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About: Piano by Gismart is an electric keyboard simulator release with virtual musical instruments to support you learn chords and song notes for nonpaid! Learn how to test the piano keys in many interesting ideas! The only realistic piano and musical instruments learning release with nonpaid songs made by musicians for musicians and beginners! Download right actually and learn to test the piano keyboard on your Tablet or Android for nonpaid! Our digital Piano release lets you pick sounds from a number of song instruments: from a grand and fortepiano, to the violin, harpsichord, accordion, organ and guitar. Carve out original melodies and record them to test back via different musical instruments. You can also share your musical creations on social media, including Creatubbles, a protected sharing zone for babes and adults. Youll learn different chords and how to read sheet song, ta ... Show more
Genre: Music Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Gismart
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Similar Games Like Piano Game Tiles - 6IX9INE  Alternatives
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About: Are you really a 6IX9INE fan? If you answer Yes, then you must download the PIANO 6IX9INE application. This Piano Game Tiles- 6IX9INE is designed using attractive features and easy to play. Get the highest score and 3 stars. Feature: - Attractive and high quality image design - High sound quality - Update songs regularly Disclaimer: This game is not official from 6IX9INE, all content used is public consumption...

Developer: Wak Kocu Games

Similar Games Like vegedream  Alternatives
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About: Piano Tiles vegedream is a special application designed just for you. Play this vegedream game apps by relying on your abilities. vegedream songs and lyrics are favorites in this application. vegedream All songs : Vegedream - Ramenez la coupe la maison Vegedream, Dj Leska - La fuite Vegedream - Marchand de sable Part. 4 (Du SAal) Vegedream - Mama He Vegedream - La moula If you want to play with other songs from vegedream, please leave a comment and 5 stars for the next song: ...

Developer: ademe apps

Similar Games Like Piano Kids - Music and Songs Alternatives
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About: We are ready to bring you the ultimate kindergarden Kids Music and Songs learning experience, one that you will enjoy and have fun with at all times. The Kinderklavier Kinderspiele experience you can find here is nothing short ofexciting and it will allow your child to learn Piano White Little Musical Instruments without a Piano Game. Theres a lot of fun to be had with this amazing kindergarten Kids Fun Music Free, since its filled with important ideas, great gameplay and a cool Schlagzeug u...

Developer: tchokoapps1981

Similar Games Like Lady Gaga - Million Reasons - Piano Magic Game Alternatives
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About: Do usual color annoy you? You want something more spectacular and amusing? Well we are here to help! We created this game to fulfill your wishes. Golden background, multiple songs and smooth gameplay will keep you entertained all the time. The game itself is simple, just tap on piano keys or slide on longer keys and collect points. Compete with your friends and see who is the best!...

Developer: Muzikos Žaidimai

Similar Games Like Pro Pink Dream Piano  Alternatives
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About: Pro Pink Dream Piano 2018 - Music Game Love Piano: Pro Pink Dream Piano 2018 is one of free games for girls and boys, suitable for kids, granny or grandpa. Plus, it is one of the best choices for you if you love multi player games because it provides both online PVP and offline games. Love Piano provides songs pop and classic. You can play hundreds of classic and beautiful songs and start your music episode with great pianists. Even after a short trial of Love Piano, you will soon forget th...

Developer: android luncher pro

Similar Games Like Paramore - Decode - Piano Magical Tiles  Alternatives
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About: Are you looking for an adventure? Well you are in luck. Our team created this awesome, beautifuly designed game with a theme of magic! Piano melodies of your favorite artists are arrenged by us for you to enjoy! We are truly believe in a beauty and simplicity, if you have the same values then this game is for you. If you get bored with one song go and search for another on our acccount, we have everything you need. Game itself is easy at the beggining, but it gets harded with time. Tap on ...

Developer: MEAT

Similar Games Like Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side - New Piano Games  Alternatives
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About: HOW TO PLAY This application has 4 modes. Don't touch lots of tiles and never miss tiles on the piano to finish each song. FEATURES * Incredible graphics and sound effects. * Soundtrack high quality piano music. * Simple tiles * Smooth and fun playing experience. Play until the end of the song and make you more curious. Look forward to the surprise at the end of the tile. What is the tip of the tile? Game function: to train your focus to train eye sharpness to train your rea...

