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About: Join your favoured YouTubers on an Epic Quest in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist. Enjoy this nice 2D platformer in the palm of your hands! "This is a carefully crafted touchscreen platformer that knows its gaming history, and which shuns in-release purchases in favour of an emphasis on user skills." -Stuart Dredge, The Guardian "It's now cute nice!" -Forbes COLLECT BROCOINS to buy newest CHARACTERS, ATTACKS and DEFENSES! UNLOCK ALL THE YOUTUBE STARS and test to beat the release as PewDiePie, Marzia, CinnamonToastKen, JackSepticEye, Cryaotic, Markiplier and more! REAL VOICE ACTING by the YouTubers! FIGHT EPIC BOSSES to save your lovers! BEAT ALL DIFFICULTY LEVELS and prove that you are a hardcore user! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS in the survival arena and brag about your score on Fb! COLLECT ALL THE SECRETS hidden in the stages. AMAZING CHIPTUNE MUSIC by RUSHJET1! ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: Outerminds Inc.
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PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist Reviews and Comments:

it is a nice release nice storyline nice pixel art it is truly nice
~ A Google user
fun gameplay nice voice acting and nice graphics cured my depression more lvls plz
~ Bulldogs Gaming
I love i hope that the developers hold making more of these releases.👍
~ Abel Valdez
I really like this release it has a fun and funny storyline line and gameplay
~ Donovan Cole
I gave it 5 star just because of pewdiepie. that's how mafia works *pulls out meat scepter*
~ 5 Violin
it's a really nice release, it's worth the price. I would suggest this release to any pewdiepie fan.
~ Pit_Bayonetta_394
The release is great but the storyline line is rather short. I recommend extending the storyline by making more lvls.
~ Kaye Calda
Nice, controls are fluent the humor is awsome Im just sad there isnt more release.
~ Anthonym9
It's cool wouldnt have purchased it though if I knew he was throwing the N bomb around loosely seeing as I am a black male living in America found out a day after I purchased but it is alright I guess
~ Efrem Twitty
I remember testing back when it first came out. My favoured small release of all time
~ Alex McDuck
the release is nice. My favorute characters are Jacksepticeye and Marzia.
~ A Google user
It's a cute nice release but myg ame keeps destroying right before I enter the second mine lvl to unblock jacksepticeye
~ Kadyn Riley
SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIE🥧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ iswayuri
I like it and im also wondering if MrBeast can create it in the release?
~ Neon Was Here
Brilliant release pewds the conrolls are eay to use and the graphics are brilliant all in all the release is super entertaining👊🏼
~ A Google user
this release is one of the most fun releases i have ever played even in 2019
~ dedkaillama
Straight gameplay, nice looks, outrageous storyline, classic art style this release has it all
~ Fausto Barragan
The release was nice! Pretty graphic and storyline claiming. Bro Fist!
~ karanpmill 4real11
lad this release is fun although the controls are a bit wonky at times.
~ A Google user
So much goodness in this release! The graphics, the song, everything.
~ Reggie Rodriguez
Well, the storyline and graphics are nice, but the controls are a tiny bit too sensitive for my liking.
~ Mika Airax
This is the finest release ever and its worth it. Go ahead and test this nice release. I wish a part 2 of this release
~ Angry X Birds
no 3 star, no great score, no rating your experience. just enjoying the release. no need to great anything. finest of the finest!
~ William Jeremy Pasquel
its a really nice release i love it to bits sometimes it gets a bit frustrating but its still fun.
~ Charlie Dv
Loved it! Nice release, fun and a nice idea to spend a day, or just slay time. BROFIST!
~ Swivelus Derpus
It's not what it shows, but this is PewDiePie's finest gameplay work! Grade A, Dude!
~ Candy Sweets
any time i test to log into google test to test to load my old save it makes me pick twice and has some google+ popup so i cant obtain my save pls support
~ Der3k *
This is just a nice release it's storyline is nice the characters are nice this release is wonderful shoutout to outerminds for making a unbelievable release !!!!!
I loved the release super addicting and fun. but when I went to test the lvl " deep in the mines" the release froze on the loading screen and pewdiepie edgar and maya stopped in zone. no matter what I do I can't obtain to the lvl. Please fix.
~ KingoftheNorth
nice release, it's dialogue is nice and also makes me laugh sometimes nice control and i like the 8 bit style release
~ Dave 007
I love this release so much! It's very addictive and has nice graphics! Even though the release can be challenging, the controls are very simple and easy!
~ Sophia Staves
Hows It going Bro's! THIS GAME IS AMAZING! Anyone who is a fan of Pewdiepie could test this Product and another Famou's YouTuber's Like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier too. But I will claim No Spoilers. Another recipients dont claim spoilers Ssh....
~ Destroyer King
I love the release I'm really glad that Feliz made this and place another YouTubers in here like JackSepticeye Markiplier Cry CinnamonToastKen and others this kills time too!!!!!
~ Sam YouTube
It's an nice release, unfortunately I'm having troubles where I'll test a couple lvls and my progress won't save and I'll have to restart. I'm logged in Google test so I don't understand why I'm having this trouble. Another than that, this release is top quality
~ stufflovesyou
Mario combat style, with a bunch of YouTubers sprinkled in. Cute nice storyline, basically Pewds and his freinds defend the "Legendary Brofist" from evil talking barrells. Controls are decent, but my finger keeps slipping and closing the release during test. Thankfully it pauses.
~ A Google user
It is a fun platformer kinda hatd to control but still very nice the only thing i had a trouble with eas that it stopped working on my device and i was far in the release it would just stay black when you clicked on the release to run it but it was worth the dollars maybe even more
~ FatNasty2
I fell in love with this release when i first got it, the controls are nice and the storyline its the finest release i ever played.(srry for my spelling errors)
~ derposaurusder
Fun! Crazy aggressors, classic side scroller feel and nice gameplay controls. Recipients that dont like this release have never played classics like MM2 or Mario 3. It has some adult language but nothing too too terrible. Off the wall storyline but in the end the fun factor of this release is off the charts. No timer, no death restart and check points on almost everyboard. Please create like 20 sequels/prequels and whatever. Love the Unicorn rainbow and aggressor whale death...lol nice job.
~ G. Quick
Nice release , it would be better if they added everyday loot or something to create it eaisier to obtain dollars or such , it is very hard to buy something when there is such a limited amount of coins per lvl. again nice release , just not as simple to buy updates and such
~ chef meme
I want I should give you a 4.5, because it is an epic release with nice characters and nice gameplay, but i want it should have an online feauture where there is more lvls, custom characters, and something like that. It's a nice release, but once it's over, there's not much else and the fun is over. [possibly a T-series modernization]
~ Scrimp Lord