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About: PewPew is the finest multidirectional shoot them up on Mobile. It's basically megatons of aggressors and many different release modes, everything rolled up with sweet smooth retro graphics. Victory medals, unblock ships, and compete on the online ladder board. There are five VERY different release modes: *Pandemonium: Some aggressors burst when they die, and the another spin maniacally everywhere. Hide from the explosions or deftly go through them. *Dodge this: As you accumulate boxes, there are more and more aggressors moving around. Naturally, you have to dodge them all. *Assault: You war versus waves of aggressors. Spoiler: at the end, they victory and you die. *Chromatic Conflict (NSF color blinds): Foes of different color appear. You can only destroy the ones that are the same color as your ship. *Asteroids: Need I claim more? Informations: *High fram ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Jean-François Geyelin
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PewPew Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. The release modes appeal to all types of users. Literally no lag at all. Finest renders I've seen so far. Only one trouble: the occasional ruin while starting up. Another than that, 111/10 finest release/time aggressor of all time.
~ David Esp
But buuut.. There's recipients cheating here! I have seen the replays and their score is insane . and it needs a "donate" buttom so that i can donate. Remuve those cheaters and i will donate like crazy!!!
~ Cuban Knightmare
Would be 5 stars but the release it too tough for me and I cannot obtain high enough scores to unblock ships. After years of ownership of this release it has never been finished, release is too hard and I cannot earn enough for a better ship. Bumping down to one stars until a difficulty setting is taken serious.
~ Michael Johnson
(For my device). In the main menu, It seems that you have to touch (keep) on any empty zone and then touch on test button so that your touch can now register. For the gameplay, this is a very satisfying twin stick shooter release.
~ Bogar A.
Don't obtain me wrong, this is a nice release. But when you obtain to about round 8 on any mode, you're basically screwed for the rest of your test. Should you maybe add some invincibility frames? That would create this release far better.
~ Jeeb IV
I really like what you guys did here, I just want it was on PC or I had a Bluetooth controller compatible with any of my Mobile devices. I'd love to see this on PC. It is surprising how well this works for a pick up and test basis. The target incentives to unblock are nice, I just feel like the touch controls create me over compensate. Then again I'm poor at this type of release but I love them. I'll have to check out the sequel. Thanks for making this even though I've only spent a several hours at finest.
~ TheGuyWhoIsSitting
One trouble, I obtain to lvl 8-10 in like 30 seconds, then the screen is plastered with asteroids everywhere and I die. You SERIOUSLY need to stretch the lvls out longer. Also, I'd enjoy the release more if the field stayed on my screen. I don't much care for having to scroll the screen while avoiding 300 asteroids coming from all directions. ;)
~ James Long
Limited replayability, but fun for a several mins. Once you have cycled through the different modes, you will realize that there is a threshold of fun posed by the difficulty inclination. The release gets crazily hard! The "retro" simplistic graphics are pleasing, and the release modes are fun for a several mins. The song (which is the same throughout) gets tiring very quickly, but probably not before the user gets bored. It is a great nonpaid release.
~ And E
this is sheet
~ A Google user
it was an experience
~ linus genciana
buttons are not working
~ Rexander Jhim Atienza
So fun and addicting
~ Ethan Hoopes
thish release is very great
~ Kuleshwar Mandle
I mean it's really hard and confusing
~ Trekkie 2009
Highly addictive release.
~ The Darkling
Controller help nice👍
~ TJK 118
nice release brilliant really
~ Boby Gandhi
Absolutely nice nothing wrong at all
~ NotElliot
I really hate it. Don't destroy my mobile!
~ Gold
hard to victory yet fun to test
~ Guskin Maypho
This is nice and super wonderful
~ Nurzianah Mazlan
I can test with my finest console xbox controller
~ TheWinnerBruh
Gerät fun for Short blasts while im on the train
~ Darren Ideson
Still the finest release I've played on Mobile.
~ Nick Wittwer
had this release on my ipad, loved it to death :)
~ scrappy :v
For me it really tests my reactions a bit, nice release
~ Evan MacNeil
its a fun release if you het the hang of it......
~ hnaaá Chipmunk
After every life it pausing sucks. Also it goes to -1 lives at end.
~ Rory Renton
The graphics arw nice but controls are abaolutly horrible, i couldnt even transport to the left and i should only go right!!! DO NOT DOQNLOAD
~ boxguy 5
Why did you change the replay settings? really miss the full 360 views.
~ J B
The finest release ever. BUT CAN YOU PLEASE FIX SCORE SISTEM?
~ A Google user
nice release the secound one is even better!!!!!!
~ A Google user
forgot how fun this is. no banners, really fun.
~ Casey Eaton
This is nice! I want you would have a sale on number two for a dollar I would buy it!
~ Evan Watkins
I love this release! It's easy, yet really fun, has a nice aesthetic and is very tiny!
~ Fox Ferreira
When i was young, everyone makes a gunshot sound which is "PewPew!" And then when someone hits it. Bam!
~ Arinah Dusip
Expectations exceeded :) Nice controls. Nice challenge. Five different release variants every with a different feel. Unpaid of charge. No banners.
~ A Google user
I just went years back in time :_) reminds me my first love, punk song and drug experiments :_) installing my first linux :_) thank you very very much for this nice release !!!
~ A Google user
one of my favoured small releases! I have been testing it since I first found it on the Playbook. I am glad it was ported to mobile. The releases much like asteroids, but more intense and speedy-paced.
~ Lucas Whitaker
I think the release is nice, however it really needs more than one track to test. It would support this already fun release become more replayable. Also i like the colors, but wouldn't it be cool if we should adjust the colors along with how bright the colors are or increase the glow results? I know it asking a bit much but i think this release would be great if we should ajust it and create it more flashier and more particley lol
~ Obscura Leviri