Developer: Industry.Button


Similar Games Like Beat Bugs: Sing-Along  Alternatives
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About: BEAT BUGS reimagines classic songs made famous by The Beatles for a new generationand teaches some life lessons along the way. Now you can enjoy the Beat Bugs in a whole new way as they debut their first official BEAT BUGS interactive sing-along, play-along musical app! Each episode of this Emmy Award-winning show, springboards a classic Beatles song into a delightful backyard adventure filled with music, fun and adventure. Together with their friends from around the backyard, they explore, in...

Developer: PlayDate Digital Inc.

Similar Games Like Piano Master Christmas Special Alternatives
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About: Piano Master is a music game, just follow the notes on the screen and you will be able to play many famous Christmas songs. This is a special version of "Piano Master", dedicated to Christmas, that includes 28 traditional Christmas carols Song list: Jingle Bells Silent Night We wish you a Merry Christmas O Christmas Tree ... and many more!...

Developer: B77 Entertainment

Similar Games Like Give It Up! 2 Alternatives
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About: New songs for free! You can select what song should play on each stage. More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up! worldwide. Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platform and rhythm games, bringing the best Give It Up! ever. Play with Blob or one of his friends in a unique and surreal grayscale world full of deadly spikes and platforms. One-tap gameplay, numerous challanges Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up! 27 exciting stages: proceed in an order of ...

Developer: Invictus Games Ltd.

Similar Games Like Cinderella Cafe Alternatives
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About: While on vacation in the faraway land of Fairy Kingdom, Cuby and his friends meet the beautiful Cinderella, who runs an enchanted Cinderella Cafe for the princess. But business hasn't been going well for Cinderella, and it's only with the help of the kind-hearted bunch that her Cinderella Cafe can be saved! Help Cuby and his friends restore the legendary Cinderella Cafe to its former glory! Take on the challenge using your speed, skill, and quick thinking, and bring back what Cinderella Cafe ...

Developer: Animoca Collective

Similar Games Like Pro Pink Piano Tiles Alternatives
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About: Pro Pink Piano Tiles is one of the most loved piano games among thousands of free games in 2018 Further, the game also collects all new and popular great songs every week in its weekly songs chart. Furthermore, when the speed is high enough, you can collect Easter Eggs with hidden gifts inside. Tap the music tiles fast, enjoy the music game, and challenge your tapping speed! Pro Pink Piano Tiles 2018 - Music Game is the best piano game MUSIC awaiting to be played! Its a game music for FRE...

Developer: android luncher pro

Similar Games Like selena gomez new play piano  Alternatives
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About: play new piano tiles games SELENA GOMEZ is a piano music game for SELENA GOMEZ fans. Touch the black tile to stay alive. If you like piano or music, you will enjoy this piano game. SELENA GOMEZ Piano Tiles will challenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play SELENA GOMEZ favorite piano songs! Play the best SELENA GOMEZ Piano Tiles Songs on your Android device now! FREE! game mode: 1. Normal, only black tiles are touched 2. Bomb, Don't press bomb tiles. enjoy this game....

Developer: Vijayakuma Chinnaiyan

Similar Games Like Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess - Piano Magical Game Alternatives
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About: Do usual color annoy you? You want something more spectacular and amusing? Well we are here to help! We created this game to fulfill your wishes. Golden background, multiple songs and smooth gameplay will keep you entertained all the time. The game itself is simple, just tap on piano keys or slide on longer keys and collect points. Compete with your friends and see who is the best!...

Developer: Muzikos Žaidimai


Similar Games Like Learn music notes on your Guitar Fretboard  Alternatives
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About: Educational app for guitarists, FretQuiz lets you easily learn music notes on your guitar fretboard and improve your skills through a progressive, playful and instructive method designed for beginners and children age 6 and up. For each note, your learning is multiple : - Listening to the corresponding sound (ear training), - Position on the fretboard (visual and physical training), - Tablature representation (score's reading training). For each string or strings group, 4 progressive le...

Developer: K0RTXTECH

Similar Games Like Melody Maker XD Alternatives
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About: Make your own musical compositions in an easy and fun way! You do not need great musical skills, just select a sound, place it on the board and press the Play button. Features: - 15 different sounds (with sharps & flats) - Start & End tools to play a melody fragment - 6 continuous boards - Adjustable playing speed - 3 demo melodies Some tips: - To Remove a sound do a long touch over it. - To do a Fast Scroll use two fingers on the last row of the board - To change between Normal, S...

