelj
I've played this before. Thought I'd test again. An banner after every song? Ridiculous! After about 5 mins, I'm uninstalling. Wasn't that terrible before. Actually it's nothing but banners.
~ Robin L
This was such a nice release, but actually it's nothing but banners!! An banner will pop up often you click something on the menu and it's really annoying! Please obtain this fixed!!
~ Kaori Miyazono
This release is nice, another than the constant lagging. Sometime the release will not recognize my touches and fail me. I sent trust the amount of banners, its constant. I dont wish to pay 4.99 for no banners. I wouldnt mind the banners as much if we got one in the beginning then 1 each 5 songs or so. Please fix these troubles.
~ Brandon_Fisher
This used to be my most favoured release of all time. Actually there's too much banner in it! I know I could probably buy it, but AN ADS WHILE PLAYING?! Damn I'm done with this release
~ William Gunawan
Nice release. Challenging, newest songs, premium songs, all kinds of songs. usually brings me back. But one thing that I noticed is that there are banners literally often you finish a song. And yes, it is annoying as we don't obtain to enjoy some songs without banners. Kinda dissapointing.
~ Thatoneguy 44
I love this release but it's truly becoming unplayable due to the sheer amount of banners. You used to be able to back out of them, but actually they're unskippable. If you're going to push this hard for users to pay to test without banners, maybe you shouldn't be offering a nonpaid ver of the release? It's also gotten pushier about buying boosts and another pay-to-victory equipment that the release has never really required. I used to test for hours but actually it's only a several mins at a time.
~ Lexi Cherry
-edit- #2 Still riddled with banners. as quick as i opened it i glt 4 banners in a row, I played a piece, immediately saw other banner, opened a newest piece other banner... its taking the piss ... just stop banner revenue and create donations a thijg and give users a devenr reward for donating and users will donate for their equipment...banners are destroying the small gsme industry.
~ Marek Stirling
Product is fun for my 8 year old. However I recently bought the remove banners for 4.99 and guess what, still a ton of banners. Not worth buying. 5 bucks could remove all banners not just 1% of banners.
~ SilverDragon 695
This is really disappointing. It used to be such a lovely relaxing time aggressor and actually it is poor. the gameplay is still fun and I have nothing versus it. The trouble is how hard it is to just test, upon opening the release it will present 2-3 popups trying to obtain you to test newest release modes. The pop ups can't be instantly minimized. What used to be great and relaxing is actually heavily bloated with banners and popups.
~ Colin Smith
I was testing and when I pressed the keys they were just stuck. My screen was clean and I wasn't tapping on anything else. And the banners, there are just to many. I obtain 2 to 3 banners after a song
~ Vale Medrano
too many banners on this release.. after testing a piece then wait for at least 2 mins for the the banners to finish and to test the next one. also the idea the piece are arrange are not nice. dont install this so many microtrqnsactions and banners dont install dont install it destroyed the release itself
~ Felix Rafael
Nice release awsome song but there are too many banners,also the release made my device mess up because of the banners.So PLEASE create the release with less banners.I think that may create others glad. I would give 5 stars if those annoying banners wouldn't pop up each five seconds!😤
~ Sara Gomez
Honestly this used to be one of my favored apps, and It was really relaxing to test when I was stressed, actually there are just constant banners and pop ups, It's actually stressful to test it, I obtain the need for banners, but this release is just overkill with them.
~ Emma Fairhurst
I love testing Piano Tiles 2. I search it very relaxing and fun. I got high lvls. But I have one major trouble. Because I don't have a Fb profile I didn't log in altho I usually log in another releases with my google profile. So I had restart my device and lost all my progress on Piano Tiles 2. And I have to be starting over and catching up. I rated this one less star because it sucks that I cannot log in using my google profile. If there is anyway to use my google profile I would like to know asap
~ Suwainie Foster
Really nice, really fun release hindered by a ridiculous amount of banners. Between each menu selection comes an banner, at the beginning of songs and at the end.
~ Nupa Meyers
it isTO MUCH ADS. I just go on the release and test the song YOU GUESSED IT AN AD . THE GAME WAS GOOD UNTIL THHISS MOMMENT .I would rather watch someone test than me testing MYSELF! I wont unistall this until CHEETAH GAMES ACTUALLY MAKE AN UPDATE.This release was one of my favored releases and place it on my favourites and once again IT WAS MY FAVOURITE GAMES AND GUESS WHAT CHEETAH GAMES DECIDED TO RUIN IT BUT I LIKED UNTIL THIS MOMMENT (sorry for repeating but i need them to know it is utterly sad).😣😠
~ Farhiya Ahmed
I used to love this release. I used to test it on my kindle a several years back. Actually, the banners are SUPER distracting and disruptive. with how it is actually, I am no longer going to test. I'll miss this release, since I used to really love it. 2/5 because memories
~ Kayla Dendy
Fun release, but WAY too many banners. It ruins the experience. I understand that the developers need dollars, but forcing users to watch an banner each 2 mins is absolutely ridiculous. For this reason, I'm deleting the release.
~ Tara Lacey
sorry but the adds are crazy. this release is too nice to have so many adds to crash it. also I can't connect to Fb. also could place more well known songs but I'm not furious about that. like from videos like Harry potter or spirited away.