Developer: Fernando García

Similar Games Like Free Music Flash Cards Alternatives
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About: Flash Cards for music note memorization,that's it... No ads, no strings, no data collection, all free. I don't want my children seeing banner ads I may not approve of. Seriously, children educational apps should be free, no strings attached ... If you want to donate, please submit feedback containing info on your donation to a charity of your choice. As the developer, I can say it contains no intentional malicious software (the truth is, if you use any third party tools you never truly kno...

Developer: Widmer SoftWorks

Similar Games Like Zyon RhythmGame Alternatives
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About: The award-winning Music/Rhythm game Zyon is now in Android! Unique and stunning music game experience with large amount of original and VOCALOID song libraries. Official VOCALOID Characters and songs support. ------------------------------------------------------ *Features* - First official Japanese and Chinese VOCALOID licensed rhythm game. - Stunning visual effect and gorgeous design. - More than 70 original songs from famous musicians all around the world. - 30 songs FREE to ...

Developer: AQUATRAX Co.,Ltd.

Similar Games Like Personal Voice Judge Alternatives
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About: Singer Game! Do you like singing? And you can, too? This application will tell! Stage of your voice or is it just for the bathroom? It only tells you the song of your voice! Praise your voice? Or dare not sing here? Yet it might be! Now the your phone is your personal Judges, download and try it! Get Achievements and get lot of fans, you have the most fans in the world! The number of fans send to the worldwide leaderboard! With your Google account! Do not just sing for the audience and ...

Developer: Fately Apps

Similar Games Like Out Of Tune - Live Music Game Alternatives
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About: Out Of Tune is a live music game where you compete to win a cash prize. All you need to do is correctly guess 10 songs. The game is played every weekday at 8p ET / 5p PT and 11p ET / 8p PT....

Developer: FTW Media, Inc



Piano Free - Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games Reviews and Comments:

Flea Waltz Is Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why does he Mess it up?!??!??!??!??!???!!?!!?!!?!?!!?!??!??!??!!?!!?!!?!??!??!??!!?!!?! Search A Upsidedown mark!!!!!
~ Team TLM
release is nice . but u need to pay to unblock all the musics yearly some around 50 $. the second thing that i dont like about this release is when wish to unblock the song u have to see add and after that u can able to perform that song . but its just unblock for one time only . if u wish to test it second time u have to see other add. another wise it is nice nice for premium if u have device .
~ A Google user
NOT Unpaid.... one month nonpaid then $40 bucks a year. Can't even test without first giving credit card stats. You suck Still not interested in trying it out. can't just give credit card stats willy nilly.
~ Tim Selby
Unable to test unless you pay. The developer claims you are able to close the subscription banner and test for nonpaid but this is not real. There is no "X" or option to close it. Very Misleading claiming to be a nonpaid release when it is not. Very disappointed.
~ Zachary Sorel
you can't even use the release you have pay to test. than I looked at the reviews and they claimed, you can push an x button, and you can exit out of it but mine does not gave. that you have to pay to test.
~ summer poole
It's alright. Very limited though. The price doesn't really sound reasonable for the full super ver or for the nonpaid trial ver. Especially if all of the instrument samples aren't really that realistic. This release was better off as a completely nonpaid release.
~ Jacob Cole
Very nice release, I just want there was a idea to only present the nonpaid songs while choosing "magic tiles". There's so many, and most of them are super (which fair enough I'm not complaining about that lol) but scrolling through them is a serious chore.
~ 360 worlds
I was wrong.This release is useless!They think I'm going to pay 30 dollars per week?! In my country we don't even use dollars!Don't install it.If you still wish a piano release just hold looking
~ Fun Luna
ten seconds into it and you wish a review. given the potential, which isn't a genre for rating im actually 7 mins from the time since opening the release. 6 mins spent satisfying your advertising ego. ok, I'm returning to see how many pooups u can enjoy . after 60 minutes of gametime i will re rate with a mins per test compared to minutes of interruptions. thank you. its actually been 18 minutes 17 not testing.
~ A Google user
I really doubt the overall rating is 4.5 when most of the recipients are given 1. In the release its mandatory to pay dollars and no idea to unsubscribe from Soft. Not sure why ita mentioned as Unpaid . one of the worst Tools I have ever downloaded. Am not sure why can't you deliever unsubscribe steps here when many ppl are asking for it .
~ Hanuman Bandhu
THIS IS A SCAM APP!! There is no idea to obtain past the intro banner without the 'nonpaid' trial subscription. In one spot it claims 12 months nonpaid infinite, in other it reads 7 -Day Trial then 39.99/year. There is no where to pick a FREE FUNCTIONALITY!! Not cool. Do not claim to be Piano Unpaid if a subscription is required!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Tim Stetson
i got this release to use for picking out the notes for choral song, but actually i also enjoy testing the "magic tiles" release. it's fun and nonpaid - what more can you ask for? the only thing i don't like is that it will present me a featured song of the day, but when i click the info it doesn't go to that song.
~ Rebecca Tkachuk
This release tries to obtain you to test super constantly. A lot of the time you have to pick between trying super or watching a video, and if you exit the video before the entire thing plays you go back to the same screen where it asks you to pick. this release is filled to the brim with adds, the developers are greedy and test to create you obtain super, and what you would obtain for you dollars is nonpaid on a bunch of another song apps.
~ August Codina
You know what, want I should I give you zero stars! This absolutely ridiculous. First of all, how do I obtain past the subscription? It keeps asking me to buy it, and you claimed there was a x to exit it. But guess what? There is no exit button! Second of all, when I went on it a several times, It showed an banner of piano crush on the top and kicked me out! Finally, just admit it, this is a scam and there is no piano included here. I tryed to test this release to relieve my stress.But you can't test.
~ Jade Jones
it was nice but not so well great . i liked it but some things like magic tiles were of no use . by the idea it was not such a great one i just deleted it after a several days . and it was very boring and I will like to download other
~ Dona B
If you wish to learn to test piano, please... PLEASE, don't run here. I really don't think anyone would, but just in topic. you only have 2 fingers unless you place the device down, but even then it's too sensitive, so you can't touch the keys which is cute vital for now testing piano. You don't obtain your bass hand, it's all just treble, and now I wouldn't even obtain this release even just for fun, it's truely just boring in all, you don't obtain your pedal or dynamics and you can't slur.
~ A Google user
The release prompts you to test a nonpaid trial, but if you forget to cancel it once the trial is over, it will automatically have you pay for it. That seems type of deceptive to me. If that is indeed their intent, to obtain recipients to accidentally pay a entire bunch of dollars (because idk why someone would purposefully pay $65 just to unblock songs and obtain rid of banners) then this release doesn't deserve even one star... Either idea, I would suggest the release Excellent Piano. It has a lot more informations.
~ A Google user
Misleading. Forces you to do a 7 day trial or you cannot access the release at all. How is this in the Editors Choice? EDIT: There is no X button. Just a constant loop no matter which button you press.
~ John Good
I downloaded this release after seeing an banner for it and thinking it looked interesting but to my dismay it seems I was not even able to launch the banner without signing up for the nonpaid 3-day trial after which I would be charged $40 so it seems you can't even test this release without paying what a blatant rip-off and scam I can only imagine how many babes just wish to test it after seeing it on an banner and just hit subscribe and then obtain charged $40 after that scam rip-off don't download
~ Fem Fic
I downloaded this thinking I would quick be able to impress my dudes but I can't obtain past without a subscription IM ONLY 13 I don't have a credit card yet! This sucks! I'm downloading other release if someone doesn't obtain back to me quick!