~ Psyduck
It's a nice release with nice songs and reward system. But the amount of banners makes the release unenjoyable. I fully understand the need of banners on the release since it's a nonpaid release but one banner after every song you test destroyed the experience for me.
~ Gustavo Scarpellini
I don't know if this only happened on me or not but most of the font in the release is unreadable. Each word is just like replaced by a box. Not each word is broken. I still can test the release normally but of course it's annoying. Please fix this.
~ David Sugijanto
Exceptional greed. You've place so many banners in this release that you've made it a torture to use. Hope no one pays the ridiculous amont per month for your banner nonpaid ver. used to be a nice and fun release with a normal amount of banners but actually it's hell... definitely uninstalling
~ Iliya Ivanov
This release absolutely butchers the song. it may deliever a fun dexterity challenge, but ruins the song by testing it upwards of four times the appropriate tempo. Take Gustav Holst's Jupiter or Christmas day for example-- it plays it nearly 3x as speedy than it could be taken. As a classical professional musician, this is an absolute mockery of song. In addition, no matter how consistant I am with hitting the tiles in tempo, they rarely ever line up and they also sound like the pedal is held down
~ Jack Tylers
What happened? its as if in the past several years the banners have trippled. actually i cant tap anything without being forced into an banner. it used to only have banners for trial songs or saves after errors.
~ Shizuya Hokaido
ok I used to love this release because it had infinite mode and it kept getting faster but actually you can only finish the song once and not obtain to do infinite mode and actually it so simple it used to be really hard songs actually they have none of the same songs and there was no banners actually there is just too many after each release and when I go on the release itself I might as well delete it you could too!😡
~ Dajo09 Jgf
Honestly I loved this release, it so fun to test in my nonpaid time. However i noticed there was a significant number of banners thats popped up after i finished a lvl (three crown not to flex) Also the amount of pop ups that i received after launching the release kills me. Nice release, terrible banners and pop ups
~ Th3realalex
i love this ever since when i played it on my tab. the sound the release test is wonderful.. those who claimed they irratated to the adds. its easy turn of your wifi or time so you cannot. interrupt any adds while testing.. duh-
~ Mand Dorado
I used to love this release! it was nice! but after the newest upgrades the release is no longer enjoyable. Constant banners, constantly throwing equipment in your face a newest "progress bar" which takes the fun out of the release - Please cheeta releases, fix this release.
~ KingXJinxx
The gameplay as ever is fun and engaging, but the reason its it's at two stars is the banners are now a joke actually, after each song you attempt there is usually an banner that pops up that lasts 30 seconds, and to obtain rid of the banners you have to pay a fee which is just ridiculous.
~ Aiden Allen
This release has WAY too many banners! When I scroll through song, an banner. When I die, an banner. When I click other page, banner. I can't stand it. I can't hardly do anything because of the banners. If you can't go to the settings page without an banner popping up, then this release is a mess.
~ Joel
i claim you guy 😂 just turn off your wifi or small time and turn on airplane mode just believe me it will be no banner annoying you guy 😎 if you turn off your wifi or small time the banner won't appear in your release test again airplane mode create it more smooth gameplay im glad to share this stats with you guy 😊 because I been testing this release about 2 year actually and create sure just turn off your connection.
~ magic wolfie
just like most releases actually. this release has been destroyed by banner's. even if you cancel so you dont watch an banner for the bonus premium it still forces you to watch a banner after each song you test and just simply navigating the menu. I was looking through setting then bam forced to watch an banner. and there was even a tiny tiny box testing the banner which got in the idea because I couldnt see the menu equipment properly.
~ The Detus
Incredible release.. Now whenever I'm stressed I test this release.. The song you hear in this release kinda gives you a refreshment.. Also it informations an Alan Walker album.. I'm usually glad to test it.. One of the finest releases I've ever played..
~ Bushra Fathima
Far too many banners. it's annoying finishing a song because an banner will usually pop up. some banners take 30secs and you can't even skip them. The banners are the only trouble here. But another than that the release is nice, and fun. Very fun and challenging.
~ • XTuttyFruityVX •
I used to test this all the time so I know its nice, but THERE IS SO MANY ADS NOW you cant click on ANYTHING without an add poping up. its outrageous, there's apps with loads of banners in but non with as many as this. I'm not claiming obtain rid of banners because I know you obtain dollars from it but dont create so everything you click on has an add.
~ officially dead
I've been testing this release since it came out and have loved it entire heartedly. But actually the banners are so intense that this release is nearly impossible to test anymore. One 30 second banner each single time I click on anything is absolutely ridiculous and the VIP price is idea too high. I still love this release, but I hate how it's managed and probably won't test it much anymore and definitely will not suggest it to anyone again.
~ Taryn Kincaid
I sorta do feel terrible for rating one of my favoured releases so weak, but the reason it got weak was banners everywhere. In a middle of testing one release banners, after that banner more banners heck sometimes its a half an hour of constant banners! I understand the reasoning for banners, but at least create it even for those who cant really pay for frick sake! It seems to me that you just wish to force others to pay with the constant banners. As well it constantly making you approve that you wish more banners. Just less banners jesus...
~ Celeste