~ game_gizer 013
I want I should rate this release 0 stars. how dare you block the release unless we sign up for a sneaky ass 7 day trial. hoping to create a speedy buck off recipients by living off recipients not canceling the trial is pathetic and oh umm pathetic I want I had 4 hands so I should give this release 4 thumbs down.
~ Maurice Young
I tried to test by pressing run which took me to Additional nonpaid, then a charge of $39.99. There is no idea of getting to test piano if you don't hit the YES button for Additional. There is no X anywhere to X out of it. I will not be forced into paying so I'm deleting this release.
~ Miriam Larkin
goes used to be my school songs a song class twinkle twinkle tiny star how I wonder what you are up above the globe so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle tiny star how I wonder what you are by Black Sheep baby Barry wool yes sir yes sir three bags full brother Master one for the day one for the tiny lad who lives down the lane baa baa black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir three bags I've been doing this for a long time actually for since kindergarten and first grade second
~ Hector Sanchez
forces a subscription to the super no idea to obtain around it. Edit: Originator spams the same message and claims you can close the add. There is no idea to close the add for super and obtain to the nonpaid equipment.
~ Nick P
The thing is a scam. It makes no mention of requiring payment, then suddenly requires you to pay $40. If could have a price mark to download it. Blogs like Netflix and Hulu are known for costing dollars, so they create sense. It's type of offensive for them to pull a speedy one like this, and I do NOT suggest.
~ The Brother And Sister Improv Show
I have downloaded the nonpaid trial but don't wish to continue. I seem unable to cancel this subscription! This could be a easy process but the test shop keeps closing on me as quick as I test to cancel my subscription! Not sure how this release made 'Editors choice'
~ Ann Prestidge
'COMPLETE CON' BE AWARE VERY AWARE you cannot even test the Soft/Product unless you subscribe to a nonpaid 7 day trial at release run and then allow yourself in for a charge of £29.99 there after so download at your own peril as if you forget to unsubscribe your landed with tha hefty £30 bill within 7 days. Misleading and nowhere in release description does it state this??? Terrible Developers and could be ashamed as you do offer limited service.
~ Paul Harding
Cant test without a subscription to their paid services, all they claim you is that you can just skip that option but there is no where to skip it, tap anywhere on the screen during this and it will pop up to sell you the subscription and if you dont tap approve your stuck in a permanent loop, shady.
~ Michael Byrne
Instant uninstall. I wasn't allowed to launch test unless I subscribed to the paid ver. It was a 1-week nonpaid trial, but still left a terrible taste in my mouth. Why can't I test the nonpaid ver first? I tried to exit out of the subscription banner, but the release does not let you to opt out of the 1-week trial. It's so forceful.
~ Zoel Ybarra
Like the another had reviewed, after a pain of skipping useless and looped tentatives to register for super and to shop credit card even no single second of trying the release has been made. Then to the release, it's slow and the most important thing: the babe does not have any concept how and what can learn from it. Unstalled after several seconds.
~ Litte Tyhick
I read a several of the reviews and tried it anyway. Upon opening the release, you see the typical benefits of subscribing to their super release. I don't wish to so I scrolled to the next and to finally the third. I was looking for a idea to close out the pages so I should launch. There isn't an "x" to close, there isn't an option for "no thanks". You have one option and one option only. Subscribe to the nonpaid trial. If they lie about being able to skip this part, exactly how simple is it to unsubscribe...
~ Jaime
Incredible release. I especially appreciate how you are not locked behind a pay wall or anything like that. There IS a tiny bit of audio lag sometimes, but it is weak so it is mostly acceptable. Nice job guys, hold up the nice work! Oh yeah, and it'd be nice if you guys added a synthetic type of piano, like an electronic keyboard.
~ Noah LaDue
So I saw how many recipients claimed it was walled off by a subscription bar and they're both right and wrong. They're right since when you finally hit "Test" it pulls up how you wish to pay for a subscription but you can apoarently skip past it. There is no X and I honestly am not sure how I got past that screen but when I finally did I wasn't impressed. I was even less impressed when it outright claimed me that any progress made in the release wouldn't be saved unless I subscribed. So no, you guys obtain a 1
~ Silent Gamer
I installed the release, and it will not allow me use any information without subscribing to a nonpaid super trial. I do not wish to subscribe to anything, but the release will not let me to proceed. I am uninstalling it actually. What a waste of time. EDIT The respond from the developer is dishonest. There is NO WAY to access any "nonpaid" informations without at least subscribing temporarily to their paid services. The reader will notice that the developer replies the same idea each time to this type of compliant.
~ David Coleman
Actually im struggling to claim that this release is nonpaid but in reality it is not! You're expecting a 15 year old to pay for something I cannot afford(sure my dad should pay for this but 40 dollars is a NO). This is true unfair for a FREE GAME. I hate to give this one star (or even zero stars) but you did not think things through in my opinion. If you are willing to have the title claim "nonpaid" it could be FREE. Sorry us one star recipients are claiming this but it's real. I dislike MISLEADING TITLES.
~ Lady Twili Nightcore
you cannot go on the release without paying for super
~ Jess Kenton
I can't obtain off the subscription page and I don't wish to pay. It looks Ok another than that
~ lisa mountford
How bout don't offer a nonpaid ver only after you place a credit card in? K thanks.
~ Roland Goodsell
type of a nice release the piano is very fun I love to test all the time when I obtain time you mean you can even teach me how to test songs like jingle bells and lots of another songs I love it it's really nice
~ Daniel Kelly
The release will not allow me use it without subscribing to a super information, and there is no 'x' button on the screen so I can obtain out. Do not reccomend unless you wish to subscribe to super informations.
~ Lay Bugg